Grâce à la liberté dans les communications, des groupes d’hommes de même nature pourront se réunir et fonder des communautés. Les nations seront dépassées.
Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

07 - 01>15 JUN - La Presse (3)

01>15 JUIN 2007

Les MC sont à Madrid

Des experts en analyse digitale (téléphonie cellulaire), pas des policiers. 
15 prétendues bévues-clefs qui sont autant de perles. La 5è en dit long : On the morning of May 7, Gerry and Kate McCann issued a televised appeal direct to the abductor. Six hours later, a police chief said at a press conference: "We are not 100 per cent certain she was abducted  
Mais la PJ a cédé aux pressions du clan MC au mois de mai, à la suite d'une vision d'un ami d'ami dans la marinha de Lagos, sans doute pour éviter de mettre les médias en émoi.
I confess: I have not been agonising about Madeleine - Times
Intéressant article :  what if the McCanns hadn’t been white and good-looking? 
L'expert est  Mark Williams-Thomas  
Pointer les parents qui ont laissé leurs enfants sans surveillance.
Children at risk from bad drivers - Bolton News 01-06-07
Andrew's aid for Maddie fund - Linlithgow Gazette 01-06-07
Yarm School pupils backing big Maddie search - Herald & Post (Stockton & Billingham) 01-06-07
Shop staff raise £200 for Maddy - Hexham Courant 01-06-07
Our ribbons for Maddy - Essex Evening Echo 01-06-07
Joining search for missing tot - Bedford Today 01-06-07
Balloons Set Off For Maddie - The Scotsman 01-06-07
Family Fights To Keep M In News Amid Fear public's attention is waning - The Scotsman
The Only Hope is to Keep Maddie in the Public Eye - Daily Record 01-06-07
Madeleine's parents say they are praying she's alive and well - Herald Scotland 01-06-07
Maddie's parents take appeal to Spain - Evening Times (Scotland) 01-06-07
Maddie's parents issue fresh plea - Aberdeen Evening Express 01-06-07
Algarve police use 'psychics' in hunt for Madeleine - Irish Independent 01-06-07  Faux
Parents of missing girl visit Spain to highlight case - Irish Independent 01-06-07
Depressing story of the day - The Spectator 01-06-07
Le déprimant, c'est que la PJ investigue prétendûment des pistes fournies par des médiums
Madeleine's parents want more help - Reuters 01-06-07
Madeleine kidnap dominates local news pages as Mercury raises cash - HoldtheFrontPage
European postal workers join hunt for kidnap victim Madeleine McCann - Personnel Today
Madeleine's Parents To Meet Spanish Interior Minister - Think Spain 01-06-07
Parents Optimistic, Determined to Find Madeleine McCann - ABC 01-06-07
Madeleine McCann Evidence: New Mystery DNA Found in Hotel Room - National Ledger
Parents Take Madeleine Search to Spain - Christian Today 01-06-07

KMC's Diary
FRIDAY, JUNE 1: Quite fed up...I can't stop thinking about Madeleine, about her fear of pain. How can I go on knowing that her life could have ended like this? This week I have been quite overtaken by black thoughts. Please, God, bring her back. Bedtime is becoming more and more of a challenge.
Vie qui s'achève dans la douleur et la peur ? 

