Grâce à la liberté dans les communications, des groupes d’hommes de même nature pourront se réunir et fonder des communautés. Les nations seront dépassées.
Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

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01>15 AOÛT 2007

Team of UK experts fly in to create a profile of abductor - Daily Express
I'm Devastated, Says Last Person To See Madeleine - Daily Express
My life's ruined - Daily Star
Madeleine witness 'devastated' she did not prevent abduction - Daily Mail
Sombre Day For Madeleine McCann's Family - Sky
Parents back police search - Leicester Mercury
Madeleine: The cruel price of public sympathy - Yorkshire Evening Post
Don’t hate Maddie’s parents - Burnley Citizen
90 Days Later - Irish Independent
MMC Witness Fights Back Against Allegations, Devastated - National Ledger 

La personne "accablée" est Jane T.
Calling Danie Krugel to the Madeleine McCann search - Canada Free Press
DK est déjà venu, a installé sa machine à cheveu, remis un rapport et est reparti.
MMC: UK Team to Construct Suspect's Psychological Profile - National Ledger

- Aucun profiler n'accompagne Mark Harrison, mais le top profiler du MPIA, Lee Rainbow, qui n'est pas venu à PdL, a été consulté et a remis un rapport en juin .
- La presse semble ne pas avoir remarqué le déploiement du chien EVRD dans les appartements qu'avaient occupés les TP9.

GMC's Blog :
Day 90 - 01/08/2007 - Wednesday
Another trip to the airport this morning to pick up our campaign manager. Kate did a series of interviews for women's magazines and the Sunday newspapers which took most of the afternoon. Kate's parents, who we visit regularly at home, ce n'est pas ce que suggère la mère de Kate, d'ailleurs pourquoi dire cela ? also arrived and the twins were very happy to see them. They will be staying with us for a week.
We have had some new posters designed of Madeleine, in Portuguese and Spanish, which I have been printing out to distribute locally.
I also did some filming to camera which we might use on the website and for future events.
Le mensonge confessé dans "Madeleine" pour justifier le changement de programme dû à la la visite des chiens dans la villa des MC.'Mummy, I've had the best day ever' said Madeleine just before she was snatched - London Evening Standard
L'une des rares citations de MMC .Could invention find missing children? - IOL
MMC ‘Cracker' Team Will Ignore Earlier Work by Local Cops - National Ledger 
Quelle nouvelle équipe britannique veut prendre l'affaire sous un angle nouveau ? Une invention des tabloïds. Les seuls "cracks" présents à PdL sont MH et Martin Grime. Leur tâche est toute différente.
- La "maladie" de GMC n'est que le prétexte donné pour décommander la campagne à Huelva.
- La PJ a annoncé une recherche "forensique" dans la villa.
- Le premier acte de MH a été de lire attentivement le rapport du Major Sequeira.

GMC's Blog :
Day 91 - 02/08/2007 - Thursday
Today was a bit of a write off for me as I was laid low with a probable viral illness which meant I could not stray too far from the house! I did manage to get through some e-mails, telephone calls and some paperwork. Feeling a bit better tonight so hopefully be back to normal tomorrow. Kate did manage to put up some of the new Madeleine posters in shops around Praia da Luz.. It is noticably busier, now that we are in August, with lots of tourists many of whom are from Portugal.
The figures from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children show that one in six kids are recovered after being recognised from a poster. Such statistics do encourage us that relatively simple measures may be effective in helping us find Madeleine.

Belgium police: "There is no relevant information" about the MMC case - Publico
Alert in Belgium - Correio da Manha
New Madeleine poster launched - Algarve Resident
Still no sign of Madeleine - Algarve Resident
Missing Maddie 'Spotted in Cafe' - The Sun
Madeleine 'Seen' In Belgium - Daily Mirror
Find Him - Daily Mirror
Madeleine 'Spotted' in Belgium - Daily Express
Madeleine - Daily Express
Hope as Maddie's seen in Belgium - Daily Star

3 months on, parents make fresh plea for help in finding their daughter - Daily Mail
DNA tests follow 'Madeleine McCann' sighting - The Guardian
Madeleine sighting puts Belgium on alert - Telegraph
Hunt For Madeleine Moves To Belgium - Independent
Madeleine 'Sighting' Investigated - BBC
Madeleine McCann Ribbons Taken Down - Sky
McCanns' Group Accused Of 'Silence Pact' - Sky
Madeleine Campaign Shifts Up A Gear - Sky
Police Probe New Madeleine Sighting - Sky
Belgian police hunt Madeleine suspect - ITN
Madeleine parents travel to Spain - Metro
Police start DNA tests after Maddie sighting - Metro
Woman 'saw Maddy' with couple in Belgium - Leicester Mercury
Madeleine May Be In Belgium - The Scotsman
Madeleine 'seen in Belgium' - Evening Times (Scotland)
Fresh sighting in Belgium of Maddie - Aberdeen Evening Express
Belgian police investigating possible sighting of MMC - Irish Independent
Belgium checks possible sighting of Madeleine - Reuters
Missing Madeleine reportedly seen in Belgium - IOL
Kate McCann - mother of Madeleine - speaks to Marie Claire - Marie-Claire 

- Aucune mention n'est faite de la présence des chiens la veille dans la villa des MC. Le signalement belge est la meilleure diversion possible.
GMC's Blog :
Day 92 - 03/08/2007 - Friday
It is exactly 3 months since Madeleine was abducted. Kate and I had an early start as we drove to Huelva, 50Km over the border from Portugal in Southern Spain. We were meant to go yesterday but had to cancel because I was ill. 
L'avoir dit une fois ne suffit pas, il faut répéter.. Kate, dans "Madeleine", révèlera qu'ils ont menti aux médias.
Unfortunately it was a public holiday in Huelva and the large shopping centre we planned to visit was closed. We did distribute posters in several garages, taxi ranks and the bus and train stations and gave out some Madeleine wristbands. This was definitely a worthwhile exercise, as many people did not seemingly recognise Madeleine but we did get a very warm response from the Spanish people we met. We would encourage everyone to continue taking posters on holiday but please ask permission before putting them up in public places.
When we arrived back in Praia da Luz we did a couple of media interviews to building up to August 11th, which will mark 100 days if Madeleine is still missing.
There will be a lot of media activity next week reviewing Madeleine's abduction, the investigation and of course the campaign to help find her. It is an opportunity to highlight that we have not given up hope and are still optimistic of being reunited with Madeleine.
Tonight we prayed for Madeleine at a vigil in the church. This has happened every Friday since Madeleines abduction and was very well attended tonight, probably due to the greater number of tourists in the resort

