Grâce à la liberté dans les communications, des groupes d’hommes de même nature pourront se réunir et fonder des communautés. Les nations seront dépassées.
Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

07 - 01>15 NOV - La Presse (13)

Thursday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 01-11-07
Gerry McCann returns to work - Algarve Resident 01-11-07
German Mag's Sick Maddie Joke - The Sun 01-11-07
Mucca on the edge; I'm like Diana and McCanns, she says - The Sun 01-11-07
Look Hughes laughing now - The Sun (Eire) 01-11-07
Exclusive: McCann 'Clear Us' Demand - Daily Mirror 01-11-07
Gerry McCann Returns To Work - 01-11-07
Let's Stalk Money, by Brian Reade - Daily Mirror 01-11-07
I'm like the McCanns and Diana - Daily Mirror 01-11-07
Tapas bar staff to face new round of questions - Daily Express 01-11-07
Is Madeleine a child slave in Morocco? - Daily Express 01.11.2007
Totally Sick - Daily Star 01-11-07
Sick Madeleine 'advertising' spoof in German magazine is 'extremely hurtful' - Daily Mail
McCanns demand to be cleared - Daily Mail 01-11-07
British body-finding expert sent to help Madeleine detectives - Daily Mail 01-11-07
Gerry McCann back at work - 01-11-07
Madeleine McCann police 'consult sacked chief' - Telegraph 01-11-07
Gerry McCann returns to work - Telegraph 01-11-07
McCanns: No let up in search for Madeleine Telegraph 01-11-07
Gerry McCann returns to work - Times Online 01-11-07
Mills: I am treated as badly as Kate McCann and Diana - Independent 01-11-07
Madeleine's father back at work - BBC 01-11-07
German Magazine Blasted For Madeleine Mockery - Sky 01-11-07
Gerry McCann Goes Back To Hospital Work - Sky 01-11-07
Video - Gerry McCann Back To Work - Channel 4 01-11-07
Maddie's dad: 'We've done everything we can' - Metro 01-11-07
Madeleine's dad returns to work - Leicester Mercury 01-11-07
I'm pleased to be back, says gerry - Leicester Mercury 01-11-07
Satirical magazine's Madeleine article 'extremely hurtful' - Yorkshire Post 01-11-07
Maddie's Dad Goes Back To Work - The Scotsman 01-11-07
Attack On McCann Satire - The Scotsman 01-11-07
McCanns' Fury At Sick Maddie Adverts - Daily Record 01-11-07
Fury At Maddie Joke As Gerry Returns To Work - Evening Times (Scotland) 01-11-07
Maddie's Parents Outraged by German Satire - Spiegel Online 01-11-07
Madeleine McCann's Father Returns To Work - CNN 01-11-07
Heather Mills: Persecuted Like Mom Of Madeleine McCann - Post Chronicle 01-11-07
Madeleine's dad goes back to work - IOL 01-11-07

