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Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

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Authorities analyze clues - PJ does not suspect the parents -CdManha
La PJ aurait abandonné l'hypothèse de l'errance, compte tenu de l'absence de corps, et presque entièrement celle de l'accident domestique, compte tenu de la difficulté de se débarrasser d'un corps, au profit de la séquestration. Pas encore de décision du MP de reconstitution.
Man's body found at marina - Algarve Resident
Maddie Mum Back for First Time - The Sun
Maddy's Mum is in Britain - Daily Mirror
Prime suspect revealed no sympathy for her parents - Daily Express
Madeleine: The search is now at 'the critical stage' - Daily Express
Madeleine suspect: 'I have no sympathy for parents' - Daily Mail
KMC returns to Britain for first time since abduction - Daily Mail
Kate McCann returns home for christening - Telegraph
News in Brief: McCanns Visit UK - Times
Rowling In Madeleine Poster Plea - BBC
Harry Potter Fans Reminded Of Madeleine - Sky
Awareness of hunt is taking off - Leicester Mercury
Madeleine's parents attend Yorkshire baptism - Yorkshire Post
Madeleine's parents return to Portugal - Manchester Evening News
Maddie Parents Back In Portugal - The Scotsman

GMC's Blog  :     
Day 74 - 16/07/2007 - Monday

The campaign to find Madeleine received a a massive boost today from JK Rowling. The author of the massive selling Harry Potter books has asked all retailers to display a specially designed poster of Madeleine when the sixth and final book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows goes on sale on Saturday 21st July. Ms Rowling, who lived in Portugal for several years, has offered amazing support in the search for Madeleine. As well as offering a large reward for Madeleines safe return she has also added information on Madeleines abduction on her own site with a link back to our homepage. Try and find the information at, I will give you a clue that it is under links! A huge thank you to JK Rowling and her publishers Bloomsbury for their support.
The new poster of Madeleine has been designed in conjunction with the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC) and this is one of the things we have been working on in the last couple of weeks. ICMEC promote awareness of missing children globally and aim to prevent child sexual exploitation and abduction. The poster features 3 pictures of Madeleine with the advice to contact the local police if you see her. ICMEC, their logo and both theirs and our websites are also on the poster. The distribution of this poster will enhance the awareness of Madeleines disappearance, which we are advised increases the chances of finding her, and the plight of other missing children.
With the announcement of the poster Kate and I also did a short interview for the press. A lot of photographs were taken of us with the poster so I suspect some of these will make it in to the newspapers in the next few days.

17 : 11 Titres
Harry Potter book launch to back MMC campaign - Algarve Resident
Harry Joins the Maddie Search - The Sun
Harry Potter book launch helps search for Madeleine - Daily Express
Madeleine: Mum's New Hope - Daily Express
Des posters de MMC seront ewhibés près des caisses où afflueront les acheteurs du dernier Harry Potter.  
Harry Potter joins hunt for Maddie - Daily Star
Harry Potter used in worldwide appeal to help find  - Daily Mail
Harry Potter army join hunt for Madeleine - Telegraph
[Novel approach] Cold War coverage makes comeback - BBC
Madeleine Parents In Warning Over Paedophiles - Sky
Potter book to aid Madeleine search - ITN
Harry Potter joins Madeleine search - Metro
Rowling Enlists Help Of Harry Potter  - The Scotsman 


Finding it very difficult to talk to people from home, unless they are directly involved. It is difficult to show an interest in other people's lives and children at the moment. I know it sounds horrible, selfish and egocentric, but at the moment I can only think about Madeleine. I don't want to hear about anyone having babies or getting pregnant (mainly because it was all so very difficult for us). I'm worried about turning into a bitter, angry woman, that would be horrible. Please God bring Madeleine back and let this nightmare end.
Please don't let our lives be destroyed by this. Please don't let them hurt Madeleine.
Earlier today I found Amelie in our room looking at photos of Madeleine and she said: "I miss my sister. Where's my sister?"
I couldn't believe it. I didn't realise Amelie's vocabulary and use of words was so good. I just said: "I miss her too. We'll find her soon." What a little sweetheart!
She then turned her attention to something else.
We took turns jumping into the water with the kids, which was great fun. After a DVD and a story it was the twins' bedtime which didn't take too long tonight. Madeleine, we are all with you darling.
Keep strong, be patient, we'll keep on going till we find you. I love you so much. We hope and pray we'll see you soon.
Goodnight, my darling. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
GMC's Blog  :     
Day 75 - 17/07/2007 - Tuesday