Première mention des chiens britanniques 

Is missing British girl in Belgium?. China View
Fund is not charity - SOL
The Charity Commission decided not to accept the request that was made by Madeleine’s parents to register the fund, after analysing the purpose of the collection of donations: “The McCanns failed to prove that they are collecting money to help other cases that are similar to Madeleine’s”.
The information that was collected with the English authorities contradicts the statements made by the McCanns’ public relations to Sol, in our edition of July 7. Then, Justine McGuinness assured that the money that is received by Maddie’s parents “is subject to very strict rules, that are imposed by British law on any charity fund”. At that time, the spokesperson for Kate and Gerry even explained that the decision to establish a fund was born from the need to “ensure that everything is done in a transparent way”.  

Robert Murat's home searched again - Algarve Resident
Possible sighting of Madeleine in Belgium - Algarve Resident
Belgium cops' do a DNA test - The Sun
Cops search Murat's home - The Sun
Maddy village's street party of hope - Daily Mirror
Madeleine mum's agony - Daily Mirror
DNA Test On 'Maddy' Milkshake - Daily Mirror
Couple were acting suspiciously - Daily Express
Desperate parents in new appeal - Daily Express
We Did See Madeleine - Daily Express
Code Madeleine Tracks Down Children - Daily Express
Bottle may prove Maddie still alive - Daily Star
Restaurant DNA test in hunt for Madeleine - The Guardian
Code Madeleine launched to keep children safe - Telegraph
Madeleine McCann: suspect's home searched - Telegraph
DNA tests to check 'sighting' of Madeleine - Telegraph
New Search At McCann Suspect Home - BBC
[Madeleine 'sighting'] Newspapers dub PM 'Gordon Bean' - BBC
Code Madeleine Action Plan To Keep Kids Safe - Sky
Madeleine Suspect's Home Searched - Sky
Madeleine police search suspect's home - ITN
Code Madeleine tracks down children - Metro
New posters are issued in search for Madeleine - Leicester Mercury
Maddy McCann Sighting Claim - The Scotsman
Portuguese detectives searching Madeleine suspects home - Irish Independent
Police run DNA tests in search for Madeleine - Irish Independent
Hope for Maddy as police probe sighting in Belgian restaurant - Irish Independent
Possible links between MMC and the Swiss girl, Ylenia Lenhard - Typically Spanish
Liens possible avec petite fille suisse assassinée ? Missing UK Girl 'Seen' In Belgium - CNN
Madeleine: Police search home again - IOL
Looking for Maddie’s body - SOL
The English dogs are trained for different tasks. One, to detect human remains originating from dead flesh, and the other one to detect human blood or fluids. A specialist that was contacted by Sol explains that the technique of these animals rests on scientific bases, and that while “one of the dogs can distinguish between natural death or death by accident that does not involve bloodshed, the other one can diagnose whether someone died a violent death, with bloodshed or other spilled fluids”.
Tuesday night (autrement dit le 31 juillet), a black and white springer spaniel that is trained to detect death, spent several hours in the apartment that the McCann family occupied in the Ocean Club resort, and from where Maddie disappeared on May 3. According to sources within the investigation, the dog marked the death of the child inside the apartment.
An Irish family that have been living in Luz, and who, on the day that Maddie vanished, reportedly crossed ways with a man that carried a child that seemed to be asleep. According to their deposition to PJ, Martin Smith, his wife and his children, after leaving the Kelly bar, which is located approximately 400 metres from the Ocean Club, around 9.50 / 10.00 p.m., saw an individual described as Caucasian, measuring 1.70 – 1.75 m, walking towards the beach.
The Irish man told Sol that he knew Robert Murat (the only arguido in the process) visually for years – and also remembered seeing the anglo-portuguese man in a bar that evening, “already a bit intoxicated”. Therefore, the Irish dismissed the possibility that the person he saw carrying a child could be Murat: “If it was him, I guarantee to you that I would have recognised him”.
Concerning the clothes the man he saw on that night was wearing, Smith only refers the “beige trousers”, given the fact that his upper body was hidden by the child’s body, which was not covered. It is curious that one of the elements that formed the group of Maddie’s parents’ friends, guaranteed to PJ several days before Smith was heard, that - at a moment when she left the table to check on the group’s children - she had crossed ways with a man that was wearing trousers that fit the description that was also made by the Irish man.
That individual was also carrying a sleeping child. And the witness, who even managed to see what pyjamas the child was wearing, just “thought it was strange that the child was barefoot and uncovered”. This witness said it would be 9.15 p.m.
It becomes increasingly clear, as Sol had reported previously, that there is no proof against Murat. 
A journalist recognised this week that it is “difficult for an English newspaper to adopt a critical tone concerning Madeleine’s parents”. The Daily Express cited, in one of its last reports, the news that have been published by Sol, describing them as a “hate campaign” against the McCanns. The same journalist ended up confessing that “it’s the only way we can transmit your data”.
Madeleine McCann sighting treated seriously - Courier Mail
Première occurrence de la possible mort de MMC (SOL), indices policiers, chiens - la fouille des chiens dans la maison de Murat est très médiatisée :
 GMC's Blog
Day 93 - 04/08/2007
Another early start to the day as I dropped the crew who did some filming for the website and other forthcoming events. Kate and I did a short interview reviewing the last 3 months and the search for Madeleine. We spent the rest of the day with the kids and Kate's family. We were all glad it clouded over in the afternoon to give us some respite from the intense heat. The most recent searches by the police have attracted a lot of renewed media interest with satellite trucks arriving back in Praia da Luz. It is likely that some of the British Broadcasters will also come back out. We were all very tired and we managed to get off to bed at 10.30pm, which is very early for us by recent standards.
...This is the Week to Come. Sunday Telegraph
Madeleine possibly killed in the apartment - Correio da Manhã
L'hypothèse d'enlèvement cède en raison de l'odeur de cadavre découverte dans l'appartement. Un commandant de la PSP explique que le PMI doit être d'au moins 2 heures.
Search continues at Robert Murat's home - Algarve Resident
McCanns back action plan to keep children safe - Algarve Resident
Code Madeleine - News of the World
We're so desperately sorry we left you - News of the World
Cops' raid on Murat - News of the World
Remember her - News of the World
Murat Search - The People
Madeleine: My Guilt And Regret - The People
I'm Sorry Madeleine, by Lori Campbell - Sunday Mirror
Madeleine: Police Dig For Body - Sunday Express
I Love You Madeleine - Sunday Express
Search at Madeleine Suspect's Home - Sunday Express
Maddie link to Swiss suicide - Daily Star Sunday
Madeleine: Police digging at chief suspect's home- Mail on Sunday
Kate McCann reveals agony of her five-year fight to be a mother - Mail on Sunday
'Mummy, I've had the best day ever' said Madeleine just before she was snatched - Mail on Sunday
100 days after Madeleine was taken, her last words live on - Observer
Madeleine McCann's mother recalls last chat - Sunday Telegraph
Madeleine McCann suspect's house searched - Sunday Telegraph
This is the Week to Come - Sunday Telegraph
Madeleine, I’m sorry I left you alone - Sunday Times
KMC speaking about how the abduction has affected her and her memories of MMC - S. Times
Kate McCann: My Story - Independent on Sunday
Police examine suspect's garden - Independent on Sunday
Madeleine Police Finish Search - BBC
[Garden search] Foot-and-mouth dominates papers - BBC
Madeleine Cops End Search Of Villa - Sky
Search At Madeleine Suspect's Home - Channel 4
Madeleine police end search of suspect's home - ITN
Madeleine police to resume search - Metro
Search at Madeleine suspect's home - Metro
Police search Maddy villa again - Metro
Parents' secret emails 'intercepted by police' - London Evening Standard
Norfolk Maddie suspect's home searched - Eastern Daily Press (Norfolk)
MMC's mother speaks of regret of leaving her alone - Irish Independent on Sunday
Detectives to continue search of villa for clues - Irish Independent on Sunday
Mom Apologizes: Reveals Maddie's Words on Last Night - National Ledger
World Briefs: Kidnap susp revisited - NY Daily News
Why Did They Leave Madeleine Alone? - IOL
Police end search at Madeleine suspect's home - IOL
Cops Wrap Up New Maddie Search - News24
L'idée de mort est en hausse ainsi que la critique d'avoir laissé les enfants seuls. Les MC sont désolés. On se demande comment ils ont pu comprendre seulement un peu du sermon, en portugais.

