Grâce à la liberté dans les communications, des groupes d’hommes de même nature pourront se réunir et fonder des communautés. Les nations seront dépassées.
Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

08 - JUN - PJ Rapport Final (1)

NUIPC-201/07.0 GALGS  - 4è Brigade  - 20.06.2008
Inspector João Carlos 
Traduit par Astro et Joana Morais

Imputeur/offensé – PJ
Imputés/témoins assistés
Robert James Queriol Evelegh Murat, identified and questioned at fls. 1170, 1947 and 1959. *Gerald Patrick McCann, identified and questioned at fls. 2569. 
*Kate Marie Healy, identified and questioned at fls. 2557.

Témoins/personnes interrogés – see Index 

Type de crime – Inconnu
Temps et lieu – Entre 21H05 et 22H00 le 3 mai 2007 dans l'appartement G5A, situé dans le complexe touristique Ocean Club, Vila da Luz, Lagos. 
Objets appréhendés – voir Index (tous ont été restitués à leurs propriétaires respectifs)  Examens pratiqués –voir Index


Ce documente renvoie ici et là au contenu des PJFiles (celles qui ont été traduites, conjointement avec l'original) et permet donc d'effectuer des recherches plus rapides dans celles-ci. On trouve aussi ici tous les témoignages par ordre alphabétique. Enfin on trouve l'intégralité du contenu du DVD (documents originaux, non traduits).
João Carlos s'est fondé sur la ligne de temps du groupe, mais il y a suffisamment d'informations dans les dépositions de témoins pour jeter un doute dessus. La PJ a reproduit cette ligne de temps, parce qu'aucune analyse, aucune recherche n'a été entreprise afin de la confirmer ou l'infirmer.
On remarque d'emblée que ce rapport final révèle de frandes lacunes dans la ligne de temps. Situer le crime entre 21h05 et 22h équivaut à tenir pour fait que l'enfant a été vue à 21h05. Qui l'a vue à cette heure-là ? Son père, autrement dit statistiquement un des plus probables auteurs du crime "indéterminé". Aucun témoin indépendant ne confirme que MMC était vivante dans l'appartement G5A à cette heure-là. Aucun témoin n'a dit avoir vu MMC à l'heure du goûter. Sa nannie se limite à dire que Kate MC était là (alors qu'elle faisait un joggin) et que Gerald MC devait jouer au tennis (alors qu'il était là).

La plupart des TP7, interrogés, ne savaient pas bien quelle heure il était lorsque KMC a lancé l'alarme. Quelqu'un avait dit vers 22h, ils ont répété "vers 22h". Sur la première ligne de temps du groupe, c'est 22h qui est écrit. Mais plusieurs témoins indépendants ont déclaré qu'à cette heure-là le groupe n'était déjà plus à table. Matthew MO a dit que Kate MC était partie à 21h50 faire sa ronde. Fiona WP situe ce départ entre 9h45 et 22h. Ricardo O, qui a servi à Russell son steak, dit que tout le monde avait quitté la table vers 21h50.
Jane dit être allée faire sa ronde à 21h10, la première ligne de temps dit 21h20. Matthew dit que Gerald est parti dès son retour de la première ronde (21h05), mais sur la première ligne de temps Gerald est parti à 21h15 et dans l'interrogatoire comme arguido, sa montre indiquait 21h04...  Il est évidemment surprenant qu'il lui ait fallu 4 mois pour se souvenir de l'heure exacte.  

Pour toutes ces raisons, la PJ n'aurait jamais dû dire que l'alarme avait été lancée à 22h, il y a trop d'éléments matériels qui suggèrent autre chose.

Par ailleurs l'inspecteur JC se contredit. Il fournit à Gerald MC un alibi grâce à la ligne de temps établie par le groupe des 9 et il souligne la nécessité de procéder à une reconstitution. La ligne de temps des TP9 est donc juste ou non selon ce qu'il convient d'énoncer.

