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15>31 AOÛT 2007

Madeleine: Laboratory says blood analyses are not finished yet - LUSA
“Death is on the table and we must analyse it” - Diario Economico
Importante interview de Alipio Ribeiro. Voir ici.
McCanns to remain in Praia da Luz - Algarve Resident
Car hire man not involved in Madeleine case - Algarve Resident
One hundred days of hope - Algarve Resident
Madeleine may be dead - Algarve Resident
Blood in Maddie Flat 'is Not Hers' - The Sun
'We Could Be Coming Home Without Maddy' - Daily Mirror
Police: We Know Who Killed Madeleine - Daily Express
Traces of Blood 'Not Madeleine's' - Daily Express
Blood found in flat not missing girl's - Daily Express
McCanns: We did not give our children medication - Telegraph

Les médias portugais spéculent de plus en plus sur le fait que Madeleine et les jumeaux ont peut-être reçu des médicaments de leurs parents, tous deux médecins, pour les aider à dormir. Mais hier, les McCann ont nié catégoriquement avoir calmé leurs enfants. Une source proche de la famille a déclaré: «Ils n’ont pas donné de sédatifs aux enfants cette nuit-là. Ils n’ont jamais donné de sédatifs à leurs enfants. We did not give our children medication - Daily Express
Presque la même chanson : On apprend que des enquêteurs avaient espéré pouvoir interroger précautionneusement les jumeaux, mais qu'ils y ont renoncé puisque ceux-ci ont dormi comme des souches toute la nuit. Les policiers ont été très étonnés de voir les jumeaux dormir dans le vacarme ambiant sans se réveiller une seule fois, mais les parents leur ont expliqué qu'ils étaient exténués après une longue journée au soleil. La spéculation monte dans les médias PT sur la sédation des enfants par les parents, mais les MC, interrogés le 15 août,  ont réfuté l'hypothèse qu'ils sédataient leurs enfants pour éviter qu'ils ne se réveillent. 
La PJ commence à travailler sur l'hypothèse que MMC a été tuée dans le 5A le soir de sa disparition.
Selon le Diario de Noticias et de source policière, les enquêteurs ont constaté des discrépances dans les dépositions des TP9 quant au timing des rondes. Le jour même où la police apprend que le sang trouvé dans l'appartement n'est pas celui de MMC, Olegario de Sousa, chargé de presse improvisé de la PJ, déclare que les enquêteurs pensent que MMC est morte dans l'appartement la nuit du 3 mai.
Première occurence de l'odeur de cadavre

La police enquêtant sur la disparition de Madeleine McCann a révélé la nuit dernière qu'un chien renifleur avait détecté l'odeur d'un corps à l'intérieur de l'appartement d'où elle avait disparu. Olegario Sousa, un porte-parole de la Policia Judiciaria, a déclaré que de nouveaux éléments de preuve avaient fait de la mort probable de Madeleine le "centre" de l'enquête. C’est ce qui a été annoncé hier soir, selon lequel les résultats des tests préliminaires ont montré que les taches de sang découvertes dans l’appartement ne provenaient pas de Madeleine. La police a minimisé l'importance de ces traces, affirmant qu'elles n'étaient pas la preuve "décisive" et qu'elles croyaient toujours que Madeleine était morte la nuit de sa disparition. Avec le changement soudain d'emphase, Kate et Gerry McCann ont été angoissées. Hier a reconnu pour la première fois la perspective d'un retour en Grande-Bretagne sans leur fille.
DNA test boosts parents' hope that Madeleine is still alive - Times
[Madeleine inquiry] Exam standards come under focus - BBC
Blood Results: Was It Really Madeleine's? Sky
'Strong Theory' That Madeleine is Dead - Sky
'Strong theory' Madeleine is dead - ITN
Madeleine's parents remain positive - Metro
Hunt for Maddie: Police fear worst - Metro
'We may return without our girl' - Leicester Mercury
Maddie's Mum: We May Have To Return - Liverpool Echo
Songe-t-elle aux soupçons dont ils font l'objet ?
Daily Post Says... City will never forget Maddie - Liverpool Daily Post
MCs hearts open to Merseyside over their loss of MMC- Liverpool Daily Post
Charles Graham: Don't lose sight of McCanns' pain - Wigan Today
Villa's blue suede news - Birmingham Mail
Blood Traces In Apartment Bedroom 'Don't Belong To MMC - The Scotsman
Blood Found In Apartment 'Didn't Come From Maddie' - The Scotsman
Bedroom blood trace 'not from Madeleine' - Evening Times (Scotland)
'Blood on wall not Maddie's' - Aberdeen Evening Express
Madeleine 'Died On Night She Vanished' - Belfast Telegraph
Blood found in Algarve 'not that of Madeleine McCann' - Irish Independent
Toddlers now targets in mobile phone war - Irish World
100 days on and a long way from being solved - Euro Weekly News
Police search house for clues to missing girl - Euro Weekly News
Spain Papers Review - Thursday August 16 2007 - Typically Spanish
DNA testing shows blood in apartment room not Madeleine's - CBC News
Scientists dispute report about Madeleine - IOL
Maddie is dead, says police chief - The Star (SA)

