Grâce à la liberté dans les communications, des groupes d’hommes de même nature pourront se réunir et fonder des communautés. Les nations seront dépassées.
Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

11 - MAI 12-21 - Wark/Cagney/SIC/RTP

BBC - Newsnight
Kirsty Wark - 12.05.2011

Kirsty Wark : Part of the push now is a political push, isn't it ?
Kate MC : That's right. We've been asking for a review of Madeleine's case now for a couple of years and I dare say it hasn't happened, it's 4 years now since Madeleine was taken and there has not been a review done at all. As you know there was no police force either looking for Madeleine since July 2008. We truly believe that a review is essential to take us close to Madeleine, there's a awful lot of information that came in this inquiry, not information in Portugal, it's in Britain and it hasn't been pulled together upon a searchable data base so we see it's a kind of jigsaw with a lot of bits that have not been necessarily brought together. (1)

KW : Just looking at the book, when you really in a sense laid yourself bare and I think it's quite interesting because during the days following Madeleine's disappearance you were very restrained, very quiet (KMC smiles) and that was obviously your way of dealing with what was going on, but you've, in a sense you've opened up in this book and particularly about your relationship and how hard was that to do ?
KMC : I think I'm quite a private person, so it hasn't come naturally to be honest, I think I've learnt over the last 4 years or I've developed a kind of protective layer really, so I think I'm too far tougher than I was and I didn't feel I could do something that wasn't as complete and as honest as it could be really and I think it'd be unrealistic if I didn't explain really how and how much the impact it had on all aspects of our lives really..

KW : You did say in the book that you (reading) "wondered whether we haven't already given so much of ourselves and our family to the world". So did you talk about the extent to the personal revelations of the book together before you wrote it ?
KMC : We did, you know, it wasn't a decision we've taken lightly, you know, we had to get a lot of thoughts, and...
Gerald MC : (interrupting and all laughing) I would have wasted that ??? I mean we did and some things have come up but at the same time, Kate, she can take attention to detail and the determination she has, when she says she's going to do something, she does it properly and as an important aspect of the devastation that abductions cost to families so... why so many relationships break down.

KW : Yes, because of course you kept a diary from the day when Madeleine disappeared, presumably because you are also at different stages, you're (looking at GMC) doing different things and probably had read everything that Kate had written...
GMC : I hadn't read any of her diaries and still haven't. I saw, I read the first versions of the book.

KW : So, but you recognize presumably that when Kate said you had a different responses to the trauma at different times, and you said that too that you know it was different, sometimes naturally resentful and Gerry seemed to be able to carry on.
KMC : I couldn't understand really how energetic Gerry could be at that stage and I wasn't, you just assume that everybody would respond like you and Gerry would express his grief just the same way I was doing. And at the same time, you know, I'd kind of be hard on myself really because I wasn't able to do as much as Gerry could, as quickly really and I wanted to do a lot for Madeleine as well, so in hindsight I look back and I can think thank goodness you know Gerry got to that stage really and kicked the campaign off.

KW : But for such a private person when you write about, you know, the problems of physical intimacy in the days and weeks following, I think that's quite surprising for people that you have revealed that, because of course that is in the Sun headlines.. (GMC laughs)
KMC : (big smile and laugh) Absolutely. Yeah again you know, it just obviously half had an impact on our relationship, we are very lucky that we had such a strong relationship really to start with.. (2)

KW : Are you in anyway kind of overprotective of the twins at the moment ?
KMC : Hm I mean I hope we have got the balance right, I think I was always a bit worried about... (sigh) yeah you know we try and give them freedom within reason but there are a few things that changed, just some things like going to the petrol station and come out of the car without feeling something...
GMC : I'm sure we're not the only people that have changed then.. just the things you wouldn't have considered a risk before, what we did before we just didn't consider to be a risk.

KW : And if there's been any naysayers about that and what you must think all the time on something that was part of the story..
GMC starts answering, KMC interrupting
KMC : Yeah we have to face this all the time and whenever we do an interview we have to face that decision we made and I hope we've explained why we did it, we wouldn't have done anything to put our children at risk, but at the same time (smiling, meaning here is the issue) there's an abductor out there who's off the hook at the moment, there's no investigation to find them. (3)

KW : And after a hundred days since Madeleine had disappeared, in the book you quote from a note you wrote to her and saying you hoped that she was with someone who loved her and so in a way what is the most benign story you can think of ?
KMC : (half smiling) Well no story is nice nor pleasant because she should be with us, but I guess somebody who wants a child, you know, who didn't have a child or lost a child, and somebody who really loves having Madeleine you know, she's not hard to love (half laugh), believe me, and certainly Sean and Amelie that's their take on it, they think that somebody loved so much Madeleine that they want her.. (4)
GMC : It seems ridiculously far fetched but you think she was stolen to order, that's me, people say that what has happened us has been ridiculous, any scenario starts to become within the bounds of reality, so it's quite difficult, but what we know now from the States and the National Center for Missing Children the younger the child is taken, the more likely it has been taken to be kept, so Madeleine is on that cusp rather than the profile of a child who was taken by sex offender.