These documents relate to an occurrence which describes the disappearance of a minor of British nationality, MADELEINE BETH MCCANN daughter of GERALD PATRICK MCCANN and KATE MARIE HEALY, on the date with three (almost four) years old.
According to the Time and Place, the facts occurred on the day 3 of May of 2007, in a temporal hiatus, understood to be between 21H05 and 22H00 (being certain that after 17H30, only GERALD and KATE had contact with MADELEINE) at the resort named 'Ocean Club', located in Vila da Luz, Lagos, place, where the minor’s family, along with seven other persons, with whom they had a friendship relationship, where enjoying some holidays, with the duration of one week. Ce rapport ignore complètement que David WP prétend être allé à l'appartement des MC vers 18h30.
The arrival of the group from England, at national territory, via Faro's airport, took place on the 28 of April 2007.
They travelled in two separate groups, since they live in different locations. The trip from the airport to the place of Luz was done in a mini bus, provided by the resort management company 'Mark Warner'. Non, le groupe arrivé le premier a été transporté en bus MW jusqu'à PDL, mais le second a fait ce trajet dans un taxi loué par Gerald MC.

Upon check-in, they were placed into several apartments, all located in block G5, next to each other, which was an imposition, or at least a suggestion, made by the entire group. They were all lodged in the ground floor, except the PAYNE family (David, Fiona and Diane Webster), which was lodged in the first floor. 

The MCCANN family was given apartment G5A, which is located on the left end of the residential block (seen from the front) and therefore, it can be said, the most accessible one and with facilitated visibility from the outside.
This is a group where seven six of the elements are medics, from various specialities, which adds to the fact that all of them have under-age children, which accompanied them. The MCCANN family was composed of the parents, as well as MADELEINE and the twins SEAN and AMELIE, these being two years old, at the date of the facts.

This trip was organized by the PAYNE family, namely by the male element of the couple, DAVID ANTHONY PAYNE, who had knowledge, as a user, of the tourist resorts that belong to the "Mark Warner" company.
The group shared among themselves a friendship that existed before this trip, based on professional relationships and other holiday trips.

It is pointed out that this was the first time that the elements of the group were on holidays at this resort on national territory, and that the group's will to carry out the trip was planned approximately one month before it took place.
On the other hand, nothing indicates that any of the participants had any previous connection to Vila da Luz or that there resided or stayed any person related to them.

The group's daily routine implied their movement, for dinner, to the Tapas Restaurant, which is located at the resort (although outside of the specific area of the apartments and without permitting a complete visual control of the latter), while their under-age children remained alone – supposedly asleep – in their apartments while the dinner was under way.
According to the group's common version, the checking of the children was done through regular visits by the adults to the apartments, with an – approximate – spacing of half an hour, with the exception of the children of the PAYNE couple, that possessed a technological system of self control, via intercommunication ("baby listening").

Constitution of the group: 

DAVID ANTHONY PAYNE – apartment 5H (first floor) 
p. 5

The aforementioned persons were interviewed carefully and in great detail, on various occasions (see index), with the intention to collect all the relevant elements that could help the investigation to uncover the truth regarding the facts.
The analysis of the grouping of these inquiries emphasized the existence of important details which were not entirely understood and integrated, which needed to be, from our viewpoint, tested and compared together [concatenated] in the actual location.

As such, a concrete understanding of the lack of synergy of some aspects of elevated relevance should be attempted through a processed diligence via the reconstitution of the facts, which, due to a lack of collaboration of several relevant witnesses, was not able to be accomplished, in spite of all the force brought by the authorities.
Further ahead, in this report, the necessity of this diligence will be better analysed.

The investigation, during more than 13 months, followed all the credible indices related to different hypotheses and, in an impartial manner, continued to analyse, correlate and synthesize them, looking for an explanation for the happenings of the night of 3 May 2007.
Assuming that the minor's disappearance was due to the acts of third parties, the PJ explored various lines of investigation, not excluding any hypothesis considered plausible or hypothetically acceptable.

From the documentation, you will observe that during the investigation various possibilities were contemplated.
As such, consider:
1. abduction, for sexual exploration or other (e.g, later adoption, child trafficking, organ trafficking), without homicide;
2. abduction, followed by homicide with (or without) hiding of the corpse;
3. accidental death, with later hiding of the corpse;

p. 7

The hypotheses 1 and 2 were considered in the double notion of the illicit of abduction (if that happened) that could have had occurred due to feelings of revenge by the Kidnapper(s) towards the parents (intended abduction) or by taking merely the opportunity of the child being at a vulnerable situation (opportunity abduction).
As a remote hypothesis, the possibility of the minor leaving the apartment by her own means was explored – that would be highly unlikely physically – and after, because of an accident or by a third person intervention, she would have disappeared.

