Grâce à la liberté dans les communications, des groupes d’hommes de même nature pourront se réunir et fonder des communautés. Les nations seront dépassées.
Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

Chapitres 24-27 (7)

Some time ago many of us tried to make a list of all the blatant lies and untruths said by, or on behalf of, the McCanns and the Tapas 7. So long was the list that eventually it had to go to print in shortened form. Here I have tried to pinpoint things said by relatives and friends, who perhaps thought they were being supportive and helpful, but which, and who, turned out not to be. Some of the things said either damaged the “official story” as it was at the time - because as we know even that has changed with the seasons - or caused researchers to focus on the point being made.

All the stories told to the press by close relatives and friends about broken, smashed, forced, and ’jimmied - or whatever the word is . . “ shutters, and doors hanging off hinges are directly traceable back to the McCanns. The sources concerned had clearly been given the same story, and urged to contact the press. Ça, on ne sait pas. Some degree of embellishment may be expected, but the overall story from at least five sources is remarkably consistent. The fact that the British press and media put out those stories, across the country, at the same time that live video was being streamed on news channels showing a hapless Scenes of Crime officer attempting to find a mark on obviously Un-smashed, -jimmied, -forced, or -broken shutters was the starting point for scepticism for many of us.

1st prize Uncle John McCann - Maddy’s ‘jammies
Pride of place must surely go to Uncle John. According to John McCann: "Kate dressed Amelie in her sister's pyjamas and the baby said: 'Maddy's jammies. Where is Maddy?' Even the devout Kate (see later) must cringe when she reads that.

‘Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings’ Matthew 21:16

In two words Amelie demonstrated

a) The pyjamas were Madeleine’s - and logically therefore Madeleine was not wearing them when she ‘disappeared’. The implications of this are surely obvious.

b) There were no duplicate pyjamas owned and worn by Amelie, as the McCanns mendaciously and unconvincingly claimed later, when they realised they had been caught out having shown Madeleine’s pyjamas in public. Attrapés, comment ?

b) Madeleine was known as Maddy within the family, despite the subsequent mendacious insistence by Kate that this contraction was an invention of the press. Amelie neatly corroborates everything the world already knew. Not bad for 2 words from a 2 year old ! Many thanks to Uncle John for telling the world.

2nd Susan Healy - Kate’s mother - medication.

The whole history of denials that the children had been given any sedatives or other drugs, or whether they had been sedated by anyone else has been researched in detail and reported elsewhere. Over four years the McCanns’ story moved from initial recognition and acceptance, to outright denial, back to implied acceptance of possibility, then strenuous resumed denials, using the words “ludicrous, nonsense, no suggestion”, and then finally to a renewed acceptance of the possibility, followed by public statements that it MUST have happened. (though one came from the risible David Edgar, and so may be cheerful ignored). Kate’s mother was more succinct . ’They took Calpol’.

3rd Clarence Mitchell - wristwatches and mobile phones

Mitchell deserves a special study. His ability to invent stories, to lie, to ‘spin’, and otherwise to distort the truth is in a class of its own. Pages, if not volumes, of his mendacious howlers have been documented, and it quickly became normal for anyone with genuine interest in the case to start by believing the exact opposite of whatever he had said - until the contrary could be proved. Mostly it couldn’t. It will be interesting to see if work such as his is included in any attempt to clamp down on “Fake News”
One of Clarence Mitchell’s more notorious outright falsehoods was to the effect that none of the group had watches or mobile phones with them, and that therefore the exact times they gave were not to be taken as wholly accurate. Unfortunately for him he said this in April 2008, nearly a year after the Tapas7 group had drawn up two separate and detailed time lines on the night, and a third mutually agreed amalgamation of both, but also the statements of the Tapas 7, of Gerry McCann “When asked at what time he went to check on the children the night Madeleine disappeared, he recalls that this was around 21:04 according to his watch”, and subsequently Kate McCann in her book “by his watch”, all contradict his mendacious assertion.
He backtracked six weeks later. Quite why Mitchell invented, or was asked to tell this particular lie is difficult to understand. What it did however, was to prove even to the most loyal McCann supporter that facts were now largely irrelevant to the ‘official story’, and that nothing Mitchell said could be believed.