GMC's Blog : 
Day 29 - 01/06/2007 - Friday

With the help of the British Embassy (ambassade à Madrid) we had a very busy day. First of all we had a short briefing from the ambassador and her staff. We then had a series of meetings with: multiple non-governmental agencies involved in child welfare, did a TV programme akin to Crimewatch focussing on Madeleine’s disappearance, a press conference which was well attended, a couple of short US news channel interviews with European coverage and finally met with the Spanish Minister for the Interior (Home Secretary equivalent). We left Madrid feeling as if the Spanish were treating Madeleine’s disappearance like one of their own.
Meanwhile in Portugal Phil (
sa soeur Philomena) arrived with thousands of posters in different languages. Most of these have been delivered to the Irish centre at Fatima and more at Lisbon airport. Planning a family day tomorrow. Will weigh up next phase of the search over the weekend.
Évidemment faux.
MCs admit that they have thought the unthinkable about missing Madeleine - Daily Mail
Madeleine: Is Robert Murat a suspect or a scapegoat? - Daily Mail 2.6.07
The dark truth behind our worst nightmares - Guardian 02-06-07
The abduction of MMC has sparked an unprecedented global campaign. Esther Addley reports on the family's desperate efforts to keep her in the headlines - Guardian
Met experts help in the quest for Madeleine - Guardian 02-06-07
'We know what you are living through' - Telegraph 2.6.07
'We pray someone wanted a girl of their own' - Telegraph 2.6.07
Liz hunt on Saturday: Aren't Catholics tolerable? - Telegraph 02-06-07
McCann comment by Times Columnist, Janice Turner - Times 02-06-07
‘I don’t believe humans naturally wallow in the pain of others’ - Times 02-06-07
The week on the web - Times 02-06-07
Mystery DNA found in Madeleine's bedroom - Independent 02-06-07
Madeleine Police Get Test Results - BBC 02-06-07
Epsom Jockeys Wear Ribbons For Madeleine - Sky 02-06-07 n
Bookies Pay Out £50m As Dettori Wins Derby - Sky 02-06-07
'Mystery DNA in girl's bedroom' - Leicester Mercury 02-06-07
Balloons launch - Leicester Mercury 02-06-07
'Don't give up hope' - Leicester Mercury 02-06-07
Bands will keep her in all our thoughts - Leicester Mercury 02-06-07
Centre open to aid search for Madeleine - Yorkshire Evening Post 02-06-07
CD could help police find missing children - Sunderland Echo 02-06-07
Maddie search now a reality TV-style circus - Wales Online 02-06-07
La façon dont les MC ont embrassé la machine publicitaire inquiète le journaliste qui décrit Gerald lisant les communiqués de presse préparés avec la calme assurance d'un homme formé en relations publiques. La plupart des parents seraient probablement sous sédation et loin des projecteurs, des plateaux TV et des voyages à Rome pour voir le pape avec la presse internationale à la remorque. Un des correspondants de la BBC au Vatican a déclaré aux téléspectateurs que les McCann avaient été un peu déçus que le Saint Père n'ait pas mentionné Madeleine dans ses prières publiques. Non en raison d'une chance perdue que le Tout-Puissant soit à l'écoute, mais parce que si le pape l'avait fait, les journaux espagnols et italiens auraient pu l'évoquer dans leurs pages. Il est sûr que la compassion l'animait, mais il n'est pas sûr que le pape, surtout l'intellectuel Benoît XVI, ait été très à l'aise lorsque son doigt a publiquement fait le signe de croix sur la photo de MMC.
La catholicité s'exprime.

KMC's Diary

SATURDAY, JUNE 2: I can't remember today (which is now yesterday!). The morning was spent doing paperwork. I wrote a letter to JK Rowling, asking for her help in keeping M in the public eye. She has a new Harry Potter book which will come out in July. I asked if it would be possible to do something like a bookmark with M on.
An enjoyable afternoon—I never felt so relaxed. I felt it was wrong. S and A had fun and that was important. I also worried about what people might think, like "How can they manage to...?"
It seems that Sean is liking the beach more these days. We had tea in a nearby restaurant—good, despite still thinking that I had to do normal things without feeling guilty. We left around 7.30pm and the kids were completely exhausted.
Fed up again —poor M. Once again it took a long time before S and A were sorted. Finally went to church for 10 minutes.
Private worship (despairing!).
Cried again in bed—I can't avoid it. I need her close to me. Thinking about her fear of pain breaks my heart. Thinking about paedophiles makes me want to tear at my own skin. Of course these people, like psychopaths, aren't "normal" human beings. I was never in favour of the death penalty, but these people should be kept in a secure place. I wouldn't even complain if it was in nice surroundings, but, certainly in the case of paedophiles always distanced from any type of contact with children.
Whose human rights are more important? Those of a paedophile or of a vulnerable, defenceless child?
Les pédophiles sont toujours l'hypothèse numéro un, alors que, paradoxalement les MC espèrent que MMC est bien traitée..

GMC's Blog : 
Day 30 - 02/06/2007 - Saturday
Relatively quiet day. Did manage to respond to some e-mails regarding campaign issues with some excellent ideas coming through. We did visit a local beach with Sean, Amelie and the rest of the family who are here and managed to get a bite to eat. Having a huge number of media requests in but want these to be very focussed in areas that will have clear benefits in the search for Madeleine. We did do a German TV and newspaper interview which will be released tomorrow to increase awareness ahead of our planned visit to Berlin later this week. Most of the Sunday newspapers will carry some of the interview as a British reporter sat in and asked a few more questions related to the campaign strategy.