As to the present report, and for a better understanding, it will be divided in to 5 major areas, to know:
- Generic diligences for the localization of the minor, entwined in the main body of the Inquest, done by the Judiciary Police, the Maritime Police and the G.N.R.;
- Thematic Appendixes, in a total of nine (sub-divided into 55 volumes) referred to the fls. 3528-a, whose creation allows to complement the main body of the processes and to follow up all the information received and treated;
- The suspicions about ROBERT MURAT, and his status of arguido;
- The Cadaver Dogs Units searches and the subsequent establishment of the parents of the British minor, GERALD MCCANN and KATE HEALY as arguidos;
- The forensic and laboratorial exams, done at the Forensic Science Service and at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine, from now on designated as the FSS and INML, correspondingly;

Even though there is this division in to sub groups, the present report will be done by order of occurrence or information, without the obstacle of joining by themes, when the chronological order it is not sufficient.
As stated before, it was done a presentation of the agents in the process and a brief introduction of the facts. Following, we will do a more detailed explanation, where, likewise, the various agents will match and the actions done by them will take on a procedural relevance.

Relative to the appendixes, in a total of nine, where divided thematically as stated:
Appendix I – Forensic Exams – where all the exams and forensics that were carried out by scientific and technical entities, specifically those who are destined to the detection, collection and traces analyses that could lead to the understanding of what happened and to the discovery of the culprits in the disappearance of the minor.
p. 9
Appendix II – Analysis of communications – where all the inventory, analysis and pertinent correlations, which were possible and eventually relevant about the communications and movements that were made before, during and after the facts, were made; 

Appendix III – Inspections, canine, maritime and air searches – where the specific diligences that were carried out in an attempt to physically locate the minor, especially in the surrounding areas, are described; 

Appendix IV – Searches/apprehensions, direct exams, delivery/deposit of goods – where the set of diligences that were directed on goods or items that could eventually be connected to the disappearance are listed; 

Appendix V – Supposed sightings and localizations – where the news that had some credibility and signalled the alleged presence of the child in various locations worldwide, as well as the hundreds of diligences that were carried out to confirm or dismiss them, are listed.

As it is known, the disappearance of the British minor, under the circumstances that were described, implied the action of diverse entities, with special relevance for the intervention of the Polícia Judiciária, which was joined by other forces of criminal police. In parallel, this disappearance concentrated an unmatched dynamics from the media, both national and foreign, namely and with more emphasis in the United Kingdom, which filled, for days in a row, their news at prime time with live transmissions from Praia da Luz, and special programmes that were dedicated to the issue.
p. 11 
Some of the information did not merit, due to the circumstances surrounding it, the least credibility, leaving those, at the other extreme, which required a more solid and effective systemization and treatment. Those which, by their geography and time-space relevance, seemed credible were thoroughly explored and included in the documentation and this appendix.
There remains a large, diffuse stain of supposed sightings and localizations – some receiving notable emphasis, such as those in Belgium and Morocco – which had few, vague, discordant, incompatible or incongruent elements, which deserved a treatment with a view towards their infirmação or set aside for the future, should solid elements arise, which all are herein included;

Appendix VI 1 – Information/Lists of Suspects of Sexual Crimes – where you will find a detailed reviews, from the perspective of the possibility of encountering correlations with suspects with sexual motives;

Appendix VI 2 – Diligences and Exploration of Information related to the aforementioned – in which, in conformity with that already expressed and in order to provide a better consultation, were gathered the information collected about residents in the surrounding areas – temporary and permanent – as well as a listing of local crime (break-ins and others) and crimes of a sexual nature. The information provided came to this Police by individual knowledge, through British authorities or by other sources;

Appendix VII - Letters Rogatory – outlining the diligences performed, at the request of the Portuguese judiciary, in foreign countries;

Appendix VIII – Transportation, Movement and Location of Sightings – in this appendix are collected and analyzed the information related to possible means of transportation/flight, by land means (road—trains), sea and air. Also explored were information related to the delivery of photographs from individuals in the area for holidays and obtained by the Police, along with various hotel chains, whose examinations yielded nothing useful;

Appendix IX – Juridic Actions

In addition, and in spite of its irrelevance, there were meanwhile added 22 "dossiers" with notifications of a speculative or clearly incredible nature, such as psychic visions or divinations, which will not be included with the documentation, but which you will find carefully organized, in the eventuality that they may need to be consulted in the future.