GMC's Blog : 
Day 94 - 05/08/2007 Sunday
We attended church this morning as usual. The local priest father Manuel is on holiday so the mass was all in Portuguese and although quicker than normal we did not understand too much of the sermon.
I note there was a lot of coverage of Kate's interview in the Sunday newspapers today. I managed to read one of them and certainly seemed to sum up very well how we are feeling and coping without Madeleine. The key message is that we are doing everything we can to help find Madeleine. Tant que les médias font cela, gentils médias. After lunch we had a metting with our campaign manager and Kate's family to run through a few things which will be happening this week. There was going to be a lot of media here leading up to the 100 days although we still hope we will not get to that marker, even before this latest search by the Portuguese police.
Kate and I popped back down to the church later on tonight to say a few quiet prayers for Madeleine.
The town is much busier at night than when we first came here on holiday and even compared to a few weeks ago. Computer glitches now sorted out thanks to Calum at infohost.

[Madeleine search] Papers examine source of out....BBC
Maddy: Major New Breakthrough. Daily Express 
Fears mount over missing girl.
We're so sorry - Madeleine's mum. Leicester Mercury
Madeleine: Second suspect is being watched by police – British press - Lusa
Murat is going to sue the Portuguese State Exclusive statement to Sol
New Hypothesis Madeleine was accidentally killed - SOL
Blood in the McCanns’ bedroom - Jornal de Noticias

Seule la presse portugaise parle du sang trouvé dans le 5A. L'autre est-elle embarrassée ?
PJ  Suspicions: Investigation on the family and proximity context Correio da Manha
Investigations at “crucial” phase, the PJ assures - TSF
Police refuse to confirm McCann link to searches - Algarve Resident
"We will never give up on Madeleine" - Kate McCann - Algarve Resident
Murat villa search finds no clues - Algarve Resident
Maddie cops tail new suspect - The Sun
File on Murat - The Sun
Madeleine Second Suspect - Daily Mirror
Heartbreak in the detail of mum's love - Daily Mirror
Leader: Prayers for Madeleine - Daily Express
Family and Police Link 'Strained' - Daily Express
Sniffer dogs back at suspect's home - Daily Express
Maddy: Major New Breakthrough - Daily Express
I'm Sorry I Didn't Rescue Maddy at Belgian Restaurant Daily Express 
Maddie cops fear tot died in hols flat - Daily Star
'I'm certain I saw Madeleine outside Belgian cafe' - Daily Mail
Madeleine's mother tells of regret as police search suspect's garden - The Guardian
Search at Madeleine suspect's home finds nothing - The Guardian
Madeleine McCann suspect's garden dug up - Telegraph
Madeleine McCann suspect search draws blank - Telegraph
Madeleine McCann: Blood found in bedroom - Telegraph

Le Telegraph se risque à parler de sang tout en noyant ce détail dans les fouilles du jardin des Murat.
Madeleine detectives ‘scan’ home of suspect - Times
New Madeleine Search Draws Blank - BBC
Madeleine parents meet detectives - BBC
[Madeleine search] Papers examine source of outbreak - BBC
Campaign Builds Up To Mark Milestones - Sky
Madeleine Suspect's Mum: 'He'll Be Cleared' - Sky
Madeleine Mother's Love For Husband - Sky
Friends Rally Round Madeine [sic] Suspect - Channel 4
Family And Police Link 'Strained' - Channel 4
Daily Debate: How safe are our children? - ITN 

 Maddie’s blood 'found in flat' - Metro
Hunt for 'blanket carrying' Maddie suspect - Metro

La PJ aurait une nouvelle théorie : MMC aurait été tuée dans le 5A, puis son corps aurait été jeté dans la mer. La PJ investigue un second suspect. Kate MC a pour la première fois dit son regret d'avoir laissé sa fille la nuit où elle a disparu (voir l'interview "Hours") Police finish new Maddy search - Metro
This Will Prove His Innocence: Police Search Home of  Suspect - Liverpool Echo
Madeleine fund gets cash boost - Lancashire Evening Post
Search Of Madeleine Suspect's Home Ends - The Scotsman
No Evidence In Maddie Search - The Scotsman
Maddie Police Tear Apart Murat Garden - Daily Record
Second suspect in Maddie probe - Evening Times (Scotland) 