4th Grandma Healy - again. Religion

According to the official line the McCanns were, or are, a religious Roman Catholic couple. Evidence adduced for this was their calling for a priest soon after reporting Madeleine missing, a very early trip to Rome to meet the Pope - both in preference to searching for their missing child - private use of the local church and many other reported issues.

Kate’s publicly reported “Forgiveness” for the alleged predatory paedophile who has been holding, and we may suppose abusing, Madeleine for the past decade is a matter of record, but is set against her published hatred and wish to harm the man who was leading the investigation into the disappearance. The Press did their duty with ‘Their family says the couple's ordeal has left their staunch Catholic faith undimmed.' For clarification we may need to heed the words of Kate’s mother, Susan Healy, “Kate and Gerry were not the most devout family."

5th Grandma Healy - YET again. Size of her daughters ‘décolletage’. “Mrs Healy has been a staunch defender of her daughter and has spoken out in the past about how Mrs McCann has felt persecuted by parts of the media. Last October, she claimed that her daughter, Kate told her: “If I weighed another two stone, had a bigger bosom and looked more maternal, people would be more sympathetic.

Special Award

Philomena McCann / Philomena Rickwood / Mrs Tony Rickwood - deserves a special place in the pantheon of those who have, through crass stupidity, demand for the lime-light, lack of attention to detail when they were being instructed what to say, and for many other reasons, have compromised the McCanns’ situation beyond recognition. She is one of Gerry’s sisters. These are extracts from interviews - all in the public domain.

• PM: Absolutely. It was hours before the local police turned up and we're talking two bobbies that totally downplayed the incident and said that Maddie had maybe just wandered off, and that... but what 3-year-old would wander off for hours on their own? It took the CID 5 hours before they responded to come and even then it was, kind of, shrug of the shoulders. Kate in her book says (elle ne peut pas gravers un mensonge dans la pierre, mais elle mentira face aux caméras) they were there by 11.10pm, considerably less than an hour after having been contacted, by whoever actually did. And then Kate adds “By midnight, however, evidently they were concerned enough to inform the PJ . . . based in the town of Portimao, twenty miles or so from Praia da Luz, and took over an hour to arrive. La GNR était parfaitement capable de gérer une histoire d'enfant égarée. So the PJ were there by 1am. Less than 3 hours from the confused report of a missing child. “Kind of, shrug of the shoulders “ : this hardly corresponds to the reality of the National Guard organising a massive search of the area with local people and holiday makers overnight, the seizing of CCTV images, monitoring of the airport and the bridge between Portugal and Spain, a team of PJ giving up rest days and cancelling family holidays, sleeping in the incident room, some on sofas, some on the floor, queuing for the ‘facilities’, all reported in detail in Dr Amaral’s book “The Truth of the Lie”.

• PM: She was sleeping between her brother and sister. Not according to the McCanns, who say she was in a bed and the twins were in cots.
• PM: Gerry and Kate are in a clear line of sight of their kids. They regularly go across to check; maybe if the kids have been disturbed or crying or anything and if they'd come out the front they would have seen them. They were not in clear sight of anything, and if the children had ‘come out of the FRONT’ they would have been entirely invisible. In any event the McCanns’ own account and sketch in the PJ documentation prepared by them, shows the McCanns sitting with their backs to the apartment.
• PM: I mean, you can hear his voice breaking. His wife, she can barely stand up. She can't sleep, she can't eat. But she can laugh and joke and go jogging.
• PM: Part of it is that they're, errm... trying to get Kate to admit to having accidentally killed Madeleine and disposed of her body... hidden and disposed of her body - which is complete nonsense. Errr... It has no factual basis whatsoever and, looking at the scenario: assuming that when they'd gone home, early evening, Kate has murdered her daughter and then gone out for some convivial company with friends, sat and had a meal and later rai... you know, raised an alarm - but sat through all that perfectly normal with people and then done it.

PM: They tried to get Kate to, errr... confess to having accidentally killed, errr... Madeleine by offering her a deal through her lawyer, which was: 'If you say that you killed Madeleine by accident; and then hid her; and then disposed of the body, errr... then we can guarantee you a two-year jail sentence or even less. You may get off because people feel sorry for you; it was an accident.’ This is impossible under Portuguese Law. It is an invention by Kate, though Philomena’s use of the word ‘murder’, and then changing this to ‘killed by accident’ may be revealing. In fact, as the world knows, the PJ were suggesting no such thing.