The present documentation originated from a process elaborated by this Police, having received notice of the disappearance of a minor of British nationality of three years of age. The occurrence was communicated by the GNR at 00h10 on 4 May 2007.
p. 13
According to that police force, the disappearance would have occurred at 22H40 (later on it was verified that the detection and the subsequent alarm of the same, in reality happened, between 22H00 and 22H10 of the day 3 of May of 2007, in one of the apartments of the tourist resort 'Ocean Club', located at Vila da Luz, Lagos, where a family composed by a couple and 3 children under aged were staying. Topologically, the apartment is composed by two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and a bathroom, with easy access to the street, from the both the front and the back, where there is a small balcony and a sliding door. 

Pourquoi 22h40 ? C'est une minute avant l'appel de l'Ocean Club au poste de gendarmerie de Lagos. Quant à la fourchette 22h/22h10, elle se fonde sur la déclaration du père de l'enfant disparue. Selon d'autres témoins, l'alerte aurait été lancée plus tôt, avant 22h.
At the time of the disappearance, the children were alone in the apartment. However the couple, during dinner, went two times to the same, one of those times being the one where the mother (KATE) noticed that her oldest daughter was no longer there alerting all for that fact. Aware of this fact, the police squad went to the place, to initiate the relevant investigative steps, at that moment.

Immediately they proceeded with the identifications of the progenitors, GERALD MCCANN and KATE HEALY, as well as of the disappeared minor, MADELEINE BETH MCCANN, born on the 12 of May of 2003, in the United Kingdom. Besides MADELEINE the couple has two more children, twins, with two years old, at the time of the facts, who were also staying in the same bedroom from where the child disappeared.

Informally, GERALD MCCANN said that he was on the resort since the 28 of April 2007, on vacation, for a period of time corresponding to a week. The day after their arrival, 29/05/07, they started doing their meals at the 'Ocean Club' restaurant, which is distanced a few meters away from the apartment, with the company of three other couples, who had also travelled with them. Specifically to what is relative to the day 3, he alleged that:
- they woke up around 07H30, had breakfast in the apartment, going out at around 09H00;
- soon after, they left their children at the nursery, until 12H30;
- around 14H30, after lunch, they put their children back at the nursery, this time until 17H00;
- at 17H30 they did the children's hygiene, and settle them in their respective beds by 19H30, all in the same bedroom;
- at 20H30, the couple went out to the restaurant;
- at 21H05/21H15 the father went to check the children, noticing that all was normal, the window and the blinds were closed, however the door to the room seemed more opened than when he had left;
p. 15
- at around 9.20 p.m., a friend from the group, JANE TANNER, when heading for her apartment, noticed an individual who carried a child in his arms, walking down the road. She described him as aged 30 to 40, with dark hair and wearing light coloured trousers;
- at 9.30 p.m., it was the time for another friend, MATTHEW OLDFIELD, to go to the MCCANNS' apartment to check on the children, but he only saw the twins, given the fact that he did not enter the room. In order to see MADELEINE'S bed, he would have to go inside. He detected nothing out of the ordinary;
- at around 10 p.m., when KATE went to the apartment she verified that MADELEINE had disappeared, and that the window and shutters of the bedroom were open.

Apart from that, and according to what was established within the investigation in the meantime, the witness MATTHEW OLDFIELD assumes that, at around 8.55 p.m., he went near the outside of the window of the bedroom where MADELEINE was sleeping – a window that was closed – in order to verify if there was any noise in the inside that might indicate that the child was not asleep. He heard nothing, therefore concluding that everything was well.
Due to its relevance, on that very night the Maintenance Director, SILVIA BAPTISTA, was asked for a list of the resort's guests and the check outs on the 3rd, as well as the identification of the crèche workers, where the children stayed during the day.

It should be emphasized that the entire apartment had been searched and rummaged by an undetermined number of people, with the contamination that it brings and the difficulty that it raises for the collection of residues.
On that very night, the surroundings of the apartment, and Vila da Luz itself, were intensely searched through, both by the GNR members and by members of the public.

