Grâce à la liberté dans les communications, des groupes d’hommes de même nature pourront se réunir et fonder des communautés. Les nations seront dépassées.
Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

08 - 01>15 JAN - La Presse (17)

Tuesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 01-01-08
Editorial: Maddie Hope - The Sun 01-01-08
Kate McCann: Murat Must Tell Us The Truth - Daily Mirror 01-01-08
Now Eight Witnesses Point the Finger at Suspect Murat - Daily Express 01-01-08
Focus back on Morocco - Daily Express 01-01-08
Mystery of blond men at Maddie flat - Daily Star 01-01-08
Kate McCann: My suspicions over Murat's alibi on the night Madeleine vanished Daily Mail
Six Madeleine witnesses cast doubt on Murat's alibi - Telegraph 01-01-08
'We're not going back' - Leicester Mercury 01-01-08
The Scouserati - the 366 most influential Scousers on the Planet - Liverpool Echo 01-01-08
McCanns 'have no plans to return to Portugal' - Yorkshire Post 01-01-08 adeleine McCann gifts are donated to Chernobyl victims - The Northern Echo 01-01-08
Maddie Parents Have Hogmanay In Scotland - Daily Record 01-01-08


Wednesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 02-01-08
Murat could stop being an arguido as soon as tomorrow - 24Horas 02-01-08
Put Up or Shut Up Says Murat - The Sun 02-01-08
Maddy's Dad Back Full Time - Daily Mirror 02-01-08
Murat to be cleared soon? - Daily Express 02-01-08
Madeleine: Revealed, the police files on suspect Murat - Daily Express 02-01-08
'Charge me or let me go now' - Daily Star 02-01-08
Eight months after Madeleine disappears, Gerry McCann returns to work - Daily Mail
Madeleine McCann Suspect Murat 'Will Be Cleared' - Sky 02-01-08
'Murat will be cleared soon' - Metro 02-01-08
Gerry is to work again full-time - Leicester Mercury 02-01-08
Lawyer expects Madeleine McCann suspect to be cleared - Liverpool Echo 02-01-08
May 2007 - 02-01-08
Madeleine: Robert Murat's plea to police - Eastern Daily Press (Norfolk) 02-01-08
Suspect Murat will be cleared – lawyer - Evening Times (Scotland) 02-01-08 

Thursday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 03-01-08
"Maddie case" under secrecy for another three months - Jornal de Notícias 03-01-08
Investigation into Maddie case could extend over years - Diário de Notícias 03-01-08
PJ sticks to homicide - Correio da Manhã 03-01-08
Judge decides destiny of the process today - 24Horas 03-01-08
Madeleine McCann: Chronology of a missing girl - Algarve Resident 03-01-08
The faces in the investigation - Algarve Resident 03-01-08
Organisations helping in the search - Algarve Resident 03-01-08
Critical decisions in the Madeleine investigation - Algarve Resident 03-01-08
Three official arguidos - Algarve Resident 03-01-08
Unwanted but needed - Algarve Resident 03-01-08
Irish family's Maddie quiz - The Sun 03-01-08
'End Our Torment' [Murat Family] - The Sun 03-01-08
McCanns 'Won't Be Cleared' - The Sun 03-01-08
Maddy: We Saw Abduction - Daily Mirror 03-01-08
We'll tell detectives everything we know - Irish Daily Mirror 03-01-08
Holiday family may hold clue - Daily Express 03-01-08
Murat wants £1m for his tale of woe - Daily Express 03-01-08
Maddie: Irishman provides dramatic new clues - Daily Mail 03-01-08
Madeleine suspect Robert Murat tells police: 'Charge me or clear me' - Daily Mail 03-01-08
The MCs bring in cold-case detectives to investigate Madeleine's disappearance - Daily Mail
McCanns 'are still suspects' in police dossier - Telegraph 03-01-08
Madeleine McCann: Parents 'Won't Be' Prime Suspects - Sky 03-01-08
McCanns 'Named As Top Suspects By Police' - Metro 03-01-08
'Former met officer reviewing Madeleine case' - Leicester Mercury 03-01-08
Agony set to continue for Robert Murat - Eastern Daily Press(Norfolk) 03-01-08
Maddie Kidnapper May Have Been Seen - Daily Record 03-01-08
Maddie sighting [Smith family] gives Inishowen people fresh hope - Derry Journal 03-01-08
McCanns hire former Met Police officer - Marie-Claire 03-01-08

