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Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

12 - MAI 02 - 195 pistes révélées

EXCLUSIVE - 195 Leads revealed

An independent investigation team consisting of an undisclosed number of case file analysts and interpreters, working for a pat on the back, have compiled what must surely be resembling much of the as yet undisclosed list of 195 leads painstakingly produced from a mass of evidence by the Scotland Yard investigation team.

After a careful review of all the evidence from the Portuguese police files and of course omitting spurious sightings, reports from mediums and clairvoyants, we finally came to the same conclusion as the highly paid SY team in that there is a 110% probability that Madeleine is either dead or alive, each possibility ranging around the 50% marker. We can also confirm that the theory of the parents' involvement is as much a conspiracy theory as the following list. We are convinced that the person who took Madeleine from the apartment, as seen by an Irish family of 7, is a criminal and should be treated as such. ASAP!

We therefore demand that the Portuguese plods pick up the investigation again where they dropped it in 2008 and start to investigate each of the 195 leads as regards to their possible significance. Or else campaigns will be started to urge people to refrain from ever listening to Fado again.


1 cadaver dog alerting behind sofa
2 blood dog alerting behind sofa
3 matter found behind sofa containing DNA
4 DNA re 3 All five markers found are 100% compatible with Madeleine's DNA profile
5 cadaver dog alerting to hired car
6 blood dog alerting to hired car
7 matter found in hired car containing DNA
8 DNA re 7 Fifteen of the markers are 100% compatible with Madeleine's DNA profile
9 cadaver dog alerting in parent's bedroom near wardrobe
10 cadaver dog alerting in flowerbed
11 cadaver dog alerting at carkey
12 cadaver dog alerting at white top belonging to mother
13 cadaver dog alerting at checkered trousers of mother
14 cadaver dog alerting at red t-shirt with planes motive
15 cadaver dog alerting at cuddle cat
16 blood dog alerting to car key
17 neither cadaver dog nor blood dog alerting at ANY other apartment or car


18 The shutters were not "jemmied" or forced open, as claimed by the parents
19 No signs of forced entry anywhere else in the apartment
20 No physical evidence of anyone having entered or left via the window
21 No lichen disturbance on the window sill
22 No fibres
23 No finger prints of an abductor on either window
24 No footprints on the bed
25 Only finger prints on the window are those of Kate
26 Changing statements as to the state of the curtains - opened/closed
27 Only a minute "window of opportunity" between Gerry seeing the shutter still closed and Jane spotting the abductor. A couple of minutes for opening the shutters, window and curtain, taking Madeleine, leaving the apartment, crossing the carpark and walking towards the street where he was seen.
28 Gerry changed his statement re point of entry at 21:04 from front door to patio door
29 Gerry claims Kate entered 5A through front door with key, Kate says patio door
30 Gerry changes his statement from Matt having seen closed shutters to Matt being unsure about the state of the shutters


31 A family of 7 encounter a man carrying a child while going home from a pub at 22:00 on May 3rd.
32 The child is of Madeleine's age and height and resembles Madeleine
33 The man is of the same height, has the same hair and general appearance of Gerry McCann
34 Mr Smith is 60-80 % certain that the person they saw was Gerry McCann
35 Aoife Smith describes the pants of the man as having buttons as ornaments
36 Gerry McCann is photographed once as owning such pants
37 The time of the encounter is the exact same time as the alleged detection of the disappearance although latter is not corroborated by independent witnesses
38 The sighting - although reported once in an irish paper - is never picked up by british media or the McCanns although it would have been the best confirmation for an abduction.
39 Only two years later the Smith sighting becomes part of their "documentary" although the key points get changed to fit the Tanner sighting
40 Pressure put on the PJ to highlight the Tanner sighting came at exactly the same time as the Smith family were being brought back to Portugal to go over the sighting in more detail
41 The sighting was in a different part of town from the Tanner sighting
42 The carrying style was completely different to that of the Tanner sighting
43 The man was heading in a completely different direction from the Tanner sighting
44 There was a time difference of 45 minutes between both sightings
45 Goncalo Amaral was removed from the case just when he tried to get the Smiths to Portugal again
46 Brian Kennedy contacted the Smiths to get them to take part in creating a photofit.
47 No innocent person ever came forward regarding the sighting
48 The child was carried without a blanket despite the cold night