Friday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 02-11-07
Six months without a trace reinforce death theory- Diario de Noticias 02-11-07
Robert Murat PJ interview stories untrue, says his lawyer - Algarve Resident 02-11-07
Madeleine: missing for six months - Algarve Resident 02-11-07
McCanns Hit by New DNA Claim - The Sun 02-11-07
Maddie eye girl 'in Morocco' - The Sun 02-11-07
I'll give Maddie some dolls when I find her - The Sun 02-11-07
[Metodo 3] Investigator: 'I Will Find Maddie' - The Sun 02-11-07
Gerry Back at His Hospital Job - The Sun 02-11-07
Madeleine Tec: We'll Find Her In 5 Months - Daily Mirror 02-11-07
Gerry McCann Goes Back To Work - Daily Mirror 02-11-07
Exclusive: 'I Saw Madeleine Taken Away In a Taxi' - Daily Mirror 02-11-07
'I looked into her eyes and I was certain it was Madeleine' - in Morocco - Daily Mirror
Lady in Fright State - Daily Mirror 02-11-07
Madeleine: I looked her in the eyes - Daily Express 02.11.2007
The biggest mystery of our times - Daily Star 02-11-07
I Spotted Girl With Maddie 'Eye' Get in a Taxi With Rich Arab - Daily Star 02-11-07
I fear that we'll never know what happened to this girl - Daily Star 02-11-07
Maddie Vanished Without a Trace - Daily Star 02-11-07
Sick nurse jailed for 28 hoax calls claiming she knew where Madeleine was - Daily Mail
GMC returns to work saying he is 'not expecting any significant developments' - Daily Mail
McCanns' private investigator vows: 'I will find Madeleine within five months' - Daily mail
Woman spots child who 'has the same eye defect as Madeleine' - Daily Mail 02-11-07
Gerry McCann goes back to work at hospital - Guardian 02-11-07
Detectives Promise To Find Madeleine McCann - Telegraph 02-11-07
Detectives Probe Madeleine McCann Sighting - Telegraph 02-11-07
Six months on, Gerry McCann returns to work - Telegraph 02-11-07
Gerry McCann returns to work as private detectives investigate new sighting - Times
Madeleine's father goes back to work on part-time basis - Independent 02-11-07
Spokesman Slams McCann DNA Claim - ITN 02-11-07
Gerry McCann returns to work - ITN 02-11-07
Maddie's parents hit by new DNA claim - Metro 02-11-07
Detective vows to find Madeleine - Metro 02-11-07
Girl seen in Morocco similar to Madeleine - Leicester Mercury 02-11-07
Madeleine McCann: New DNA claim - Liverpool Echo 02-11-07
Media must stop this Kate baiting - Liverpool echo 02-11-07
McCann will soon work with patients - Yorkshire Post 02-11-07
EXCLUSIVE - Maddie Cop Joins Hunt For Body - Southwark News 02-11-07
Detective Vows To Find Maddie In Five Months - The Scotsman 02-11-07
Detective: I will find Maddie in 5 months - Evening Times (Scotland) 02-11-07
Gerry McCann returns to work after Maddy trauma - Irish Independent 02-11-07
Search mounted after Madeleine sighting in Morocco - Irish Independent 02-11-07
Possible Sighting Of Missing Maddy - ABC News 02-11-07
The McCanns: After The Headlines - Time Magazine 02-11-07
German magazine mocks hunt for Madeleine - Mail & Guardian (S. Africa) 02-11-07
Madeleine McCann's father returns to work - NZ Herald 02-11-07

Saturday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 03-11-07
Six Months And Nothing - Portugal News 03-11-07
Leader: Agony goes on - The Sun 03-11-07
McCanns are back in frame - The Sun 03-11-07
Prayers at Hour She Was Taken - The Sun 03-11-07
Kate's Message [6 months] - The Sun 03-11-07
Don't You Forget About Me - The Sun 03-11-07
Prayer for Maddie - The Sun 03-11-07
Voice of the Daily Mirror: We share their hope - Daily Mirror 03-11-07
McCanns In Their Own Words - Daily Mirror 03-11-07
Kate McCann's Anniversary Plea - Daily Mirror 03-11-07
Parents hit out over new DNA tests - Daily Express 03-11-07
Madeleine, the hope never dies - Daily Express 03-11-07
We’re closing in on Morocco hideaway - Daily Express 03.11.2007
Maddie: She Was Killed in Flat - Daily Star 03-11-07
Is this the Moroccan village that holds the key to her disappearence - Daily Mail 03-11-07
Kate McCann's desperate plea six months after Madeleine's disappearance - Daily Mail
New Madeleine McCann appeal six months on - Telegraph 03-11-07
NOTEBOOK: Do you think McCartney's wife has lost the plot? - Telegraph 03-11-07
Friends fear for Kate McCann's fragile health - Times 03-11-07
Madeleine Detectives Have Little To Show - BBC 03-11-07
[DNA results] Pressure mounts on Met Police chief - BBC 03-11-07
Vigil For Madeleine Six Months After She Vanishes - Sky 03-11-07
McCann's prayer vigil - ITN 03-11-07
McCanns launch fresh appeal - ITN 03-11-07
DNA bombshell: 'New results put the MCs back in the frame' - London Evening Standard
Madeleine is still alive - Kate - Leicester Mercury 03-11-07
Six months on and still no Maddy - Leicester Mercury 03-11-07
Madeleine McCann: parents denial on 'new' DNA - Liverpool Echo 03-11-07
Mother renews Madeleine plea, six months on - Yorkshire Post 03-11-07
Prayers for Madeleine - Your Local Guardian 03-11-07
New Picture Of Maddy Released - The Scotsman 03-11-07
Maddie Body Was In Parents' Car Says Report - Daily Record 03-11-07
Madeleine: the story six months on - Herald Scotland 03-11-07
Mum's new plea over missing Madeleine, 4 - Aberdeen Evening Express 03-11-07
Kate McCann says she's sure Maddie is still alive - Irish Independent 03-11-07
McCann's mark 6 months since Maddie went missing - Irish Independent 03-11-07
Friends fear for Kate McCann - Irish Independent 03-11-07
Mom: Madeleine Out There Somewhere - CNN 03-11-07
Six Months Later, Maddie Search Goes On - ABC 03-11-07
Noelle McCarthy: Sorry, Heather, that's absurd - NZ Herald 03-11-07 