04 Friday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 04-01-08
PJ will apprehend diary - Correio da Manhã 04-01-08
McCanns are Prime Suspects - The Sun 04-01-08
Don't Demonise...Support Them by Kerry Grist (Needham) - The Sun 04-01-08
McCanns' fury at police chief's warning - Daily Mirror 04-01-08
And Murat hopes are dashed too - Daily Express 04-01-08
Murat's hopes of being cleared dashed by new twist - Daily Express 04-01-08
Maddie parents the prime suspects - Daily Star 04-01-08
Police 'still think MCs killed Madeleine by accident' -  Daily Mail 04-01-08
Missing people - Guardian 04-01-08
Dossier claims McCanns are prime suspects - Telegraph 04-01-08
Dossier 'claims Madeleine was killed by McCanns' - Telegraph 04-01-08
McCanns 'Prime Suspects' - Times 04-01-08
Irish tourist clears Murat - Sky 04-01-08
Madeleine McCann police file to remain secret - Liverpool Daily Post 04-01-08
McCanns Angry At Still Being Suspects -Daily Record 04-01-08
Police file on Maddy mystery 'won't be released' - Irish Independent 04-01-08
Reports: Madeleine's Parents Prime Suspects - CNN 04-01-08
Madeleine’s Parents Prime Suspects - Javno (Croatia) 04-01-08

05 Saturday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 05-01-08
PJ wants to know more about Kate's diary - Jornal de Notícias 05-01-08
Rogatory letters still to be approved - Diário de Notícias 05-01-08
PJ wants to attack the friends' pact of silence - Correio da Manhã 05-01-08
PJ wants to reconfirm statements - 24Horas 05-01-08
May – Madeleine McCann - Portugal News 05-01-08 June – Madeleine ‘Fever’ Peaks - Portugal News 05-01-08
July – Car Tax, EU And McCanns - Portugal News 05-01-08
August – Tax, Expats And Madeleine - Portugal News 05-01-08
September – McCanns made suspects as Mourinho leaves Chelsea - Portugal News
October – Maddie Cop Sacked, Promising Budget - Portugal News 05-01-08
Madeleine – Case Could “Drag On For Years” - Portugal News 05-01-08
Madeleine And Mourinho - Portugal News 05-01-08
Police Want Kate's Diary - The Sun 05-01-08
Cops Go to Court to Demand: Hand Over Your Diary, Kate - Daily Mirror 05-01-08
Kate's Darkest Days - Daily Express 05-01-08
Maddie's mum 'to be charged' - Daily Star 05-01-08
Don't go to Portugal for your holiday, by Simon Heffer - Daily Telegraph 05-01-08
Legal hitch for McCanns - Leicester Mercury 05-01-08
Missing kids crisis - IOL 05-01-08

Sunday Express & Daily Star Sunday inside pages - 06-01-08
Maddie: The New Witness - The People 06-01-08
Pals Hit Back - The People 06-01-08
Maddy Witness 'Oddballs' Quiz - Sunday Mirror 06-01-08
Portuguese Police to Seize Cuddle Cat Again - Mail On Sunday 06-01-08
Are our sympathies just a matter of class? - Sunday Telegraph 06-01-08
My Smashing Idea For the Circus - Sunday Times 06-01-08
Madeleine Cops "Have Enough To Charge Parents" - Sunday Mail 06-01-08


Monday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 07-01-08
Tests mark Maddie's death - Correio da Manhã 07-01-08
'Blood Samples Were Maddie's' - The Sun 07-01-08
Murat Girl in Suspect Claim - The Sun 07-01-08
I Saw 'Stalker' By Maddy Apartment - Daily Mirror 07-01-08
I Saw Intruder Try To Get in McCann Flat - Daily Express 07-01-08
Murat's double - Daily Star 07-01-08
Robert Murat's girlfriend 'named as Madeleine suspect' - Daily Mail 07-01-08
New witness confronted man lurking near apartment - Daily Mail 07-01-08
Blood in car ‘came from Maddie’ - Metro 07-01-08
Hampshire dad is key Madeleine witness - Salisbury Journal 07-01-08
Maddie Flat Had A Lurker - Daily Record 07-01-08
McCann diary may be seized - Gulf Times 07-01-08


Tuesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 08-01-08
Rogatory letters delivered - Correio da Manhã 08-01-08
McCann Rage at New DNA Claim - The Sun 08-01-08
Murat 'Could be Wrong Man' - The Sun 08-01-08
It's Maddie the Movie - The Sun 08-01-08
New lead on Madeleine - Daily Mirror 08-01-08
Madeleine: it Was Her Blood in Parents' Hire Car - Daily Express 08-01-08
McCanns Deny Plan For Madeleine Movie - Daily Express 08-01-08
Blood found in McCanns' hire car 'DID come from Madeleine' - Daily Mail 08-01-08
Witnesses may have mistaken this MC friend for RM on night she disappeared - Daily Mail
What CAN Kate and Gerry be thinking? - Daily Mail 08-01-08
Talks in Progress to Make Madeleine McCann Film - 08-01-08
Murat's girlfriend 'is Madeleine McCann suspect' - Telegraph 08-01-08
McCanns in talks to film Madeleine's story - Telegraph 08-01-08
McCanns Consider Film about Missing Madeleine - Times Online 08-01-08
McCann Friends May Face New Quiz - BBC 08-01-08
Madeleine McCann Case Could Be Film After Talks - Sky 08-01-08
McCanns consider Madeleine film - ITN 08-01-08
McCanns 'in talks' to make Maddie The Movie - Metro 08-01-08
Madeleine's parents consider film - Metro 08-01-08
McCanns dismiss reports about DNA tests - Leicester Mercury 08-01-08 Maddie Movie Offer Considered By McCanns - Daily Record 08-01-08
Madeleine parents in movie talks - CNN 08-01-08
McCanns in talks to film Madeleine's story - NY Daily News 08-01-08 08-01-08
Madeleine's parents in talks about making a movie - CBC 08-01-08
Madeleine's blood in car: report - Sydney Morning Herald 08-01-08 Blood in hire car is Madeleine's: report - The Age 08-01-08
Blood in McCanns' car and flat Madeleine's - report - NZ Herald 08-01-08

GMC's Blog :  
Day 250 - 08/01/2008
We are one week in to the New Year and we can definitely say the holiday period is well and truly over. Some of the media coverage today has been at its worst since Kate and I were declared arguidos.
We can categorically deny that we are considering a movie about Madeleine's disappearance. This is simply untrue. We are approached by a huge number of media outlets regarding a myriad of projects, only a tiny proportion of which we agree to. Each proposal is considered on whether it is likely to have a positive effect, either directly or indirectly on the search for Madeleine. As stated today by Clarence, there was a preliminary discussion between a production agency and a representative of Kate and I to discuss the possibility of a documentary about the issues we have faced since Madeleine was abducted. Clearly Europe is a long way behind the USA in terms of its response when a child goes missing.
Kate and I have opened all of the Christmas cards and many mass cards which have been for Madeleine.
We would like to thank everyone who has helped and supported us over the last eight months. We could not have got through this ordeal on our own and without doubt, Madeleine needs all our help.


Wednesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 09-01-08
McCann's in Maddie film bid - The Sun 09-01-08
Maddie McCann: The movie - The Sun 09-01-08
Maddie The Movie: Lorraine Kelly V Jon Gaunt - The Sun 09-01-08
Kate & Gerry: We Fear Police Will Charge Us - Daily Mirror 09-01-08
Madeleine: The Movie - Daily Mirror 09-01-08
Why Did the Police Take So Long to Act? - Irish Daily Mirror 09-01-08
Madeleine: McCanns Fear Charges Soon - Daily Express 09-01-08
£10m Book and Movie Profits ‘Will Be Spent on Finding Madeleine’ - Daily Express
Tragic true story - Daily Star 09-01-08
Maddie film would rake in £millions - Daily Star 09-01-08
Kate and Gerry 'plan £2m film deal' as Madeleine Fund dwindles - Daily Mail 09-01-08
McCanns Deny Reports of Madeleine Film - Guardian 09-01-08
The Wrap: Madeleine the Movie - 09-01-08
McCanns in talks to make a film about Madeleine's disappearance - Telegraph
Gerry McCann denies Maddy movie reports - Telegraph 09-01-08
Madeleine police 'to reinterview Tapas Nine' - Telegraph 09-01-08
Madeleine McCann fund running short of cash - Telegraph 09-01-08
Parents may turn Madeleine McCann story into a Hollywood movie - Times 09-01-08
Gerry McCann Denies Plans for Madeleine Movie - Times Online 09-01-08
Gerry And Kate McCann Deny Madeleine McCann Movie Plans - Sky 09-01-08
McCanns deny Madeleine film - ITN 09-01-08
The celluloid cult of Madeleine - London Evening Standard 09-01-08
Madeleine's family deny film claims - Leicester Mercury 09-01-08
City funding is out of touch - Leicester Mercury 09-01-08
Madeleine McCann: Parents deny plans for movie - Liverpool Echo 09-01-08
Madeleine McCann film proposal made to parents of missing girl - Liverpool Daily Post
McCanns risk losing support - Sunderland Echo 09-01-08
Story of missing Madeleine could be made into film or TV drama - Herald Scotland
Madeleine movie plans denied - Evening Times (Scotland) 09-01-08
Derry man determined to keep Madeleine in the public eye - Derry Journal 09-01-08
McCanns hold secret talks over Maddy film - Irish Independent 09-01-08
Local Family's [Smith] Anguish Over 'Maddy' Sighting - Drogheda Independent 09-01-08
Parents of missing Madeleine deny film plan - Reuters 09-01-08
Detectives to charge McCanns again? - Marie-Claire 09-01-08
DNA tests prove Maddie's body was moved - Huffington Post 09-01-08
Report: Madeline McCann's Blood Found in Parent's Rental Car - Fox News 09-01-08
Parents of Madeleine McCann ponder deal that could earn them a fortune - NY Daily News
Maddie Folks Eye Miss-&-Tell Movie Deal - New York Post 09-01-08
McCanns deny film reports - IOL 09-01-08
Blood clue puts McCann parents in crosshairs - 09-01-08

GMC's Blog :
Statement from the Board of Madeleine's Fund- Leaving No Stone Unturned 
09 January 2008

Here was a scheduled board meeting of Madeleine's Fund today. We have reached a new longer- term phase in the search for Madeleine and we have reviewed how effective our Fund has been in pursuing its objectives. We agreed to continue our funding of the investigation to find Madeleine and we have decided to look at further media opportunities to support our search. To that end, we have invited two new directors to replace the two who stepped down, for business and personal reasons, We, together with Kate and Gerry McCann, extend our thanks to Esther and Phillip for their hard work and continuing support. We welcome Edward Smethurst and Jon Corner to the board to lend their expertise in commercial law and media.

10 Thursday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 10-01-08
Critical decisions in the Madeleine investigation - Algarve Resident 10-01-08
McCanns and Murat still suspects in Madeleine case - Algarve Resident 10-01-08
McCanns deny Madeleine film - Algarve Resident 10-01-08
'Film to pay for Maddie search' - The Sun 10-01-08
Life's Bleak but I Cling to Hope - The Sun 10-01-08
£1m Fund Is Running Out Fast - Daily Mirror 10-01-08
McCanns' Regrets Over Night Maddy Vanished - Daily Mirror 10-01-08
Hope For A Snatch Warning Daily Mirror 10-01-08
Kate's screams as police told her: You're a suspect - Daily Express 10-01-08
McCanns 'to sack Spanish private detective firm' as Madeleine fund runs dry - Daily Mail
Why the McCanns would be mad to make a film of Madeleine's abduction - Daily Mail
Madeleine search was 'hijacked' by McCann publicity machine, PT police claim - Daily Mail
Madeleine fund fears - Telegraph 10-01-08
Gerry: Chances Of Finding Madeleine Are Slim - Telegraph 10-01-08
US TV psychics join hunt for Madeleine McCann - Telegraph 10-01-08
Janet Street-Porter: No film will reveal the truth about Maddy - Independent 10-01-08
Madeleine Parents Speak Of Regrets Over Missing Daughter - Sky 10-01-08
McCann's private detectives face chop - Metro 10-01-08
Maddie's dad: It's all my fault - Metro 10-01-08
I'm tortured by guild [sic] over Madeleine - Leicester Mercury 10-01-08
Madeleine McCann's dad Gerry relives night of disappearance - Liverpool Post 10-01-08
Maddie's Dad: Slim Chance Of Getting Her Back - Daily Record 10-01-08
Gerry McCann speaks out - Marie-Claire 10-01-08
Vanity Fair Interview: Unanswered Prayers - Vanity Fair 10-01-08
Murat’s lover named as a suspect - Euro Weekly News 10-01-08