Cf Metro.
Piping hot fun! - Evening Times (Scotland)

Officers 'tailing second suspect' in Maddie case - Aberdeen Evening Express
Police Reported To Have 
Second Suspect In McCann Abduction - Belfast Telegraph
Police reported to have 
second suspect in McCann abduction - Irish Independent Search of Madeleine McCann suspect's home 'draws a blank' -
Fears mount over missing girl -
MMC Case - Police Have Second Suspect Under Surveillance - Post Chronicle

Madeleine Ma's Kidnap Guilt - New York Post

Je regrette (de m'être fiée au sentiment de sécurité), toute ma vie je me suis dit que je ne voulais pas avoir de regret. Mais on ne peut pas ne pas regretter quelque chose comme ça, déclare Kate MC au Sunday Times. Et d'ajouter, ce qui contredit le témoignage de Fiona WP : Je n'ai jamais pensé une seconde qu'elle sortirait.
Did Maddie Die in Holiday Flat? - News 24

British toddler Madeleine McCann may have died accidentally in her parents' holiday apartment in the southern Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz, a Portuguese daily said on Monday.
Quoting an unnamed police source, Jornal de Noticias said police had discovered traces of the blood of a dead person on a wall in the apartment where four-year-old Madeleine went missing from her bed three months ago. Jornal de Noticias said police intended to interrogate Madeleine's parents and their friends. Police, who have accused the media of speculative and false reporting, did not comment on the report.

GMC's Blog :
Day 95 - 06/08/2007 - Monday
Today was again very busy. Lots of e-mails and telephone calls to family and friends who have been involved in the campaign to find Madeleine. I went to a large office store in Portimao to buy a new printer and ink, both of which were badly needed after all the posters we produced this last week.
There has been lots of media attention on the latest police searches.
We are pleased that the investigation remains so active and we are cooperating fully with the Portuguese and British police, as we have done since day 1. We continue to hope and pray daily for that vital breakthrough or sighting that will lets us be reunited as a family.
GMC essaie de donner le change, les progrès de la police sont encourageants, donc les médias s'agitent, et donc ils sont contents. 

PJ sees "light at the end of the tunnel", an idea of what might have happened - Lusa
The logical reasoning of PJ - Portugal Diário
Dogs search for more traces - Jornal de Noticias

Judiciaria has known for a month that Maddie was killed  Diario de Noticias
PJ searches Maddie’s jeep thoroughly - Correio da Manha  

Police puts the english friends of the couple under surveillance - 24Horas
McCanns to be interviewed again - Algarve Resident
Second suspect report refuted by police - Algarve Resident
PJ inspects Murat vehicles - Algarve Resident
Lab tests specks in new clue to riddle - The Sun

Brit dog sniffs out blood - The Sun
10 Police Blunders In MC Case - Daily Mirror
Is It Maddy's Blood? - Daily Mirror
[MWT] Why did it take them so long? - Daily Mirror
Not a Clue - Daily Mirror
blood clue - Daily Express
Hunt for couple in the black Volvo - Daily Express
Madeleine Lookalike Snatched By Pervert - Daily Express
I'm sorry I didn't rescue Maddie at Belgian restaurant - Daily Express
Brit cops find
blood spots on wall of Maddie hols apartment - Daily Star  
Police to show MCs picture of child snatcher suspect who killed himself - Daily Mail
UK lab to test blood found in Madeleine room - The Guardian
'Blood found' in Madeleine apartment - The Guardian
97 days of searching for Madeleine McCann - Telegraph
Madeleine: British police find
blood at holiday apartment - Telegraph
Paedophile suicide in new Madeleine link - Times
Madeleine parents are reinterviewed by police - Times Online
Blood spots found in Madeleine's bedroom - Times Online
Police find spots of blood in Madeleine's holiday home - Independent
'Blood Clue' In Madeleine Inquiry - BBC
Parents Confident Madeleine Alive - BBC
McCanns: 'We Think Madeleine's Still Alive' - Sky
Madeleine: Was Blood Found In Apartment? - Sky
Video - McCanns: Madeleine Still Alive - Channel 4
Police Tight-Lipped On 'Blood' Find - Channel 4
Madeleine: 'no new evidence' - ITN
Madeleine's parents 'not naive' - ITN
Parents believe Maddie is still alive - Metro
'Blood found in McCanns' flat' - Leicester Mercury
Brit police to test blood found in McCann flat - Liverpool Echo
Stick to the facts - Liverpool Echo
Police test blood found in Madeleine apartment - Liverpool Daily Post
Police 'draw a blank in Murat house search' - Yorkshire Post
'Traces Of Madeleine's Blood Found In Flat' - The Scotsman
Kate McCann - The Scotsman
'Dogs find blood' in Madeleine holiday apartment - Herald Scotland
We believe our Maddie is alive, say parents - Evening Times (Scotland)
Sniffer dogs find blood on wall of Maddie's bedroom - Aberdeen Evening Express
Police Find Spots Of Blood In Madeleine's Holiday Home - Belfast Telegraph
Blood Traces Found In Apartment Of Missing British Girl - Belfast Telegraph

Maddy police seeking man spotted taking girl to beach - Irish Independent

Il s'agit de Smithman. La thèse accident (sang trouvé dans le 5A) dépôt dans la mer se fait jour. Un océanographe a été contacté.
Blood traces found in apartment of missing British girl - Irish Independent
Details of Swiss abductor passed to Portuguese police - Irish Independent
No Comment On McCann Blood Claim - RTE
Parents keep quiet on 'Maddie' blood stain reports - AFP
Portugese police test blood traces in McCann case - Euronews
Spain Papers Review - Tuesday August 7 2007 - Typically Spanish
DNA tested link between Swiss girl and Marina Alta resident - Typically Spanish
Quotes of the Day: Diario de Noticias - Time Magazine
Blood found in missing British girl's vacation room - CBC
Parents Believe Missing U.K. Toddler Alive - CBS