GMC's Blog :

Day 184 - 03/11/2007 Saturday
Today marks six months since Madeleine was taken from us. It is an incredibly long time for us but must be even longer for Madeleine. It is so painful for us simply being separated, but all the more distressing when we have to speculate about the situation Madeleine finds herself. We have no idea whether she is suffering but we have to hope and pray that she is being treated like a princess, as she deserves.
This afternoon there will be prayer vigils in Liverpool, Praia da Luz and many friends will be praying in Glasgow. Tonight we will be attending an ecumenical service to pray for Madeleine and other children who are suffering. There is again a lot of media presence in Rothley and the upshot is that millions of people know Madeleine is still missing and that we will not give up looking for her.
We urge anyone who may have information that might help us find Madeleine to call us on the confidential number +34 902 300 213, which is manned by private detectives in Spain or e-mail, or contact the police.

Statement from Kate McCann:
Saturday 3rd November : 6 Month Landmark

Six months is such a long time for a little girl to be separated from her family. We believe that our Madeleine is out there somewhere and retain hope that we can be reunited.
Madeleine is a beautiful little person who deserves a loving and happy life. There is no doubt that the best place for her to be, to ensure this, is with her family.
We know that somebody somewhere can make this happen. That somebody, has the ability and power to bring about so much joy, as well as bring peace to themselves.
If you have any information relating to Madeleine’s disappearance or whereabouts, PLEASE, - pass it on.

Sunday Express & Daily Star Sunday inside pages - 04-11-07
Maddie DNA Clue In Airport Bag - News Of The World 04-11-07
Godfathers in Maddie hunt - News of the World 04-11-07
Gerry's hope on captors - News of the World 04-11-07
Answer Our Prayers - The People 04-11-07
New Photo Of Maddie Released - The People 04-11-07
Maddy Case Closed By Christmas - Sunday Mirror 04-11-07
Mccann friends to be named as ‘suspects’ - Sunday Express 04.11.2007
Madeleine DNA link to dumped clothing - Sunday Express 04-11-07
Maddie: 15 New Clues - Daily Star Sunday 04-11-07
Candles for little Maddie - Daily Star Sunday 04-11-07
McCanns demand Portuguese police interview 25 key witnesses - Mail on Sunday 04-11-07
Madeleine's parents hold prayer vigil six months - Mail on Sunday 04-11-07
Four of Tapas Nine 'to be named suspects' by Portuguese police - Mail on Sunday 04-11-07
Madeleine police: Seven more weeks and we're giving up - Mail on Sunday 04-11-07
The remote Moroccan town that could hold the key to finding Madeleine - Daily Mail
Madeleine book notes the 'contradictions' - Observer 04-11-07
Prayers for Madeleine McCann, six months on - Sunday Telegraph 04-11-07
Gerry McCann: ‘our princess prayer for Madeleine’ - Sunday Times 04-11-07
McCanns Mark Six Months Of Search - BBC 04-11-07
Unseen Madeleine picture released - BBC 04-11-07
[Kate and Gerry] Papers dominated by fire tragedy - BBC 04-11-07
Six Months On, McCanns In New Maddie Plea - The Scotsman 04-11-07
Maddy's Prayer - Sunday Mail 04-11-07
Six months of suspicion but no sign of Maddy - Irish Independent on Sunday 04-11-07
McCanns cannot win in court of public opinion - Irish Independent on Sunday 04-11-07
Police: Toddler Girl Found in Box in Texas Could Be From Anywhere - Fox 04-11-07
Tabloids Keep Madeleine McCann In Headlines - New York Times 04-11-07
Madeleine McCann DNA test 'implicates' parents - Herald Sun (Aus) 04-11-07