GMC's Blog : 
Day 105 - 16/08/2007 - Thursday
As well as the huge number of messages of support we have had a large increase in letters of support. We did some photos of us opening the mail and we received some lovely messages and a few symbols of hope. Afterwards I made a lot of phone calls and managed to catch up with all my e-mails.
Late afternoon we were invited round to a friends house with a pool which the kids and I really enjoyed. We stayed for dinner and the kids fell asleep on the way back to our house. Our accommodation is a very modest family home and, most definitely, not a luxury villa, as was reported in one of the Portuguese newspapers yesterday. I can confirm that it does not have a swimming pool, 2 storeys and in fact was amongst the cheapest accommodation available, at short notice, in Luz in August. I would also like to point out that Madeleines fund has not paid for any of our accommodation in Portugal.
PJ and forensics lab in contradiction - TSF
Thousands of letters for support - Algarve Resident
Maddie parents never suspects - The Sun
McCanns' 20,000 cards of hope - Daily Mirror
Madeleine: We are just hours from the solution - Daily Express
McCanns: We Did Not Give Our Children Medication - Daily Express
Madeleine's parents were never suspects - Daily Express
Witness wants to go home - Daily Express

Quiz girl
Money, hate or revenge - Daily Star
Witness in plea to pals - Daily Star
Madeleine police 'too busy' to tell parents they think she's dead - Daily Mail
The McCanns finally tell their twins Madeleine is missing - Daily Mail
McCanns say thanks for support - Guardian
Madeleine McCann assumed dead - Telegraph
We've no idea, say police in Madeleine case - Times Online
Police: No Breakthrough In Search For Madeleine - Independent
['Major breakthrough'] Papers focus on financial turmoil - BBC
Thousands Of Messages For McCanns - Sky
'We have no idea what has happened to Maddy' - Leicester Mercury
Kate has to come home for sake of her family - Liverpool Echo
'Strong theory' that lost Madeleine is dead - Yorkshire Post
Madeleine witness 'wants to come home' - Bedford Today
N.Wales rescue team on Maddie standby - N Wales Daily Post
Messages Help Maddie's Mum Stay Positive - The Scotsman
Police chief fears Maddie is dead - Evening Times (Scotland)
Spain Papers Review - Friday August 17 2007 - Typically Spanish

GMC's Blog : 
Day 106 - 17/08/2007 - Friday
Relatively quiet day. We are looking at what other avenues we can explore which might help us find Madeleine. Obviously we are desperate for a breakthrough in the investigation and we always try to look forward and ask what can still be done? The official PJ Spokesman Olegario da Sousa did an interview for Portuguese TV the other day and we will add the text of this interview to the news links so everyone can read the full interview.
Dans cet interview Olegario de Sousa déclare que les enquêteurs pensent que MMC est morte dans l'appartement.Pas de link donc.
I still have lots of e-mails and phone calls to answer every day. We spent quite a bit of time opening and reading all the mail that arrived which generally encourage us to keep going and not give up hope.
Late afternoon we took the twins to the beach for a couple of hours. The weather has become warmer again but the kids are still reluctant to get into the sea, which is pretty cold. They love playing in the sand and like most kids, building sandcastles but especially knocking them down.
This evening we had another vigil for Madeleine and other lost children. The priest who married us and is a good friend led the service that was conducted in English and Portuguese. The church was almost full but there was a calm serenity and sense of peace, which I find, helps me achieve an inner calm despite the turmoil in lives.