Mais maintenant ils pensent qu'elle est vivante.
Tot aunt's own secret heartache - News of the World 03-06-07
Perquisitions à Londres, soi-disant à l'instigation de la PJ.
MMC could have been kidnapped in ransom demand that went wrong - Mail on Sunday
Voici deux parents, coincés en enfer, n'ayant même pas droit au confort douteux du deuil...
Ils ne peuvent tourner la page. Ils ne peuvent que générer toujours plus de titres, car ils croient que la fin des titres est la fin de l'espoir.
  La PJ au passage est égratignée comme plus qu'inepte.
Madeleine Parents Need 'One Call' - BBC 03-06-07
[Yellow ribbon] Row 'gives Cameron a bad week' - BBC 03-06-07
McCanns: 'We Stay Until There Is No Hope' - Sky 03-06-07
Madeleine's Parents Mark Tearful Milestone - Sky 03-06-07
McCanns mark painful milestone - ITN 03-06-07
Tears after a month with no Maddy - Metro 03-06-07
Madeleine's father and the hardest birthday of his life - London Evening Standard 03-06-07
Madeleine hunt at month milestone - IC Liverpool 03-06-07
Madeleine paedophile gang theory 'is likely' - The Scotsman 03-06-07
Harry Potter Plan To Help Madeleine Search - The Scotsman 03-06-07
Sorry to bore you, but Maddy is still missing - Irish Independent on Sunday 03-06-07
One series 'Any Dream Will Do' support Missing People - Missing People News
It's 'Maddie' Sunday in the Isle of Man! - 03-06-07
Holidaymakers join Madeleine search - Reuters 03-06-07
Month on, parents still hope for missing Madeleine - Reuters 03-06-07
DNA twist in hunt for Madeleine - 03-06-07

GMC's Blog :
Day 31 - 03/06/2007 - Sunday

Was encouraged to learn of the large volume of information which has come through the Leicester incident room following the appeal. Hopefully the Portuguese police will have had a good response also and we hope to meet with them in the next couple of days for an update. Chris and Les, who travelled over with the huge inflatable banner which has been positioned near the Spanish border, are heading home today. They were very happy that the director of the Algarve tourist board allowed them to put it up in private property owned by them, with thousands of cars passing every hour and seeing Madeleine’s image and details of her disappearance and reward. Sunday papers have reported our interviews virtually verbatim but we are disappointed that the blog was lifted almost in entirety by one newspaper yesterday after expressly forbidding such an approach! The blog is to keep people visiting the website up to date with our progress in the campaign to find Madeleine.