11  Friday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 11-01-08
Editorial: Shameful - The Sun 11-01-08
McCann fury at 'Maddie' for hire - The Sun 11-01-08
Slap In Face For McCanns, by Lorraine Kelly - The Sun 11-01-08
Maddie Still Stirs Emotions - The Sun 11-01-08
'Maddie's Been Forgotten' [Brian Healy] - The Sun 11-01-08
Fury Over Maddy's Lookalike - Daily Mirror 11-01-08
C4 Bid On McCanns - Daily Mirror 11-01-08
Madeleine: Parents are 'distracting' police - Daily Express 11-01-08
Channel 4 behind film on McCanns - Daily Express 11-01-08
The Madeleine lookalike on hire for £600 an hour - Daily Express 11-01-08
Maddie double for hire - Daily Star 11-01-08
McCanns Furious Over Madeleine Lookalike - Telegraph 11-01-08
Bid For Secrecy In Madeleine Case - BBC 11-01-08
Shameless' Agency Offers Madeleine McCann Lookalike - Sky 11-01-08
Madeleine detectives 'secrecy' plea - Metro 11-01-08
McCanns 'offended' by Maddy lookalikes - Leicester Mercury 11-01-08
Brian Healy - There have been so many lies - Liverpool Echo 11-01-08
Forget the movie about Madeleine - Wales Online 11-01-08
Maddie Film Set For Channel 4 - Daily Record 11-01-08
Child Alarm Sales Soar After Maddie - Daily Record 11-01-08


Saturday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 12-01-08
McCanns Deny Madeleine Movie Claims - Portugal News 12-01-08
Kate dad: Back off my daughter - The Sun 12-01-08
'Paedo Dumped Maddie in Lake' - The Sun 12-01-08
Lookalike Mum: Let us Help - The Sun 12-01-08
Readers in Fury at Sick Stunt - The Sun 12-01-08
Madeleine McCann Dumped In Lake, Claims Lawyer - Daily Mirror 12-01-08
McCann Cops Keep Files Secret - Daily Mirror 12-01-08
Madeleine: British Odd-Job Man Quizzed - Daily Express 12-01-08
Police ignored my vital tip-offs - Daily Express 12-01-08
Have They Lost Our Sympathy? - Daily Express 12-01-08
Keep Looking for Her Says Grandad - Daily Express 12-01-08
Snatched, raped and murdered - Daily Star 12-01-08
Police ignored tip that Madeleine was 'raped, murdered and dumped'- Daily Mail 12-01-08
Police question British gardener over Madeleine's disappearance - Daily Mail 12-01-08
McCanns suffer 'almost inhumane' police delay - Telegraph 12-01-08
McCanns 'happy to be reinterviewed' - Metro 12-01-08
McCanns ask for police interview - Metro 12-01-08
Grandad tells of concerns - Leicester Mercury 12-01-08
Madeleine McCann: Parents in secrecy row - Liverpool Echo 12-01-08
Maddie Killed And Dumped Claims Lawyer - Daily Record 12-01-08
McCanns Not Helping Own Cause - Belfast Telegraph 12-01-08

GMC's Blog :  
Day 254 - 12/01/2008 - Saturday
It was no surprise for us to learn last night that the secrecy of the files in to Madeleine's disappearance is to be maintained for another three months. All of the arguidos retain their status. We are extremely disappointed as we feel this uncertainty hinders the most important thing: searching for Madeleine.
We are utterly dismayed to read tonight further stories about a film that are simply untrue. Kate and I thought that we had totally quashed such unfounded rubbish several days ago. At no point have we considered a movie about Madeleine's disappearance. Nor would we sanction another documentary purely about Madeleine's abduction, as there is no new information since the Panorama programme aired. We would consider a programme that would treat the serious issues we have faced since Madeleine's disappearance. Clearly Europe has a lot to learn from the US and there has to be change in practice and legislation about how missing children are investigated. We will continue to campaign to effect change in Europe, in the hope that it will become a safer place for our children.
I have now been back at work full-time for the last 10 days. I would like to thank all of the staff at Glenfield Hospital, and the patients, for making this as easy as possible for me. Kate and I remain very busy with the campaign, supported by friends,family and many 'new' friends! We are regularly in contact with friends in Praia da Luz who continue to hold a vigil every week to pray for Madeleine. They are an amazing group of people who continue to provide us with 'for?' and 'esperan?' (strength and hope).  


