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Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

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01 : 13 Titres
McCanns Could See Maddie File - The Sun
Quiz date set for Tapas 7 - Daily Mirror
Portuguese police set to open up case files against the McCanns - Daily Mail
Tapas Seven in New McCann Interviews - Guardian
Madeleine McCann's parents to learn of case against them - Telegraph
McCann Papers Could Be Released - BBC
Madeleine Case: Secrecy Period To End - Sky
Police to open up Maddie case files - Metro
Parents Back Interviews - Leicester Mercury
Maddie police set to quiz city 'tapas' couple - Exeter Express & Echo
Madeleine police to interview friends in UK - Yorkshire Post
Driven to succeed - Manchester Evening News
Police flying in to quiz Tapas 7 - Daily Record

02 : 4 Titres dont 1 PT
McCanns: Secrecy of justice up to August - Correio da Manhã
Kate and Gerry McCann to see their police file - Daily Mirror
Robert M returned to England to see his five-year-old daughter - Daily Mail
Madeleine police files may soon be revealed - Leicester Mercury

03 : 6 Titres
McCanns optimistic about new enquiries - Algarve Res.
McCanns may Return to Algarve - The Sun
McCanns poised to make dramatic return to Portugal  - Daily mail
MCs to appear in documentary marking  anniversary - Daily mail
UK police ready to question 'Tapas 7' over Madeleine disappearance - Times
Madeleine 'suspect' in UK visit to daughter - Leicester Mercury

04 : 6 Titres
McCanns Risk Arrest Over Visit - The Sun
Maddie parents go back to Portugal on 1st anniversary - Daily Star
MC case leaves Portuguese holiday resort deserted - Daily mail
Audiences Needn't Be Wrapped in Cotton Wool -
McCanns Back Amber Alert System - BBC
McCanns in plea for Euro kidnap alerts - Leicester Mercury

05 : 11 Titres
McCanns Confident Of Being Cleared - Portugal News
Tenerife 'Maddie Sighting' - The Sun
Kate and Gerry McCann in Europe kid safety campaign - Daily Mirror
McCanns launch Euro kids crusade - Daily Star
The Prince of Sleuths - Guardian
Simon Hoggart Column [McCanns & Brit Class System] - Guardian
I Heard the News Today, The News as a Novel by Gordon Burns - Guardian
Madeleine McCann: parents target child alert system - Liverpool Echo
Parents want Euro-wide child missing alert - Liverpool Daily Post
McCanns press EU for Amber Alerts - Yorkshire Post
Madeleine McCann's parents to launch child safety scheme - Daily Record

06 : 9 Titres
Maddie cops get quiz list - News of the World
'We Say' The People: Mercy For McCanns - The People
We Want To Return For Her - The People
Kate & Gerry McCann To Be Cleared - The People
Maddy 60 Face Quiz By Police - Sunday Express
Tapas Seven Face New Madeleine Quiz - Sunday Express
How life changed for those caught in the public glare ..- Observer
Madeleine: in Praia da Luz, there's not even a traffic cop - Observer
Police fly in for Tapas Seven quiz - Metro

07 : 20 Titres dont 1 PT
PJ in England today to explain contradictions - Jornal de Noticias
Tapas seven’ face police quiz - The Sun
Maddie cops fly in to ouiz [sic] Tapas seven - Daily Star
PT detectives set to quiz 'TP7' in London about disappearance - Daily Mail
Madeleine Police Head to UK for Tapas 7 Interviews -
Madeleine McCann Police Due to Arrive in UK - Telegraph
Madeleine Case Police Land in UK - BBC
Police Fly To UK For Madeleine Interviews - Sky
Madeleine Probe: Who Are The 'Tapas 7'? - Sky
Madeleine police fly into UK - ITN
Maddie police arrive for Tapas 7 interview - Metro
Portuguese detectives arrive in UK - Leicester Mercury
Police fly in for Tapas Seven quiz - Leicester Mercury
Madeleine McCann: Police fly in to question Tapas seven - Liverpool Echo
Madeleine police at 'tapas seven' interviews - Yorkshire Post
Tapas Seven 'bullish' ahead of Madeleine quiz - Fenland Citizen
Madeleine McCann Police Fly In For Interviews - The Scotsman
MMC cops fly into Britain to start questioning Tapas Seven - Daily Record
McCanns: Portuguese police at 'Tapas Seven' interviews - Herald Scotland
Cabbie says Maddie was in his car - Euro Weekly News

