Grâce à la liberté dans les communications, des groupes d’hommes de même nature pourront se réunir et fonder des communautés. Les nations seront dépassées.
Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

07 - L'alerte - Témoignages indépendants

La ligne de temps est l'élément manquant sans lequel l'affaire MC ne pourra être résolue. Il existe des lignes de temps toutefois, 3 élaborées par les MC et leurs 7 compagnons. Elles ont curieusement constitué la seule référence de la PJ, bien qu'il existe des témoignages indépendants, qui diffèrent.
Ces témoins auraient dû être ré-interrogés. On ne sait pas à quelle heure le chef est revenu au Millenium, par exemple. Aucun des témoignages suivants ne semble avoir été examiné. Il n'y a pas non plus de dépositions de vacanciers présents au Tapas ce soir-là, seulement les Carpenter. La PJ a interrogé les TP9 sur certains hôtes (les Irwing) qui avaient réservé pour 20h30. Aucun TP ne se souvenait d'eux et ils ne semblent pas avoir été interrogés par la PJ. Peut-être l'ont-ils été par le LC qui, ensuite, n'a pas jugé utile de faire suivre.

Témoins de l'alerte indépendants

Stephen Carpenter 
Between approximately a quarter past nine and half past nine, Ocean Club guest Stephen Carpenter and his wife left the Tapas bar to go home: “We walked across the MW reception area, crossed the road and a semi-circular path to return to the apartment, were we put the children to bed and a short while later did the same ourselves. I do not remember seeing or hearing anyone during our return to the apartment. When I crossed the road outside the MW reception I remember there were cars parked, I remember taking some time to see if I could cross the road because there were cars parked to my left and I was carrying I. They were about six metres away from me and I calculate that some (inaudible) metres from the back of Gerry's apartment, I do not remember anything about these cars, it was normal for cars to be parked there and in the morning they were no longer there. My wife mentioned on the following day that she vaguely remembered someone calling “Madeleine, Madeleine”, this was after we had crossed the road from the MW reception and before entering our apartment. She does not remember where the sound came from or whether it was in an urgent tone, not paying any more attention to it and only remembered the following day when we heard about Madeleine's disappearance”.

Arlindo Peleja
Time: 21:20↔21:40
21:20, Executive Chef A.E.G.F.P. heard some clamour, which made him leave toward the restaurant, a few metres away, and was then informed that a child had disappeared. At around 21:40, he left the restaurant passing through the same esplanade where moments before, he had seen the same table occupied by the three couples, empty, who had left in the meanwhile various items, principally clothing. He was told by his colleagues that the child who had disappeared was a child of one of those couples…

Barend Weijdom  
Time: 21:30↔21:40
Property manager BW heard about the news being investigated on the evening of 3rd May at about 21:30 – 21:40 from P.B., a Dutchman and owner of the Atlántico restaurant, who passed by the witness near the Baptista supermarket, in Praia da Luz, and who asked for his help in searching for Madeleine. He then went to the place where the events occurred which was at about 21:45 – 21:50. At this time various local people and MW staff were present. When questioned he said that the police had not yet arrived and that about 5 minutes had passed.
Ricardo Oliveira  (Tapas waiter)
Témoignage 1 When asked, he says that he does not remember whether the parents arrived together or whether they were the first or last to arrive at the table.
When asked, he says that he was one of the waiters who served at the table, but he does not remember whether he served Madeleine's parents.

When asked, he says that on 3rd May  he only remembers that one guest from the table left for about 10 minutes, given that when he was about to serve the respective plate he was told to hold the food back for a few minutes, and that it was about 15 minutes before the guest returned, at about 21.45. He does not remember having seen Madeleine's parents leave the table for short instances, but it is possible that someone could have left the table without the witness having noticed.
Dinner would end at about 21.45, a few minutes later the witness looked at the table and saw that there was nobody there and one of his colleagues told them that all the guests had left the table in a hurry. In any case, he remembers having heard shouts from the direction of Madeleine's parents' apartment.When asked, he says that he does not remember anyone having been absent from the table for a few instants.When asked, he says that he did not notice anything strange in the functioning of the restaurant nor any guest or individual with any strange or abnormal behaviour. After hearing the shouts from the apartment he heard about Madeleine's disappearance.
When asked he says that the place where the table that Madeleine's parents dined at did not have a clear view of the apartment, merely the back of the apartment and it was dark when the events occurred and that there is no lighting plus the fact that there is an opaque plastic windshield around the restaurant.
témoignage 2  
Time: around 21:45
Dinner finished at around 21:45 and some minutes passed where waiter R.A.E.D.L.O. looked towards the table but saw no one—his colleague told him that all the guests of that table left rapidly and abruptly. He remembers having heard shouts in the direction of the McCann apartment.
Jeronimo Salcedas  (barman) 
Time: 21:30 ↔ 22:00
Between 21.30 and 22:00 JS. went over to the table and joked with Dianne Webster: “They've left you alone?” She responded more of less with these words: “No, they went to see if the little girl was there.” I responded that I hoped they would find her somewhere in the apartment. At saying this, I saw the man, who I knew later to be Madeleine's father, running to the pool and to the children's play area in the Tapas zone as if looking for someone. It immediately hit me that after talking to the older woman, that the little girl had not been found. I offered to alert the workers at the Millennium Restaurant and the man agreed. He then left again running to continue searching. I believe that this was between 21:30 and 22:00 but does not remember with certainty.
L'homme courant vers la piscine était Russell ?

