Grâce à la liberté dans les communications, des groupes d’hommes de même nature pourront se réunir et fonder des communautés. Les nations seront dépassées.
Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

07 - SEP 01>15 - La Presse (9)

01>15 SEPTEMBRE 2007

Saturday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages
Polemics about analyses’ destiny - Correio da Manhã 

La presse britannique a annoncé hier que les résultats du labo FSS de Birmingham seraient transmis au LC et non à la PJ. Olegario Sousa proteste, c'est un membre de la PJ qui a apporté les prélèvements à Birmingham. 
Dogspa To Train Specialised Odour-Detecting Dogs - Portugal News
Renewed Plea For Madeleine’s Return - Portugal News 
L'article cite ce passage troublant du blog de GMC (28 août), écrit après l'incident filmé par les caméras de la chaîne espagnole Telecinco (GMC arrache son micro et sort quand le journaliste lui parle du sang trouvé par les chiens dans l'appartement)
Parfois les gens font des choses qu'ils ne peuvent même pas comprendre. Un acte de folie, un accident ou une impulsion soudaine peuvent mener à des conséquences que les gens pourraient n'avoir jamais imaginées ou voulues. Controntés avec une telle situation, nous croyons que tout âme humaine finira par souffrir des tourments et des sentiments de culpabilité et de peur. Si vous avez fait quelque chose que vous regrettez, si vous vous trouvez dans une situation que vous n'avez jamais souhaitée, il n'est pas trop tard pour faire la chose juste. 
Pour quelle raison l'hypothétique ravisseur lirait le blog de Gerald MC ? Qu'aurait-il à gagner ce faisant ? N'est-ce pas un conseil que GMC se donne à lui-même ?
McCanns' fury at Maddie slur - The Sun 
Affaire Tal e Qual dont du reste la PJ a démenti à l'origine.
Maddy's Parents Sue Paper - Daily Mirror
ITV pull kidnap promos - Daily Mirror
PARENTS: We're going home POLICE: Wait for DNA tests - Daily Express
It's very hard not to imagine Maddie in school uniform - Daily Star
McCanns launch libel action against Portuguese newspaper - Guardian
McCanns sue over drug overdose story - Telegraph
McCanns sue newspaper for defamation - Times
McCanns Sue Paper Over Claims Parents Killed Madeleine - Independent
Why McCanns Are Sueing Over 'Lurid' Claims - Sky
Madeleine's parents sue over paper's 'killing' claim - The Scotsman
Timeline -The disappearance of Madeleine McCann - Reuters

GMC's Blog : 
Day 121 - 01/09/2007 - Saturday
Today was a very quiet family day with just the four of us. Kate’s family left first thing this morning. We took Sean and Amelie to a local zoo that they really enjoyed. I managed to get the blog written early so it is off to bed for an early night.
In Rothley, our home village, there was a meeting this afternoon with the four churches all contributing prayers for Madeleine.
We would like to thank everyone who is praying for Madeleine and all those who have sent us messages of support- you do help to maintain our strength and focus.

Sunday Express & Daily Star Sunday inside pages
Exclusive: Kate McCann writes for News of the World: We need EU abuser list for Maddie - News of the World
Missing...But Not Forgotten - The People
Father is close to crack-up - Sunday Express
McCanns to vet ITV film about girl's abduction - Sunday Express
Maddie dad on brink - Daily Star Sunday 02-09-07
Madeleine: Top policeman inisists McCanns are 'victims not suspects' - Mail on Sunday
‘Isolated’ McCanns returning to Britain - Sunday Times
Sister's hunt for killers - Sunderland Echo
MMC Father Stressed, Near Breakdown From Hate Campaign - National Ledger

GMC's Blog : 
Day 122 - 02/09/2007 - Sunday
Another relatively quiet family day. My mum and sister arrived this morning after we had been to church. This afternoon we took the kids to a friend’s house with a pool. Kate and I went for a short run and then we all had a swim and a couple of treats brought all the way from Glasgow!
Several people have been asking about whether they should still be putting up posters of Madeleine since I have said the campaign will be having a lower media profile - especially of Kate and I. The advice of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is that high visibility of the missing child through posters, car stickers etc increases the chances of finding that child. Kate and I therefore would encourage you to continue taking posters on holiday and ask permission to have them displayed in supermarkets, post offices and shops.