Concerning that and other searches on subsequent days, the proof is given by the report that was written by the GNR from pages 3491-a to 3525-a, with the latter being a cartographic remission. The same procedure was made by the Maritime Police, according to the report from pages 3867-3885.
On page 06 the air registration of the luggage pertaining to the MCCANN family was appended, as well as the passport that belongs to the missing minor.
From pages 12 to 23, we can observe the photographic coverage of the location of the facts, which were collected on that night, as well as a layout of the apartment.
On page 26 the report that was written by the GNR can be found, on page 30 the photograph of the minor that was given by the parents, taken from a memory card and revealed on a printer that belongs to one of the nannies, as will be seen further on, and the press communication, on pages 33-B.

It should be pointed out, in terms of the media knowledge and divulgation, that witness RACHEL MAMPILLY, at around 2 a.m. on the morning of the 4th, assumes to have contacted the official British television BBC, through someone that she knew, reporting the disappearance and asking for it to be broadcast.
p. 17
First thing in the morning on 4 May, and already within the framework of heavy media coverage, an interview of the entire group took place, pages 34-83, interrogations which were repeated later. 

Tous les membres du groupe furent entendus le 4 mai, mais quand ils furent ré-entendus, les 10 et 11 mai, ni Kate MC, ni Fiona P, ni David P ne furent entendus. La fragilité fut invoquée pour dispenser la première, aucune explication ne fut donnée à la mise à l'écarte des seconds.
From pages 86 to 118, there are included details relative to the identity of the nannies (CATRIONA BAKER and STACEY PORTZ) and all the officials of the establishment, with the two that dealt with the MCCANN children being heard informally; nothing unusual having been reported by them, they were formally interviewed again later.

In subsequent days, with the participation of over a hundred researchers from the PJ, the enormous collection of diverse notifications about the disappearance was reviewed, having been already completed innumerable contacts resulting from the ongoing processing of information.
The collection of notifications was transmitted by a wide variety of sources, coming to the PJ by various means, requiring the installation of a permanent police post within the Luz village.
The result of such efforts is found in the documentation and the various appendices, having been spent thousands of hours of work in its completion.

It should be noted, also, the receipt of an enormous quantity of fantastical notifications, devoid of any credibility, which forced the research into constant and considerable clarification efforts, all the more important as it was known that time was of the utmost importance in the fundamental goal of finding the missing girl.

Resuming the factual description, it is noteworthy that from pages 119 and forward, the witness JEREMY WILKINS, affirmed that he saw an individual with a strange appearance and behaviour. This was eventually confirmed to be a guest, who participated in the searches, page 124.

From pages 127 and following, relates the the sighting of a child, with a face similar to MADELEINE's, in a gas station. When the images from the gas station were shown to the parents, they peremptorily affirmed that they did not represent their daughter.
On page 134, is reported a situation, once again resulting from physical similarities with MADELEINE, later verified as not being the child. In addition, an attempt was made to locate an individual referred for sexual abuse of minors, later coming to verify that at the relevant time period, he was no longer in Portugal.
p. 19
There was a inquest to DENISE BERYL ASHTON, p. 136, which reported the presence of two individuals, who she could not identify or recognize, which, alleged that they were conducting a petitioning in behalf of a children's institution, which would be fraudulent. Despite that this situation took place on the day 03 May, we could not relate it with the disappearance of the British minor, nor the description corresponds to the sketch widespread in the media by the press officer of the MCCANN couple, issue that will be addressed next .

From the pp. 140 to 144, it was reported an alleged sighting of the minor, which, after several diligences, was proved, again, to be another child.
A witness, DEREK FLACK, heard at page 200, reported the presence of a suspect, who was allegedly looking at the target apartment, near a white truck, p. 145 and following pages. It was not possible to identify this person, despite having been made a portrait-robot, page 205. However, we believe there are very strong possibilities of being construction workers – who were there making small works - a gardener (p. 973), or BARRINGTON NORTON (p. 833), inquired at page 704. The latter is a regular of Praia da Luz, engaged in the activity of musician on the streets of the town. Nothing was found relevant to the investigation.