KW : But on that basis you write the most distressing thoughts and you write very graphically about it, you wanted to take your skin off, I mean can you talk to me a little bit about that ?
KMC : It was very graphic, what was going in my head, it was hideous, also because it was our biggest fear, you know, so it's very, it was impossible for me to dismiss it, we are realistic, we know that it's a possible scenario, but just the thought of someone so lovely and beautiful, our child, being subjected to something like that was enough to destroy us, you know, and the feelings, the fear and the images which are so vivid are very destructive, hmm, at that time it was very difficult to try and rid them out of my brain, very difficult to think about the scenarios because that was the biggest fear. (5)

KW : Why are you so sure that Madeleine is still alive ?
KMC : I think there is a really good chance she's still alive (smiles as someone who knows better), the fact that there is no evidence at all that she has come to any harm, that's number one, we've known of many cases of children who disappear for years and have been abducted and you know probably written off and they have turned up alive, (voice raises) I guess I feel she's out there and, who knows, maybe every mother would feel like that, I don't know, I just have that feeling that this is not over and that it's certainly not telling me to stop or slow down, so... (6)

KW : Is that part due to faith ?
KMC : I don't know, I really don't know, to be honest, my faith tells me whatever she is, she's fine. (7)
KW : Thank you.

(1) Pourquoi Kate MC exclut-elle le Portugal de la revue ? Les abondantes informations auxquelles elle se réfère ne peuvent être que celles qu'ont rassemblées les trois équipes de détectives privés engagées par Madeleine's Fund. La première agence, Metodo 3, s'est discréditée et a même eu maille à partir avec la justice. Le chef de la seconde équipe, Kevin Halligen, s'est révélé un parfait escroc et a finalement été extradé aux EU. Quant aux deux ex-inspecteurs qui mirent fin au ballet des privés, leur conclusion (Madeleine prisonnière dans un rayon de 10 miles de PDL) ne suscita aucune initiative.
(2) On appréciera ce qu'il y a de drôle ici... et la pertinence d'une allusion à la vie sexuelle d'un couple venant de perdre un enfant dans un livre destiné, selon ce couple, à être lu un jour par leurs enfants.
(3) On appréciera la fermeté de Kate MC et comment elle balaie d'une pichenette l'allusion très vague contenue dans la question de KW (la négligence) pour centrer sur le vrai problème, le ravisseur en liberté, éventuellement prêt à foncer sur une nouvelle proie.
(4) Un adopteur illégal n'aurait pas pris Madeleine, trop grande pour se laisser faire. A fortiori s'il y avait deux petits manipulables, un garçon et une fille. Comment une note écrite à Madeleine espérant qu'elle se trouve avec quelqu'un qui l'aime est-elle compatible avec la description des abus sexuels auxquels se sont livrés les pédophiles ? 
(5) Avoir des images atroces dans la tête n'est pas une raison suffisante pour les écrire, surtout si l'on songe que le livre est fondamentalement destiné aux enfants MC, dont la victime. Mais les ghostwriters se doivent d'assurer les arrières de leur fonds de commerce en assurant un bon chiffre de ventes.
(6) On appréciera si les chances pour Madeleine d'être vivante sont en harmonie avec les sévices endurés aux mains des pédophiles.
(7) Ne dit-on pas que la foi soulève les montagnes ?

 The McCanns
TV3 (Irlande) - enregistement le 13 et diffusion le 16.05.2011

transcription (partielle) de Nigel Moore
Ireland AM's Mark Cagney talks to Kate and her Gerry McCann about the anguish they have endured since that terrible night in May 2007, when they discovered that their daughter Madeleine had been abducted from their holiday villa.