Monday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages
Maddie Words of Comfort - The Sun
Maddy Mum Tells Of Agony - Daily Mirror
Madeleine: Mum's Secret Prayer - Daily Express
Police: Parents are Victims Not Suspects - Daily Express
Pals Fear Maddie Dad Cracking Up - Daily Star
After four months Madeleine's mother says 'My world has fallen apart' - Daily Mail
Madeleine: Twins insist plate of food laid for their missing sister at mealtimes - Daily Mail
McCanns call for Europe sex offender register - Telegraph
McCanns: 'After Four Months, Is This The Day?' - Sky
Parents' plea as villagers pray for Madeleine - Leicester Mercury
McCanns: We'll never quit - Daily Record
Maddie parents in poster appeal - Evening Times (Scotland)

GMC's Blog : 
Day 123 - 03/09/2007 - Monday

After dropping the twins off Kate and I popped into church for 10 minutes to pray for Madeleine. Spent most of the day going through mail, e-mails and I had a number of calls to make. It was good to spend some time with my family and Sean and Amelie certainly enjoyed their auntie’s dinner- sometimes it is hard to beat mince and ‘tatties’!

Tuesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages
McCanns sue Portuguese newspaper - Algarve Resident
Maddie Twins Leave Meals for Sis - The Sun
Madeleine: New Slurs Piled on Parents - Daily Express
Twins still set a place for Madeleine at dinner table - Daily Express
Shrink Blast at Maddie Parents - Daily Star
Madeleine's parents: We WERE wrong to believe she was safe alone - Daily Mail
McCann twins leave out food for Madeleine - Telegraph
Madeleine: one fact, many lies, endless grief - Times
Madeleine's Parents Hit Back At Claims - Sky
Kate McCann: Please Keep Campaign Going - Sky
Madeleine's parents: Our daily prayer - Leicester Mercury
Paris Match: Exclusive interview with the McCanns - Paris Match 0

GMC's Blog : 
Day 124 - 04/09/2007 - Tuesday

Kate and I did our first interview for a French Publication today. Any interviews we do now, of which we only accept a small percentage of bids, focus on the issues that we have faced since Madeleine’s abduction. The French have recently adopted a child alert system with some early success stories. Seulement des succès. With increasing travel and movement of workers in the European Union, it is also important we standardise the way serious crimes are tackled.
This evening we were invited to a friend’s house with the children for dinner. The twins had a good time with the other kids in the paddling pool and especially enjoyed the banana splits with extra child friendly toppings!
Wednesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages
McCanns can expect warm welcome in the UK - Algarve Resident
Maddie's Parents 'United' in Love - The Sun
Maddie parents kept in dark - Sun
McCanns Not Told of Breakthrough - Daily Express
We blundered - Daily Express
Home - even without Madeleine - will be a comfort, say McCanns - Daily Mail
Madeleine police handed forensic evidence - Telegraph
News in Brief: Madeleine ‘theft’ - Times
McCanns Deny Marriage Rift Speculation - Sky
Madeleine: Forensic Results Returned - Sky 05-09-07
Video - McCann Search: New Development - Channel 4
McCanns scotch marriage woe rumours - Metro 

Mr McCann told The Times: "I was pretty anxious about it, but it's now a comfort.
McCanns not told of breakthrough - Metro
Charity theft is denied - Leicester Mercury
Bail for Madeleine McCann theft accused - Liverpool Echo
School should be a big adventure - Darlington & Stockton Times
McCann's deny strain in their marriage - Irish Independent
Police failed to tell McCanns of possible breakthrough - Evening Echo (Eire)
Madeleine's parents left in the dark over 'DNA breakthrough' - 24dash
MMC Missing 124 Days: When Will The McCanns Have Peace? - Post Chronicle