Sniffer dogs find blood in McCann's room: report - CTV

Madeleine's Parents Are Suspects - IOL 
Were Maddie's Parents Involved? - News24
Madeleine's parents believe she's still alive -IOL 
Portuguese Police Suspect Madeleine Was Murdered - star online
IOL, le journal malaisien on line et le journal sud-africain, qui n'hésitent pas à appeler un chat un chat, ont la même source, le Diario de Noticias qui "sait" que la police suspecte l'implication des parents depuis un mois et les observe. Les enquêteurs ne chercheraient plus de ravisseur. Police search Madeleine suspect's villa - IOL
Maddie's parents mum on blood - News 24
Swiss pedophile linked to missing Maddie -
Is Madeleine Alive? - Caymanian Compass
Swiss pedophile linked to missing Maddie - ninemsn

Il faut convaincre les médias qu'on n'a pas fait de mal à Madeleine et GMC s'emploie à répéter que la PJ cherche une petite fille vivante, pas un cadavre. GMC sur un ton frivole déclare s'être fait couper les cheveux. On croit rêver.
GMC's Blog : 
Day 96 - 07/08/2007 - Tuesday

Kate and I managed an early morning run today. It was pleasantly cooler, with a refreshing breeze, which made a nice change. The media presence in Praia da Luz is at its greatest since the first couple of weeks, as is the amount of speculation and rumour regarding the investigation.
This morning we agreed to do a short, pooled interview that was made available to all broadcasters worldwide. We wanted to make it clear, that as far as we know, there is still absolutely no evidence that Madeleine has been seriously harmed and Kate and I have to believe she is still alive. The Portuguese police have assured us on numerous occasions that they are looking for Madeleine and not a corpse. Of course all possibilities are being considered and the police have to be certain before eliminating any of the scenarios. It is absolutely right that we are subject to the same high standards of investigation as anyone else. Kate and I have, and will continue to assist the police in every possible way.
We hope there is a breakthrough in the investigation very soon. In the meantime the campaign to keep the public involved in the search for Madeleine continues. We are always trying to think of ideas that will reach people who may not have heard of Madeleines disappearance. I spent a couple of hours this afternoon working on forthcoming events but did manage to squeeze in a much-needed haircut! 

if everything happened as the english tourists reported, concerning the children’s vigilance, then it was almost impossible for an abduction to occur. So the theory of death inside the apartment gained consistency. 
Informal conversations between the PJ and english police, and Kate and Gerry McCann will probably be held even before DNA results from the blood traces that were found on a wall in the parents’ bedroom are known. A new formal inquiry will only take place when the investigation cofirms that the sample actually belongs to little Madeleine. 
The english couple has been priviledging the english media and avoided the portuguese. Yesterday, after one day of seclusion, the McCanns gave an interview to 2 british tv station. It’s not clear whether the interview was requested by the english media, or if Madeleine’s parents requested it to avoid speculation.
Wiretaps confirm Madeleine's death" - Diário de Notícias 08-08-07
PJ intends to hear them once again in order to clarify the differences between various statements. In the next visit to the PJ, among other facts, they will be confronted with the content of phone conversations and emails.
Yesterday, they did manifest themselves as "very upset" in relationship to the news that the PJ was convinced that their daughter died in the apartment. 
Kate McCann is being set up by Portuguese police to take the blame over Madeleine, it was claimed today.
The husband of a woman serving 16 years in another missing child case in the Algarve said: "I am worried Kate will be framed for a crime she did not commit, the way it happened to my wife."
Première apparition de Leonor Cipriano.
The warning comes as pressure mounted on the McCanns after Portuguese police said Madeleine, who was three when she disappeared, died in her bedroom following the discovery of specks of blood on the wall.
Goncalo Amaral was accused of beating Leonor Cipriano
Innuendo and the Portuguese police - Daily Mail 8.8.07
Questionnement sur les failles de la PJ et leur atroce effet sur les MC.
Cycles of rumour - 08-08-07
Belgian DNA is no Madeleine match - 08-08-07
Blood trace may yield DNA clue to Madeleine's fate - Guardian 08-08-07
Madeleine McCann's parents deny suspicions - Telegraph 08-08-07
Police Won't Rule Out Madeleine Sighting - Telegraph 08-08-07
Belgian DNA Doesn't Match Madeleine McCann - Telegraph 08-08-07
Madeleine holiday friends attack police smears - Telegraph 08-08-07
We are happy to face questioning by police, say Madeleine’s parents - Times
Madeleine mum calls for rapid response team - Times Online 08-08-07
DNA test does not match missing Madeleine - Independent 08-08-07
No Madeleine Match After DNA Test - BBC 08-08-07
McCanns Talk To Police After DNA Test Result - Sky 08-08-07
Madeleine 'Sighting' DNA Test Result - Sky 08-08-07
Madeleine: DNA tests negative - ITN 08-08-07
We believe Madeleine is still alive, insist parents - Liverpool Daily Post 08-08-07
Yorkshire sniffer dog at heart of search for clues - Yorkshire Post 08-08-07
Claim that police think Madeleine died in flat denied - Yorkshire Post 08-08-07
South Yorkshire tracker dogs in vital role in hunt for MMC - The Sheffield Star
Detectives think Madeleine died in her parents' holiday apartment - Western Mail
Restaurant DNA Sample Does Not Match Madeleine - The Scotsman 08-08-07
UK Lab To Test 'Blood' Found In Maddy Flat - The Scotsman 08-08-07
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Maddie Cops Cast Net Wider - News24 08-08-07

['Livid and hurt'] Papers probe foot-and-mouth...BBC
Madeleine est vivante, ils ne l'ont pas tuée. Critique des insinuations portugaises. Kate McCann 'coping with guilt'. BBC
Maddies parents: 'She is not dead'. Liverpool Echo
Maddie mystery continues as rumours run rife EuroWeekly News
DN - les enquêteurs savent que MMC est morte et ne croient plus à l'enlèvement. Focus on Madeleine. Herald Scotland
When comics tackle middle-age dread. D Telegraph
DNA test does not match missing Madeleine - The Independent
Hurtful slurs anger parents. Leicester Mercury
Fureur contre médias portugais qui les soupçonnent d'implication dans la disparition.
- C'est un jour terrible pour les MC (interrogatoire informel au DIC de Portimao, sans secours diplomatique). On dirait que l'hypothèse de mort est une invention médiatique qui aurait déteint sur la PJ. 
GMC's Blog : 
Day 97 - 08/08/2007 - Wednesday

Kate's parents left early this morning. We did a short interview on how our faith has helped us during the last 3 months since Madeleines abduction. Given the events of the last few days we need to draw even greater strength from our faith and everyone who has supported us.
With the huge amount of media attention on us again it is very difficult to do anything with the kids without them being filmed and it is unfair on them. There is a huge amount of speculation in the media that Madeleine is dead, particularly with the obvious change in strategy of the investigation recently. At our meeting with the Portuguese police today we reaffirmed that we have to believe Madeleine is alive until there is concrete evidence to the contrary.
It is this belief that has driven everything we have done in relation to publicising Madeleines disappearance over the last 3 months.