Sinead Desmond : Now, Madeleine McCann would have celebrated her eighth birthday last week. Her parents last saw their daughter in Portugal four years ago and now Kate McCann has written a memoir about her experience, called simply 'Madeleine'. Detectives from Scotland Yard have now been granted permission to review the files of Portuguese investigators for the very first time.
Mark Cagney : Last Friday I met with Kate and her husband Gerry to talk about the anguish that they've endured since that terrible night, in May 2007, when they discovered that Madeleine had been abducted from their holiday villa in Portugal.
MC : Errr... Kate and Gerry McCann, errm... you're very welcome to Ireland. Thank you very much for agreeing to do this interview with us. Errm... can we... we... there was a bit of news today, errm... in that I believe David Cameron, the British Prime Minister has, errr... has okayed, or ordered, or agreed to have an inquiry, errm... so, before we get to that and what that might mean, could you tell us what the current status of the search for Madeleine is, Gerry.
Gerald MC : Well, the police investigation was closed in July 2008 and since then we haven't had any police, errr... essentially looking for Madeleine, throughout that whole period, and we've been asking through Home Office channels, errr... for a long time to try and get a review done, which is standard practice for most, errr... major unsolved crimes in the UK. So, we've pretty much been on our own really, errr... employing private investigators. We've currently got a small team working for us and we've had some, errr... advisers, errr... which has been good and, of course, we continue to raise awareness, errr... distribute posters and the like, and fund administrator and a co-ordinator. So, we've got a small team of people who have been essentially looking for Madeleine.

MC : Has there... is there any glimmer of light, is there any clue, any particular avenue that you're following, any country that you're focussing on?
GMC : No, errm... and I think that's been one of the difficulties that we've had. There's never been a single piece of information where we've thought 'right, that's it, we need to follow it'. There's... there's lots of lines of inquiry and there... in Kate's book, at the back, errr... there's key pieces of information and people who we'd really like to identify.
Kate MC : I mean, I think it's hard because when people ask: 'Are you any closer?', you know, it's, errr... it's, errr... it is difficult to give them an answer really because until we find out who's taken Madeleine or where she is we don't know if we're really close or, you know, a million miles away, really. So, I'm not sure what the step before that is to know how close we are. 
GMC : And you look at the... the circumstances where other children who have been missing for a long time, and when they've been found, you know [clicks fingers] it's like that. It's not like you suddenly think, 'we're getting warm, we're getting warm' [clicks fingers]. Jaycee Dugard, Elizabeth Smart, Natasha Kampusch - it's an instantaneous thing, errr... so you've just got to be prepared that you may have no warning. 

MC : Now you... you... you made your appeal initially to the Home Secretary, errr... to... to launch the inquiry and, errr... the news came through that, errr... that Prime Minister Cameron has a... has a... agreed to that. How do you think that will help?
KMC : Well, the review is... is standard practice in most major unsolved crimes. There's a lot of information... a lot of information in Portugal, errm... in the... with the... the UK authorities and with our own team and it hasn't all brought... been brought together on one searchable database and I guess we see it as lots of pieces of the jigsaw which haven't been joined together and two bits of information may seem insignificant on their own but when joined up it might... might become more significant, errm...
GMC : I think the, you know, in the... in the UK a lot of lessons have been learned over many years with major high-profile inquiries; Yorkshire Ripper case was where the information, errr... Peter Sutcliffe was in that inquiry in several different places and it wasn't linked. So, what you've got to do is really get it onto a searchable database that is capable of being - what the analysts tell us is 'mined' - and... and having different pieces of information linked. And that's really important because at the minute our understanding of, errr... the data in Portugal is that they're on computers but essentially on Word documents and there hasn't been this formal, comprehensive review and we often give the example of, errr... if you came to see us and we didn't know what was wrong with you and we'd done lots of tests, we'd get someone else to look at you, you know, a sec... 

MC : So, fresh eyes. 
GMC : Yes, fresh eyes. A second opinion is so important. 

MC : One question, errr... errm... you've been, quite rightly, errr... highly critical of, errr... the Portuguese authorities in the investigation; it was a shambles, by any standards, it was a shambles, and... and maybe you don't want to say that, well I'll say it for you. Errr... are you worried at all that this new inquiry will get their backs up, or annoy them? 
GMC : Well...
MC : Because you are directly saying: 'you made a hash of this, so we're going to get somebody else'. 
GMC : An important thing for us is not to rake over old ground and mistakes that were made; mistakes have been well publicised. What we're more concerned about are leads that were followed up but not to the standard that we would expect and the review is more about, errr... identifying lines of inquiry and further actions, errr... 'cause mistakes and the past don't help us find Madeleine. People can learn from them but, errm... for us, Madeleine's parents, it's about (inaudible).
There is a distinct possibility they have the information already. 