GMC's Blog : 
Day 125 - 05/09/2007 - Wednesday

We were surprised to find increased media presence in Praia da Luz again today.
Vraiment surpris ?
We were followed down to church, then to the shops and back to our accommodation which is very unusual, apart from the build up to the 100 days. All the excitement seems to be over the results of the recent forensic tests that again have created a huge amount of speculation. There has been no official confirmation that the report has been received, or what the tests suggest if anything!
Kate and I went for a run along the coast at lunchtime. It was pretty windy but still warm enough. Later in the afternoon we went to visit a friend of Kate’s who is on holiday in a nearby village with her family. They brought lots of cards from well-wishers at home and we talked a lot about the search for Madeleine. The twins had a great time splashing around in a little inflatable paddle pool, singing songs and being doted on by the older kids.

Thursday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages
Cadaver odor on Kate’s clothes - Correio da Manhã
British dogs "reacted to Kate’s clothes" - Algarve Resident
PJ wait for forensics - Algarve Resident
PJ dismiss TV claim that test results are in - Algarve Resident
Missing Joana in book - Algarve Resident
Another Twist Of The Knife - The People
Cops keep maddie DNA result secret - The Sun
Police quiz McCanns again - The Sun
Madeleline: DNA is found - Daily Mirror
Police Quiz Madeleine's Mother - Daily Mirror
Yet again, the parents are the last to know - Daily Express
Madeleine: Arrest is Now 'Close' - Daily Express
Madeleine: Parents 'Fear' They Are Suspects - Daily Express
Maddie Cops: New Arrests Within Days - Daily Star
Madeleine police interview parents again -
Madeleine blood tests 'significant' - Telegraph
Madeleine McCann's mother fears rumours - Telegraph
Madeleine police gain new information - Times
Madeleine's mother re-interviewed by police - Times Online
Police to interview Madeleine's mother again - Independent
['In the dark'] 'Fears' over additives writ large - BBC
McCanns Being Quizzed Separately - Sky
Madeleine Parents To Meet Police - Sky
Sky Reporter And The Scramble For Pictures - Sky
Video - Police Re-interview Madeleine's Mother - Channel 4
McCanns May Ask To Be Considered Suspects - ITN News
Maddy's mum in new police interview - Metro
McCanns 'fear being named suspects' - Metro
Madeleine's parents await breakthrough - Leicester Mercury
Madeleine's parents to be interviewed again by police - Leicester Mercury
Kidney patient in funding drive - Leicester Mercury
New Madeleine McCann breakthrough - Liverpool Echo
Madeleine McCann: Police to re-interview parents - Liverpool Echo
Madeleine McCann: Mum makes plea to killer - Liverpool Daily Post
Maddy Parents To Be Interviewed By Police Separately - The Scotsman
Tell Us if it Is Maddie's Blood - Daily Record
Madeleine parents hit out at lack of news - Herald Scotland
Madeleine: Lab Tests Continue On Blood From Flat - Herald Scotland
Maddie cops quiz her mum and dad again - Evening Times (Scotland)
Maddie's parents wait for results - Aberdeen Evening Express
New Arrests Expected In Madeleine Case - Belfast Telegraph
New arrests expected in Madeleine McCann case - Irish Independent
McCann parents to be re-interviewed by Portuguese police - Irish Independent
McCanns sue Portuguese paper - Euro Weekly News
Madeleine’s parents get separate police interviews - Euronews
Portuguese police to re-interview Madeleine's parents - CBC
Lab tests agree with Madeleine suspicion - IOL
Madeleine's Mother to be Interviewed Alone - Christian Today
McCanns to meet Portuguese police in Madeleine case - 