From the pp. 161 to 197, NUNO JESUS, reported a situation connected with his daughter, with clear similarities with Madeleine, which was the victim of an alleged attempt to kidnap (qualified by himself) by a Polish couple, whose registration of the hire car and used in national territory, he provided to the police. They were approached when going back to their native country, nothing was detected that could incriminate them, pages 214 to 216. The car and the place where they had enjoyed their holidays was analysed in a laboratory, but once again without incriminating results

It was near the report at page 148, where it's described the approach door-to door taken in 443 houses, all of them in Praia da Luz, which is demonstrative of the gigantic work that would be carried out. En fait ici. Such approach included the physical entrance, with the agreement of the inhabitants, in many just to verify completely the eventual presence of traces of the minor disappeared.
LANCE PURSE, inquired at page 208, did equally a sketch of an individual, page 210, which possessed similar characteristics similar to the one related by another witness, who also didn't identify himself.

At pages 211-212, it is reported another occurrence relative to an individual referenced for sexual abuse of minors, who, after the approach of the same, nothing of relevance was brought to the present investigation.
Mutatis mutandis", concerning a guest from the female gender, who revealed a odd behaviour, but with no vector of correlation to the disappearance of MADELEINE MCCANN.
At page 220 the hearings of the resort employees started, from there nothing resulted as being relevant or useful for the investigation at course. From the hearings there were no elements collected which allowed to follow any line of investigation.

p. 21
Inquired employees: ----- 

Huge list of names
The baby sitters that talked to the media in previous interviews are on the list.

Also several G.N.R. Military, belonging to various areas, patrols and binomials (sic) were heard in declarations - list of names
In the path of the diligences of localization, it was requested the entry registrar of the Marina de Lagos, place who does not have a system to collect images, usually called by CCTV, page 290.
p. 27
Information was also collected that the road known as A22, usually known as “Via Infante de Sagres”, does not have images available either, to match the period of time that would be of interest.
Diligences were carried out to try to locate and discover the routines of individuals that are related to criminal practices of a sexual nature, pages 293-300, 448-451, 452-453; nothing was discovered that could be characterized as relevant. 

Ces pages ont été supprimées à la demande des autorités britanniques.

From pages 309 to 311, and because it could be important, we mentioned the only register of a repair that was carried out in the apartment that was used by the MCCANN family, without major relevance. (réparation du volet de la chambre sud, détérioré par une mauvaise manipulation, malgré mise en garde, de Gerald MC, selon Kate MC).

The situation concerning the first suspect, ROBERT MURAT, will now be approached, thus following a line of the succession of the facts, without prejudice of returning to the description of occurrences further ahead.

A few days after the facts took place, suspicions were raised concerning an individual that resides approximately 100/150 metres away from apartment 5A, identified as ROBERT JAMES QUERIOL EVELEIGH MURAT.

These suspicions arose initially due to the formulation by a British journalist, who found the special commitment and curiosity of MURAT in this case to be strange, which had reminded her of another [case] that had taken place in the United Kingdom with similar outlines and where the guilty persons had actively participated in searches.
The reasons for said suspicion are duly listed within the information that is contained in the process, on pages 308, 328, 442, 461, 957, 960, 961 and 986 to 1000, being certain that they ended up being reinforced, some time later, by elements of the holiday group that asserted, contrary to what MURAT said, that he had participated in the searches on the evening of the disappearance.

In an initial phase, before the investigation was deepened, this individual gathered the conditions to be pointed out as a suspect. The conditions that are intrinsical to his suspect status, can be analysed, as stated before, on the routine reports that were mentioned above.
In order to confirm or dismiss the suspicions about ROBERT MURAT, searches and telephone surveillance were requested, pages 995 to 1013, both on the suspect and on the individuals with whom he directly or indirectly interacted, namely with who he met almost daily and maintained telephone contacts.

Despite the exhaustive and methodical investigation into MURAT and the persons close to him, no elements whatsoever were collected to relate him to the crime that was under investigation, and it should be noted that contrary to what witnesses within the group stated concerning his hypothetical participation in the searches on the night of the disappearance, other witnesses (like SILVIA BAPTISTA and elements of the GNR) asserted that they had not seen him during those diligences.
p. 29
Beyond the communication interceptions and forensic exams of the computers belonging to them, which pointed to nothing useful, several searches were also performed in the suspect’s home, as mentioned earlier, with cino-technical assistance and exploration of the subsoil, both physically and by technological detection means, which also did not allow for the collection of exact evidence.