Monday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 04-06-07
Kate McCann supports missing children’s day - Algarve Resident 04-06-07
British spies tap girl call - The Sun 04-06-07
Child's kiss too much for Kate - The Sun 04-06-07
Maddie's Parents to Fly to Berlin - The Sun 04-06-07
Little Girl's Kiss That Made Kate Break Down - Daily Mirror 04-06-07
Girls Stand by Madeleine - Daily Mirror 04-06-07
Courage of the McCanns, by Tony Parsons - Daily Mirror 04-06-07
We'll Sell Our House If We Have To Pay To Get Madeleine Back - Daily Express 04-06-07
Maddie's family to ouit [sic] Britain - Daily Star 04-06-07
When the press plays judge and jury - Guardian 04-06-07
Lorsque Madeleine McCann a disparu en Algarve, on s'est d'abord félicité des dispositions légales portugaises qui, théoriquement, inhibent les reportages de presse. Cependant, les rapaces médiatiques britanniques et internationaux ont submergé les autorités locales. Le journaliste ne sait pas qui conseille la famille McCann, ni quelles sont leurs références, mais il sait que beaucoup de gens auraient, dès le départ, donné presque exactement le conseil contraire. L'illusion que les médias aident n'est souvent que cela: une illusion. 
Les MC n'ont jamais parlé de rançon. En revanche O. Sousa a déclaré que celui qui avait pris l'enfant dans l'objectif d'une rançon pourrait avoir paniqué à cause de l'attention des médias. "Mais qui demanderait de l'argent pour une fillette dont l'image tourne autour la terre ? Un kidnappeur pourrait avoir l'enfant bien caché et pourrait être proche. " 
Hunt for Madeleine takes parents to Germany - Times Online 04-06-07
Madeleine Suspect Gives Second DNA Sample - Sky 04-06-07
'We'll Sell House To Get Madeleine Back' - Sky 04-06-07
Madeleine appeal on Crimewatch TV - Channel 4 04-06-07
Madeleine appeal on Crimewatch TV - Metro 04-06-07
‘Despicable’ fraudster admits Maddy con - Metro 04-06-07
'We'll sell our home to meet any ransom call' - Leicester Mercury 04-06-07
Mother's tears mark - Leicester Mercury 04-06-07
Hundreds buying bands to show support for family - Leicester Mercury 04-06-07
Vigil marks a month since Maddie's disappearance - Liverpool Echo 04-06-07
Maddy cops raid elderly woman's Wandsworth home - Wandsworth Guardian 04-06-07
Maddy's mother breaks down in tears after girl's kiss at service - Yorkshire Post 04-06-07
Maddie Crimewatch appeal - Manchester Evening News 04-06-07
24-hour pool people help Madeleine fund - Bolton News 04-06-07
Torment Takes Toll On Madeleine's Mother - The Scotsman 04-06-07
Little girl's kiss has Kate in tears over Madeleine - Evening Times (Scotland) 04-06-07
'Maddie may have been taken in bungled kidnap' - Aberdeen Evening Express 04-06-07
McCann parents 'still hoping for ransom demand' - Irish Independent 04-06-07
Walk for Maddy - Coleraine Times 04-06-07
The internet has ended the protection of new species' - Press Gazette 04-06-07
Madeleine Suspect Gives Second DNA Sample - Fox 04-06-07
David Beckham, JK Rowling Expected to Join 'Madeleine Day' - Christian Today 04-06-07

GMC's Blog :
Day 32 - 04/06/2007 - Monday

Busier day today with travel arrangements for Berlin and Amsterdam finalised. Leaving tomorrow night and coming back Thurs afternoon. It will be a very busy schedule similar to Madrid. On Thurs night there is a music festival in aid of Madeleine in nearby Lagos which we will be attending. Tonight, we were interviewed for Crimewatch which will be shown on BBC1 tomorrow night. This was a very good opportunity to recap on all the information which is in the public domain and re-emphasise the appeal, especially since the description of a suspect seen carrying a child was released by the Portuguese police after the initial British appeal. As well as some reports from Crimewatch, you may see a picture of me in a green and yellow find Madeleine t-shirt in tomorrow’s paper. The t-shirts were brought over by Phil and later on I thought better about wearing it around the resort she was taken from. I am sure all the people who have chosen to continue their holiday here, rather than take an alternative location, know about Madeleine’s disappearance and don’t need a further reminder.

Départ des MC à Berlin
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Two mums share in heartache - Irish Independent 05-06-07
McCanns take Madeleine search to Germany - Irish Examiner 05-06-07
KMC's Diary
TUESDAY, JUNE 5: Woke up relatively late again, around 7.30am, with a good morning wake-up call from S and A. Adorable!! I just wish it had been all three of them that came into the room. After a shower and breakfast, I took S and A to the Kids' Club. I asked if they could make birthday cards for their Grandma and Gerry—today is his birthday but I had forgotten which is not surprising!
GMC's Blog :
Day 33 - 05/06/2007 - Tuesday

Met with the Portuguese Police today. It is good to talk face to face especially with so much speculation in the media. Kate's parents arrived today to see the kids and us. We managed to spend a couple of hours with them before heading off for Berlin. I had completely forgotten that it is my birthday today, it is anything but a happy one. However Sean and Amelie made me a birthday card on behalf of them and Madeleine and Trisha made a fruit flan. We sang happy birthday and blew the candles out together which Sean and Amelie really enjoyed. They were really happy to see Grandma and Grandad, whom they are used to seeing every few weeks in England. Kate's parents have been a huge help to us, especially since the twins were born, often driving down to Leicestershire for the weekend to help with the kids. This has been really important when I have been on-call at weekends and Kate would have been left looking after the three of them on her own. Trisha would often fly down to help when she had a few days off or when her and Sandy were en route to Cambridge. It makes us feel better knowing that we are leaving Sean and Amelie with very close loved ones whilst we are away on this short trip to appeal for further information and raise awareness of Madeleine’s disappearance. Arrived in Berlin. Another busy programme tomorrow with TV, press, and politicians to see and then straight on to Amsterdam for more of the same. It all helps in the search for Madeleine.