• PM : As far as I know they've changed their status and they are suspects.
Q: ”Does this mean that they are now formal suspects?
PM: : Yes that's true. The McCanns and their spokesman subsequently spent a huge amount of effort and money persuading the public and Leveson LJ that “arguido” did NOT mean suspect - even though it clearly does.
• PM: But he's not the main suspect, for some unknown reason there's something about a sniffer dog sniffing Kate. Suddenly a dog can talk and says she smelled a death. How can that be when a British sniffer dog came out months after Madeleine's case. They're doctors, if there's a smell of death on them could that possibly be a patient? No it couldn’t. Doctors do not go on holiday wearing unwashed work clothes soiled by bodily fluids from cadavers they have examined a fortnight earlier, and then not change, or wash the clothes, for 3 months. Very few people would do this.
• PM: Errr... yes, they absolutely will cooperate with the police. They are more than prepared to undergo more questioning. We now know that Kate, on her own admission, refused to answer 48 questions put by the police, and that both refused to co-operate further, to the point of concealing the existence of the Pool photo, and fleeing the country when the enquiry started to heat up.
• PM: Kate and Gerry are loving parents; they tried so hard to have children. They had to undergo IVF; Kate had difficult pregnancies. Kate reports that her first pregnancy was “Totally without complication. No sickness, no back pain, no bleeding, no swelling. I felt great.”
• PM: Yes, I do think she's still alive. We have had no evidence contrary to that and as for cadaver dogs sniffing death on Kate; I mean, what is she? Lassie? Is she gonna speak to them and ask what they're smelling? Kate's a doctor - what does this mean? You know, they've been given a team that send her to go and sniff Kate's clothes and the dogs are told what to do. If they start barking, how are we supposed to interpret that? Except, perhaps, they're ‘barking’. Yet another person who cares nothing for the reliability of cadaver and blood dogs (one wonders what her, and their collective, attitude is towards Cancer detection dogs, or drugs and explosive detection dogs, widely and increasingly used across the world.)

These are only some from the almost endless store of Philomena gibbering nonsense. To sum up, the net effect of almost everything said by Philomena has been either wrong, distorted, or has drawn attention to facts - which are ALL against the ‘Official Story’. Small wonder then that after a fairly short interval she was shut down, and has gone back into obscurity . . . except that her influence on the children of Ullapool is undiminished.

In the accounts for 2008 the figure for setting up the website is given as £ 37,071 (Thirty seven THOUSAND).

A website, even of the complexity it now has, seven main pages, some with supplementary pages, and a Shop page, would cost a professional website master less than £ 2,000 (TWO thousand) to set up and to run for a year.

Note that the Professional fees for creating the “Fund”, which we assume refers to solicitors, Bates Wells Braithwaite, a top of the range firm, based in central London, amounts only to £ 36,070. ‘Accountants’ (Haysmacintyre ?) is shown separately, as £ 7,050.

So we are asked to believe that a teenaged school leaver, in Ullapool, charged more than one and quarter times the average wage for Scotland, (£ 28,296 in 2008) to produce a relatively simple web site, available off-the-peg.

Cost of a Large-Sized Website

Website costs increase considerably as you move up in scale. With multiple sections, 40 to 50 pages and lots of functionality, large websites are ideal for big companies or established online brands. The website was created by Calum MacRea, a police officer’s son, then aged 18. An article in the Scottish ‘Sunday Herald’, reported that he had been designing websites “since he was 10”. He had allegedly been approached by Gerry’s sister, the egregious Philomena, previously his teacher, within four days of Madeleine’s being reported missing. So what are the possibilities?
1. Callum MacRae invoiced the “Fund” for £ 37,071. The accountants signed it off and he was paid this amount. If so, this is potentially fraudulent.

2. Callum McRae was paid no such amount, but it has been entered as “creative accounting”, and the actual cash has gone elsewhere. If so, then two further possibilities arise.

a. Haysmacintyre did not know and did not notice

b. Haysmacintyre DID know, but let it pass anyway

The first option suggests incompetence, the second, fraud.
3. Is there another option ? Is there a sensible explanation ? If so, I confess I cannot see what it might be.

Post scriptum

To the above we have to add the strange dealings with criminal organisations and people posing as Private detective agencies, such as M3 and Halligen; the extremely suspicious way in which ALPHAIG was set up as a company some time after Mitchell had announced the contract; the lack of transparency of the “fund’ from its inception; the threats of action for defamation by the Solicitors and accountants when pertinent questions were raised; the sudden withdrawal by the accountants - apparently without having prepared a final account...

