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Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

07 - MAI 4/5 - BBC/Channel 4/Woods

Reportages - 4 mai 2007

Sky News - Breaking News - 7h48
Quelques nouvelles de dernière heure... Nous venons d'apprendre qu'est en cours la recherche d'une fillette britannique de 3 ans disparue dans la région de l'Algarve au Portugal ; elle a disparu la nuit dernière. Des centaines de personnes la cherchent. Nous reprendrons l'antenne dès que nous aurons plus de détails.

BBC Radio 4 - 8h45
John Humphrys: Une fille britannique de 3 ans a disparu alors qu'elle était en vacances en famille au Portugal. Notre journaliste, Yunus Mulla, est avec moi. Que pouvez-vous nous dire à ce sujet?
Yunus Mulla: Eh bien, ce que nous comprenons, c’est, euh… Madeleine McCann, âgée de 3 ans, euh… faisait partie d’un groupe comprenant 9 adultes et 8 enfants qui séjournaient au Mark Warner Ocean Club. station d’été, près du village de Praia da Luz, dans l’Algarve.
Maintenant, la famille, ses parents, en particulier, dînaient à quelques centaines de mètres de là et l’avaient laissée avec son frère et sa soeur dans l’appartement familial. Euh ... ils gardaient le contrôle, euh ... des enfants, toutes les demi-heures, mais, euh ... aux alentours, euh ... de dix heures moins le quart la nuit dernière, euh ... de sa mère, euh ... Kate McCann, a découvert que sa fille n'était pas là; la .. la fenêtre et les portes, euh ... à l'appartement étaient grandes ouvertes et elle a immédiatement, euh ... alerté, euh ... la police.
Maintenant, ce que nous avons vu jusqu’à présent dans la nuit et, euh ... continue ce matin, c’est une opération de recherche qui comprend, euh ... des habitants, des policiers, et ... des gens de la région, qui sont évidemment extrêmement préoccupé. Euh ... bon nombre des aéroports et des ports sont également en attente. Euh ... et la famille elle-même ... essayons de savoir ce qui reste à faire. L'ambassade britannique, euh ... là-bas et, euh ..., le ministère des Affaires étrangères a également confirmé que, euh ... la fillette a disparu et que tout le monde fait de son mieux pour essayer de la retrouver.

John Humphrys: 
Well, let's hope. Yunus, thank you very much. It's fourteen minutes... thirteen minutes to nine.

04.05.2007 - BBC East Midlands Today
transcrit par Nigel Moore

Reporter : Well, the McCann family, Gerry and Kate, with their twins and three-year-old Madeleine went on holiday to Portugal last Saturday, from their home in Rothley, in Leicestershire. They'd gone to a popular resort on the coast of the Algarve with a group of other families; nine adults; eight children; all on holiday together. Now, last night Madeleine and the twins were left sleeping in their room, while her parents had a meal in a restaurant two hundred yards away - and they did regular checks on them - but at ten o'clock last night there was a huge shock for Kate. Madeleine's aunt who lives in Scotland, takes up the story.
Patricia C (soeur GMC) : They last checked at half past nine; they were all sound asleep, sleeping; windows shut; shutters shut. Kate went back at ten o'clock to check; the front door was lying open; the window had been tampered with; the shutters had been jammied open... or whatever you call it, and Madeleine was missing.

R : Madeleine's disappearance led to a frantic search. Some of the guests were out looking for the little girl all night; the police brought in sniffer dogs. The group of friends in Portugal with the McCanns are devastated.
Rachael MO (TP9) : Some people are... are out looking again, as well, errm... you know, everyone at the resort has been great and they're doing everything they can to help.

R : The owners of the Ocean Club resort, the Mark Warner holiday firm, have offered to fly out more family members to support the McCanns.
John Hill (gérant OC) : The parents were regularly checking, errm... through the, errr... the french windows of their apartment, errm... and between, errm... errr... ten... ten o'clock and ten fifteen, errm... the alarm was raised that Maddie was missing from that room.

R : Today Madeleine's parents have been giving statements to the police. Their friends say they just can't believe what's happened. The family were due to fly home tomorrow to their home in Rothley.

04.05.2007 - Channel 4 News
transcrit par Nigel Moore
Krishnan Guru Murthy : ...on them before she vanished. Her parents were having dinner at a nearby restaurant; they say she's been abducted. Police have spent the day searching around the Praia da Luz resort in the Algarve. Madeleine has now been missing for almost 24 hours, as Katy Razzall reports.

Katy Razzall : Three-year-old Madeleine McCann, a little girl from Leicester on her first ever foreign holiday. As the hours pass, the agony grows. This, a major investigation into what the Portuguese police are still referring to as a missing persons enquiry; 'Abduction' the word being used by Madeleine's family. Last night this was just a holiday resort. Today, the McCann's apartment in Mark Warner's Praia da Luz is sealed off. Madeleine's parents had been eating at a Tapas bar within sight of here but at ten last night Madeleine's mother found her little girl gone. The younger twin brother and sister still asleep in cots either side of Madeleine's bed. Her distraught father rang his sister. 

Où l'on voit qui est l'informateur.
Patricia C : He said that Madeleine had been abducted. She's not the type of wee girl to wander off and Kate went back to check her half an hour after Gerry had checked; Madeleine was missing; the window was open; the shutters were up. None of that had been left like that and they'd been interfered with, the windows.