Madeleine has been missing for 75 days today and last night Kate and I attended mass to pray for her. On the back of the latest poster launch with Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, the extensive media coverage and the millions of people who are desperate to find Madeleine, we are still very hopeful that Madeleine will be safely returned. As parents, Kate and I cannot contemplate giving up the search for our daughter.
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C'est l'alibi de RM qui est en question.
Potter launch is no place for madeleine - Daily Mirror
La journaliste loue la détermination des MC à se présenter non pas comme des victimes mais comme des combattants, mais se demande si les photos de leur fille au milieu d'une pile de livres de HP sont vraiment au bon endroit pour transmettre leur message, malgré le succès phénoménal de HP, et craint que la campagne ne se transforme en croisade évangélique, idée désastreuse bien qu'elle réjouisse beaucoup les MC : à associer le monde fictif de Harry Potter au déchirement de la réalité, à rapprocher une petite fille arrachée brutalement aux siens à l'emprise de forces obscures et invisibles, on crée une juxtaposition potentiellement dangereuse.
Maddy Alibi Quiz for Murat - Daily Mirror
We saw top suspect at Madeleine kidnap flat - Daily Express
More witnesses claim they 'saw prime suspect near  flat' - Daily Mail
Call me crazy . .but have UK cop shows gone too far? - The Guardian
Record 4,000 hope bands sold in village - Leicester Mercury
If only JK could magically make Maddy appear - Hexham Courant
A whopping 4,000 bands of hope for MMC  - NowPublic
KMC Diary : 
It was suggested that Madeleine is dead and buried in an area close to the beach, behind the cliff.
What can I say? I feel my body's on the verge of collapse. How much pain and emotion can one body take? I had a bad afternoon. I was very worried, desperate, extremely on edge. I don't think I can take any more of this, I really can't. How much longer will this suffering go on? I need Madeleine ALIVE.
GMC's Blog  :   
Day 76 - 18/07/2007 - Wednesday

Pretty busy day. Started off with a few phone calls and answering e-mails. We had a longer meeting than usual with the Portuguese police because I had gone back to London last week . We have a good relationship with them and, as well as the British officers who are in Portugal, we can feed any information sent to us back in to the enquiry through an English Speaking detective.
The investigation, as everyone has seen recently, is still very active. There is also a lot of labour intensive detective work going on behind the scenes. Kate and I hope and pray every day for a breakthrough and cannot consider going home without her.

19 : 13 Titres dont 1 PT
MCs meet with PJ again - Suspect may be heard again soon - CdM
Luggage labels - Algarve Resident
Portuguese lessons - Algarve Resident
Police to interview Robert Murat again - Algarve Res.
Madeleine: Suspect to be quizzed again - Daily Express
We'll stay until we find Maddie - Daily Star
MCs are not coming home until we find our daughter' - Daily Mail
Murat Quiz Delay After New Evidence - Sky
[MWT] Madeleine Probe: Where Now? - Sky
Bands inspire generosity - Leicester Mercury
Socrates /Brown support new European treaty - Euro Weekly News
New Evidence To Delay Robert Murat Interview - National Ledger
Search Assisted Again By JK Rowling, Harry Potter - Post Chronicle

GMC's Blog  :
Day 77 - 19/07/2007 - Thursday

I was glad to see the messages of support page updated today after a few days with some technical hitches. Kate and I spent some time reading through them and your messages do help us, especially on days when we are feeling particularly low. Our search for Madeleine is nothing without public support and we would like to give our thanks to everyone who has helped us in any way over the last 77 days. The kids are really enjoying spending time with their granny who they have not seen for two months. They particularly enjoyed her mashed potatoes tonight which brought a big smile to my mums face. The last couple of days we have spent an hour or two by a nearby pool and their confidence in the water has really improved.