08 : 31 Titres dont 1 PT
Jane Tanner will be in the PJ's aim today - Correio da Manhã
McCanns Asked to Return - The Sun
'Family' Beg from McCanns - The Sun
MCs 'called back to Portugal for Madeleine reconstruction' - Daily Mirror
MCs want Portuguese police to question their psychologist - Daily Mirror
Hunt for Maddie Fund Cash Caller - Daily Mirror
Madeleine: Police quiz Tapas Seven - Daily Express
Mum: 'I always knew where Shannon was' - Daily Express
MCs called back to PT by  police for kidnap re-enactment - Daily mail
Shannon's 'family' begged for money from the MMC fund - Daily mail
McCanns Welcome Televised Reconstruction -
MCs asked to return to Portugal for reconstruction - Telegraph
McCanns Name 60 Witnesses for Re-Interview - Telegraph
Lawyer of the Week: Adam Tudor - Times
Madeleine McCann's Parents Called Back to Portugal - Times Online
McCanns Are Asked to Return to Portugal - Independent
McCanns asked to revisit Portugal - BBC
Madeleine Interviews Set to Begin - BBC
Shannon-McCann Fund Link Probe - BBC
Police Begin Interviews With 'Tapas Seven' - Sky
Gerry And Kate Film TV Documentary A Year On - Sky
McCanns 'asked back to Portugal' - ITN
McCanns asked back to Portugal - Metro
Tapas 7 quizzed over missing Maddie - Metro
McCanns to address MEPs in Brussels - Metro
Shannon Matthews' mother charged over disappearance - Metro
McCann friends face fresh Madeleine questions - Yorkshire Post
Kate McCann 'upset' by reconstruction invitation - Worksop Guardian
MCs asked to take part in Portugal reconstruction - Daily Record
Cops probe MMC cash link to Shannon Matthews case - Daily Record
McCanns consider return to Portugal - Reuters 

09 : 29 Titres dont 2 PT
PJ wants the McCanns in the location of the crime - Correio da Manhã
Jane and Russell "grilled" by the PJ: Witnesses with bad memory - 24Horas
McCanns Leave for Belgium - The Sun
The McCanns in Return to Hell by Antonella Lazzeri - The Sun
Cops Ask MCs To Do Reconstruction on 'Crimewatch' - Daily Mirror
MCs' spokesman questioned by Shannon detectives - Daily Mirror
Madeleine Police Want Parents Back In Portugal - Daily Express
Maddie mum to relive snatch agony - Daily Star
McCanns To Address MEPs In Brussels - Daily Star
Kate's devastated at having to live through it again - Daily Star
PT police ask the MCs to relive the night Madeleine disappeared - Daily Mail
McCanns Ponder Return to Praia da Luz - Guardian
Profile: Kate and Gerry McCann -
McCanns consider re-enactment - Telegraph
Madeleine McCann's Parents to Address MEPs - Telegraph
Madeleine McCann Timeline: The Case So Far - Telegraph
New anguish for Gerry and Kate McCann over police tactic - Times
Could Europe Alerts Stop Abductions? - BBC
Kate Upset Over Reconstruction Invite - Sky
McCanns To Argue For Child Alert System - Sky
Police Continue To Quiz 'Tapas 7' - ITN
Kate 'upset' by police reconstruction appeal - Leicester Mercury
Mother 'upset' at Madeleine request - Yorkshire Post
Kate McCann 'Upset' At Police Invite - The Scotsman
McCanns to re-enact Madeleine kidnapping - Daily Record
Shannon: Karen Matthews mum charged over 'abduction' - Daily Record
Plan to reconstruct  disappearance upsets' Kate McCann - Herald Scotland
Maddie McCann raised in bid to halt Ayr coffee stall - Ayrshire Post
Portuguese police continue to interview McCann friends - IOL