GMC's Blog : 
Day 126 - 06/09/2007 - Thursday

Everyone will know that Kate attended for interview as a witness with the Portuguese police today. Pas comme "témoin", encore comme "victime". This is only the second time Kate has been interviewed and although it was a long day, going on past midnight, this was shorter than my second interview which lasted 13 hours! The suggestion that Kate is involved in Madeleine's disappearance is ludicrous. Anyone who knows anything about the 3rd May knows that Kate is completely innocent. Argument absurde. Et à quoi s'oppose "complètement innocent" ? À un peu, beaucoup, moyennement... innocent ? We will fight this all the way and we will not stop looking for Madeleine.

Portuguese police call parents suspects in missing..CNN
Portuguese Police Focus on Madeleine's Parents - Christian Today 
Kate McCann Named a Suspect. ABC News
['They're trying to frame me'] What the papers say
Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages
We Fear We're Suspects, We're being Stichted Up 
Father and mother ‘squeezed’ by the Judiciaria - Jornal de Noticias
“KATE McCann Explains Death Scent Was Due To Her Profession” - Correio da Manhã
Kate fears being a suspect - Correio da Manhã
Kate and Gerry to be re-interviewed separately - Algarve Resident
British consul arrives at PJ headquarters - Algarve Resident
Kate McCann declared a formal suspect - Algarve Resident
Editorial: Kate’s agony - The Sun
Find Maddie - The Story So Far - The Sun
Dad's Police Plea - The Sun
The Many Maddie Theories - The Sun
Gerry quizzed at police station - The Sun
Exclusive: Cops tell Kate: You and Gerry are both suspects - The Sun
How The Drama Unfolded - The Sun
Spotlight moves off Murat - The Sun
'Blood' found in McCanns car - The Sun
Gerry: My Kate is innocent - The Sun
Kate 'could be charged' - The Sun
Friends and family anger - The Sun
Maddie Mum quizzed for 11HRS - The Sun
The McCanns: devoted parents - The Sun
Missing Madeleine: The Key Moments -
Madeleine police claim 'blood found' in parents' hire car - Daily Mirror
Claims Kate McCann Accidentally Killed Madeleine 'Rubbish Say Family - Daily Mirror
Mum: Now we fear we are suspects - Daily Express
We're being stitched up - Daily Star
My wife is innocent, says Gerry McCann - Daily Mail
Timeline: Key events in the search for missing Madeleine McCann - Daily Mail
Madeleine: The theories surrounding her disappearance - Daily Mail
Madeleine: The high profile figures who joined the campaign - Daily Mail
Just what did the Portuguese police find out from forensic tests? - Daily Mail
Madeleine: 'Now they are trying to frame me' says mother quizzed by police - Daily Mail
Madeleine mother questioned for 11 hours - Guardian
Portuguese police question McCanns - Guardian
Standard Slides Despite Bulks - Guardian
Kate McCann 'fears Madeleine killing charge over blood traces in car' -
'To implicate them is ridiculous' -
Kate McCann's journey from tragic figure to suspect -
Audio: Giles Tremlett on Madeleine McCann -
Kate McCann grilled - 07-09-07
Kate McCann becomes Madeleine 'suspect' - Telegraph
Kate McCann accused of killing Madeleine - Telegraph
Madeleine McCann's mother 'fears charge' - Telegraph
Madeleine McCann's mother 'fears death charge' - Telegraph
Shocked response from friends and family - Telegraph
Villagers back Madeleine McCann's parents -= Telegraph
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Kate McCann drained by a mother's nightmare - Telegraph
Kate McCann: The claims and case for defence - Telegraph
Kate McCann to become Madeleine 'suspect' - Telegraph
This new and peculiar pornography of grief - Times
Madeleine’s parents ‘fear they could be suspects’ after police interviews - Times
Q&A: what is an arguido, or suspect, in Portugal? - Times Online
McCann family and friends vent their fury - Times Online
