Grâce à la liberté dans les communications, des groupes d’hommes de même nature pourront se réunir et fonder des communautés. Les nations seront dépassées.
Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

17 - MAI 01 - CMTV O Enigma

24 Days after Maddie's disappearance the Mccann rents a car. This car is now subject to the dogs' work.
Eddie marks the corpse odor at the bottom of the driver's door, the car key and the trunk. Kella sniffs blood on the key and the boot of the rented car
Gonçalo  Amaral : and it is in that car that in the luggage compartment, body fluids are found. In the key was the father of the child blood and in the trunk of the car bodily fluids as if they had drained to the side of the tire, and hair that the laboratory says has the coloration of Madeleine McCann's hair.

Female reporter : When do you know this car is rented and when do you start to get interested in the car?
They end up leaving here from abroad and the car stays here and was used by other people in the family. They were very comfortable
GA : In a first preliminary report coming from the laboratory says that they (DNA samples) were of the missing child but later in the final report everything disappears. They say that DNA was built, that could be built by me, by you, by your colleague, could be built by everyone and give the DNA of Madeleine McCann in the end, they said it was a very common thing that could happen.
FR : But PJ made sure that the exams were done in England.GA : We did not want our labs here to be called into question and to say that we had manipulated the results here. Even so, the results were manipulated. Of this we have no doubt!
FR : The hairs, until today…GA : Although these hairs have no root, it is possible for some laboratories to find out the DNA of who belonged to those hairs and it can be said later that those hairs were even of the missing child but that there was contamination through her clothes but what is strange Is that what appears there are bodily fluids related to the missing child and are the hair related to the missing child. It is not the hair of the father or the mother or the brothers. The color says is that it's hers.

FR : then we also have a cadaver odor on pieces, there is a search done at the house.GA : Yes, there is a search made to the house that were inhabiting, the clothes were collected and the dog marks a cadaver odor on the mother's clothing and the teddy that the mother always walked with , which was the teddy from the child that disappeared.

Female narrator : In this line of investigation do you believe that maddie's body has been frozen.
GA : Notice if the car was rented months later. If a death occurs long before, so that there were body fluids as if they had drained there the body when it was placed in that luggage had come from a place where it was frozen. Because otherwise the body was mummified, dry, rotten but would not leave these fluids.

FR : The only explanation could be the freezing?GA : Most likely freezing.

FR : But to freeze, the girl was 3 years old ...GA : Having a refrigerator is enough

FN : And this is where the mystery apartment comes up.
GA : At the time there was information that they would go many nights to an apartment that would be located near the cemetery here on PDL and then in October, we knew this information, we were trying to find out what the apartment would be..
FR : once the child has disappearedGA : Yes, after the child disappeared and so it was one of the paths that was being investigated. Another (line of investigation) was the rogatory letter for use of the dogs in the clothes of the friends, in the luggage of the friends but this was not authorized.
FR : Dogs went to each other's apartments.GA : They went to other apartments here too.
FR : You always placed on the table an accident scene followed by hiding of corpse.GA : This was always the most diplomatic hypothesis, not wanting to get too far into another type of scenario but moving on to a scenario of something happened, a death happened there. Let's go over here, then we'll see what will appear later because there's a moment when the child's father is out here talking to his friend and it's hypothesized that she woke up and tried to reach the window to talk to The father and may have fallen. This is the hypothesis that is put of the accident that is only and only in this chapter a mere speculation.
Then there are more concrete facts like the use of the capol and what effects it may have had or not.We have no doubt that those children were put to sleep with this type of medicine.
What has happened because of this, I do not know if it's late to find out but it's a line of research that has to be followed.

Subtitles: When did you know that the police had discovered blood in the apartment how do you reacted?
FR : But is there another line that can be followed, that of homicide? Can not be dismiss?GA : The public ministry even speaks of homicide, of me you never heard of homicide and will never hear.

FR : You have a strong conviction that was not ...GA : It is not a matter of having convictions, the indications that I have looked at them and the report that makes the context of the suspicions of the police is this: That here has occurred a death, in principle, accidental and nothing more than this, followed by a corpse concealment. The rest is a line of inquiry that has to be continued.

Female narrator : these were the convictions of Portuguese and English researchers in September 2007.

Questions about David Payne
Female narrator : And inside this apartment, on the afternoon of May 3, 2007 David Payne would have been around 6:30 in the afternoon.
He says he went to see if Kate needed help with the children. The friend claims to have seen Maddie Mccann at 06:30 p.m. here with her mother and the twins.
David Payne one of the friends who was vacationing with the Mccann couple is the big enigmatic figure in this investigation

GA : David Payne comes here to help the child's mother to give them bath, but when he arrived here they had already showered. Some say he took 30 minutes ..

Female reporter : Who says?
GA : The father of the child (Gerry). David says it only took 30 seconds. It was hard to hear him in statements. It was in England and was not in the presence of the Portuguese police, he says that when he saw the children they were immaculate angels. Speaking in immaculate angels is a little strange. David Payne is the most enigmatic figure in this story. The figures that two years earlier raises suspicions to another couple, because of what he was saying about the child who disappeared

FR : What did he say?
GA : According to the police report made in England ... the person (Gaspar) after having verified what was happening and that David Payne was here, went to the police of free will and says that two years before in Majorca, seated at the table in the Garden, Maddie would have been a year and a half, (David) would have asked the child's father (Gerry) if she did this and touching his nipple and it frightened her and said to her husband: this guy will never gives a bath to my daughters). He (David) had this paranoia, this interest in bathing the children of others..
FR : At that moment how Madeleine's father react?GA : That's in her statements. He Do not have a great reaction, he was not shocked
FR : Do you know of this complaint when?
GA : When I am about to leave the investigation there is a mail coming from England about another kind of subject and in the middle someone put those statements. Someone said this is here look what it is.
FR : That is, was the Portuguese police supposed to never know?GA : Never know

Female reporter: Yet David Payne and Maddie's father were old acquaintances?
GA : They say yes. We could not find out anything

Female reporter: What do you know about David Payne?
GA : We know what I told you before, he was who organized the trips here and the other holidays as well, who had this bathing fetish of the other couples children who accompanied them on vacation. As early as 4th of May, in the morning, there is a British social worker who was nearby who came here to give support, to tell the couple not to talk too much with the media and saw this individual. Shortly after sighting the individual she was kick off literally and in the statements she gives the police is that she knew David Payne of lawsuits in England. She do not know if he was a witness or suspect. This line of inquiry we also never knew the result in England

Female narrator : David Payne is only heard in England.