Monday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 05-11-07
Friends of the McCann couple have already contacted lawyers - Correio da Manhã 05-11-07
Maddie is not in Morocco - Correio da Manhã 05-11-07
Maddie Cops' Tapas Pals Quiz - The Sun 05-11-07
Kate: I just want Maddie back - The Sun 05-11-07
Madeleine DNA In Bag Of Clothes - Daily Mirror 05-11-07
Silent Sobs And Prayer - Daily Mirror 05-11-07
Tony Parsons: Good Riddance To Portugal's Police - Daily Mirror 05-11-07
Madeleine: Moroccan farm to be searched - Daily Express 05.11.2007
Chase for £1m Madeleine bounty - Daily Express 05-11-07
Maddie Mum Orgy Fury - Daily Star 05-11-07
Maddie 'Seen at Farm' - Daily Star 05-11-07
Bag of clothes dumped near Portugal airport shows DNA links to Maddie - Daily Mail
Bounty hunters chasing £1 million reward join hunt for Madeleine - Daily Mail 05-11-07
Madeleine detectives close in on remote farm after more Morocco sightings - Daily Mail

Portuguese police: Were Kate and Gerry drunk on night Madeleine vanished? - Daily Mail
McCanns pledge to keep on searching for Madeleine in Morocco - Daily Mail 05-11-07
Media: Here is the news. There is none - Guardian 05-11-07
Fresh DNA hope in Madeleine McCann case - Telegraph 05-11-07
Moroccan authorities deny Madeleine search - Telegraph 05-11-07
McCanns give police list of names to interrogate - Times 05-11-07
Mystery of girl's body washed ashore in US touches on MMC case - Times Online 05-11-07
Police: blonde girl in Morocco is not Madeleine McCann - Times Online 05-11-07
Family Release New Madeleine Photograph - Sky 05-11-07
Gerry Appeal: 'Treat Madeleine Like A Princess' - Sky 05-11-07
'Clothes with Madeleine DNA link found' - ITN 05-11-07
Maddie 'clue' found - Metro 05-11-07
Maddie: Fresh DNA hope for McCanns - Metro 05-11-07
Clothes offer hope Madeleine alive - Metro 05-11-07
Bag Of ClothesShows DNA Links To Maddie - London Evening Standard 05-11-07
'Uplifting' service for Madeleine - Leicester Mercury 05-11-07
Madeleine McCann: Parents join prayer vigil - Liverpool Echo 05-11-07
Madeleine McCann fund ‘still supported by public’ - Liverpool Daily Post 05-11-07
Madeleine Mcann: DNA hope for Gerry and Kate McCann - Liverpool Daily Post 05-11-07
Madeleine McCann parents: We will not give up hope - Liverpool Daily Post 05-11-07
Maddie's DNA 'Found On Clothes Dumped In Bag' - Daily Record 05-11-07

Tuesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 06-11-07
Cops: Evidence 'Contaminated' - The Sun 06-11-07
Cops Reveal Shambles Of Maddy Crime Scen - Daily Mirror 06-11-07
McCanns and friends 'jumpy and nervous’ - Daily Express 06.11.2007
Mafia threats for woman who 'spotted' Madeleine - Daily Express 06-11-07
Maddie Parents Were Strange & Jumpy Say Cops - Daily Star 06-11-07
Maddie Death Threat Terror - Daily Star 06-11-07
Madeleine: Case against the McCanns 'based entirely on UK forensic tests' - Daily Mail
Witness who saw 'Madeleine' in Morocco receives Mafia death threats - Daily Mail 06-11-07
Police 'looked on as Madeleine crime scene was trampled by circus of people' - Daily Mail
Body of mystery girl washed ashore in Texas is not Madeleine McCann - Daily Mail 06-11-07
Portuguese police admit Madeleine 'circus' - Telegraph 06-11-07