Madeleine's mother 'still just a witness' after 11-hour interview - Independent
Madeleine's mother 'fears she will be charged' - Independent
Madeleine Mother In 11-Hour Quiz - BBC
Madeleine Mother Named As Suspect - BBC
Family's Shock Over Suspect Move - BBC
McCann Relatives Shocked By Move - BBC
['They're trying to frame me'] What the papers say - BBC
Kate McCann Quizzed For 11 Hours - Sky
Madeleine: Separating Fact From Gossip Sky
A Long, Agonising Night For The McCanns - Sky
McCanns Fear Being Named Suspects - Sky
Kate McCann Faces More Questioning - Sky
Madeleine Mum 'Offered Deal To Confess' - Sky
Madeleine: Mum 'May Be Charged' - Sky
Madeleine's Parents Release Statement - Sky
Kate McCann to be named suspect - Channel 4
Video - Police: 'Traces Of Maddy Blood In Car' - Channel 4
Claims Against Kate 'Ludicrous' - Channel 4
Kate 'offered a deal to admit guilt' - ITN
Claims of a deal - what Gerry's sister said - ITN
Kate McCann not charged over missing Maddy - Metro
Why is Kate McCann now a 'suspect'? - Metro
Police offer a deal with Madeleine's mum, demanding she confess London Evening Standard
'Now they are trying to frame me' says mother quizzed by police - London Evening Standard
These Police Belong In The Dock, Not The McCanns - London Evening Standard
Readers moved by Madeleine's parents' prayers - Leicester Mercury
Kate 'will be named a suspect' - Leicester Mercury
Breaking news: Kate 'is fearing charge' - Leicester Mercury
Breaking news: Kate released without charge - Leicester Mercury
Kate McCann to be named as suspect - Liverpool Echo
Madeleine: Kate McCann accused of killing daughter - Liverpool Echo
Madeleine McCann's mother: I fear I will be charged - Liverpool Echo
The nightmare they didn't think could get any worse - Yorkshire Post
KMC could be charged after asked if she accidentally killed her daughter - Yorkshire Post
McCanns 'fear police will call them suspects' - Yorkshire Post
Now Madeleine's dad faces police quiz - Yorkshire Post
Detective in charge faces claims of assaulting female suspect - Yorkshire Post
Madeleine's Parents 'Fear They Are Soon To Be Named As Suspects - The Scotsman
Madeleine's Mum Fears Charges After Police Quiz - The Scotsman
McCanns Put On United Front - Herald Scotland
Maddie's mum 'could be charged' - Evening Times (Scotland)
Mother to be named suspect in Madeleine disappearance - Belfast Telegraph
Madeleine's Mum 'May Be Charged' - Belfast Telegraph
Mother to be named suspect in Madeleine disappearance - Irish Independent
Mother named as suspect in Madeleine disappearance - Irish Independent
Police accuse Madeleine's mother of killing her daughter - Irish Examiner
Friends 'appalled' at Kate McCann news - Evening Echo
Friends 'Appalled' At Kate McCann News -
Sympathy For The McCanns - Manx Independent
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The CNN Wire: Friday, Sep 7 - CNN
Transcript of CNN Larry King Live about 'the Disappearance of Madeleine McCan' with Philomena McCann, Jon Corner, Ed Smart and other guests - CNN
Police quiz missing girl's mother - CNN
Portuguese police call parents suspects in missing British girl case - CNN
Kate McCann Named a Suspect - ABC
Missing British girl parents to be named as suspects, family friends say - NY Daily News
Kate McCann, Mother Of Madeleine McCann, Officially A Suspect - Post Chronicle
UPDATE: Mom Is a Suspect in Madeleine McCann's Disappearance - People Magazine (US)
Missing Girl's Parents Named As Suspects - CTV
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Madeleine's mom a suspect - police - IOL
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Was Maddie's death an accident? - News 24
Police in marathon interrogation of Maddie's mum - ninemsn
Maddie's mum 'fears she is being framed' - ninemsn
Madeleine McCann disappearance: parents now suspects - Perth Now
Missing Girl's Mother Interviewed By Police - China Post