Daniel Maja - Autobiographie

Promotion de "Madeleine" à Lisbonne
21.03.2011 - SIC
Transcription de Joana Morais

SIC Voice Over :
The story that arrives on Monday to the Portuguese bookshops starts before Madeleine's birth, and is detailed in private matters, such as the desire to have children, the pregnancy, Madeleine's first months. The decision to write this book was always made, the decision to publish it, says Kate McCann, was more difficult.

Kate MC : I always wanted to, to write down the truth, really, for my three children, and I guess the reason, or the trigger reason why I actually, why it became a book and why it was published, is because we have to fund the search for Madeleine. And the fund was running low, so we needed to raise the money.

SIC VO : Kate McCann also writes about what she considers to be the hypocrisy of the cooperation between the British police and the Portuguese police. It's infuriating, writes Madeleine's mother, that even though we know the British police are very aware of the selective leaks to the media, they continue to insist that they have a cooperating relationship with the Judiciary Police.
KMC : If I'm honest, I suppose I was hoping we had more public support, really. But because we were at such a low ebb, and things couldn't have gotten any worst than they were in September 2007, I suppose I'd hoped someone to come forward and publicly showed support or basically, you know, said what they felt about certain bits of information that were appearing in the media.
Gerald MC : Most of it implying that Madeleine was dead, and we felt that was a complete injustice, because if people believed that Madeleine was dead or that there was evidence that Madeleine was dead, the search couldn't go on and obviously that, as parents, was incredibly painful. *

SIC VO : Gonçalo Amaral is about to publish a second book about the Maddie case. In March the Supreme Court of Justice authorized the sale of the first book written by the former coordinator of the investigation, who was removed by the Judiciary Police directorate. The book that was taken from the bookshops due to the injunction made by the McCann couple.
GMC : We have proceedings underway against Gonçalo Amaral and that's all we really want to say about it.
KMC : I guess we just want people to keep looking really for Madeleine and as Gerry said the age progression images is a very useful tool, and I guess people just open their minds, remember she's still missing really, and she can still be found.

SIC VO: The British government announced recently that the Scotland Yard is going to investigate the Maddie case, and analyse all the existent information of the archived process. In the United Kingdom, Kate McCann's book sold 74000 copies in the first three days

* Où l'on touche du doigt à quel point les MC, surtout Kate, en veulent à la police portugaise, probablement pour avoir soulevé l'idée de mort, qui ruine la Madeleine virtuelle médiatiquement propulsée dans l'univers.


RTP : Croyez-vous encore que Madeleine est vivante ?

KMC : Je crois encore qu'il y a de très grandes chances que Madeleine soit vivante. Mon coeur me le dit et ma tête me dit qu'il n'y a absolument rien qui suggère le contraire.

RTP Voice Over : 4 ans plus tard, Kate MC a décidé de raconter sa version des faits dans un livre intitulé "Madeleine". Elle y parle de sa souffrance et des moments-clefs de l'enquête.

RTP : Kate, dans votre livre vous dites que la police portugaise vous a proposé un marché si vous admettiez qu'il y avait eu un accident. Est-ce vrai ?

KMC : J'explique cela dans mon livre, mais la question nous a été exposée, pas directement mais indirectement à travers notre avocat. Il a été proposé ou fortement suggéré que si nous confessions que Madeleine avait eu un accident et avoir ensuite caché son corps, la sentence serait plus clémente. Je pense qu'elle aurait été de deux ans avec sursis. *

GMC : (interrompant, entre mépris et ironie) J'ai été... c'est dérangeant de penser que la sentence pour cacher un cadavre soit la même que pour rompre le secret judiciaire.

RTP Voice Over : Le livre montre une photo vieillie de Madie à 8 ans. Les MC continuent à chercher leur fille et souhaitent la réouverture de l'enquête au Portugal.

* Il est étonnant que Kate MC répète des propos qui ont été publiquement réfutés par son avocat portugais, pour la bonne raison qu'il n'y a pas de marché possible dans le système inquisitoire. Au reste, lorsque ce bruit a couru, le jour même de l'interrogatoire, la soit-disant offre avait été faite à Kate MC, pas à Gerald. Le "nous" est donc étonnant. Enfin Gerald MC a raison, la peine pour recel de cadavre est une amende, car ce n'est pas un crime, mais un délit. La supposition de peine réduite est donc au minimum un malentendu.