49 Regarding the sighting by Jane Tanner of the abductor none of the scent tracking dogs followed the trail indicated by Jane, but different routes
50 Jeremy Wilkins (independent witness) failed to spot the abductor, despite being only yards away, while chatting to Gerry
51 Jeremy Wilkins (independent witness) failed to see Jane Tanner walking by, despite being on the same narrow sidewalk at the same time
52 Gerry McCann failed to spot the abductor, despite being only yards away, while chatting to Jeremy
53 Gerry contradicted Jeremy by stating that their chat was on the opposite side of and about 30 yards down the road from that as described, and drawn on a map, by Mr Wilkins
54 Gerry also contradicted Tanner, by stating that his chat with Jeremy was on the opposite side of and about 30 yards down the road from that mentioned by Jane
55 Jane failed to spot the open window and shutters at Madeleine's bedroom while walking to her apartment at ~21.15
56 Jane failed to spot the open window and shutters at Madeleine's bedroom while walking from her apartment at ~21.20
57 Jane never bumped into Jeremy Wilkins (who had walked back to his apartment after the chat with Gerry) while walking back from her apartment at ~21.20
58 Russell O'Brien failed to spot the open window and shutters at Madeleine's bedroom while walking to his apartment at ~21.30
59 Matthew Oldfield failed to spot the open window and shutters at Madeleine's bedroom while walking to his apartment, which was right next door, at ~21.30
60 Matthew failed to spot the open window and shutters at Madeleine's bedroom while walking back from his apartment back to check on the McCann children
61 Matthew failed to spot the open window and shutters while checking on Madeleine and the twins
62 Jane failed to spot the open window and shutters at Madeleine's bedroom while walking to her apartment at ~21.45
63 Russell failed to spot the open window and shutters at Madeleine's bedroom while walking back from his apartment at ~21.50
64 Tanner's description of the abductor has changed several times
65 Tanner's description of the pyjama's worn by the child has improved with time
66 Gerry did not hear the raising of the shutters by the abductor while standing in the street with Wilkins
67 Jeremy Wilkins did not hear the raising of the shutters by the abductor while standing in the street with Gerry
68 The abductor failed to hear either Tanner, Gerry or Wilkins, and continued on the path that would put him in the full vision of all three
69 If the abductor had lifted Madeleine out of the bed, then he would be carrying her with her head to his right hand side, not on the left as in Tanner's claimed sighting
70 Although Gerry checked all rooms in the apartment during his check he did not spot the hiding abductor
71 The abductor did not raise the shutters while Gerry was inside the apartment
72 Jane was not only not seen by Gerry and Jeremy but also not heard although she was wearing flip-flops
73 Nobody ever mentioned the cars in the road but independent witnesses spoke of at least 2 cars parked close to the pavement where Gerry and Jez were standing, narrowing Jane's path so much that it was impossible she was not noticed by the two men.
74 Jane does not inform the parents of her sighting immediately. Only some of the friends
75 Although the friends know of her sighting their searches are directed in the opposite direction of where the abductor headed to.


76 A George Brooks saw a couple at 5:55 on the morning of May 4th on his way between Lagos and Praia da Luz
77 The man was carrying a child
78 At this time the McCanns had left the apartment and were somewhere in the vicinity of Praia da Luz
79 They had left the apartment around 5:00 when the police and all search groups had left the area
80 They were never asked where exactly they had gone
81 Kate claimed in her book they "resumed" their search that early morning although they never went searching the night before
82 The night before Gerry was overheard on his mobile talking about a gang of paedophiles having abducted Madeleine
83 The next day around 9:30 Kate claimed in a conversation with Yvonne Martin, a social worker, that Madeleine had been abducted by a childless couple


84 In their statements the friends of the McCanns have difficulty to pinpoint the last time they saw Madeleine
85 Dianne Webster, whose statements are the only consistent ones, states she saw Madeleine on the 2nd May for the last time.
86 Kate McCann claims in her book that the 2nd May was the last happy day as a family of four. What about the 3rd?
87 The creche sheets are a mess, partly filled out by the nannies in retrospect, partly not at all. No credible evidence for the whereabouts of Madeleine
88 There are no reports about the creche activity in Madeleine's group for the afternoon of May 3rd
89 There are strong discrepancies regarding the morning activity of sailing undertaken by the creche
90 The nanny does not remember if she accompanied 5 (without Madeleine) or 6 (with Madeleine) children to the beach that morning
91 Whereas her first recollections are vague they improve one year later when she recollects an incident on one of the boats where Madeleine was crying.
92 The nanny could only have entered a boat with Madeleine by leaving 3 remaining children alone on the beach
93 Initially some of the friends claimed that Madeleine had taken part in the children's tennis on the morning of the 3rd
94 Madeleine and Ella were allegedly sailing while their parents and friends watched unknown children playing tennis on the court
95 Kate went back to the apartment on Tuesday to fetch her camera for the tennis court photo of Madeleine but never bothered to even watch her sailing
96 Even in 2008 Rachael Oldfield still claimed that Madeleine had been at the tennis on the morning of the 3rd
97 While Jane claims to have seen Madeleine at the sailing, Kate now states in her book that Fiona was unsure wether Madeleine had been at the sailing