Over the past decade I have looked at this case and dissected bits of it, trying to decide what parts of the story are credible and to distinguish them from what is frankly not, and to try to see which parts were pure fabrication. So I am now prepared to rise to the challenge, and to present my “purported’ theory. I thank all those who have led me to this point, but stress that this, and all the mistakes and inaccuracies which may be found are entirely mine. I would hope that any inaccuracy or misinterpretation could be pointed out or explained, so I may revise my idea, as everyone should on being confronted with new evidence.

What do I think happened to Madeleine ?

- On Saturday night she did not sleep - a combination of excitement and her documented habit of wandering into the parents’ room during the night.

Discussion - Kate tells us this in her book, (p. 59) and there is evidence from the “Star Chart” in the Rothley house, and family members. Excitement and over-tiredness on the first day of a holiday is normal.

- On Sunday evening she and the twins were therefore all given a sedative with their documented ‘cup of tea and a biscuit’. The twins sleep. This continued during the week.

Discussion - Kate tells us in the book that she suspected sedation from the start. Both she and Fiona Payne are qualified anaesthetists; Kate specialised in paediatrics. Strangely neither report that they took any of the medically appropriate steps towards the twins on the night of 3/5/7, leading to a inference that both know exactly what had been given and therefore had no concerns.

- Madeleine did not sleep well and during the evening got out of bed, went into the parent’s room, found they were not there, and climbed onto the sofa to look out of the window to see where they were.

Discussion - One of the early theories involved Madeleine ‘wandering off’. Even if those particular shutters had been closed she would not be aware of them, only of the curtains, and would have tried to look out. We were told definitively that Madeleine could not have opened the sliding doors, even though they were allegedly unlocked.

- She fell down the back of the sofa, and because the gap was narrow and she was sleepy, was unable to break her fall with her hands. She may have struck her head or face first on the sill as she slipped forward. She landed head first on the terrazzo floor, and some time during the night died of a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage, with light bleeding from the ear and possibly the nose and mouth.

Discussion - The ‘Eeyore’ pyjamas were washed because of the “large brown stain” (p.63) and then dried and photographed on the blue sofa, but then they became confused about what they had said, and why they would have taken a photo of the pyjamas in the first place, and subsequently held them up at a news conference in Berlin on 6th June 2007, describing them as “the ones she was abducted in”. This was confirmed by uncle John McCann when he reported that Amelie had been dressed in the garments and had immediately identified them saying “Maddie’s jammies. Where is Maddie ?”

- Bleeding would have been confined to some small leakage from an ear - possibly including cerebrospinal fluid, typical of brain damage - and from the mouth and nose, which stops once the heart stops. The parents came back late, crept very quietly into their room and went to bed without checking the children

Discussion - There is evidence from other sources that on some nights the parents stayed out into the early hours, and in the book this is admitted (p.60)

- In the morning they see the empty bed, and during the frantic search find Madeline’s body behind the sofa, by now stiff and cold and leaking bodily fluids. In her grief Kate holds and cuddles the body tightly to herself, covering her own clothes and cuddle-cat in cadaverine, which is detected a long time later. She then stays with the twins in the bedroom, getting them dressed and ready, and cuddling them both, holding them all tight to her. Cadaverine is transferred to the red T shirt worn by Sean at this stage, which was alerted to later, and to whatever Amelie was wearing. Meanwhile Gerry puts Madeleine’s little body into the blue Tennis bag, and places it under the bushes in the garden, so that it will not be seen by the cleaner - if she comes, nor by the twins.

Discussion - The little gate at the bottom of the steps keeps everyone out. In Spain and Portugal there are very few dogs roaming around. The chances of a random intruder entering, searching, finding a bag of ‘stuff’ under a bush and deciding to steal it - without looking inside are - in the author’s estimation, slightly less than the chances of an abduction = 0.

- During Monday the bag is left in the flower bed, and the cleaner does not see it. The sofa is pushed fully back against the curtains and the cleaner does not bother pulling it out to clean behind it. Kate goes to the supermarket to make purchases (p. 56) - perhaps including cleaning fluids.