10 : 34 Titres dont 1 PT
Reconstruction at risk - 24horas
McCanns asked to return - Algarve Resident
'Where were you mummy?' - The Sun
McCanns Launch Child Alert - The Sun
Smiling Kate's Maddie mission - The Sun
MCs in bid for Europe-wide child alert hotline - Daily Mirror
MMC left crying in bedroom the night before went missing -
Vicious Cycle of Fear - Cotton Wool Kids C4, 9pm - Daily Mirror
Revealed: What Gerry and Kate told police - Daily Mail
New in Brief: McCanns seek backing for missing children alerts - Guardian
McCanns Call for Europe-Wide Missing Child Alerts -
Key Players in the McCann Case -
News In Brief: McCanns' EU talk - Telegraph
MMC complained to mother Kate about being left crying alone - Telegraph
MCs will not mark anniversary in Portugal - Telegraph
MCs attend a meeting at the European Parliament in Brussels - Times Online
McCann plea for missing child alert system - Independent
McCann Alert 'Could Have Helped' - BBC
McCanns Call For Child Alert System - Sky
McCanns push for child alert system - ITN
Maddie: 'Mummy, why did you let us cry?' - Metro
McCanns: 'Amber alert' could've saved Maddie - Metro
Missing child alert system plea - Metro
McCanns in call for alert system - Leicester Mercury
Kate and Gerry take child alert fight to Europe - Liverpool Daily Post
McCanns head for Brussels in abduction alert bid - Yorkshire Post
Better justice for Europe's missing children - Yorkshire Post
McCanns To Lobby MEPs On Child Abduction Protocols - The Scotsman
McCanns call for cross-border missing child alert aystem - The Scotsman
MCs want Europe-wide alert for missing kids - Daily Record
Parents Of Missing Madeleine Call For EU-Wide Alert - EU Observer
Maddie McCann's Parents Want European 'Amber' Alert - ABC
Girl's Disappearance a Fraud? - Time Magazine
McCanns call for missing children alert - IOL

11 : 37 Titres
Editorial: Maddie alert - The Sun
'Blatant attempt to smear parents' - The Sun
McCanns' fury at police leak - The Sun
Spanish TV  claims it obtained leaked copies of  statements - Daily Mirror
KMC speaks out over the agony she and Gerry have suffered - Daily Mirror
Madeleine- Why did you leave us to cry mummy? - Daily Express
Maddie is still alive - Daily Star
MCs launch furious attack on PT police as row erupts over  leak - Daily Mail
'Tapas 7 demanded private jet and 5-star hotels to return to PT- Daily Mail
"Mummy, why didn't you come when we were crying last night?" - Daily Mail
McCanns call for a Europe-wide alert system on missing children - Guardian
The Resort That Was Rocked One Night in May -
What Happened on the Day Madeleine Disappeared? -
MCs Angered By Published Police Interviews -
Madeleine complained of being left alone - Telegraph
Madeleine McCann 'scolded parents' for leaving her alone - Times Online
McCanns angry over Madeleine leak - BBC
Fury Over Madeleine Crying 'Smear' - Sky
McCanns angered by interview leak - ITN
McCanns angry over press leaks - Metro
Police interview leaks 'are smear campaign' - Leicester Mercury
Call for europe-wide alert system - Leicester Mercury
EU must back alert system - Leicester Mercury
Madeleine McCanns’ anger over leaked interview - Liverpool Echo
Madeleine McCann: Desperate to keep Maddie in the news - Liverpool Echo
Slur accusation as details of MC case leaked - Liverpool Daily Post
McCanns angry over police interviews leak -Yorkshire Post
MCs hope for positive outcome from interview leak - The Scotsman
Kate McCann's Fury At New Madeleine Smears - Daily Record
Our Pain Is Nothing Compared To  - Daily Record
'Why didn't you come when we were crying last night?' - Herald Scotland
McCanns Furious At Police Leak - Belfast Telegraph
McCann's furious at police leak - Irish Independent
Maddie "left crying" by her parents - Reuters
McCanns seek EU child kidnap alert system - Reuters
Parents of Madeleine McCann upset at Telecinco - Typically Spanish
McCann's angry at 'smear' - IOL