98 Changes in the holiday routine mark May 3rd as a special day
99 While the McCanns claimed they had only ever attended breakfast once on the Sunday, six employees of the Millenium restaurant stated that they had attended regularly. Did they skip breakfast only on the 3rd?
100 Lunch was usually taken in the Payne's apartment with the whole group, but not on May 3rd
101 The whole group apart from the McCanns went to the beach that afternoon - and did not see Madeleine
102 The whole group apart from the McCanns did not attend the usual children's dinner on May 3rd - and did not see Madeleine there
103 The McCanns did not take part in the get together on the children's playground on May 3rd - so Madeleine was not seen by the rest of the group
104 Russell O'Brien collected his daughter from the creche before the children's dinner - but failed to notice if Madeleine was there or not


105 Russell O'Brien was allowed to make at least 34 amendments to his original statement given to Leicestershire police
106 Russell O'Brien changed his statement regarding when and where he collected his daughter from the afternoon creche on May 3rd
107 Russell O'Brien claimed that Matthew had been ill on Saturday and had not taken part in the dinner and later changed it to Matt started feeling unwell during that dinner
108 Russell O'Brien claimed that the Paynes were the only ones to have used a baby monitor and changed this into the Paynes had used a baby-monitor
109 Russell O'Brien claimed that they only checked on their own rooms possibly listening for the other's children and changed this into OFTEN listened at other windows and made checks on some visits
110 Russell O'Brien claimed to have checked the McCann's apartment with the help of their key on the Sunday and changed it into checking via the patio doors
111 Russell O'Brien claimed to have checked the Oldfield's apartment with the help of their key on the Sunday but Matthew Oldfield claims to have been inside sick.
112 Russell O'Brien changed this statement "I believe I saw Madeleine at lunchtime" into "I saw Madeleine at lunchtime" although there was no chance to see her at lunchtime since they did not have lunch together.
113 Russell O'Brien claimed that Gerry had left the table between "twenty-one zero five to twenty-one twenty" and changed it into "Gerry was only away for a little while"
114 Matthew Oldfield described the curtains in 5A as being yellow and green when in fact they were pink/mauve
115 Matthew Oldfield described the little table with a lamp as being round when in fact it was square
116 Matthew Oldfield claimed the children's bedroom had two windows when in fact it had only one.
117 Matthew Oldfield desribed a bookshelf in 5A that he looked along during his check when in fact there was no bookshelf to look along
118 Yellow/green curtains, a lamp on a round table and a bookshelf were part of apartment 5D and not 5A
119 Matthew Oldfield initially stated that Kate and the children had been at the tennis court Thursday afternoon contradicting everybody else
120 Matthew Oldfield claimed he met the Paynes and Dianne Webster on Thursday night near the top of the road, David Payne states he met him at the pool area and Fiona Payne states she met him outside of 5A. Dianne Webster never saw him at all and thinks he was not at the restaurant when they arrived.
121 Jane Tanner claimed she had done a listening check on the Oldfield window on May 2nd although Rachael Oldfield was allegedly sick inside the apartment
122 Jane Tanner claimed that each apartment was checked every 15 minutes whereas the McCanns insist on checks every 30 minutes
123 Jane Tanner claimed that she knew Gerry had already been in the apartment when she encountered him talking to Jeremy Wilkins. How did she know that?
124 Neither Jane Tanner nor Russell O'Brien ever mentioned to portuguese police that they took a baby monitor to Portugal. Only one year later this baby monitor suddenly appeared in her rogatory statement
125 Jane Tanner never mentioned cars on the road while she saw the abductor
126 David Payne claimed that during his visit at 5A the patio door was open and he entered the apartment while Kate claims the door was closed and he remained outside