Be aware that, in relation to the utilization of very advanced technological means, in the area of the detection of strange bodies in the subsoil or enclosed [walled in], these were performed specifically by technicians from Aveiro University, using equipment that allowed a detailed search of the area.
This [research] continued in the same way in relationship to all the vehicles of the group, with no results.

The homes and vehicles were examined in great detail by the Scientific Police Laboratory, without finding any relevant vestiges.
The analyses of the telephone and electronic communications (reports in appendix II) and the resultant correlation, had the same results.
In the interrogation headquarters, the suspect denied any involvement with the process. The interviews with all the elements, with personal and professional relationships with ROBERT MURAT, also did not deliver anything of value as evidence.

In truth, in the unfolding of the searches, several objects were apprehended, for later analysis, without having obtained any incriminating evidence, which you can better observe in Volume V of the documentation, where the processual pieces related to the searches are found.

Returning to the sequence of information which has some relevance related to finding the minor, there came forth information about the presence of a sack [bag] near a cliff in Ponta da Piedade, Lagos, pages 316 to 327, whose contents revealed nothing of importance.
Page 463, reveals information related to an individual who spoke in Castellean, whose involvement was not able to be discovered.
Pages 524 to 531, 740 to 749, provide information about supposed sightings of the minor, all of them disparate amongst themselves.

On page 800, the interview with TASMIN MILBURN SILENCE is presented, who saw on two occasions and on several other days, an individual observing the apartment from which MADELEINE disappeared. A photo-fit was created based on the witness' indications . . . diligences were performed which led to the identification of MICHAEL ANTHONY GREEN, who was the target of diverse diligences without incriminatory results, pages 632 to 726 of Volume III, Appendix VI. Beyond this individual, there were other diligences performed at this level, also without useful results for the investigation, as is explained throughout Appendix VI.
p. 31
Still on Appendix VI, pages 504 and in the following, it was investigated a situation relative to two individuals, NEIL BERRY and RAJINDER BALU (complementary inquests requested in the letter rogatory), specifically relative with the first one, whose information was crossed with the above aforementioned witness, TASMIN SILENCE, namely to what concerns the photo-fit, having this one made clear that it was not that same individual.

This occurrence was targeted due to an information given by an employee of the resort, pages 504-505 of the Appendix VI, where a somewhat peculiar situation was reported, supposedly to do with NEIL BERRY. However, in spite of the diligences done, inclusive in the letter rogatory, nothing was established that connected him to the disappearance of the British child. 

Pages introuvables, manquantes ?

At the pages 801 and the following, an information was worked relative to a sighting done by a professional taxi driver.
Also relative to the individuals who do this type of professional work and who have their headquarters in Praia da Luz, page 818, we talked with them but nothing of relevant for the process was determined.
At the pages 820 to 822, an information from the maritime police was added, creating several diligences, however had no results.

From the page 825 to 830, we added a report of the G.N.R. police action. Nothing of pertinent value was deducted.
For the analyses and dismissal of eventual relevant situations, cellular traffic reports were requested in the places considered of higher interest, page 823, relatively to the days 2, 3 and 4th of May of 2007, and that was object of a highly detailed analytical report (see Appendix II), though without criminal conclusions.

At page 835, a report of a diligence done in a gipsy camp was done, nothing useful was gathered.
At page 848 and following and from pages 856 to 857 a synopsis of the interrogations done to the resort employees was made.
At page 859, it’s related a situation eventually suspicious which leads to nothing of interest for the process.

At page 868, an occurrence is reported (about a couple who had an argument, where is mentioned the disappearance of a child), after investigation this did not lead to relevant elements.
From page 870 to 883, it was done the reconstitution of the places outside the nursery, where the British child and her nanny went.
At page 884 and the following, it was added the lophoscopy [study of fingerprints] report where only finger traces of KATE HEALY were found, namely on the window’s frame who would have been opened at the time of the disappearance, and at page 967, another report describing the same type of exam, this time without any match, though the diffusion done at an International and national level, page 1470. Later on we verified that that trace wasn’t of author (sic), page 1480

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