Discussion - The bag may have been brought indoors for Monday night, and placed on the shelf. Bodies do not begin to smell strongly for some time. But if left in the garden it would have assisted the cooling, as the air temperature fell to 10º C (50º F) during the night of 30/4/7/- 1/5/7

- There was a suggestion that the cleaner might have been sent away on the Monday. In any event a quick clean two days into a one week holiday does not involve anything much more than beds, bathroom and kitchen area. Moving furniture and cleaning underneath and behind it is confined to the day of departure or a deep “spring’ clean. Even if the cleaner did move the sofa, she would simply mop with bleach. Personal problems, stains, spills, leakages, soiled sheets and towels are nothing to comment about if you are a cleaner in a holiday resort. The amount of leakage is unlikely to have been much, would probably have been mopped up by the parents, and with three very young children, two in night-time nappies, in an apartment a certain amount of ‘soiling’ would be well within a middle aged Portuguese cleaner’s comprehension and be totally unremarkable. Robert Murat is summoned, and arrives early on Tuesday. He offers the assistance of a nearby hotel, which has outhouses and chest freezers. Gerry, in full tennis kit, and carrying the tennis bag is able to take Madeleine there and conceal her. Possibly by taxi, or perhaps in Murat’s rented car, and giving some meaning to Gerry’s quote: “I’m not going to answer that . . .” when asked whether he knew Murat previously.

Discussion - Murat had rented a car, as his own was allegedly in for repair (according to his statement). Some may argue that the body might have started to smell by that stage, but Tuesday is only 36 hrs post mortem. Some studies of dead piglets have reported that putrefaction only starts being noticeable to humans at 2-3 days, (but discoverable by dogs within 90 minutes of death). Bin liners and air fresheners are on sale in the supermarket.

- Gerry returns and spends much of the next few days playing tennis at every opportunity to establish his credentials. The now empty tennis bag is placed on the shelf, and the process of scent transference starts

Discussion - despite the denials, the blue tennis bag is clearly visible on the photos taken during the night of 3-4/5/7. It then disappears from the record and like the pink Princess blanket has never been traced. The spot on which the blue tennis bag is shown is the exact point at which the cadaver dog alerts - and it alerts to no other place in that room. The depth of detail in the book about each of the tennis sessions is extremely suspicious. On one day he was reported to have had an injury to the Achilles tendon, which prevented his playing tennis during the afternoon, but was able to resume later that same day. This has not been confirmed.

- The conspiracy is hatched with the entire group. After the dreadful event of the Sunday night they all pull together and ensure nothing else could ever happen like that to the other children . . . and begin to work out the strategy. This includes all the children being looked after by one adult every evening.

Discussion - There is much circumstantial evidence to support this theory. It is concealed in statements about recurrent illness accounting for the absence at dinner every night of at least one of the group.

- The planning stage concentrates on large issues, but neglects details like cuddle cat, the pink blanket, and the pyjamas. It also neglects the weather, ambient temperature, evidence to be deduced from the lack of photographs and video recording, and the sheer implausibility of the half hourly checks being made by everyone every evening. It becomes overcomplicated with far too much detail and precision being offered.

Discussion - At some stage during that week the Pool Photo - which may be the last or penultimate photo of Madeleine, is selected as ‘proof’ of her continued existence on 3/5/7, and an elaborate strategy is developed, firstly to ensure the Polícia Judiciária never obtain a copy, (included in GM’s second statement in which he affirms and signs that he has no further photos in his possession, only to produce the Pool Photo via Mitchell exactly three weeks later ) and secondly to falsify the time and date. It is clear that the Pool Photo CANNOT POSSIBLY have been taken at lunchtime on 3/5/7, and is most likely or almost certainly - considerably beyond the test of the ‘balance of probabilities’ - to have been taken at lunchtime on Sunday 29th April.

- The date for the discovery is deliberately chosen to allow the Police one whole day to take statements before they had to allow people to leave on Saturday, but not to allow them two whole days to conduct follow up interviews or detain witnesses when inconsistencies began to show.

Discussion - The Tapas 7 mostly return to the UK on Saturday 5/5/7 as planned and are replaced with close McCann family members who close ranks

I think this fits with what we know. Whether it is accurate or near the truth is an entirely different issue. What I do not know is WHY ?