How Murat was ‘betrayed’ - SOL paper edition
New contradictions in Maddie’s case - SOL paper edition
Police Remain Optimistic - Portugal News
No official information on DNA tests - Algarve Resident
Your Sis Maddie is Missing - The Sun
A Peg For Maddy - Daily Mirror
'We've Told The Twins Madeleine Is Missing' - Daily Mirror
Maddy: DNA Shock - Daily Express
Widow With Vital Clues Was Never Questioned - Daily Express
Twins Told: Madeleine Has Gone - Daily Express
Madeleine's parents prepare to return to UK for the sake of their twins - Daily Mail
Girl spotted in Belgium not missing Madeleine - Daily Mail
McCann twins learn the truth about missing Madeleine - Telegraph 1
Detectives hunting for Madeleine on alert for series of new searches - Times
Belgium Girl 'Was Not Madeleine' - BBC
['New clues'] Career of Lord Deedes remembered - BBC
Girl In Belgium 'Not Madeleine' - Sky
Belgium sighting ‘not Madeleine’ - Metro
Dressing down is pushing up funds for charity - Leicester Mercury
Late bursts of colour - Express & Star 18-08-07
Madeleine coverage is merely 'overblown news', says author - Herald Scotland

GMC's Blog : 
Day 107 - 18/08/2007 - Saturday
Kate took our friends to the airport early this morning. Otherwise it was a quiet family day. We have met some incredibly lovely people in the last few months. Today we caught up with a fantastic couple that met in London and lived there for 35 years before retiring to the Algarve. They have been incredibly kind to us and the twins very much enjoyed the apple cake we had with them.
This afternoon we had a British visitor ho came to offer us a different type of support. He has been through an ordeal similar to ours involving one of his family. It was good to talk about our emotions, the pressures and different coping strategies that we use in an ongoing trauma, with someone who has experienced a tragic event like ours.

Dog had strong reaction inside the car used by the MCs - Jornal de Noticias
MMC's anguished parents on their way back home - News of the World
Parents Back To Britain - The People
[MWT] Maddie Cops Totally Clueless - The People 

Une liste impressionnante de toutes les erreurs de la PJ, l'ultime débilité consistant à courir derrière les médiums qui se présentent.
Say a Praia for Maddy by Anna Smith - Sunday Mirror
Broke & Coming Home, by Lori Campbell - Sunday Mirror
Coming Home to Face Heartbreak + Widow With Vital Clues Was Never Questioned (snippet - scroll down) - Sunday Express
McCanns head home - Sunday Express
Maddie 'killed' - Daily Star Sunday
Portuguese police to re-examine burglaries at resort - Mail on Sunday
Portuguese press could force McCanns home - Observer
Madeleine McCann parents to leave Portugal - Sunday Telegraph

Les MC ont annoncé aux médias qu'ils allaient retourner au RU dans probablement un mois.
Portuguese press drive McCanns home - Sunday Times
[McCanns decision] Coverage runs from flames to ice - BBC
Online map of the disappeared - Metro
MCs Tell Twins MMC Missing As Police Rule Out Cafe Girl - The Scotsman
Silent as the grave while killers escape - Irish Independent on Sunday

GMC's Blog : 
Day 108 - 19/08/2007 - Sunday
I went to the airport this morning to pick up one of Kates friends who has come out to help for a few days. Kate went to church this morning as usual. We spent a couple of hours reading mail and answering e-mails.
Donations to Madeleines fund have topped £1million pounds. We would like to thank everyone who has donated to the fund and we will ensure that no stone is left unturned in the search for Madeleine. I will also ensure that the donations figure on the website is officially updated! The establishment of the fund, which was created in response to so many people offering financial assistance, lifted a huge weight off our shoulders. Madeleines fund allows us to make decisions regarding our search for Madeleine for the right reasons - with the boards approval of course - and not out of financial necessity. We did hope that the main objective of the fund would have been fulfilled long before now.
Tonight Kate and I went for a run together. It was the first time I have been for 10 days and I definitely feel better for it. I have made a mental note to get some form of aerobic exercise in at least 2-3 times per week as it does help me both physically and mentally.