Évocation de la fameuse question de Sabina Müller sur l'implication des MC dans la  disparition. Exhibition du pyjama porté par MMC... Mais c'est celui d'Amelie.

Wednesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 06-06-07
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Madeleine's parents deny any involvement in her disappearance - Herald Scotland 6.6.07
How could anybody say we're suspects? - Evening Times (Scotland) 06-06-07
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McCanns defend their high-profile campaign - Reuters 06-06-07
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Madeleine: eyes on Germany - IOL 06-06-07

GMC's Blog :
Day 34 -06/06/2007 - Wednesday

Today seemed to go very well with huge interest in our search for Madeleine. There has also been a little bit of criticism in the German press about the amount of media coverage but this did not seem to diminish the level of interest. The German interviewers are a little more direct with their questions but I was still surprised by the question as to whether Kate and I may be involved in Madeleine’s abduction!
Qu'en termes euphémiques ces choses-là sont dites !
Hopefully our answers removed any doubt on that score and that our sole focus in all of the family campaigning is to get Madeleine back. After the media we met with a couple of politicians in private. Firstly, we saw the deputy justice minister for Germany who gave us reassurances regarding the investigation. Following this we met the Mayor of Berlin who is a very powerful and charismatic politician. He asked us what he could do for us and following this meeting asked German tourists who were in the Algarve around the time of Madeleine’s abduction to come forward. He is very popular and such public backing should help our appeal. We had to delay our onward flight to Amsterdam because of some information received by the police, which we needed to be consulted on. We diverted to the embassy in Berlin but it turned out to be nothing of interest. We unfortunately had to miss 2 TV programmes as we arrived in Amsterdam 3 hours late, very tired and emotionally drained.
La sortie de la journaliste les a évidemment secoués. On remarque que le "malheureusement" n'est pas appliqué à une information provenant de la police qui s'est révélée sans intérêt.
We did manage to catch up with a few friends briefly who we know from the year we lived in Amsterdam. They have been actively campaigning here on our behalf with poster distribution, contacting media and liaising with companies to get advertising space for large posters of Madeleine.

De retour au Portugal
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Madeleine: 'We are not suspects' - IOL 07-06-07

KMC's Diary

THURSDAY, JUNE 7: The Press conference went well. People are always asking how we are managing to cope, how we can manage to run a campaign, as if we are strange because we are able to appear calm and controlled and aren't going under all the time. They know so little. Nobody should judge or criticise because, unless they have already been in this situation, they have NO IDEA how they would be and certainly NO IDEA how painful it is. NO IDEA AT ALL. I love you so much Madeleine xxxx
I can't bear this. I can't bear being without Madeleine. It's like torture—a slow, painful death. I hope her suffering, if she is suffering, is much less. Please God.
GMC's Blog :
Day 35 - 07/06/2007 -Thursday
The press conference, meetings and appeal on TV today in Amsterdam all seemed to go well. I doubt there are many people left in Europe who do not know of Madeleine’s disappearance and hopefully everyone who has information will have come forward to the police.
Pourquoi ne mettent-ils pas un terme à ce type de campagne alors ?
Today was particularly difficult for Kate and I because of the year we spent in Amsterdam with Madeleine. We have many friends still there and could never have imagined coming back without her in such dreadful circumstances. Afterwards we caught with a friend of mine who was attending a medical conference in Amsterdam and a friend who helps run a playgroup that we attended. We arrived back in Portugal and managed to spend some time with Sean and Amelie. We then drove to the concert in Lagos in aid of Madeleine, which is the first large public event in Portugal that I know of supporting the campaign. It was interesting mix of jazz, blues, orchestra and rap! We were presented with a painting with green and yellow hands from a class of schoolkids- hands of hope. There was a short speech and Kate thanked the local community for their support. The amount of media coverage Madeleine’s disappearance has received is phenomenal. After Morocco we will have to take stock and decide on our best strategy. I am not convinced going to other European countries and holding meetings similar to Berlin and Amsterdam will help. 
Ils feront sans doute bien !