Saturday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages
PJ bet on a pressure strategy on the McCanns - SOL
McCann Couple Suspected of Madeleine’s Death - Diário de Notícias
Parents refuse to talk about residues in car - Jornal de Noticias
Suspected of killing and hiding Maddie. Blood traces in car are decisive - Correio da Manhã
A case filled with mysteries - Expresso
Police Quiz McCanns - Portugal News
Kate Mcann not charged - Algarve Resident
Editorial: Beyond belief - The Sun
Months of McCann Torment - The Sun
How much more can Kate take? by Jane Moore - The Sun
McCanns Supported At Home - The Sun
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Now Gerry is also a suspect - The Sun
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Catch-22 quiz mother faced - The Sun
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Sunday Express & Daily Star Sunday inside pages
[Article about Eddie, no title] - Publico
PJ awaits new analyses in order to detain McCann couple - Diario de Noticias
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Voice of the Sunday Mirror: McCanns deserve a lot better - Sunday Mirror
Kate tells of nightmare - Sunday Mirror 

Kate briefs against the PJ,  talking about a murder (for some reason) & the paedos (of course) , & her friends claim she was present at several deaths, wearing jeans.  
Coming Home With Twins, by Lori Campbell - Sunday Mirror
Gerry: I am determined to fight on - Sunday Mirror
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Monday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages
PJ believes clues justify preventive custody - Diario de Noticias 
Arguidos and return by Paulo Pereira Cristovao, ex-inspector at PJ - Diario de Noticias
PJ only found out the day before and was not informed by McCanns - Jornal de Noticias
PJ believes Kate killed her daughter - Correio da Manhã
Review of evidence in Madeleine case starts today - Algarve Resident
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GMC's Blog : 
Day 130 - 10/09/2007 - Monday
The last few days have been incredibly busy and of course, unbelievably stressful and emotionally draining.
On Friday Kate and I were made ‘arguido’- official suspects in Madeleine's disappearance. We cannot comment on any details of the investigation, interviews or any evidence that has been presented to us. We could never possibly have imagined being put in this unbearable situation. No specific charges have been presented at this point and there has been no restriction on our movements imposed.
Despite the anguish and extreme distress this has caused all of our family, long term no one will be able to doubt how intensely Kate and I have been scrutinised.
Kate a refusé de répondre aux 48 questions de la PJ. Selon Rogério Alves, il est inhabituel que la PJ pose et expose les questions en détail si l'arguido a déclaré d'emblée qu'il ne répondrait pas.
We have absolute confidence that, when all of the facts are presented together, we will be able to demonstrate that we played absolutely no part in Madeleines abduction. Our primary concern has always been the search for Madeleine and this aspect, that our daughter is still missing, must remain a priority for the investigation.
Ils ont eu cette opportunité, il suffisait qu'ils participent à la reconstitution des faits. Pourquoi ne l'ont-ils pas saisie ?
On Saturday we asked the Portuguese police if they had any objection to us coming back to the UK. We had assured them that we will continue to cooperate fully with the investigation and of course will return as requested and for our own emotional reasons. We decided to fly back on Sunday as we had originally planned
Un peu plus tôt que prévu.
and all of our family spent the rest of the evening helping us to pack.
On Sunday we left for the airport at 7am with huge media attention. Camera crews followed us all the way to the airport, and the whole experience, like much of the last four months was incredibly surreal.
Les fuyants, vrais ou faux, attirent toujours des pourchasseurs à leurs trousses.
The flight itself went quickly with Sean and Amelie constantly active and excited about returning to Leicestershire. We always hoped that we would not have to return without Madeleine and could never have imagined the possibility that we would do so as suspects in our own daughters disappearance. The pain and turmoil we have experienced in this last week is totally beyond description. Kate and I are totally 100% confident in each other's innocence and our family and friends have rallied round unflinchingly to support us. We would like to thank everyone else for the support we have received since we came home.
We have had very mixed emotions since coming back to our own home. It is very comforting to have such familiar surroundings and our own belongings and the twins have settled straight back in as if they have never been away. We have had numerous visitors with friends and those in official capacities.
We have appointed solicitors to advise us and assist our Portuguese lawyer in preparing our defence against any possible charges.
Quel avocat portugais ? Carlos de Abreu dont on n'entendit plus jamais parler ? Ou, venu à la rescousse, Rogério Alves ?
The sooner this is done the sooner we can concentrate fully on trying to find Madeleine, which is the most important thing through this unending nightmare. 

Tuesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages -
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Helena Figueiras reporting live from Praia da Luz, Algarve. RTP1 Jornal da Tarde, Sept. 12 2007

Thursday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages 
There is a "good dialogue" between the UK and Portugal - Portuguese ambassador - LUSA
English lab delays analyses of residues from apartment - Jornal de Noticias
PJ traces profile of Kate from her diary - Diario de Noticias
Murat opens his doors to the police - Diario de Noticias
Kate calls her children hysterical in the diary. PJ wants to add it to process - C. da Manhã
McCann family wants to request new analyses on the vehicle - RTP online

Like a force that nobody can stop - Visão
The McCanns leave the Algarve – but what now? - Algarve Resident
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Cops think Kate killed Maddie - The Sun faux
Home Secretary: Maddy Search Must Go On - Daily Mirror
Police want McCanns' diary and laptop - Daily Mirror
Mum: No Doubt On My Kate - Daily Mirror
'I'll sell up home for my Gerry' - Daily Mirror
Maddy fund will not pay lawyers - Daily Mirror

Expert tells of DNA flaw - Daily Mirror Sir Alec Jeffreys, l'architecte de l'empreinte génétique, met en garde contre les conclusions de tests ADN lorsque plusieurs membres d'une famille se sont trouvés au même endroit. Ils ne peuvent être sûrs à 100% car il n'y a pas de caractère génétique présent dans l'ADN de MMC qui ne soit pas trouvé au moins chez un autre membre de sa famille. Il peut donc être difficile de déterminer si MMC a été dans une voiture où ont été d'autres membres de sa famille.
Hope Keeps McCanns Going - Daily Mirror
Redwood ditches Maddy net slur - Daily Mirror
Dans son blog, le MP Tory John Redwood ("Vulcan") remarque, au grand dam du clan MC et d'autres MP, que les MC s'occupent plus de spinner pour les médias que de retrouver leur fille : Les MC devraient peut-être recruter un détective privé plutôt qu'un spin doctor, afin de découvrir des éléments probants de l'enlèvement dont ils sont sûrs et une piste vers  MMC. Mais JR se demande si les MC sont capables d'étayer leur certitude d'enlèvement : La théorie des MC selon laquelle leur fille a été enlevée exige des éléments corroborants. La petite-fille a-t-elle été emmenée sans cris ni remue-ménage ? Pourquoi personne ne l'a vue depuis, malgré une campagne de sensibilisation massive ? La vérité demeure une victime. JR, qui essayait de donner de bons conseils, a donc retiré le texte considéré comme offensant.

Leaser: A missing child, traces of blood and two grieving parents. . . - Daily Express
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Friday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages
Police admits that the cadaver may not exist anymore - Diario de Noticias
PJ investigates existence of accomplices - Correio da Manha
Decision expected within 10 days in Madeleine case - Algarve Resident
Le procureur général,
Fernando Jose Pinto Monteiro, fait confiance à la PJ et au Procureur.
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Saturday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages
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A child at the heart of this story and law must be maintained' - Irish Independent
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