PJ says blood is not key to investigation - Diario de Noticias
English police interrogates all of the McCanns’ friends again - Jornal de Noticias
Maddie's parents' jeep analysed by experts - Correio da Manhã
Investigation enters decisive phase - Correio da Manhã
Girl in Belgium not Madeleine - Algarve Resident
Maddie Cops' Major New Search. - The Sun
Face of cafe 'Madeleine' - The Sun
Cafe Girl Is Named - Daily Mirror
New Maddy Evidence Leads To Raids - Daily Mirror
Searches Planned in Madeleine Probe - Daily Express
Madeleine: British Suspect to Be Arrested in Hours - Daily Express
Brit cops to arrest suspect - Daily Star
Find Madeleine donations hit £1m but 'skint' McCanns to head home - Daily Mail
The girl at Belgian cafe who witness thought was missing MMC - Daily Mail
Madeleine police 'to arrest new suspect in Britain' - Daily Mail
New suspect in Madeleine McCann case - Telegraph
McCann twins told: Madeleine is missing - Telegraph
Papers focus on Madeleine inquiry - BBC
Madeleine Fund Donations Hit £1m - Sky
Madeleine: New Development Expected - Sky
Police Investigate Private Detectives Looking for Missing Girl  - Sky
New phase in Madeleine probe - ITN
Madeleine cops on alert for 'breakthrough' - Metro
Searches planned in Madeleine probe - Metro
DJ rapped for Madeleine comments - Metro
Madeleine Police 'To Arrest New Suspect In Britain' - London Evening Standard
'New suspect' in Madeleine hunt - Leicester Mercury
Madeleine: new Brit arrest - Liverpool Echo
We won’t be bullied out of Praia da Luz - Liverpool Daily Post
Claims That McCanns To Return To UK 'Untrue' - Herald Scotland
'Decisive' time in Maddie probe - Evening Times (Scotland) 101-150

GMC's Blog : 
Day 109 - 20/08/2007 - Monday
I had a predominately quiet but productive day. I spent most of it at the computer or on the phone. We keep in regular touch with both the Portuguese and British police but there has been no major news in the last couple of days.
We did not do any exercise today but plan to run tomorrow morning- especially as I am off to bed for an early night!

PJ denies possibility of detention of parents’ friend - SOL
British suspect’s arrest may be imminent - Diario de Noticias
Judiciaria prepares megaoperation - Diario de Noticias
McCanns’ return penalizes PJ - Diario de Noticias
English delay exams - Correio da Manhã
New development in Madeleine case - Algarve Resident
Madeleine fund tops a million - Algarve Resident
Burglars Struck at Maddie Resort - The Sun
Ken Bigley brother meets Maddie's dad - The Sun
Ken Bigley's Brother Gives Comfort To McCanns - Daily Mirror
Madeleine: All police leave is cancelled - Daily Express
We know who killed Maddie - Daily Star
Parents meet with Ken Bigley's brother to discuss abduction agony - Daily Mail
Burglar was on loose at Portuguese holiday complex - Daily Mail
Madeleine McCann inquiry in 'decisive stage' - Telegraph
Madeleine McCann's Parents Told Not To Leave - Telegraph
School uniforms to be tracked by satellite - Telegraph
Madeleine police follow burglar lead - Times
Madeleine and the media, by Kirsty Wark - BBC
Police Name Girl Mistaken For Madeleine - Sky
McCanns Visited By Ken Bigley's Brother - Sky
Madeleine: New Development Expected - Sky
Madeleine Police Boss Feeling 'Positive' - Sky
McCanns meet Bigley's brother - ITN
Police tell Maddy parents to stay - Metro
Parents' friend denies 'hurtful and untrue' slurs - London Evening Standard
Murdered hostage's brother meet the McCanns - Leicester Mercury
McCanns meet brother of Ken Bigley - Liverpool Daily Post
Hope of Madeleine hunt breakthrough - Yorkshire Post 21-08-07
McCanns Meet The Brother Of Beheaded Hostage Ken Bigley - The Scotsman
Double censure for TalkSport DJs - The Scotsman
Madeleine's parents told not to leave - Herald Scotland
Maddie cops' days off cancelled - Evening Times (Scotland)
Info office to monitor blogs - The Register
McCanns' friend not a Maddie suspect - Sydney Morning Herald