12 : 27 Titres dont 1 PT
Jane Tanner's declarations to the Police casts doubt on the MCs - 24Horas
McCanns Ready To Return, But Not As Suspects - Portugal News
Twins pick up the phone every day 'Where are you Maddie?' - The Sun
Key Maddie witness U-turn - The Sun
Leaks, Smears.....Now Plane Lies - The Sun
The Gloves Are Off - Daily Mirror
Quiz cops fly home early - Daily Mirror
McCanns must not return to Portugal, by Richard Madeley - Daily Express
Blunder police clear McCanns - Daily Star
MCs admit: 'We made a mistake leaving Madeleine alone' - Daily Mail
PT police leaks are 'shameless smears' to discredit us, say MCs - Daily mail
Police chief tells of anger over 'crying Maddie' leak - Daily Mail
McCanns May Refuse To Attend Reconstruction - Telegraph
The gloves are off, angry McCanns tell police - Telegraph
McCanns demand inquiry over leak - Independent
McCanns 'rethink Portugal return' - BBC
McCanns May Pull Out Of Reconstruction - Sky
Media leak blow to McCann reconstruction - ITN
Answers demanded over leaks - Leicester Mercury
Website must ban speeders - Leicester Mercury
Your Echo wins a hat-trick of media awards - Liverpool Echo
McCanns in row over 'leaked' interviews - Yorkshire Post
McCanns may refuse to help detectives in wake of leaks - The Scotsman
MCs threaten to pull out of Portugal reconstruction - Daily Record
McCanns To Cut Cooperation After Interview Leaks - Belfast Telegraph
Madeleine -- one year on... Will the truth ever come out? - Irish Independent
McCanns to cut police cooperation after interview leaks - Irish Independent

GMC's Blog :
Day 345: 12/04/2008 - Saturday
Our visit to the European Parliament on Thursday (10th) was the culmination of several months work. Kate and I presented a written declaration (see news and support) to the parliament asking for the introduction of an EU wide missing child alert system based on the US AMBER alert system. The AMBER system has been incredibly successful in rescuing abducted children. France has adopted a similar system in the last 2 years, which has been activated 5 times with all children being recovered alive.
An EU wide AMBER type system has widespread support. The EU commission presented draft guidance (written in conjunction with Missing Children Europe) on the introduction of such a system. In Lisbon in October last year the proposal got the informal support of the 27 member states home office/justice ministers. We presented the declaration to MEP's, answered questions and then held a press conference- our first public speech since returning from Portugal. For the declaration to be taken up we need 51% of (the 785) MEP's to sign the declaration in the next 3 months. We would urge everyone to lobby their MEP's to sign the declaration. 
The day went extremely well although we were naturally asked questions about the Portuguese investigation, which are very difficult to answer for us, as we have had no direct dialogue with the Portuguese police. We were dismayed to learn that excerpts from our early witness statements were leaked to a Spanish TV station. These were taken out of context and there can be no doubts were designed to undermine our credibility. One has to question why these were leaked on the day when the media attention was huge and who benefits from such a leak? One thing for certain is that it does not help to find Madeleine. We would certainly welcome an independent inquiry as to where the leaking of such sensitive information, contrary to judicial secrecy laws, has come from.