They claim the McCanns and their friends... were "hard to deal with".
The GNR officers said their colleagues called the Policia Judiciaria - the Portuguese equivalent of our CID - because they felt "something wasn't right".
One said of the Tapas Nine: "They were upset, panicking, wide-eyed, the usual, but there was something else. They were scared - not the usual scared, they were jumpy, nervous. It wasn't normal. None of it was normal.
"It's always hard to get sense out of panicking people. When you're scared and pumped full of adrenaline you react like a child. You assume everyone knows what you know. They were hard to get sense out of."
"It was chaos," one said. "The world and his dog were in that room just to look under a bed. It was crazy allowing so many people to trample through.
"There was nothing we could do. The damage had already been done."
His colleague added: "It's not brain surgery and probably, in this case, could have saved a lot of speculation, heartache and unnecessary investigation time and money.
"The world's eyes are on us and we mucked up big and there's nothing they can do to change things - it's too late."
Today, a family friend said the GNR officers' comments backed up Kate and Gerry's fears about the integrity of the initial investigation.
"This tends to confirm what they have always been concerned about - that a lot of the immediate work done was not done to normal professional standards.
"There were not thousands of people walking in and out of the apartment as some have suggested but there were certainly a few. A lot more could have been done properly at the time."
News in Brief: Girl seen in Morocco is not Madeleine - Times 06-11-07
The MCs 'created information monster' that hindered search for MMC - Times Online
Maddie crime scene was like a 'circus' - Metro 06-11-07
Clothes may provide new Madeleine clue - Leicester Mercury 06-11-07
Madeleine McCann: Parents will keep searching - Liverpool Echo 06-11-07
Madeleine McCann at Hatton Country World - Leamington Spa Courier 06-11-07
McCanns Undaunted By Moroccan Blow - The Scotsman 06-11-07
Madeleine Police Expose Blunders In First Vital Hours - Daily Record 06-11-07
Madeleine cops hit out at bosses - Evening Times (Scotland) 06-11-07
McCanns Given Hope As Bag With DNA Link Found - Belfast Telegraph 06-11-07
Dumped bag of clothes contain DNA linked to Madeleine McCann - TransWorldNews
Blonde girl in Morocco not Madeleine McCann - 06-11-07

Wednesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 07-11-07
Cop Rap for 'Find Maddie' Push - The Sun 07-11-07
McCann Pals Deny New Claims - The Sun 07-11-07
Public Is 'Sick Of Madeleine' - Daily Mirror 07-11-07
[No Title - 2 of Tapas 7 want to change their story] - Daily Express 07-11-07
'No Evidence' Maddie Died in Apartment - Daily Express 07-11-07
Mountain folk who love their children so keen to find her - Daily Express 07-11-07
Maddie: 'Eye' Girl in Morocco isn't Her - Daily Star 07-11-07
Riddle of 14 text messages sent and received by GMC just before MMC vanished - Daily Mail
Police told KMC NOT to cry in public because kidnapper would 'get off' - Daily Mail 07-11-07
Madeleine campaign 'could have put her life in danger' - Daily Mail 07-11-07
Madeleine suspect Murat demands new police interview to clear his name - Daily Mail
Madeleine: Tapas Two 'want to change story' Telegraph 07-11-07
Gerry McCann's text messages probed - Telegraph 07-11-07
No TV tears for Madeleine, Kate McCann told - Telegraph 07-11-07
McCanns Defend Madeleine Media Operation - Sky 07-11-07
Tapas Two 'want to alter stories' - Metro 07-11-07
Maddie's parents blamed for media 'monster' - Metro 07-11-07
Two of Tapas Nine 'to change story... IF ' - London Evening Standard 07-11-07
Police advise Kate not to cry in public - Leicester Mercury 07-11-07
Maddie Cops Say Portuguese 'Sick Of Family' - Daily Record 07-11-07
McCanns blamed for 'media storm' - Aberdeen Evening Express 07-11-07

GMC's Blog :
Latest Update - Helping to find Madeleine
7th November 2007

We are pleased to recognise the independent Helping To Find Madeleine Forum (HTFM) as an affiliate of our campaign to continue in the search for Madeleine. For further information go to
The advice of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is that high visibility of a missing child through posters, car stickers etc increases the chances of finding that child. The friends and family of Kate and Gerry urge everyone to please keep looking for Madeleine. Our greatest fear has always been that Madeleine would somehow be forgotten about and that our efforts to bring her back safely would run out of support. We know in our hearts that Madeleine is still out there, alive, confused and aching to be returned to her family where she belongs. Whatever happens, please don't forget that. Don't forget about Madeleine.