20 : 11 Titres dont 1 PT  
Murat heard by PJ again - New developments foreseen - CdM
MCs meet police chief to hear new evidence - Daily Express
Madeleine: Police reveal new clues - Daily Express
Les MC ont eu une très longue réunion avec Encarnaçao pour parler de l'enquête, dont on ne sait rien en raison du secret de justice, mais à propos de laquelle GMC, sur son blog, déclare que  l'action est intense et les projecteurs braqués à nouveau sur RM.  
Mum left girls aged just 2 and 4 for 16 hours - Daily Express
MCs told of 'new clues' in hunt for missing daughter - Daily Mail
Madeleine Supporters Bring Strength To Family - Sky
Maddy ribbons to be removed - Leicester Mercury
Madeleine's parents visit Skipton - Craven Herald

GMC's Blog  :  
Day 78 - 20/07/2007 - Friday
Kate and I spent a few hours with our campaign manager discussing longer term strategies to maintain Madeleines profile, in case she is not found soon. We had a long conference call with two organisations that are keen to help us with the campaign but there is still quite a bit of work to be done before this venture can be announced.
We also managed an early morning run together, thanks to my mum supervising the kids breakfast. We made it to the top of the cliffs overlooking Praia da Luz in 16 minutes although we did have to walk at the steepest part. I had my first visit to a nearby beach for a while with the kids late on this afternoon whilst Kate took the opportunity to get through lots of e-mails. The twins took great delight in burying me in the sand, building (well mainly knocking down) sandcastles and trying to jump out of the waves, which were tiny although the water was certainly colder than I was expecting.

21 : 7 Titres
L'impact de la disparition de Madeleine a été bien plus important que l'ampleur de la chasse pour la retrouver. Partout dans le monde, des veillées ont eu lieu en son nom. Des gens de toutes confessions ont prié pour elle. Des millions de personnes sans autre lien avec Madeleine ou ses parents parcourent chaque jour avec anxiété les nouvelles pour trouver un signe d'espoir. 'I Saw the Kidnapper Take Her' - Daily Express
Clue to Maddie - Daily Star
Cricketers holding a twin hope - Leicester Mercury

KMC Diary : 
I continue to feel very low. I miss Madeleine so much. It's as if a ray of light has disappeared from my life. There's no doubt that Madeleine is that ray and I miss her more than words can say.
We just wrote our blogs/diaries. Once again those dark thoughts returned, linked with feelings of anxiety, fear and worry. How much longer will we have to cope with this pain?
My poor, poor Madeleine. Why, Lord? My heart aches with so much love for you, Madeleine. I just hate being without you.
If I could go back in time, I would. I have clear recollections of that night. You were so tired. After your baths, you sat on my knee and put my wedding ring on your finger. We (me, you, Sean and Amelie) read "Mog" in the living area and then "if you're happy and you know it". We all sat down on your bed. Then you counted the squares on the last page. You were always counting things on pages...always laying your head on your pillow at the same time every night. Madeleine you make me so happy. I just want you home. I love you so much. XXXXXXX

GMC's Blog  :  
Day 79 - 21/07/2007 - Saturday

Relatively quiet day on the campaign front. Spent the day with the kids and visited the Algarve Zoo Marine which they really enjoyed, particularly the dolphins.