Shortly after reporting Madeleine missing, the McCanns selected -VERY CAREFULLY and very quickly

- Metodo 3 whose principal investigators went to prison for 4 years, involving :

Francisco Marco who was appointed in September 2007, or possibly earlier, by the McCanns and their advisers, to head their much-vaunted ‘search for Madeleine’. He was the boss of the disreputable downtown Barcelona detective agency, Metodo 3. The agency had been in constant trouble with the authorities, having been caught up in a telephone tapping scandal in the 1990s, when all their top staff were arrested. During the period leading up to Christmas 2007, his staff did not look for Madeleine. They were busy promoting fake sightings to keep up the pretence that Madeleine had been abducted. In the lead-up to Christmas, he was exposed as a serial, and practiced liar. He said he knew Madeleine was alive. He maintained his men ‘knew where she was being held’. He claimed his men were ‘closing in on the kidnappers’, and finally promised that ‘Maddie will be home by Christmas’. These were all outright lies.

(Strangely the lawyers for the McCanns denied in writing that he had said this, only later to realise that Kate had included it in her book)

Antonio Giminez Raso - once a high-flying Detective Inspector in the Regional Crime Squad of Catalonia. He held a prime position in the Drugs and Human Trafficking Department. This employment came to an end around the end of 2004; whether he ‘resigned’ or was ‘pushed’ is unclear.

And Julian Peribañez - who admitted in his book Cortina de Humo that he had been paid to invent sightings of Madeleine in Morocco

Metodo 3 - was investigated for money laundering after receiving € 30,000 from a socialist politician, allegedly to prepare a report on a hazelnut farm, which they simply copied from the internet.

- Kevin Halligen - operating under the company name of Oakley, who was sentenced to a term of imprisonment for wire fraud and (£1.2million) money laundering. Mitchell told the world “The hunt for Madeleine is becoming more and more international, and it was felt that a truly international firm was now needed to lead the inquiry. These really are the big boys. They are absolutely the best . . “ In fact Oakley was not set up until after Madeleine had been reported missing. He worked alongside

Henri Exton, QPM, OBE - an ex-MI5 officer arrested for shoplifting and said to be a specialist in investigating money laundering

Followed by

- The ALPHAIG 2 - David Edgar and Arthur Cowley - who did not go to Barcelona to investigate an allegedly strong lead, (but probably charged the “Fund” for [not] doing so.) The pair who it seems continue to maintain that Madeleine is being “held in a hellish lair in the lawless hinterlands...”.

Again the egregious and mendacious Mitchell led the world to believe that they were Alpha Group Investigations – a non existent company, but with a name similar to Alpha Investigations Group, a large internationally known American company.

LFAIG was in fact registered some time after the TV documentary in which their appointment had been announced.

The McCanns immediately made friends with and consorted with

Clement Freud - A known Paedophile and pervert

Ray Wyre - A self appointed expert in Paedophilia - who it later transpired was on the Elm House list of visitors - for “whatever reason”

Jim Gamble - Sometime head of CEOP, and another self appointed expert on Paedophilia, who was notoriously silent and apparently inactive during the decades of abuse of young white girls in Oldham, Rochdale, Bradford, Oxford, but who went to Thailand to buy a young girl - ALLEGEDLY to see if it was possible.

They were contacted and assisted by

Gordon Brown - then Chancellor of the Exchequer, who was instrumental in covering up the details of the Hamilton / Dunblane massacre. His motives for this are unknown, but there are serious rumours on the internet about his own past activities and proclivities, for which he has neither issued a denial nor sued.

Cherie Blair - wife of Tony Blair, then PM, widely known as “Miranda”, and jokingly referred to by his own Head of Chambers as “the nearest star to Uranus”. Believed by some to have been fined for homosexual indecency many years ago, under the name Charles Lynton (his middle two names)

They accepted gifts from

Philip Green - noted for his corrupt and greedy theft of many hundreds of millions from BHS, before selling the totally destroyed company for £1 to another fraudster, and for a long time refusing to assist the many hundreds of defrauded members of the BHS pension scheme

Brian Kennedy - the double glazing millionaire, represented by lawyer

Edward Smethurst - who had been publicly criticised in a trial by a judge for his lack of candour

They employed

HaysMcIntyre - Accountants for the “Fund: who on due consideration and after the publication of a damning revelation of the very simple and obvious methods involved in defrauding the “Fund” and their apparent total lack of any professional application of “Due Diligence” - - - (Cortina de Humo) and some percipient questions in an Open Letter - resigned without presenting even an interim final account

Michael Linnett - who was then, as a retired Accountant and director, forced to take over financial responsibility for the “Fund” but resigned within three months. He died recently - (before he could be questioned about his knowledge of what details he had found which caused him to resign)

They briefed Lawyers

Bates Wells Braithwaite - who set up the "Fund" and apparently still act for it. Their apparent lack of "Due dilligence" in the appointment of various fraudulent firms and teams of bogus private detectives seems to mirror that of HaysMcintyre q.v. This, combined with their supposed neglect or refusal to attempt to reclaim the monies defrauded from the "Fund" has been a matter of some speculation.