Thursday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 08-11-07
Two of the MCs' friends want to change their statements. Contradicted version - CdM
PJ: Madeleine still tops list of missing people - Algarve Resident 08-11-07
Gerry Text Message Riddle - The Sun 08-11-07
Statement Fury of the 'Tapas 7' - The Sun 08-11-07
Gerry Txts Mystery - Daily Mirror 08-11-07
McCanns Friends 'Change Their Story' - Daily Mirror 08-11-07
Gerry's 14 texts mystery - Daily Express 08-11-07
Maddie: Tapas Pals Change Their Stories - Daily Star 08-11-07
McCann friends 'want to change their stories' - Telegraph 08-11-07
News in Brief: McCann friends deny asking to see police - Times 08-11-07
McCann friends to clarify Madeleine evidence, by David Brown - Times Online 08-11-07
[Madeleine development] 'New Lawrence evidence' - BBC 08-11-07
McCanns' Friends 'Won't Change Their Stories' - Sky 08-11-07
Changes in evidence from Tapas 9 could 'dramatically change' - London Evening Standard
Heather Mills denies McCann reports - Liverpool Echo 08-11-07
Comment: Move on from Maddie - Gloucestershire Gazette 08-11-07
Llanrug detective returns home after Maddie search - N Wales Daily Post 08-11-07
Diners 'want new Maddie quiz' - Evening News (Scotland) 08-11-07
120,000 contributions and 3 million views of single MMC story thread -
Congratulations on the Book Award, and Welcome to the Scrutiny - New York Times

Friday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 09-11-07
McCanns may sue dud cops - The Sun 09-11-07
McCann story switch duo named - Daily Mirror 09-11-07
Mccanns to sue police for £1 million - Daily Express 09.11.2007
How much wine was drunk? Did they check on children? - Daily Express 09-11-07
Maddie Parents to Sue - Daily Star 09-11-07
Changes in evidence from Tapas Nine could 'dramatically change investigation' - Daily Mail
McCanns may sue Portuguese police for £1m if  investigation is closed - Daily Mail 09-11-07
KMC screamed from the BALCONY 'they've taken her', claims new witness - Daily Mail
Revealed: The three timings 'key to solving Madeleine case' - Daily Mail 09-11-07
'Three key moments' for Madeleine McCann - Telegraph 09-11-07
McCanns May Sue Police Over Madeleine - Sky 09-11-07
McCanns could sue police in Portugal - Leicester Mercury 09-11-07
Support for McCanns is ‘huge’ - Church Times 09-11-07

GMC's Blog :
Day 190 - 09/11/2007

The media attention in Rothley has died down considerably with the passing of the six-month marker last weekend. The prayer service for Madeleine and other missing children was very well attended and we found it calming, comforting and very positive. The four churches in Rothley contributed to the service as they will be doing so again for remembrance Sunday and these events strengthen our sense of community.
No major developments to report in the last week in the search for Madeleine. There has been a good response to the launch of the helpline to find Madeleine and all the leads are being checked out and followed up where appropriate. Kate and I continue to encourage anyone who has information to phone or e-mail.
It has been a busier week for me as I have returned to work, initially on a part-time basis. The Trust have been very supportive throughout and it has been good, although difficult, to see so many friends and colleagues again. I was certainly ready to get back although we have agreed to gradually phase my return to full-time commitments. It is also been the first week since we returned from Portugal when we have not had friends or family staying with us. Kate and I have therefore been opening all the mail ourselves and we would like to thank everyone who has offered their support and encouragement.

Saturday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 10-11-07
Maddie: Three Crucial Moments - The Sun 10-11-07
'No Cops' Crisis Is Exposed - Daily Mirror 10-11-07
I saw her in Medjugorje - Daily Mirror 10-11-07
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McCanns Put On Trial By TV - Daily Mirror 10-11-07
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Madeleine: The intruder's 'opportunities' - Daily Express 10-11-07
Kate McCann Lied on Night Maddie Went - Daily Star 10-11--07
Madeleine documentary pinpoints 'key moments' - Telegraph 10-11-07
Police check statements of friends - Leicester Mercury 10-11-07
Maddie Police Talk Of 'Three Key Periods - Daily Record 10-11-07