KR : Those shutters being checked for fingerprints today as the search continued. Maps of the area and photographs of Madeleine given out to ensure every corner of the resort is checked in the hope the little girl will be found. Many local residents and holidaymakers stayed up all night. 

John Hill (Resort Manager) : When I arrived here, errm... gue... more guests, more local residents were getting involved in the search and we tried to do a strategic search from the right hand side of the village across through to the left. We sent people down to the beach and came up through the... the alleyways.  

KR : The police talking to anyone who may have noticed anything unusual. The hope that Madeleine woke up and went in search of her parents fading perhaps. If this is an abduction the police will need to know who may have entered or left the resort, to identify why Madeleine's room was targeted, whether this was an opportunistic kidnap or something planned? Such a crime so rare here it's new territory for the Portuguese authorities.  
Paul Luckman (Portugal News) : I cannot recall a child abduction on the foreign community. It's virtually unheard of in this country. This is taken very, very seriously. Now we know that they had the borders closed in very, very short time. The airport security is very high on children which are not travelling with their parents. So I think they've done very, very well. 

KR : Gerry and Kate McCann are described as totally devoted to their children. The horror of it all too imaginable. The pain and shock etched on their faces today. A close-knit family shattered. 
Eileen MC (mère de GMC) : She's a doctor. He's a cardiologist consultant; saves people's lives and this, this is how he gets repaid.

KR : Madeleine's parents chose this resort for its family-friendly atmosphere. This afternoon, they said they believed their daughter, who'll be four next week, is still alive.

Reportage - 5 mai 2007 Sky News (n'est plus en ligne)
transcrit par Nigel Moore

Ian Woods : The apartment block remains sealed off; Gerry and Kate McCann and their two younger children have been moved to another part of the resort. Police dogs were brought in late yesterday and have again been trying to pick up a trail. Last night the family emerged to make a brief appeal for help from the public. Mrs McCann clutched a child's toy while her husband spoke :
Gerald MC : Words cannot describe the anguish and despair that we are feeling as the parents of our beautiful daughter Madeleine. We reqret... request that anyone who may have any information related to Madeleine's disappearance, no matter how trivial, contact the Portuguese police and help us get her back safely. Please, if you have Madeleine, let her come home to her mummy, daddy, brother and sister. 

IW : Is there a temptation for them to get out and try and search themselves ?
Philomena MC (soeur de GMC): Yeah, well, I mean for Gerry and Kate they want to get out there, they want to search everything, they want to leave nothing unturned. (1) 

IW : The decision to leave the children alone while they ate at a nearby restaurant must haunt them but they felt they were doing everything a parent should. The door of the apartment can be seen from the place where they were eating. They returned regularly to check the children were still asleep. But on the opposite side of the apartment is a shuttered window. When Kate McCann returned on one of her regular checks it had been slid open and Madeleine was gone. She celebrates her fourth birthday later this week. Her parents are now desperately hoping she'll be home well before that. (clip)
Patricia C : She's a... a lovely wee girl; a normal, healthy wee child; full of life; she's just learnt to swim without her water wings; she's started her first tennis lessons; she's a wee dancer; she likes everything; she loves her wee brother and her wee sister and she kills them with kindness - kissing them and helping them out and doing things.

IW : Locals and holidaymakers have joined the police in searching the area. Maps and photos of the missing girl have been handied out. The Algarve is hugely popular with British tourists. Crime is low so the police here have limited resources but many people have volunteered to help. The police are checking out one possible sighting about eight hours after Madeleine disappeared. Just before dawn a motorist said that his car headlights picked out a couple on the road; they had a child with them and, according to him, it looked as if they were trying to avoid being seen. Madeleine's grandparents have also flown in from England to lend support and defended the decision to leave the children alone in the apartment. Her grandmother said Gerry and Kate were good parents who had been watching the apartment from their table in the restaurant.The family have been critical of the efforts of the Portuguese authorities but the British Ambassador here says everything possible has been done. (clip)
John Buck : I have been in touch with the National Chief of Police during the course of the day and also with the Chief of Police here in the Algarve and they have assured me that everything possible is being done. There is an intensive and extensive, errr... search and investigation underway and that will continue during the night.

IW : At the moment this is still a missing person inquiry, rather than an abduction, but it now seems highly unlikely that the little girl wandered out of the apartment alone.
(Essentially silent piece of video following the McCanns as they emerge from the Ocean Club reception area, with the twins, and head back to their (new) apartment)
GMC : (to Sean) Hold my hand? (Sean pulls his hand away) Oh, big boy, you're walking on your own?
GMC : (to Amelie) Cuddle? Alright. (2)
GMC : (to Sean) Come on, Sean. You walking? You hungry? We're going to have some lunch.

(1) Qui ne ferait pas siens les propos de Philomena ? Toutefois les MC ont reconnu eux-mêmes qu'ils n'avaient pas cherché leur fille. Selon "Madeleine" Gerald a ordonné à Kate de ne pas bouger et est allé voir si Madeleine n'était pas à la crèche. Selon l'interrogatoire de Gerald comme arguido il est allé à la réception principale voir si on avait appelé la police.
(2) On remarque qu'apparemment Kate MC ne montre aucun intérêt pour "Cuddle Cat" qu'Amelie traîne par une patte, une peluche censée appartenir à Madeleine, sorte d'objet transitionnel dont pendant des semaines Kate ne se séparera pas, au moins devant les caméras.