PJ inspector devalues alleged defamation campaign against the parents - Lusa 
British press today emphasize an alleged campaign by PJ to slander the parents of Madeleine McCann
Several british tabloids remember the investigation into the “Joana case”, the girl that disappeared from Aldeia da Figueira, in Portimao, in September 2004, and whose mother (Leonor Cipriano) is in prison for her murder, insinuating that the Policia Judiciaria (PJ) is building a trap for Kate McCann to implicate her in her daughter’s death. The ‘Daily Mail’ refers to accusations of aggressions that Leonor Cipriano made against the PJ inspector Goncalo Amaral, the coordinator of the team that investigates the disappearance of Maddie. 
MCs will give an interview to the Portuguese media on Friday - Lusa (in Barlavento)
McCanns give interviews to British media - SOL 9.8.07
PJ close to reconstructing path of Maddie’s body - Jornal de Noticias 09-08-07
Interrogated separately. Investigation: Police makes examinations again - CdM
PJ interrogated the McCanns again yesterday and collected their depositions. The couple was heard separately: first her. The investigators want to confirm precisely at what time the child disappeared and, mainly, who was the last person to see Madeleine McCann alive, and at what time.
PJ insisted with Maddie’s parents yesterday about the mystery that surrounds the three hours on the day of the crime, between 6 and 9 p.m., that are situated between the last time the child was seen, and the moment when her absence was alerted to.
It is not known whether there were contradictions to the former inquisitions but, according to a source that is close to the investigations, the couple will be heard again within days.

CM knows that yesterday’s inquisition was not in the frame of normal contacts that are held on a weekly basis between the police and the girl’s family – even more so as these are held at the consulate, and always on Thursdays. Yesterday’s interrogation was held in PJ’s offices in Portimao.
A police source that was contacted by CM guarantees that there is no listening into the phone calls, and there is no register of suspicious email messages between the McCanns and their family in the UK. According to some news, those conversations between Maddie’s parents and members of their family would indicate the child was dead. “This is not true”, a source with the investigation tells CM.

Donc la police dément les fake news !
The possibility that Madeleine McCann was thrown into the sea was considered in the first days that followed her disappearance. The Navy searched the sea close to the cliffs in the area of Praia da Luz. That possibility was dismissed by authorities a long time ago.
If the english child drowned, the body would float, in a period of 8 days, and would be washed up the coast.
If she had been thrown into the sea already lifeless, the body would float and come to shore, or it would be pushed out to sea at a speed that could never surpass 1,5 miles per hour – according to a source with the Navy. It would hardly be missed by the intense surveillance scheme that was put in place on the days after the disappearance.
If a dead body is thrown into the sea with weights, it could be on the bottom during the entire decomposition process. This is a possibility that is still open. But a military source confided to CM, that “if the police had a strong conviction on the sea, it would have mobilized adequate means”. The Hydrographic Institute, for example, owns robots that can detetc a body that is tied to the sea bottom. Those means have not been dislocated to the Algarve.
L'article explique que ce n'est pas a charity.
'McCanns should go away' - The Sun 09.08.2007
PdL en a marre des MC et du cirque médiatique.
One of Gerry and Kate McCann’s holiday friends (Rachael) yesterday said Portuguese police may have leaked “untruths” over the kidnap of the missing four-year-old. Whether a journalist has had a bit of information and made the rest up, or the police are feeding some truth or untruths, I don’t know. I read a timetable of what was supposed to have happened on the night in one paper and the timings are totally wrong.
Gerry and Kate yesterday spent an hour at Portimao police station. Their spokesman said: “It’s very much part of the routine. Police want to keep them informed and updated.” 
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Volvo in Belgian Madeleine 'sighting' had fake plates, say police - Daily Mail 9.8.07
Ordeal by innuendo for parents who can only wait - Guardian 09-08-07
Yesterday  The MCs went to visit the local police. Yesterday's hour-long meeting was a routine briefing on developments in the case, the couple's spokesman said. But it seems certain it was also prompted by allegations of developments in the case that for the couple are far from welcome.
Comment le spin doctor  embobine avec de l'infox.
The discovery last weekend of a spot of blood in the apartment where they were staying when Madeleine disappeared has unleashed a storm of speculation and innuendo in the Portuguese media, much of it suggesting new theories about the toddler's disappearance and probable death.
There was more of it yesterday: the local Diario de Noticias reported that police had been intercepting phone calls and emails as part of the investigation. That claim, like many others, was attributed to unnamed and unverifiable figures in the Portuguese police.
Local officers have refused to confirm or deny the speculation which on Tuesday forced the McCanns to give a television interview insisting that they retained confidence in the inquiry.
The hunt for information by Mark Williams-Thomas - 09-08-07
For me, the secrecy law presents serious concerns about the Portuguese police's ability to undertake such a complex inquiry. It is this specific law that creates the problem, providing no opportunity to appeal for information from the public, to release a description of what Madeleine was wearing on the night she disappeared, and saying what time she disappeared, for example. In relation to the secrecy law I have sympathy for the Portuguese police, as this is what they have to work within - but it needs changing urgently.  
Madeleine Parents 'Should Leave Portugal' - Telegraph 09-08-07
A Mother's Agony by Sandra Parsons - Times 09-08-07
Did you know? Double standards - Times 09-08-07
The McCanns have cooperated with the police even when they have had the severest doubts about the efficiency of the Portuguese investigation. Yesterday the McCanns faced the accusations with their usual dignity. Leur courage semble presque surhumain et peut-être est-ce pour cela que certains sont tombés dans le piège de soupçonner leurs motivations.
The fact that no body has been found means that there is no closure. 
It is also apparent that Madeleine's parents, Gerry and Kate, want as much publicity as possible because they feel keeping Madeleine's image in the media is their best chance of getting their child back.
Whether the McCanns have begun to regret their strategy of using the media to generate maximum publicity in their quest for their daughter is impossible to say at this point. But one thing seems sure: the cynical way parts of the media have handled this tragic story leaves a deeply unpleasant taste.  
Kate McCann 'coping with guilt' - BBC 09-08-07
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No longer poking fun - The Scotsman 09-08-07 
the latest sombre news of bloodstains
Eddie, a specially trained English springer, has been taken to the apartment complex in Praia da Luz where the four year-old went missing in May this year.
The dog will help sniff out traces of minute blood. Confusion avec Keela, mais première mention alertes chiens ?
Truth, lies and the smearing of the McCanns - Irish Independent 09-08-07
McCann Friends 'Smeared' By Portuguese Police Leaks - Irish Independent
UK sniffer dogs join hunt for Madeleine - 09-08-07
A pair of elite police sniffer dogs attached to an English police force has been helping Portuguese police in their hunt for missing four-year-old Madeleine McCann, it has emerged.
The specially-trained English springer spaniels Eddie and Keela were reportedly flown to Praia da Luz in the Algarve last week to take part in the investigation.