GMC's Blog : 
Day 110 - 21/08/2007 - Tuesday
We did manage our early morning run today although not quite to the top of the hill due to time limitation. After dropping the twins off at the kids club we did interviews for the 3 biggest selling Spanish newspapers. The message was that we still believe there is a reasonable chance Madeleine is still alive and we are still looking for her.
We were also asked about what is being written about the investigation and pointed out how much of this is pure speculation. We directed them to the official Portuguese police statements that are very sober in comparison. A statement was released this evening through the Portuguese news agency LUSA. This is the translation of what was reported on Portuguese TV station SIC :
The news that points to the existence of an English suspect, close to the couple, connected to the disappearance of Madeleine on the 3rd May in the Algarve, “does not come” from the PJ and has no “logic whatsoever”, according to what the inspector Olegário Sousa told Lusa. 
Cette nouvelle-là, oui ! Mais quid de l'autre, celle qui dit que la PJ suspecte les parents depuis un mois et pensent que MMC est morte dans le 5A ? 

Deposition: Child cried for her father - Correio da Manhã
Tension (Opinion: Moita Flores, Criminologist) - Correio da Manhã
PJ wants McCanns in Portugal - 24Horas
PJ dismiss reports they plan to arrest McCann family friend - Algarve Resident
MEPs back EU-wide sex offenders register - Algarve Resident
Maddie Cops Tell Parents to Stay - The Sun
Maddie Cops may Close Case - The Sun
McCanns Told: Don't Go Home - Daily Mirror
Madeleine smear target - Daily Express
Now police tell parents: Don't leave Portugal - Daily Express
I didn't kill Maddie says parents' pal - Daily Star
C'est Russell OB le suspect !
Stop the smears and concentrate on investigation, says friend - Daily Mail
Parents call for new police probe rules into crimes against children - Daily Mail
Madeleine police tell her parents: 'Don't leave Portugal' - Daily Mail
Detectives 'now believe Madeleine died by accident' - Daily Mail
Madeleine's parents: 'She's alive and could be in Spain' - Daily Mail
Madeleine cinema ad cleared - Guardian
Police tell McCanns to remain in Portugal - Telegraph
Complaints over Maddy ad rejected - Telegraph
Madeleine hunt 'hampered by police leaks' - Telegraph
Madeleine McCann police convinced she is dead - Telegraph
I’m not a suspect in Madeleine’s abduction, says friend of family - Times
MEPs 'want EU sex offender list' - survey commissioned by MCfund - BBC
Madeleine Ad Complaints Rejected - BBC
["Imminent breakthrough"] Focus on Lawrence killer's future - BBC
Doctor Hits Back At Madeleine 'Media Smears' - Sky
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Maddy is alive in Spain, insist McCanns - Metro
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Making sure your money helps Maddie - Liverpool Echo
Maddie film plea complaints fail - Liverpool Echo
A guiding hand in times of tragedy - Yorkshire Post
Time Is Against Us, Say Madeleine Police - The Scotsman
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Maddie's parents are told to stay in Portugal - Evening Times (Scotland)
Detectives 'positive' over hunt - Aberdeen Evening Express
McCanns told not to leave Portugal amid fresh hopes - Irish Independent
ASA Throws Out Missing Madeleine Cinema Ad Complaints - PR Week
Spain Papers Review - Wednesday August 22, 2007 - Typically Spanish
Parents give an interview to Spanish newspaper El Mundo - Typically Spanish
There are no clues that MMC was in Spain - RTVA (Radio/TV de Andalucia)
MMC's Parents Tell Spanish Papers They Think Their Daughter Is Alive, in Spain 
Cops React to Report of Madeleine Arrest - IOL
Maddie reports 'make no sense' - News 24