Sunday Express & Daily Star Sunday inside pages - 13-01-08
Maddie files gag - News of the World 13-01-08
Driving me Maddie - News of the World 13-01-08 'We Pray She'll Be At Party For Twins' - The People 13-01-08
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Film Can Only Help McCanns - Sunday Mirror 13-01-08
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Kate is lads mag pin-up - Daily Star Sunday 13-01-08
McCanns 'very keen' to be re-interviewed by police and off list of suspects - Mail On Sunday
So Get Yourself Ready for Maddie - The Movie - Sunday Times 13-01-08
The Maddie story is already a soap opera, so why the moral panic over a movie? - Observer
Strange case of the detectives trying to trace Madeleine - Independent On Sunday 13-01-08
McCanns 'Keen' To Speak To Madeleine Cops - Sky 13-01-08
McCanns 'happy to be reinterviewed' - Metro 13-01-08
Odd-job man from Sussex quizzed over MMC disappearance - Redhill, Reigate & Horley Life
Missing The Whole Point - Belfast Telegraph 13-01-08 Supping with the devil for the sake of a missing child -Sunday Tribune 13-01-11
Lawyer Marcos Correia claims Madeleine McCann was raped - Sunday Herald Sun 13-01-12


Monday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 14-01-08
Leader: Find our girl - The Sun (Eire) 14-01-08
My girl is Maddie double too - The Sun 14-01-08
We Won't See Files - The Sun 14-01-08
Cops Told To Drag Out McCann Inquiry - Daily Mirror 14-01-08
Madeleine: Cops Search Pet Crematorium - 14-01-08
Don't Make a Maddie Movie, by Tony Parsons - Daily Mirror 14-01-08
Madeleine Files to Remain Secret - Daily Express 14-01-08
New Madeleine Swoop - Daily Express 14-01-08
Detectives searching pet crematorium for Madeleine's remains - Daily Express 14-01-08
Maddie search at pet crematorium - Daily Star 14-01-08
Eight months on: FBI expert shows how missing 4-year-old may look now - Daily Mail
Madeleine: McCanns to wait another three months to see secret police files - Daily Mail
Madeleine Case Papers Ruling Due - BBC 14-01-08
Call For Review Of Murat Status - BBC 14-01-08
Madeleine Case Files Expected To Stay Secret - Sky 14-01-08
Madeleine files to remain secret - Metro 14-01-08
McCanns 'keen' to be quizzed by police again - Leicester Mercury 14-01-08
Maddie Cops Are Stalling, Claim Parents - Daily Record 14-01-08
Police on Gran Canaria search pet crematorium  - Typically Spanish 14-01-08
Detective agency reported to be following up leads in Valencia - Typically Spanish 14-01-08
Alleged accomplice arrested for Canaries kidnap attempt- Typically Spanish 14-01-08


Tuesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 15-01-08
Costa link to Maddie McCann - The Sun 15-01-08
Maddie-Snatch Fear for Girl, 5 - The Sun 15-01-08
McCann Hunt's Spain Link - Daily Mirror 15-01-08
Police Hunt For 'New Madeleine' Missing Girl - 15-01-08
Detectives trawl child sex gangs - Daily Express 15-01-08
Madeleine: The 26 part TV series - Daily Express 15-01-08
Madeleine detectives fly to Spain on trail of paedophile gang - Daily Mail 15-01-08
News In Brief: McCann suspect's mother appeals - Telegraph 15-01-08
Kate McCann included on sex symbol list - Metro 15-01-08
Fears over 'copycat Maddie snatch' - Metro 15-01-08
Madeleine: Spanish link probed - Leicester Mercury 15-01-08
Portuguese police want to interview Tapas 7 again - Liverpool Daily Post 15-01-08
Pub fundraiser - Hemel Gazette 15-01-08
Maddie scare as girl, 5, goes missing - Evening Times (Scotland) 15-01-08
Loaded includes Kate McCann on sex symbol list - Press Gazette 15-01-08
GMC's Blog : Day 257 - 15/01/2008 - Tuesday
Kate and I were dismayed to learn today that a 5-year-old girl has been missing from Huelva, in Southern Spain since Sunday evening. As many of you know, Heulva is approximately a 2 hour drive from Praia da Luz and we went there in early August to publicise Madeleine's disappearance. Hearing of the probable abduction of Mari Luz Cortesa has brought many awful emotions flooding back.
We hope and pray that Mari is quickly found and returned safely to her family.