Both sniffer dogs are attached to South Yorkshire Police and are trained to locate traces of blood to help officers in murder and missing person inquiries.
Eddie is a “victim recovery dog” who can detect blood and human remains, while Keela has been trained only to detect human blood and specifically very small samples.
It appears highly likely she was the dog brought in by British detectives last week which located tiny traces of blood in the McCanns’ apartment despite alleged attempts to wash them off. 
McCann's family holiday that turned into nightmare - Reuters 09-08-07
The security charade - The Spectator 09-08-07
Spain Papers Review - Thursday August 9 2007 - Typically Spanish 09-08-07
Reports Of Blood Found In Madeleine McCann Apartment - Life 09-08-07
Mystery of Missing Madeleine Deepens - IOL 09-08-07
Madeleine's Parents Questioned - IOL 09-08-07
The parents of four-year-old British girl Madeleine McCann, who went missing in Portugal nearly 100 days ago, have been questioned again by Portuguese police, media reported on Thursday.
The daily Diario de Noticias said police wanted to clarify contradictions in Gerry and Kate McCann's earlier statements about how they spent the hours preceding Madeleine's disappearance.
A family spokesperson, Clarence, however, said the McCanns only went to the police station in Portimao for a routine weekly meeting to be informed about the investigation.

Suspected blood traces found in Madeleine's room are being analysed in Britain.
Sniffer dogs were meanwhile trying to detect where Madeleine's body could have been taken from the McCanns' holiday apartment, if she died there, the daily Jornal de Noticias said 
Maddy parents' fury at murder suspects claim - The Standard (China) 09-08-07

- où l'on voit pointer les insinuations contre la PJ, accusée clairement d'accuser. Selon GMC, tout va bien dans le meilleur des mondes.
GMC's Blog : 
Day 98 - 09/08/2007 - Thursday

We did a series of pooled interviews for TV and the press. The focus was to discuss the launch of the YouTube channel Don’t you forget about me which we have devised in conjunction with Google and the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children. YouTube is used by tens of millions of people mainly in the 16-24 age group. We think this is an incredibly exciting innovation to raise awareness of missing children. The channel is launched at lunchtime today and will have other videos of missing children. Families and other agencies will be able to upload videos of children that will help to raise awareness of their disappearance.
The rest of the interviews focussed on the events of the last week. We again emphasised that we do not know of any evidence that Madeleine has been seriously harmed and everything we have done is in the belief it is likely to increase the chances of finding her. Unfortunately the media attention has been very intrusive and we have taken the children out of kids club due to the disruption caused. We hope this settles down and the kids can get back into their routine which has kept them very settled in the last 98 days. It is a shame that the media attention has also impacted on other holidaymakers which we certainly dont want.
We did manage to have a quiet dinner with our family and the kids.

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Just Vile Rumour. Daily Record
Viles tentatives de blâmer les MC. Blundering Police Chief Under the Microscope Daily Mirror
Sarcasmes sur Guilhermino Encarnaçao, surnommé Inspector Clueless. Il ne parle même pas anglais avec les britanniques, c'est tout dire. Mention de l'affaire Joana Cipriano.
- Le soutien médiatique s'intensifie. La PJ est soupçonnée et la population locale accusée de harceler les MC. Tout cela contraste avec l'affectation de ton détaché du blog de GMC.

GMC's Blog : 
Day 99 - 10/08/2007 - Friday
Today Kate and I did a series of TV interviews for Portuguese and foreign TV. It has always been very important to us that we speak to the Portuguese people directly since we are in their country and have received such tremendous support, particularly from the local community. We again talked about the YouTube channel Don’t You Forget Me which was launched yesterday. Naturally we were also asked about the events of this week, which has been incredibly difficult for us with wild speculation in the media. We have always been told that the police had an open mind about Madeleines abduction and that all scenarios were possible.
In the first few days after Madeleines disappearance it was so difficult for us not to imagine the worst case scenario: that she had been taken and murdered, particularly in light of the statistics on child abduction. However as the massive investigation and extensive search did not find any evidence of serious harm to Madeleine, we started to hope that she would be found alive. This belief has been encouraged by the police and reinforced by the experts at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children on my recent visit to Washington. There have been a number of children recovered, even after years of abduction, and whom the authorities had thought must be dead.
Everything we have done in the last 99 days in the campaign to help find Madeleine has been driven by fact that all our family and friends feel that there is a reasonable chance Madeleine is still alive. Kate and I, like all parents of missing children will always have that hope unless we see concrete evidence to the contrary. It is this hope that has sustained us along with the overwhelming support we have received from family, friends and well-wishers. As parents, we have always said we need to know what has happened to our daughter who has been such a massive part of our life. If the current police activity does uncover new evidence that Madeleine has been seriously harmed we should be the first to know.
We have always felt that the best chance of finding Madeleine is through the police investigation. We have done our best to get relevant information in to the enquiry, particularly from tourists who were in the Algarve around the time of her abduction. Oui, mais KMC a refusé de répondre aux 48 questions et ils se sont défilés quant à la reconstitution. C'est qu'alors tout avait changé, de victime ils étaient devenus suspects. The fact that Madeleine could have been moved out of Portugal easily in the first few hours has been the reason the campaign has had to have an international dimension. Madeleine aurait pu aussi rester captive en Algarve, la campagne des MC a complètement négligé cette hypothèse. Pourquoi ? One in six missing children in North America are found as a direct result of high awareness through distribution of posters and media exposure.
Tonight we attended the weekly vigil to pray for Madeleine and other missing children. These services have a calm serenity, which allow us to contemplate quietly. There was also a vigil in Rothley attended by family and friends. Tomorrow we will be marking the 100 day very quietly with a prayer service in Praia da Luz. Other family will be at the world pipe band championships in Glasgow and on the streets in Liverpool. A number of sporting events will also be marking the day.