GMC's Blog : 
Day 111- 22/08/2007 - Wednesday
I had another early morning drive to the airport- I could almost do it with my eyes shut. After dropping the kids off we had some photos taken with the results of a survey of UK and European parliament MP’s. The survey results, commissioned by the find Madeleine campaign, will be published tomorrow and demonstrate strong support for changes in European legislation following Madeleine’s abduction.
Kate is keen to get in touch with a very nice mum, who she spoke with at the toddler pool in the Ocean Club on Sunday 3rd June. She is sure you will remember the conversation and Kate would be grateful if you could get in touch at with her at

Speculation rife in press - Algarve Resident
McCanns Could Sue Journalist [Sandra Felgueiras] - The Sun
Fury at New Maddie Theory - The Sun
'Maddie Spotted in Spain' - The Sun
Cops: We have the evidence - Daily Mirror
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Our outrage is a Brit hypocritical, by Brian Reade - Daily Mirror
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113 day of lies and smears against the McCanns - Daily Mail
McCanns may sue over claims they killed Madeleine - Daily Mail
MEPs back sex offenders list - Guardian
'Madeleine Spain sighting' probed -Guardian
Madeleine police say she may have died by accident - Telegraph
Father: Madeleine McCann 'snatched not killed' - Telegraph
McCann Campaign May Force Law Change - Sky
McCanns Believe Madeleine Alive In Spain - Sky
MEPs back Europe sex offenders list - ITN
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Spanish link in Madeleine case - Leicester Mercury
Politicians back europe-wide offenders register - Leicester Mercury
Madeleine 'may be in Spain' - Liverpool Daily Post
McCanns say Maddy may be in Spain - Yorkshire Post
The 'prison of not knowing' when loved ones disappear - Bradford Telegraph
School uniforms could be 'tagged' - Bolton News 23-08-07
A legacy for Madeleine? - Darlington & Stockton Times 23-08-07
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A Spiral Of Excitability - New Statesman
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Madeleine McCann Spotted In Cartagena, Murcia - Typically Spanish
Witnesses claim they saw Madeleine - IOL
Phone intercepts ‘confirm Maddy’s death’ -
Maddie `killed accidentally' -

GMC's Blog : 
Day 112- 23/08/2007 - Thursday
Another early morning start but this time for a series of radio interviews to discuss the survey of MP’s and MEP’s. The survey shows overwhelming support for the introduction of a Europe wide sex offenders register. There is also support to implement a child rescue alert, using local media to inform the community when a child has been abducted and felt to be at serious risk.
There have also been calls for changes in the way child abduction cases are handled in Europe to provide the best expertise available, quickly to the investigating police force. We are uncertain if these measures were in place if it would have made any difference to us finding Madeleine. Kate and I do hope that future changes in legislation and practice will help prevent cases of child abduction and also increase the chances of successfully finding missing children in such circumstances.
Although very serious cases like Madeleine’s (stereotypical kidnapping) are rare, it is very difficult to determine the scale of the problem, as there is no consistency in data collection across Europe. We agree with two leading British Charities (PACT and missing persons) that such data have to be collected with greater accuracy so that the frequency of serious crimes against children can be reliably documented - ideally such data should be available across the EU. Europe is probably 25 years behind the USA in such regard.
Que sait M. McCann de la situation européenne par rapport à la situation états-unienne ? Le nombre d'enfants enlevés aux EU est incomparable à celui de l'Europe.
Change has been driven by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and by families who have suffered high profile child abductions.
Travelled back to the UK tonight to attend to a few personal matters before heading to Edinburgh. I have just heard about the shooting of 11-year-old Rhys Jones in Liverpool. This murder is such a tragic waste of a young life and our heartfelt sympathy goes out to Rhys family.

