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17 - APR 29 - Procureur Général (opinion)

Diário de Notícias - 29.04.2017
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"The big obstacle " to solve Maddie's case was the fact that "there were no clues ," says Pinto Monteiro. Former Attorney General Pinto Monteiro highlighted the day of the child's disappearance and the filing of the case due to a lack of "irrefutable evidence" to validate the indicia brought by the investigation.
The most striking events may have been the day on which Madeleine's disappearance was known and the day the case had to be filed because there was no irrefutable evidence pointing to any of the leads that had been investigated.
said Fernando Pinto Monteiro in a written interview with the Lusa agency about the 10-year anniversary of Madeleine McCann, then three years old, in Praia da Luz, Algarve. In the opinion of the former PGR,
the great obstacle to solve the case was the fact that there were no clues that would lead to the discovery of what happened to Madeleine, even though the appropriate and necessary inquiries were then carried out.
He argued, however, that it is always possible to continue the investigation, noting that in the filing order (July 21, 2008) he stated that the investigation would be reopened if new, credible and relevant facts arose.
Il admet donc implicitement que l'enquête est rouverte formellement et qu'aucune investigation n'est en cours...
It is true that in this type of crime the early hours and even the first days are often decisive, but it is also true that complex cases have been solved over the years. It is essential that new elements emerge that clarify what it was not known then.
Although ten years later it is still unknown what happened to Maddie McCann, on May 03, 2007, Pinto Monteiro understands that this is not a "stone in the shoe" of Portuguese judicial authorities.
Thousands of children and adolescents are disappearing every year around the world, and many of these disappearances are due to criminal activity and many of them are never solved. If each case created 'stones in the shoe', judicial authorities and police would be full of 'boulders'.
Pinto Monteiro, who led the Public Prosecution Service from 2006 to 2012, acknowledged that the 'Maddie case' was the most media exposed of all cases that occurred during his tenure as Attorney General.
And that's because it had an almost planetary dimension. The excessive mediatism always undermines the investigations and sometimes creates among the citizens misconceptions and not conforming to reality.
Regarding the involvement of the British Government in the case and the presence of British police in the Algarve, Pinto Monteiro assured that no diplomatic pressure was given to the Attorney General during the investigation and that collaboration and cooperation between Criminal police were secured.

The British girl disappeared while sleeping, along with the twin brothers (younger), in the room of a holiday apartment. "Tandis qu'elle dormait" ? Après tout aucune preuve de cela n'a été apportée..
The PJ came to constitute as an arguido the British Robert Murat, who lived near the Ocean Club and who had participated in the searches and was interpreter of GNR and PJ. In early August 2007, after many events , the British police, with the help of cadaver and csi dogs , went into action at the scene of the disappearance, looking for blood and odors from the girl's corpse. 
Non, les chiens cherchent les odeurs qu'ils ont été dressés à détecter, ils ne cherchent pas l'odeur d'une personne en particulier, au reste la singularité de l'odeur de l'être humain cesse lorsqu'il meurt. La mort est la grande pourvoyeuse d'égalité.

In September of that year, Maddie's parents, both doctors, were questioned in the PJ of Portimão and constituted arguidos . On July 21, 2008, the Public Prosecutor's Office decided to close the investigation and remove the arguido status from the McCanns, stating that the case could be reopened if "new evidence" arose.
Les procureurs en charge du dossier ne pouvaient faire autrement que de classer celui. Ils avaient tenté de mettre sur pied une reconstitution pour relancer l'enquête, mais les protagonistes se sont refusés à collaborer.
Currently, the PJ is still investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, and the deputy director of the Judiciary Police has admitted that it is "a unique case in the history of the PJ and the country." "The case is still open" and the investigation was handed over to a team from PJ do Porto, Pedro do Carmo said in an interview with Lusa.
Pinto Monteiro also considers important "that hope exists that the case will be solved for those who are more concerned by the disappearance"
"As a father and a magistrate I would be very happy that this happened," he confessed.