22 : 9 Titres  
La mission de Gerald consiste apprendre des agences spécialisées comment celles-ci contribuent à prévenir l'enlèvement d'enfants et les abus exercés sur eux, et à examiner la législation qui a renforcé les lois EU contre les prédateurs sexuels. GMC a déclaré vouloir mieux comprendre le travail qui est mené à travers le monde pour réduire les enlèvements d'enfants.
Maddie suspect Murat is quizzed on suspicious emails - Daily Record
New Witness: Saw The Kidnapper Take Madeleine - Post Chronicle
GMC's Blog  :
Day 80 - 22/07/2007 - Sunday
Spent the whole day travelling from the Algarve to Washington where I will be visiting the National and International Centers for Missing and Exploited Children and meeting politicians involved in recent legislation on missing children. The flights for our campaign manager and myself were kindly donated by an airline.
There is a very upsetting story on the front page of a British National Newspaper today. The headline suggests that Kate and I face prosecution for neglecting our children by dining 50 yards away and checking on them regularly. We know that there has been criticism in some quarters of our actions but at the time, we felt our actions were responsible. We were essentially performing our own baby listening service although we have talked of the guilt we felt at now being there at the moment Madeleine was taken.
We have been advised that legally our behaviour was well within the bounds of responsible parenting and subsequently been assured that no action will be taken. These types of criticism, particularly at this stage, as well as being hurtful are extremely unhelpful in the search for Madeleine. From the moment we discovered Madeleine missing Kate and I have done everything in our power to try and help get her back.
Our opinion now is completely clouded by what has happened to us and of course has sent shock waves through thousands of families. The real issue is that we should not have a constant fear of abduction of our children from their bedrooms, gardens or streets for that matter.
What Kate and I did was at worst naïve and no one should forget that the real criminal is the predator who has taken a completely innocent child in such a premeditated fashion. It is this act that has wreaked havoc on our family and affected millions of other people

23 : 13 Titres
Maddie's Dad Campaigns in US - The Sun
End of Ribbons for Madeleine - Daily Mirror
Madeleine 'smuggled out of the country on a boat' - Daily Express
Maddie parents 'on rap' - Daily Star
Des membres du public ont exigé que le Crown Prosecution Service en Grande-Bretagne inculpe les McCann de négligence.
Parents hit back at Portuguese smear campaign - Daily Mail
Une campagne Internet au Portugal exhorte la police à enquêter sur les McCann parce que le couple a laissé ses enfants seuls dans leur appartement de vacances le soir fatidique où la petite Madeleine a disparu. Un article du magazine Sol portugais a accusé les parents de Madeleine et les autres familles de leur groupe de vacances de se cacher derrière un "pacte de silence".
C'était fin juin.
Sol a dit que les amis des McCann avaient constamment modifié leur version des événements et qu'ils étaient "un groupe très étrange qui n'est jamais resté avec leurs enfants". M. McCann a déclaré: «Kate et moi trouvons ce type de critique profondément blessant et inutile. À mesure que chaque heure passe, notre douleur et notre angoisse augmentent.
Quiconque nous connaît sait que nous aimons nos enfants. Nous avons toujours pris nos responsabilités en tant que parents avec le plus grand sérieux. Les autorités nous ont assuré qu'elles considéraient les critiques comme sans fondement.
Gerry et Kate McCann ont précédemment déclaré avoir fait des rondes régulièrement alors qu'ils étaient avec des amis dans un bar à tapas à proximité. La porte-parole de la famille Justine McGuinness a déclaré: "S'ils pouvaient remonter le temps, il y aurait des choses qu'ils auraient pu faire différemment, avec le recul. Mais il est impossible de dire si, s'il y avait eu un adulte dans l'appartement au moment de l'enlèvement, il aurait arrêté le prédateur. Il y a, malheureusement, plusieurs cas d'enfants enlevés par un adulte à des fins criminelles alors qu'ils étaient très proches de leurs parents.
Justine s'efforce de minimiser et Gerald va bienôt reprendre l'argument. Madeleine father in US for child protection talks -
KMC Diary :   
I got up at 7.00 and went running. I was surrounded by a pack of dogs (more or less 12)—it really wasn't a nice experience. I went to the flat, high part of the cliff as I felt really alone and a little frightened. Please God, don't let Madeleine be buried here. Please God, make sure she's alive. Please God, bring her back quickly to us.
I took S and A to the Kids' Club at 9.45 then I went to church to pray a little on my own.
Every single moment of happiness with Sean and Amelie, who are both so delightful, is mixed with deep sadness. All I want is Madeleine to be safe and happy again.
Baths, stories and some bedtime chaos from Sean and Amelie before I finally put them to bed at 21.15.
I spent some time on the internet reading about Sarah Payne (Roy Whiting), Eliz. Smart (Brian Mitchell) and the Peter Voisey case (he abducted a six-year-old girl from the bath in North Tyneside). Really horrible.
Night, night sweetheart. I'm trying to be positive. I need to be because I need to believe that you’re going to come back to me, so I can go back to being truly happy. I love you XXX.