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GMC's Blog :
Day 36 - 08/06/2007 - Friday
Quieter day today. This was a good chance to catch up with campaign e-mails and phone calls after the trips to Berlin and Amsterdam. At lunchtime we went to the release of 1000 yellow balloons at the beach carrying cards with Madeleine’s picture on it and information in 5 different languages including arabic. There were similar launches in Manchester and Madrid. The event was organised by the Sun who, like almost all of the media, have been incredibly supportive. I told Nick, the Sun journalist, that we are happy to support all strategies which increase the chances of finding Madeleine. Later in the afternoon we went down to the beach and had dinner in one of the restaurants which Sean and Amelie really enjoyed. Sean, in particular has acquired a taste for sea-bass! Kate and I did a short interview for BBC East Midlands to thank everyone for their support and it is likely that this will be shown around most of the regions, certainly Northwest and BBC Scotland. Kate and most of the family headed down to the church for the regular Friday night vigil but I was just too shattered. Tomorrow will largely be a family day although I am not sure what we will be doing yet.

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GMC's Blog : 
Day 37 - 09/06/2007 - Saturday
Kate and I had a slightly busier day on the media front than expected. We did a short press interview for the Irish Sunday papers, mainly to thank the Irish for their fantastic level of support. We followed that with one for the British Sundays which is likely to be the last one we do for a while. We talked about our pain of not having having Madeleine for such a long time and for our need to grieve, which occurs mainly in private. We also talked about how after Morocco we will have to spend some time reflecting both emotionally, and also how best the campaign can be taken forward. What we want to ensure is that the campaign has a psoitive effect on finding Madeleine.
After this we headed down to Sagres which is the very most southwestern tip of Portugal. There is a very nice beach and we had lunch with the family.
After returning from the beach we did the Irish version of Crimewatch-‘Crimecall’. There are a lot of Irish tourists in and around Praia da Luz and although the awareness of Madeleine’s disappearance in Ireland is extremely high, we want to ensure that everyone is aware of the appeal and we want the Irish public to come forward with photographs of people who they do not know who were in and around Praia da Luz in the 2 weeks leading up to the 3rd May. The address to upload photographs is . We have also asked for people to contact their local police if they have seen a man matching the description of the suspect carrying a child seen around the time of Madeleine’s abduction. He is 30-40 years, 1.70-1.80m (5’7”-11”), caucasian and was wearing a dark jacket, beige or mustard coloured trousers with dark shoes. No major news on the investigation front- we still believe it is just a single phone call away. 
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GMC's Blog :
Day 38- 10/06/2007 - Sunday

We attended mass this morning and the Bishop had sent a very nice message that he and everyone else was praying for Madeleine. He also said that our attitude in this time of adversity was an example for others. Contrary to some of the headlines in the Sunday papers the campaign to find Madeleine will not ease up. Kate’s and my role will be different after Morocco compared to the last 3 weeks. As I said earlier we will reflect on the investigation, what the campaign has achieved and where we will be best directed. We will be less evident in the media, at least for a few days, unless there is a breakthrough in the investigation. First of all we have Morocco. We drove up to Lisbon late this afternoon to catch a flight to Casablanca where embassy officials will meet us. We were surprised to learn that a 20 seat propeller plane was sent instead of the larger aircraft. Luckily Kate, Clarence and I got squeezed on although we were certainly rather apprehensive about flying on such an aircraft- it reminded us of some of the internal flights we took in New Zealand in the mid 90’s. The meeting in Rabat will follow a similar itinerary as to the European visits. We will meet with the ambassador and his staff, two children’s charities, the interior minister and possibly the chief of police. We will do two interviews for the main TV stations and the press conference will be last. I am sure we will be asked about the Marrakech sighting which has been extensively reported in the press. I should be able to get some more details of this from ITV, who interviewed the witness, and hopefully the justice minister to find out what enquiries were made by the local police.