Sunday Express & Daily Star Sunday inside pages - 11-11-07
Maddie DNA clue - News of the World 11-11-07
Parents Book Agony - The People 11-11-07
Maddie Tecs Close In On Bosnian - The People 11-11-07
TV3 chiefs refuse to hand over search cash - Sunday Mirror 11-11-07
Parents face new grilling by police. by Lori Campbell - Sunday Mirror 11-11-07
Give the Algarve a miss, by Anna Smith - Sunday Mirror 11-11-07
Find Madeleine - Daily Star Sunday 11-11-07
Exclusive: Is this Maddie? - Daily Star Sunday 11-11-07
Madeleine hunt turns to Balkans after girl is heard crying for 'Daddy' - Mail on Sunday
Madeleine McCann 'sighting' in the Balkans - Telegraph 11-11-07
Madeleine McCann friends face questioning as official suspects - Sunday Times 11-11-07

Inside McCann holiday flat - The Sun 12-11-07
Maddie Cops Want McCanns Silenced - Daily Mirror 12-11-07
Inside Madeleine's Bedroom - Daily Mirror 12-11-07
Tourist spotted Madeleine - Daily Express 12.11.2007
First look at bedroom - Daily Express 12-11-07
Slinging the Mud - Daily Star 12-11-07
Bombshell Book Points Finger at Maddie Parents - Daily Star 12-11-07
McCanns accused of pressuring Tapas Nine to 'keep them silent' - Daily Mail 12-11-07
First picture INSIDE the PT holiday apartment where Madeleine vanished - Daily Mail
Bosnian police slow to react to new Madeleine 'sighting' - Daily Mail 12-11-07
'Sighting' of Madeleine in Bosnia a 'priority' - Telegraph 12-11-07
Madeleine McCann: 100 questions for Kate and Gerry - Telegraph 12-11-07
Madeleine McCann: Possible translation errors - Telegraph 12-11-07
Maddie's bedroom revealed for first time - Metro 12-11-07
Madeleine may have been seen in Bosnia - Liverpool Daily Post 12-11-07
Inside Madeleine McCann's Room - Daily Record 12-11-07
European Tabloids Still Agog Months After Child Vanishes - New York Times 12-11-07
Maddie Sighted In Medjugorje? - Javno (Croatia) 12-11-07

Tuesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 13-11-07
Minister of Justice and PJ director repudiate the statements made by an aide - LUSA
English politician says that the Portuguese police is corrupted - SOL 13.11.07
Twins in the middle of the crime - Correio da Manhã 13-11-07
Maddie 100 questions block - The Sun 13-11-07
Maddie translate 'mistake' - The Sun 13-11-07
McCanns' team alert Interpol on Medjugorje - Daily Mirror 13-11-07
McCann 'Errors' In Translation - Daily Mirror 13-11-07
McCanns deny pressurising friends - Daily Express 13.11.2007
Maddie New Sighting Shock - Daily Star 13-11-07
McCann officers to review statements translated by Murat - Telegraph 13-11-07
Madeleine McCann detectives barred from reinterviewing parents - Times Online 13-11-07
First Picture Inside Madeleine's Bedroom - Sky 13-11-07
'McCann Investigation Flawed From Start' [Roger Knapman MEP] - Sky 13-11-07
Maddie Mix-Ups Blamed On Translators - Daily Record 13-11-07

Wednesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 14-11-07
Tests leave doubts - Correio da Manhã 14-11-07
Cops' Bid to Grill McCanns Again - The Sun 14-11-07
McCann Officers Hit A Wall - Daily Mirror 14-11-07
rish Pilgrim Told Me He Saw Maddy in Medjugorje - Daily Mirror 14-11-07
Support for new sighting of Maddy - Daily Mirror 14-11-07
Witness confirms Madeleine ‘seen in Bosnia village’ - Daily Express 14.11.2007
Police have 100 questions for McCanns - Daily Express 14.11.2007
Madeleine investigation grinds to a halt - Daily Mail 14-11-07
Madeleine police are 'corrupt and amateur' - Daily Mail 14-11-07
Madeleine McCann: New setback for parents - Telegraph 14-11-07
Police draw up list of questions for McCanns - Telegraph 14-11-07
Meredith or Madeleine: it's trial by media - Times 14-11-07
Madeleine Case Files Remain Secret - Sky 14-11-07
Police have '100 questions' for McCanns - Metro 14-11-07
Madeleine: '100 new questions' - Leicester Mercury 14-11-07
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