GMC's Blog  :  
Day 81 - 23/07/2007 - Monday
Very busy day and I was almost asleep by the time I got back to the hotel so apologies for not posting the blog earlier. We started off by spending the morning at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). We had a tour of the NCMEC led by President Ernie Allen who has been there for 23 years and there is little he does not about missing children.
The work done at NCMEC is extremely impressive. It coordinates information for all missing children and it was the center that pushed for the implementation of the early warning missing child (AMBER) alert throughout the USA. The center was also instrumental along with the founder, John Walsh, in getting the Adam Walsh bill passed on the 25th anniversary of the young boys murder.
NCMEC officials organised a meeting with the US attorney general Gonzales at the justice department. He was already aware of Madeleine’s disappearance and has made child protection a major concern for him. I explained in a little more detail regarding Madeleine’s case and the fact that she is still missing after 81 days. He was very supportive of the campaign to keep Madeleines profile high and of the work that we are doing with NCMEC and its International division (ICMEC).
We went back to NCMEC in the afternoon and I had detailed discussions with some of the experts there regarding Madeleines disappearance. We also had a board meeting with ICMEC regarding working together on other developments in raising the profile of missing children particularly using internet resources.
Finished the day off with an interview for Americas Most Wanted who have been following Madeleines abduction almost since the beginning. The programme is actually hosted by John Walsh and has massive viewing figures of around 12 million.

24 : 18 Titres dont 2 PT
Specialists don’t believe in MCs’ condemnation Diario de Noticias
À un moment où la presse UK fait écho à la possibilité que le ministère public accuse les MC d'un crime de négligence, un juriste et un psychologue clinicien contactés par le DN l'excluent : les parents de Madeleine n'avaient pas l'intention d'abandonner leurs enfants. Ils ont simplement fait preuve d'excès de confiance, ayant commis une erreur à laquelle ils sont confrontés en termes émotionnels, pour le reste de leur vie, si l'enfant n'est pas retrouvée. Ils se battent pour rechercher leur fille et souffrent d'un sentiment de culpabilité durable. Ils n'ont pas besoin des tribunaux pour cela.
PJ is going to make new inquiries - Correio da Manha
Gerry McCann in America - The Sun
Maddie meet - The Sun
Horrors Give Hope To Gerry McCann - Daily Mirror
Le but du voyage de GMC aux EU est de mieux comprendre le travail effectué pour réduire les enlèvements d'enfants tout en maintenant les projecteurs braqués sur la disparition de sa fille. Ernie Allen a créé une base de données nationale sur les agresseurs d'enfants, mais surout a exigé que la police fasse un rapport sur les enfants disparus dans les deux heures suivant leur disparition. "Avant cela, la présomption était toujours que l'enfant s'était enfui et les parents devaient revenir dans 72 heures", a déclaré EA, "la police ne doit pas perdre ces premières heures précieux".  Gerry hocha la tête sans rien dire. Qu'aurait-il pu dire ? Qu'ils n'avaient précisément pas appelé la police immédiatement, s'en remettant à des tiers ? "74% des enfants enlevés avec intention de les tuer  sont assassinés dans les trois heures".

KMC Diary : 
Sean and Amelie had lots of fun in the Jacuzzi—laughter galore! Carrot sticks and crisps were had by all at teatime.
Oh, darling Madeleine. It pains me to think of you—it causes me such sorrow and I have no idea how you feel. I pray to God that you are well, that you are not hurt. I pray that God keeps you safe and sound and that you're not afraid, nor in pain.
Please God, answer my prayers and please, please, please bring Madeleine back to us very soon, for our own happiness. Please God.
Madeleine, sweetheart, I love you so much. I can’t stop saying it. Night, night darling. We will keep hoping and having faith in God. XXXXXXX.