127 Kate claimed that Madeleine slept under the covers during her last night because of the cold, Gerry claimed she slept on top of the covers because of the heat
128 The cleaner stated that there had been one cot placed in the parent's bedroom during the week, while the McCanns vehemently deny this
129 The McCanns both deleted their mobile phone history
130 Michael Wright confirmed an unpleasant smell in the hired car during the month of July
131 A police witness stated that the boot of the hired car had been left open for a number of consecutive days
132 Metodo 3 hired as their private investigators although they had no experience in missing people cases
133 The blue/black bag seen in the pictures taken during the night of May 3rd is allegedly missing when police search the villa
134 The McCanns NEVER question their friends in spite of the Gaspar statement and lots of changes in their statements
135 Gerry McCann planned special events to commemorate her disappearance months in advance
136 The FUND (a whole field to investigate - good for at least 10 leads)
147 The tacky online store
148 No physical search by Kate on the evening of May 3rd, no physical searches by both parents the following days
149 They NEVER went anywhere near a country a sighting happened, instead went to different countries to promote the SEARCH
150 The India sighting was never confirmed by police
151 In fact most sightings were never really followed up by their investigators, the media attention seemed enough
152 Shortly after Gerry McCann had visited the Netherlands a letter arrived at a dutch newpaper pinpointing Madeleine's body
153 All friends of the McCanns refused a reconstruction in Portugal
154 Gerry caught on camera laughing his head off only a few days after his daughter had been 'abducted by paedophiles' as claimed by the parents
155 Kate refused to answer 48 questions
156 Despite the possibility that Madeleine's disappearance could have been an inside job the twins were placed in the creche the next day
157 Despite the proximity of the apartment to the Tapas restaurant Kate left the twins alone to alert the friends and Gerry instead of shouting from the balcony
158 As soon as Mark Harrison organised the search with the british dogs the McCanns started trips to a triangle between Budens, Raposeira and Sagres
159 Kate checked the breathing of the twins during the night of May 3rd
160 The twins never woke up during the police search despite many people entering their bedroom
161 The only people having allegedly seen Murat around the apartment on the night of May 3rd were Fiona Payne, Russell O'Brien, Rachael Oldfield and possibly Jane Tanner
162 Nobody who knew Robert Murat saw him that night around the apartment
163 Robert Murat translated the statements of the nannies and of Dianne Webster, most crucial statements regarding the whereabouts of Madeleine on May 3rd
164 Mrs Fenn heard Madeleine crying for 1 hour and 15 minutes on May 1st
165 One child threw a tantrum on May 2nd on the playground and had to be carried home. At the same time the McCanns claim Madeleine claimed to have cried.
166 The crying stopped abruptly.
167 Kate McCann was alone in the apartment at 20:15 on May 2nd getting the children to sleep while her husband was already at the Tapas restaurant
168 Kate McCann left the restaurant 5 minutes after Gerry on May 2nd
169 Gerry uttered in a spanish interview that their persecution had been bad, but not as bad as the "night we found her"
170 Madeleine's bed, that had been made on Wednesday morning for the last time, looked very neat Thursday night
171 Although they claimed that they had no buggy for the trip to the Millenium breakfast they had buggies for the trip to the beach on Tuesday
172 Although they claimed that the trip to the beach happened on Tuesday, the creche records clearly suggest it happened on Monday
173 If there had been a 1 nanny for 3 children ratio as the McCanns claimed, why did Catriona Baker lead 5 OR 6 children alone to the beach?
174 Why had Madeleine a "sunburn" on her right arm as shown in the tennis picture?
175 Russell O'Brien claimed to have collected his daughter from the creche before 16:45 but also stated that he finished sailing at 16:30 and then went for a swim
176 Where was Russell O'Brien between 16:45 and 17:52 when he arrived at the beach restaurant Paraiso?
177 Why did he not sign his daughter out from the creche that afternoon?
178 The sailing instructors Alice and Chris were not formally interviewed but could have possibly confirmed wether Madeleine had taken part in the sailing on the morning of the 3rd
179 Gerry McCann stated that David Payne had entered their apartment to check on Maddie and the twins on the evening of May 2nd
180 The above statement was never repeated nor followed up
181 Gerry McCann was not in the apartment when Dianne Webster entered it for the first time after the abduction possibly at the time of the Smith sighting
182 Kate McCann claims in her book that Gerry was searching together with David Payne at that time but their witness statements say otherwise
183 The time of the first alarm given by Kate was never confirmed by independent witnesses. Statements suggest the alarm had been raised around 21:45
184 There was a Junior Group (6-10 year olds) in the same room above the reception that never got a mention
185 This explains the statement by one nanny that Madeleine had mainly played with the older children.
186 The nannies were transfered to Greece on May 13th and were no longer available to the police
187 One nanny was invited by the McCanns into their home before the rogatory interviews
188 The same nanny got a new job afterwards and her whereabouts were withheld on the request of the McCanns according to the media
189 Research shows that this nanny is now working for a multimillionaire in Manhattan
190 The McCanns used the media to introduce changes in their story
191 e.g. the additional baby monitor of Jane Tanner entered the story through a briefing by Gerry McCann given David James Smith of The Times
192 Charlotte Pennington allegedly remembered Robert Murat being in the vicinity of 5A after a visit by Metodo3 7 months after the disappearance
193 Two other witnesses remember Murat as well after 7 months
194 Brian Kennedy and Antonio Jimenez from Metodo 3 visited the PJ in November 2007 with alleged evidence incriminating Robert Murat and two other people   

195 Antonio Jimenez was later jailed for stealing drugs from a police storage.