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GMC's Blog :
Day 39 -11/06/2007 - Monday
We spent the day in Rabat meeting 3 child welfare groups, the minister for interior and the chief of police. We had little knowledge of Morocco before coming here and have learned what a family orientated and child loving society it is. Everyone has been incredibly sympathetic and said they will do everything to help us find Madeleine. As well as the meetings there was a very touching experience outside the National Observatory for Chidren's Rights. As we pulled up in the car there were about 150 children waving posters of Madeleine with the words above and below a picture of her:
'All Moroccan Children Are With You Madeleine- Madeleine: Back Home'. They were singing and cheering Madeleine's name and shouting 'coeur', Heart. This whole experience was uplifting and enlightening at the same time in that we had no concept that so many children in Morocco would know of Madeleine and also be internet- friendly. It is just as likely that a child will spot Madeleine and alert a responsible adult. The whole world really has changed and is a lot smaller in this computer age. If Madeleine is in Morocco we have no doubt that she will be found.
We did a couple of interviews for ITV and Sky and followed up our Newspaper interviews focussing on a change in the phase of the campaign. We confirmed that there will be a period of reflection before we decide on what is the best role for Kate and I. The campaign and the search for Madeleine will continue and with everyone's help we will find her. So please stay with us.

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GMC's Blog :
Day 39 -12/06/2007- Tuesday
We finished off our trip to Morocco with a private visit to the minister for religious affairs this morning. He is an academic, senior cleric and adviser to the King of Morocco. We explained to him that although we are Roman Catholic we have received messages of support and prayers from all religious groups. Leicester, where we live, is extremely diverse culturally with a large proportion of Muslims and there were prayers for Madeline throughout Leicester on Sunday. We asked the minister if prayers could be said for Madeleine and other missing children in Morocco. He told us that people were praying for her and again emphasised that if Madeleine is in Morocco they would find her. En route to the airport a lorry had overturned blocking the exit from the motorway. The Moroccan people dealt with this in a very calm and relaxed manner, which we have found is a very engaging aspect of their character. Arriving back in Praia da Luz it was great to see Sean and Amelie. I think they were happy to see us although have been very well looked after as usual. We have no more trips planned for the immediate future and will spend the next few days taking stock. Tonight we have also gone to the church for prayers, as it is now 40 days and nights since Madeleine was abducted. No child or parent should have to endure his experience and we prayed that she would be found safe and well.

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GMC's Blog :  
Day 40 - 13/06/2007 - Wednesday
Met with Portuguese and British police today to get an update on the investigation. We were reassured that information continues to come in, and we continue to pray for a breakthrough.
We were extremely disappointed in the publication of the anonymous letter in The Telegraaf (Netherlands) claiming to know where Madeleine is buried. Although all information will be taken seriously, we were very upset that the credibility of this letter had not been examined and, more importantly, published before the Portuguese police had an opportunity to investigate the claim, and search the area if appropriate without massive media attention. We feel strongly that this was an irresponsible piece of journalism and even if it were true is insensitive and cruel.
One can imagine how upsetting it is for Kate and I to hear of such claims through the media and if every piece of information was published like this there would be nothing else in the newspapers.

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GMC's Blog : 
Day 41 - 14/06/2007 - Thursday
Six weeks since Madeleine disappeared. We believe Madeleine is alive and I am glad to say that following yesterday's letter in the Telegraaf (Netherlands) there has been no evidence that Madeleine is in the area indicated although there will be further searches tomorrow.
Kate and I picked up a friend from Faro airport who has been
instrumental in helping with the campaign. He has been fantastic, producing the DVD of Madeleine to ‘Don’t you forget about me’ which has been shown at many sporting events and concerts as well as producing the look for maddie logo and various posters.
We spent most of the day updating each other and discussing future campaign ideas. We are getting closer to appointing a campaign manager who will handle media liaison and coordinating events to keep Madeleine’s disappearance highly visible

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GMC's Blog 
Day 42 - 15/06/2007 - Friday

The good news today is that the search in response to the letter in the Telegraaf did not find evidence of Madeleine.
C'est quand même une drôle de phrase. Ils cherchent leur enfant disparue et tout ce qu'ils trouvent à dire est que le fait de ne pas avoir trouvé d'indice est une bonne nouvelle !
We still believe that Madeleine is alive. We have made some real progress deciding on campaign strategy. There is a huge amount of goodwill from people who want to help us find Madeleine and we have some concrete offers of support and are trying to finalise details before releasing them.Tomorrow will be a family day.