GMC's Blog  :
Day 82- 24/07/2007 - Tuesday

Another busy day in Washington. Started early on at NCMEC with interviews from 6.15am for the five major US TV networks morning news shows. A very serious issues programme 20-20 was also recording our visit to the America, as they will also be producing a piece on the search to find Madeleine.
Late morning we had a visit to the White House to meet with the First Lady's deputy chief of staff Sarah Armstrong. This visit was facilitated by Lady Catherine Meyer, founder of the British charity PACT, which is an affiliate of ICMEC and has done so much to raise awareness of missing children in the UK. Mrs Bush is a strong supporter of child welfare issues and is in fact an Honorary Board member of ICMEC. They were already aware of Madeleines disappearance and I took the opportunity to fill them in on my visit to Washington, particularly the work we are doing with ICMEC and the meeting we had with the attorney general. We finished with a very quick tour of the public areas in the White House which is a very impressive building and we also met one of the Presidents Scottish terriers! Immediately following the visit I did a few interviews for the British Media in front of the White House.
After a very brief lunch it was on to Capitol Hill for meetings with politicians who have been instrumental in getting the Adam Walsh BIll and others passed. We met with Democrat congressman Nick Lampson and Republican Senator Robert Shelby who both know the board members of NCMEC very well. They were both very keen to do what they could to help find Madeleine and the support during the visit we have received has been tremendous.
I spoke to Kate and the kids, whose telephone skills are developing very quickly which is nice for me when I am away like this. Kate has stayed on in Portugal and has been keeping in touch with the police but there are no major developments to report. In the evening I managed to meet up with a friend from Glasgow who is also a cardiologist and working in the Washington area. We went for a bite to eat and it was good to sit down quietly with a familiar face for an hour or two.

25 : 12 Titres
Maddie's Dad in TV Grilling - The Sun
Maddie's dad has US hope - Daily Mirror
We'll fight the smears - Daily Express
Madeleine Parents: We are Not to Blame - Daily Express
GMC quizzed over decision to leave her on her own - Daily Mail
Police tell : Don't scold daughter 'because of Maddy' - Daily Mail
Madeleine's Dad Grilled Over Conduct - Sky
GMC tente de remettre les pendules à l'heure : "Les autorités nous ont assuré que ce que nous avons fait se situait dans les limites d'une bonne parentalité. Madeleine a été prise pour cible par un prédateur et nous ne devrions pas avoir à nous inquiéter des gens qui pénètrent dans nos maisons, nos jardins et nos terrains de jeux. C'est le véritable acte criminel ici.
À l'étonnement qui s'exprime lors de Good Morning America, GMC répond "nous dînions à 50 mètres. Nous pouvions voir l'appartement où nous étions (l'immeuble). C'était presque comme dîner dans notre propre jardin. Les enfants dormaient profondément et nous les surveillions régulièrement. Nous ne pensions pas avoir besoin d'une baby-sitter."  
Madeleine's father to meet US politicians - ITN
Mccanns hit out at calls to prosecute - Leicester Mercury
Le Mercury a pris la décision de bloquer les commentaires après en avoir reçu de "méchants et diffamatoires".  
New housing must be safe [ website bullies] - Leicester Mercury
Is this Maddy madness? - Luton Today
Was Madeleine smuggled to Malta on a yacht? - MaltaMedia

KMC Diary : 
I received some bad news last night. A friend has breast cancer and has just received her first dose of chemotherapy following surgery. Horrible. I will include her in my prayers.
At around 15.30 I went for a run. I had begun to feel restless and worried about Madeleine. It was hot and hard work, but I felt better for having gone.
We returned at around 18.15—the children's dinner and baths, our dinner.
(and the children's once again!).
Madeleine, sweetheart, you are the most important thing, the only thing that matters. Words cannot describe how I feel about you nor how restless, tormented, alone, sad and incomplete I feel.
I will continue to hope and pray that you come back to us soon but I don't want to think about how good it would be to feel something like that—not yet, at least.
I love you so, so much darling. I remember sitting watching you through the glass window when you were having your swimming lessons on a Saturday morning. There you were with your yellow swimsuit, ever so pretty and you were smiling and waving at me, and the tears rolled down my face!
I was and am still so proud of you, Madeleine, and my love for you is never-ending. I can’t stop saying how much I love you dearly. I'm going to try and stay strong for you and you have to do the same. You know we love you and we are going to keep going until we find you again.
All my love, Madeleine. Night, night. Sleep well. May God protect you. XXXXX.
GMC's Blog  :
Day 83 - 25/07/2007 - Wednesday