Paxman plaide pour l'âme des médias. GMC doit parler de l'importance de la TV dans la recherche de MMC.  
Madeleine McCann's parents furious over slurs - Telegraph
McCanns work the media like pros, says Kirsty Wark - Times
Madeleine 'may never be found' - BBC
[Kate McCann 'horrified'] Rhys murder dominates front pages - BBC
McCanns Won't Sue [Sandra Felgueiras] Over Media 'Smears' - Sky
Police Follow Up New Madeleine 'Sighting' - Sky McCanns 'furious at media smears' - Metro
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McCanns fury at 'media slurs' - Evening Times (Scotland)
McCanns Furious Over Portuguese Media Treatment - Press Gazette
The McCanns reap the media whirlwind - The First Post

GMC's Blog : 
Day 113- 24/08/2007 - Friday
I started the day early with a pooled telephone interview for the press to talk about the media coverage of the campaign to find Madeleine in advance of my interview at the Edinburgh International TV festival. We touched on the coverage of the investigation and of course the wild speculation and innuendo being reported in some quarters. Although Kate, our friends and myself would love to correct much of the inaccuracy we will not divulge information publicly which might help the perpetrator of Madeleines abduction cover his tracks.
Travelled to Edinburgh this afternoon and managed to keep up the aerobic exercise with 25 minutes in the gym. I then met up with one of our friends who has been instrumental in distributing images of Madeleine and who produced the DVD of her to ‘Don’t you forget about me’. We had a bite to eat and took the chance to update each other on what has been happening in the last few weeks.
Off to bed for an early night after speaking to Kate, who has some family staying with her in Portugal whilst I am in the UK.

Key to McCanns’ car had cadaver smell - Jornal de Noticias
MEPs Want Child Abductions Treated Differently - Portugal News
Exclusive: Chief Inspector Olegário Sousa - Portugal News

À la question "les MC pourraient-ils devenir suspects ?", OS répond que jusqu'à présent ils ne le sont pas et que, quand ils ont des soupçons, la loi exige la constitution d'arguido afin de préserver les droits du suspect. 
À la question de savoir si les MC savaient que MMC pouvait être morte avant l'annonce faite par OS à la TV, celui-ci répond que la possibilité de la mort est devenue de plus en plus vraisemblable. Il ne sait si les parents avaient été informés mais il ne peut croire qu'on lui ait donné l'autorisation de parler (de la mort) si ses supérieurs n'avaient pas mis les MC au parfum préalablement.
Samples from hire cars sent for analysis - Algarve Resident
Maddie Dad: Claims 'Absurd' - The Sun
I suspect Maddie cop-out, by Lorraine Kelly - Sun
McCanns' Overdose Smear Fury - Daily Mirror
Their Bravery And Dignity Give Us All Hope - Daily Mirror
Army of Britons join the Costa hunt for Madeleine - Daily Express
The missing minutes - Daily Express
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Maddie's Dad At TV Festival - The Scotsman
Author McEwan Praises 'Dignity' Of Madeleine McCann's Family - Herald Scotland
"I don't think necessarily having newspaper headlines with the image of Madeleine being thrust onto people every single day helps. Clearly we have seen irresposible reporting" - Herald Scotland
McCanns scaling down media campaign to find Madeleine - Irish Independent
Police Investigate Private Detectives Looking for Missing Girl  - Fox
Madeleine: father calls for media restraint - IOL

GMC's Blog : 
Day 114- 25/08/2007 - Saturday
Kirsty Wark interviewed me at the Edinburgh International TV festival this morning. It was very well attended, especially considering the 9.30 start on a Saturday morning. It is difficult to explain why Madeleines disappearance has generated so much media coverage and why it has been so sustained. I am certain that the coverage would not have been nearly as great if this had happened 10 years ago. The use of mobile phones, the internet, low-cost airlines and 24 hour news channels have changed the world we live in, making it seem smaller. No doubt Madeleines physical appearance also captured the publics' imagination as well as the highly unusual circumstances of a foreign child being abducted on holiday.
Il faut dire que le minois d'une toute petite fille attendrit plus que celui d'une fillette de 4 ans. Ce n'est pas par hasard qu'ils n'ont pas choisi les photos récentes...
Our family decided to try and make as many people as possible aware that Madeleine was missing quickly.
Il en fait maintenant une histoire de famille, comme s'il n'était pas responsable d'avoir alerté avec des faits inexacts (volet et fenêtre fracturés entre autres).
Family members did frequent TV interviews and friends distributed images of Madeline to news outlets. My sister started the electronic campaign proper by sending a chain e-mail with a poster of Madeleine, which was quickly advertised by Sky and downloaded by thousands of people. Celebrities, sporting stars and ordinary people wanted to help, almost certainly because they felt the same feeling of helplessness that we did. After the first few weeks we fully expected the media attention to die down but this has just not happened.
Some sections of the media now question their roles in the coverage of the news story that is Madeleine. Kate and I quickly realised that much of the coverage was pure speculation,
 pas si vite que ça ! which was often negative and certainly unhelpful for us. We decided to rely on information only from official sources and this has certainly helped us remain on a fairly even keel despite some of the lurid headlines.
I left Edinburgh early afternoon but spent most of the day travelling as I had to fly back to Portugal via Luton. I managed to get some work done and write my blog on the way back. It was great to see Kate and the kids again after 2 days.