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SH est historien et journaliste, politique UK Independence Party. 
Je suis frappé par le fait qu’Elvis Presley ou Lord Lucan ont plus de chances d’avoir assassiné Madeleine McCann que l’un ou l’autre de ses parents. La méchanceté qui entoure cette pauvre famille désemparée au cours des derniers jours est donc tout à fait inattendue. On a l'impression que la police portugaise, qui n'a jamais respecté ce travail particulier, se livre maintenant au genre de comportement pour lequel des forces de police incompétentes dans le monde (dont un ou deux dans ce pays, je le crains) sont célèbres: raconter aux victimes une chose et à la presse une autre. S'ils ont des raisons de croire que Madeleine est morte, ils devraient le dire carrément, même si (comme cela semble être la règle dans ce cas-ci), ils doivent faire appel à davantage d'expertise forensique de Scotland Yard pour le prouver. Ensuite, les McCann pourraient enfin être capables de passer à autre chose, émotionnellement et physiquement, et de reprendre leur vie dans ce pays. Mais même dans ce cas, le scandale de la violation de cette petite fille laissera une tache sur notre supposée civilisation qu'il sera toujours impossible pour une personne honnête d'admettre.
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- Les médias oscillent entre la défense inconditionnelle des MC et le blâme inconditionnel de la PJ qui ose ébruiter que MMC pourrait être morte.

GMC's Blog : 
Day 100 - 11/08/2007 -Saturday

Just another day but a significant milestone that we prayed we would never have to face without Madeleine. The prayer service here in Praia da Luz had a huge media presence, but in no way being intrusive, all aligned outside. The service itself was fantastically well attended with a huge turnout from the local community, which was very important to us.
The service was very comforting. There were contributions from Kate and myself, our family, the Anglican and Portuguese communities. Haynes, the Anglican minister, said a few poignant words about the events of this week, which were very touching. We said prayers for Madeleine and other children who are suffering. Everyone in the congregation lit candles, which were placed on the altar. The message from the service was that although 100 days have passed we have not given up hope of finding Madeleine.
In the afternoon we went to a local swimming pool and play area with the kids and their cousins. They had a great time swimming, playing with tennis balls and generally messing around. Needless to say they also managed an ice cream! It has been really good for the twins having other children here, especially since they have not been to the kids club for a few days.
We spoke to our family about the events in Glasgow and Liverpool. There was warm response at both venues and clearly many people are very happy to show support. Unfortunately we did not see any of the coverage on television. We did see highlights of the English premier league last night and note many of the clubs chose to wear Madeleine t-shirts and wristbands as well as playing the Don’t You Forget About Me video. There was also events at the rugby internationals and Ascot racecourse with 12 international jockeys wearing Madeleine t-shirts. The fact that so many people are prepared to show solidarity with us in our search for our daughter does help restore our faith in humanity.
There was a statement from the Portuguese police today regarding the recent activity in the investigation and media speculation. They confirmed that there are new leads and that we are not suspects in Madeleines disappearance.
Other tests are outstanding and Kate and I do hope that these take us forward in finding out who took Madeleine and where she is. Unfortunately we have to add patience to our other characteristics.

Sunday Express & Daily Star Sunday inside pages
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GMC's Blog : 
Day 101 - 12/08/2007 -Sunday

My brother and his family left early this morning. It was great having them here for a few days, particularly for the twins to be able to play with their ‘big’ cousins. They also were a great help to us especially during these very busy last few days.
We went to mass this morning, which was extremely busy with all the holidaymakers who are here. There was also a lot of media outside but the village is starting to return to normal again after the events of last week leading up to the 100 days since Madeleine disappeared.
A couple of other friends and their daughter have come out to stay with us this week, which really helps. We had a fairly quiet afternoon, spent with the kids who remain very happy. They speak about their big sister frequently and seem to want to look after cuddle cat as much as mummy!

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limbo = Incertitude
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GMC's Blog : 
Day 102 - 13/08/2007 -Monday

Praia da Luz is slowly returning to normal. The number of TV crews has reduced dramatically and we have been able to get back to more of our normal routine here. There is still a large media presence particularly of print journalists who are waiting, like everyone else, for the next development in the police investigation. We are still optimistic that there will be a breakthrough. In the meantime however, little has changed for Kate and I. We will not give up hope until Madeleine is found and we will not stop searching for her.
The campaign, as planned, will enter a quieter phase again. We have always envisaged that media attention focussed on Madeleine and us would quieten down and just occasionally we would try to remind people that Madeleine is still missing and that we are still looking. There cannot be many people who do not know these facts after the events of this last week. As well as the find Madeleine campaign we will be working closely with ICMEC and it is heartening to see so many visitors to the YouTube don’t you forget about me channel for missing children.
Kate and I would also like to thank the thousands of people who have sent us messages of support over the last few days. It really does help and we know that you will keep looking for Madeleine.

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Silvia Batista raconte que les baby sitters étaient gratuites.. 
GMC's Blog : 
Day 103 - 14/08/2007 -Tuesday
Relatively quiet day. This allowed me to catch up with e-mails, phone calls and some administration. No major news on any front. The weather has been unseasonably cool over the last 2-3 days. I have had a long sleeved top on for the first time in over 2 months and it is more pleasant overnight, making sleep easier.

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GMC's Blog : 
Day 104 - 15/08/2007 - Wednesday

It is the feast of the assumption today, which is a holiday in Portugal. This morning we attended mass, which was very busy and again many of the local community asked after Madeleine and said the word ‘force’, meaning strength.
This afternoon Kate and I did a combined interview for the Liverpool Post and the Leicester Mercury. We said a big thank you to their readers for all their support and good wishes.

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