Up early this morning catching up with e-mails and phone calls as well as updating the blog. Managed another early morning run, round Washington centre this time, which is quite beautiful with grand buildings and monuments separated by wide grassy areas.
I had another meeting with another congressman Mike Rogers who is an ex-FBI agent and we distributed wristbands to Nick Lampson and some of his colleagues as well as members of NCMEC.
This afternoon we had a meeting with the British Ambassador at his residence to update him on our meetings. The Embassy itself is a stunning building almost rivalling the Whitehous.
Flying back to Portugal this evening to get back to the family. I have no doubt that this visit to Washington has been extremely productive and will really help to maintain Madeleines profile. We will continue to work closely with ICMEC who have incredible experience and energy in dealing with missing children.

26 : 14 Titres
Hate mail axed from website - The Sun
Warning for telling off girl, 4 - Daily Mirror
Madeleine - Now Her Parents Face Hate Campaign - Daily Express
Ban on Maddie critics - Daily Star
Website blocks comments about McCanns - Guardian
Website attacks on Maddy McCann's parent - Telegraph
Newspaper bans ‘spiteful’ McCann attacks from site - Times
Tantrum child shut in family car - BBC
Website Bans Comments On McCann Stories - Sky
'We behaved responsibly' - Leicester Mercury
Mercury's ban makes headlines - Leicester Mercury
Casino evening helps boost Madeleine fund - Hemel Gazette
Maddy's parents 'target for hate' - Evening Times (Scotland)
Madeleine comments spark ban - Aberdeen Evening Express

GMC's Blog  :  
Day 84 - 26/07/2007 - Thursday

Spent most of the day travelling getting back to Portugal late afternoon. It was great to be back with Kate and the kids after the short visit to Washington. It was also great to see so many pictures from the 50th day balloon launch on the website.
A lot of people have been asking what can they do to maintain the search for Madeleine. The advice we have had consistently from the beginning, and very much re-emphasised by the experience of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is to maintain a high profile for the missing child. This can be achieved by relatively simple measures such as displaying posters in prominent public places. We ask people to continue downloading posters from the website and display them at bus stations, train stations and of course take them on holiday. Kate and I would like to thank everyone who desperately wants us to be reunited with Madeleine and have helped in this regard.

27 : 12 Titres
Madeleine’s parents to be prosecuted? - Algarve Resident
Maddie Suspect 'Peeked' in Flat - The Sun
Murat is Lying Say Maddie Pals - The Sun
The Search for Maddie Goes On - The Sun
McCann Pals Accuse Robert Murat - Daily Mirror
Maddy: Prime Suspect Accused of Lying - Daily Express
MCs subjected to 'spiteful' internet hate campaign Daily Mail
Suspect accused of lying in confrontation with TPs - Daily Mail
Madeleine Ribbons To Be Cleared - BBC
McCann Friends Accuse Suspect Of Lying - Sky
Kate McCann: You have All Given Me Strength - Liverpool Echo
Suspect : Witnesses Recognize "Lazy Eye" - National Ledger

GMC's Blog  : 
Day 85 - 27/07/2007 - Friday
Quite a lot of e-mails and telephone calls today planning future events, which might be helpful to keep Madeleine in peoples minds. I am sure there will be a lot of interest in Saturday August 11th if Madeline because that will mark 100 days if Madeleine is still missing. This date coincides with the world pipe band championships being held in Glasgow. A former world pipe band champion, Alasdair Gillies who is a friend of one of my sisters, has composed a Marvellous March for Madeleine that will be played by 100 pipers from all over the world. It should be quite a spectacle and hopefully it will be a celebration, and not a another marker that Madeleine is still missing.
Il pense au 100è jour de disparition avec excitation, car il y aura un championnat mondial de cornemuse à Glasgow... alors qu'on est au 65è. Étrange. L'idée principale n'est pas de chercher MMC, mais de la maintenir vivante dans les esprits.