Maria Manuela Martins da Silva 
Time: before ←21:58
MS. declares that on the night 03 May 2007, she left the apartment at around 21:58 - she remembers the exact time because she asked her friend the time and she responded after checking this on the telephone in the lounge;….After leaving Block 6, they turned right and after left, passing in front of the block occupied by the McCanns. …States that she looked at the exit of the apartment and that from the flat above the McCanns, she saw light, and also in from of the apartment, but she could not define, concretely, where she saw the light when she passed the McCann apartment…

Helder Luis
Time: 21:30 ↔ 22:00
Receptionist Ocean Club HL was on duty and was contacted by a member of staff from the Tapas Restaurant between 21:30 and 22:00 who informed him that the daughter of some guests who were dining there had disappeared. He immediately contacted the GNR in Lagos, shortly after this the child's father and John Hill arrived at the reception and he phoned the GNR again.
On sait qu'il n'a contacté la GNR qu'à 21:41 et sur la demande du gérant John Hill.

Maria Jose dos Santos Rosa   (Tapas BarMaid)
Time: before ←22:00
Bar chef M.J.d.S.R. heard about it on that night at about 22:00 when an English tourist arrived at the Millennium restaurant to ask whether anyone had seen a lost little girl.
David ?

Svetlana Starikova Vitorino - 08.05.2007 (Kitchen assistant in Tapas Restaurant)
She normally works from 14.30 to 23.00. She remembers that on the day the child disappeared there was some confusion, with some people who left the table after ordering, one of the meals even being sent back, as someone had asked them to delay the meal for a little while.
She doe not know very well for what reason the adults rose from the table, she thinks it concerns the girl's disappearance. She did see that one of the plates was returned almost intact and they were asked to "delay" its cooking for a while, it was a grilled beef steak ordered by a man, whom she cannot identify.
At a certain moment, only an older woman remained at the table. The witness saw afterwards that they were looking for a girl, many people were helping to search.

Ces témoins ont été interrogés d'abord, brièvement, le 4 mai :

 JERONIMO TOMAS RODRIGUES SALCEDAS - bartender: - He saw the missing Madeleine, for the last time, yesterday at 16.45h next to the restaurant;
- He did not notice if from the group of British citizens in number 8 or 9 that yesterday dined in restaurant, someone left during such dinner;
- He saw a walkie talkie on top of the table of the group, like those that are used to monitor noises of children, from a distance;

SVETLANA TARIKOVA VITORINO (Russian citizen) - kitchen assistant:
- Said that, yesterday, one individual, purportedly the father of the missing, left the dinner table where a group of friends (in number 8 or 9), for about 30 minutes. After having returned, a woman whom she believed to be his wife, also left the table, there having passed a few moments, all the guests left the table in question, except one elderly lady, who told her [Svetlana's] colleagues that that child had disappeared.

- He did not know the missing or her parents, he knew only that they were part of a group of British citizens who usually dined there;
- As he works in the kitchen, rarely did he go to the tables, so he saw nothing; he was working (14.30 and 23.00)

JOAQUIM JOSE MOREIRA BATISTA - table employee [waiter].
- Of the group of 8/9 British citizens who dined at the restaurant last night, as usual, of which the parents of missing were part (he didn't know them) he noticed that two individuals left the table, of the male gender.
- The first to leave was about 40/45 years old (tall, skinny, white complexion, with large [a full head of] hair of color gray) and the period of his absence was about 15 minutes, being that they had to [re-]heat his food, which had cooled;
- The second to leave (about 40/45 years of age, having the physical characteristics of the first, but having less bulky hair) did so for about 30 minutes, and that shortly after he returned, all left the table, except for an elderly person, who told him that a child had disappeared, the daughter of a member of the group, due to which he thought that the second person to leave could have been the father of the child;
- Of the times in which this group had dined in that bar someone from the group often left to go to check at the apartments the state of the children who were sleeping there.

JOELSON FABIO SOARES SANTOS L?IO - was contacted in another restaurant of the [Mark Warner] group, The Millenium) - pantry boy
- As he works in the pantry, he never goes to the area where are the tables, so he saw nothing;
- He didn't know the missing or her parents; he remained in service (15:30 and 23:30).

- Of the group of 8/9 British citizens who dined at that restaurant yesterday, like they usually did, which was partly made up of the parents of the missing (he did not know them) he noticed that absent from the table, for about 15 minutes, [was] a man (tall, little more than thirty years of age, normal physical stature, white complexion and hair color light brown);
- It was usual [for] someone of that group, to leave to go to the apartments to check the children (children of the group members) who slept there;
- At the table, he always noticed [saw] the existence [presence] of an intercom;

Ces témoins ont l'air de savoir pourquoi les TP6 se levaient de table de temps à autre, mais ils ont dit ailleurs qu'ils n'en savaient rien, ils l'ont appris probablement avec la disparition.