13 : 19 Titres
Leading Article: How much more pain? - The News of the World
Crying Shame, by Carole Malone - News of the World
McCanns: Cops Find 'Nothing' - The People
Madeleine McCann cops not got clue, by Lori Campbell - Sunday Mirror
Haunted by Grief - Sunday Mirror
ITV chases ratings with documentary about the tragedy of missing Maddy - Sunday Express
Tapas 7 hit by 'lies & smears' - Daily Star Sunday
PT police 'found no new evidence' during UK interviews with the Tapas 7 - Mail on Sunday
Madeleine 'suspect' in massive libel claim - Observer
Madeleine McCann 'suspect' Robert Murat sues British media for libel - Sunday Telegraph
Statistically speaking, 100% of us are fed up with dodgy data - Sunday Times
Madeleine's Parents may Snub Police - Sunday Times
Madeleine McCann suspect set to sue over coverage of case - Times Online
Madeleine Suspect to Sue Media - BBC
Murat to sue British media - ITN
Madeleine 'suspect' to sue media - Metro
Madeleine Police Fail To Crack Tapas 7 - Sunday Mail
Lay off poor Kate McCann and focus on the real villians - Sunday Mail
Tory's Fury At McCann's Leak - Belfast Telegraph

14 : 26 Titres dont 1 PT
Murat goes to the PJ's re-enactment - 24horas
Cops Deny Smear Campaign - The Sun
McCanns want an FBI probe - The Sun
Portuguese police to discuss 'Tapas Seven' interviews - Daily Mail
McCann case suspect issues record number of libel writs - Guardian
Murat begins largest media libel claim in UK history - Telegraph
Brits Love to Torture a 'Bad Mother' - Times
Madeleine suspect to sue papers for libel - Independent
Police Deny Claims of McCann Leak - BBC
Secret McCanns Files May Be Released - Sky
Madeleine Police Deny Interview Leaks - Sky
Portugese police defend leak claims - ITN
Murat to sue British media - ITN
Portuguese police deny leak claim - Metro
Police deny Maddie leak - Metro
PT police accuse Clarence Mitchell of 'lying through his teeth' - London Evening Standard
Murat in legal action over Madeleine allegations - Leicester Mercury
Former suspect Robert Murat to sue 11 papers for libel - Liverpool Daily Post
Madeleine 'suspect' Murat to sue newspapers for libel - Yorkshire Post
Madeleine suspect Murat could win £2m suing UK media - Herald Scotland
Police rap McCann spokesman over leak - Reuters
Now Murat to sue over alleged Madeleine slurs - Press Gazette
Robert Murat sues 11 newspapers for libel over Madeleine stories - Press Gazette
Simons Muirhead Launches Libel Action For Murat - The Lawyer
Portuguese police deny leak in case of missing British girl - Herald Tribune
McCann: suspect sues media - IOL

15 : 15 Titres dont 2 PT
The repercussions of Maddie's case on the PJ - Diario de Noticias
McCann's spokesman is a "liar" - Jornal de Noticias
McCann Cops Deny 'Smears' - The Sun
McCanns 'cop leak' is denied - Daily Mirror
Maddie cops: We didn't leak interview - Daily Mirror
Madeleine: Police hit back over leak claims - Daily Express
Maddie cops: We didn't leak story - Daily Star
PT police accuse  Clarence Mitchell of 'lying through his teeth' - Daily Mail
Madeleine police hit back at McCanns' claims - Telegraph
McCanns To Appear On Oprah Winfrey Show - Sky
Portuguese police hit back at 'baseless' leak allegations - Yorkshire Post
Country in 'frenetic paralysis' - Yorkshire Post
McCanns’ important lessons – to learn and give - Hexham Courant
Euro MP meets McCanns - Luton Today
Madeleine McCann cops hit back over TV row - Daily Record