28 : 9 Titres 
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Considérations sur l'efficacité de divulguer une photo où MMC (mais elle y est nettement plus jeune).KMC Diary : 

I got up at 7.30 after a late and disturbed night of sleep.
At around 16.20 we had a dip in the Jacuzzi. Sean and Amelie loved it. After tea I went to the small church. I was a little tearful.
It's really hard for me not to worry about the small things. I wonder does anyone brush her teeth? She looks so happy in that photo taken on that last day.
I know I'm repeating myself but I can't stop myself from saying how much I love you, Madeleine. I'll say it as many times as I need to. You're so, so special. XXXXX.

GMC's Blog  : 
Day 86 - 28/07/2007 - Saturday
Quiet family day, as is often the case of a Saturday. It has become blisteringly hot here over the last few days and we decided to take the kids down to the beach early morning. Even then it was hot and there was almost no breeze although the water is still very cold. Met a very nice Portuguese couple who offered us good wishes in trying to find Madeleine.

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Certains attrappent la balle au bond : Le professeur de cybernétique Kevin Warwick de l'Université de Reading a inventé une micropuce qui peut être implantée sous la peau d'un enfant et transmet sa localisation via le satellite ou le réseau de téléphonie mobile. Depuis la disparition de MMC, il reçoit plus de 100 e-mails par jour de parents inquiets. Connect Software, une entreprise de Blackburn, en Angleterre, fabrique des bracelets électroniques et des badges de taille domino qui peuvent être cousus dans les vêtements d'un enfant et déclencher une alarme lorsque l'enfant quitte une zone de sécurité désignée. Globalpoint Technologies de Northumberland, en Angleterre, vend une version d'un appareil d'abord utilisé pour suivre les sacs de distribution de British Royal Mail qui peuvent être rangés dans une poche de manteau ou un sac à dos. La société californienne Wherify fabrique désormais un téléphone mobile qui utilise le système de positionnement mondial pour fournir des informations de localisation en temps réel aux tuteurs. Robert Murat's Car Rental Again Questioned - National Ledger

GMC's Blog  : 
Day 87 - 29/07/2007 - Sunday
Dropped Trisha and Sandy off at the airport this morning for an emotional farewell. They have offered us the most unbelievable support and I am not sure how we would have functioned without them here. They have been the silent face of the campaign to find Madeleine, putting their lives on hold to help us get through each difficult day. From time to time we will have other friends and family coming to Portugal to see the kids and catch up with Kate and I.

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GMC's Blog  : 
Day 88 - 30/07/2007 - Monday
We had a routine meeting today with the Portuguese police. Kate and I are confident that every avenue is being explored and the vital piece of information that leads to Madeleine is only a phone call away.
This is the last time we will have met the Consul General in a professional capacity, as he retires tomorrow and will be returning to the UK. Bill has provided us with consular support since day 1 and, naturally, he got to know us very well during the last 3 months. He has said that Madeleines abduction is the most tragic circumstance he has had to deal with. Without doubt Bill has given us excellent support and we wish him and his wife a very happy retirement

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Il est question de profilers arrivés pendant quatre jours plus tôt.
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La presse ne mentionne pas l'arrivée des chiens, mais fait allusion à des experts en construction psychologique de profil pédophile.

KMC Diary : 

I got up early after another late and very disturbed night.
I dropped by the church. I feel better after these short conversations.
I cooked my first meal (since they took Madeleine!!) for dinner tonight.
Please God—make me right. Please God—protect her. Please God—bring her back to us soon!
Night, night Madeleine, by dearest little angel. My sweetheart, my darling, my love, my companion. I love you more than anything. Lots of hugs my darling. I'm going to dream that I'm lying by your side—moments I'll always cherish and I long to have again.
Sweet dreams my little one. Be strong. Mummy XXXXX.

GMC's Blog  : 
Day 89 - 31/07/2007 - Tuesday
Relatively quiet day apart from phone calls and campaign related e-mails.
We have Busy couple of days coming up so off to bed relatively early (before midnight)!

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