Mishcon de Reya - who specialise in preventing the extradition for proper trial of people whose alleged actions are beyond comprehension by civilised people

Carter-Ruck - who represent indefensible people in their attempts to keep disgusting secrets hidden, often by threatening to inflict financial misery on those who attempt to speak or discover the truth. The list of clients subsequently found “guilty” of the very things C-R had alleged it was libelous to state - is too long to include here.

They were represented by PR agents

Bell-Pottinger - who represented the most hideous and vile dictators and regimes across the world, and the most wicked murderers, and whose company has recently fallen apart when the true nature of their methods of planting mendacious “false-news” was revealed. The company said were paid £500,000 to keep the ‘abduction’ story on the front pages of the Tabloid press for a year.

They were supported by

Father Jose Pacheco - who comforted Gerry and Kate McCann in the days after Madeleine vanished but later claimed that he had been the victim of some form of deception. He gave them the keys to his church but left the parish soon afterwards. He has said it was an extremely unpleasant situation and the McCann family only ever brought him problems. He later added that the McCanns had “ruined his life”

Sandy Cameron - brother in law who helped deep clean the carpet in the boot of the hired car prior to the search with cadaver and blood dogs - which nevertheless alerted to the car and key fob

Philomena McCann - sister, who took a leading role in the preparation of the “Dossier of Death” which led ultimately to the death of Brenda Leyland, and was probably involved in the Pool Photo conspiracy

Tony Rickwood - husband of Philomena q.v. specialist in astronomy and creator of perverted images of young women drowning in mud or quicksand, who probably had a leading role in the Pool Photo conspiracy

They are supported by

Tracey Kandohla - ‘journalist’ for The Sun, whose articles have been mendacious, ludicrous, or simply demonstrated a total lack of knowledge of the facts of the case, or of the legal niceties that surround it. More recent articles have been left with the Comments open and apparently unmoderated, allowing the full extent of the public disbelief and antagonism towards the McCanns’ story to be demonstrated

Various Shills - on Twitter and Facebook. Many actively support the convicted child murderers Leonor Cipriano and Joao Cipriano


Nigel Nessling - outspoken McCann supporter, who narrowly avoided imprisonment on being found guilty of possession of over 40,000 indecent images of children

Michael Shrimpton - outspoken McCann supporter who claimed that Madeleine had been stolen by a paedophile ring, and was then himself found guilty of possession of pornographic images of children

And then a further very strange link

Clarence Mitchell - The official spokesman for the McCanns contacted

Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor - who had been on the point of being prosecuted for failing to report priest Fr. Hill to the police for indecent assaults on children, but who died before action could be taken - to arrange a visit to Rome to meet

Pope Benedict XVI - who as Cardinal Ratzinger and then as Pope, was involved with and then became the head of an outrageous systematic and long term cover-up of child sexual abuse by hundreds of thousands of homosexual pederast priests - much of it covered up personally by him both as Cardinal in Germany and then as Pope

They count as a personal friend

Jon Corner - who released a highly dubious photo of Madeleine, with adult make up and accessories, and in exactly the same pose as one released by Graham Ovenden, who received a long prison sentence for the creation of child pornography

Res ipsa loquitur

And only yesterday (28/2/18) we learned that the Government will not open Leveson 2. Let us remind ourselves of the people who presented evidence to Leveson 1

The McCanns themselves - who complained about press intrusion, without bothering to mention that they had paid £ 500,000 to Bell Pottinger to keep their Abduction story in the headlines for a year.

Hugh Grant - who complained that the press had accurately reported his perverted sexual conduct in a public place with a prostitute

Max Moseley - another sexual deviant and incidentally a Nazi sympathiser, who complained that the press had accurately reported his extreme S&M perversion

Why do the McCanns align themselves with people like this ? We make no further comment