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Day 115- 26/08/2007 - Sunday
I attended mass this morning but Kate did not go as she went to the English speaking service last night. It was good to see the local parish priest, father Jose back after a couple of weeks on retreat.
This afternoon was spent with the twins who remain very happy and help Kate and me keep looking forward. 

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Day 116- 27/08/2007 - Monday
No major news to report. Most of my day was spent on e-mails and telephone calls.
Kate I went for a run together in the early evening along the waterfront and then we popped into church for 10 minutes to pray for Madeleine. We had dinner with Kate's family who are over here just now. Sean and Amelie are particularly enjoying having some older kids around.

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Day 117- 28/08/2007 - Tuesday
We, like everyone else, await the results of the forensics from the recent searches. We do not know who has taken Madeleine or why. Sometimes people do things for reasons that even they cannot understand. An act of madness, an accident or sudden impulse can lead to consequences that people may never have imagined or intended. Faced with such a situation we believe any human soul will ultimately suffer torment and feelings of guilt and fear.
If you have done something you regret, if you find yourself in a situation you never intended, it is not too late to do the right thing. Please come forward, return Madeleine, leave her in a place of safety. At the very least, help us by letting us know what has happened to our beautiful little girl.
Dans la peau d'un innocent.

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Day 118- 29/08/2007 - Wednesday
Relatively quiet day. Kate and I did one interview in the morning for a newspaper - that I managed to finish, probably because the journalist stuck to questions that I am allowed to give answers to!
This afternoon and evening was mostly spent at my computer and a couple of hours with the kids. Their constant chatter with each other is quite entertaining.

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Day 119- 30/08/2007 - Thursday
Kate and I managed an early morning run, finishing by running up the steep hill. It got a difficult day for us off to a good start.
Madeleine was due to start school today. It has been hard not to imagine how excited she would have been and how she would have looked in her school uniform. Kate and I would like to thank the pupils, parents, teachers and headmistress for their continued support and prayers. We would like to wish all the new pupils much happiness and we hope pray that Madeleine will be able to join her fellow classmates soon. 

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Day 120- 31/08/2007 - Friday
Those of who you that read the blog regularly know how difficult it has been for us not to respond to many of the slurs against our behaviour leading up to Madeleines disappearance. We have consistently stated that we will not put new information into the public domain that might jeopardise the investigation and in fact, we are constrained by Portuguese Law as witnesses from doing so.
Des insultes/diffamations contre leur comportement qui aurait mené à la disparition de MMC ? GMC fait valoir qu'ils ont leur mot à dire à ce propos, sous-entendant que ces insultes tomberaient alors comme des mouches, mais en sont empêchés par la loi portugaise. CIls ne sont pas des témoins, mais des victimes.

There has been some wild speculation reported in the press about what may have happened to Madeleine. Most of the innuendo regarding Kate and me has died down in light of the statements from the official Portuguese Police spokesperson.
Comment ça ?
However last Friday, a Portuguese newspaper published a front-page headline ‘PJ believes that the parents killed Maddie’. We firmly believe that the report was speculative, defamatory and published despite official statements to the contrary.
As well as damaging our personal and professional reputations, such allegations smear the investigation, the campaign to find Madeleine and cause great offence and anxiety to all our family. This is why, after careful consideration, we have issued a writ against the newspaper for defamation. Our focus has, and always will be, on doing our best to help find Madeleine. This lurid allegation is so serious and wide of the mark that we feel it cannot go unchallenged.
The legal expenses for the proceedings will not be paid from Madeleine's fund. 

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