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Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

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Moyenne/jour : 11

01 : 11 Titres dont 1 PT
There go the letters again... - 24Horas
Present from Maddie for twins - The Sun
Madeleine tots' party - Daily Mirror
Sadness at Twins' 3rd Birthday - Daily Mirror
Missing Maddie's special prezzie - Daily Star
[Person or News Commodity?] - Times
Card from Madeleine at McCann twins party - Telegraph
Madeleine: Information Or Entertainment? - Sky
Maddy papers not sent - Leicester Mercury
Birthday Party For McCann Twins - Daily Record
Insults posted online under 'freedom of speech agenda' - HoldTheFrontPage

G. McCanns blog
Day 274: 01/02/2008 - Friday
We have launched the new website layout today. I hope you all like it and we are sure that you fill find it much easier to navigate. The website was always envisaged as being the main portal to the find Madeleine campaign. If Madeleine remains missing and as the media attention drops then the website will be instrumental in keeping people up to date. As you will see a lot of work has gone in to extensively revising the content. Our whole family have unfortunately learnt an awful lot about the problems of missing and exploited children.
Our priority will always be to search for Madeleine and whoever abducted her. However we hope to work in coalition with the many excellent organisations in Europe and further afield to campaign for change. The first goal will be to get an EU wide child alert system introduced with cooperation from all the relevant authorities and law enforcement agencies.
Sean and Amelie turned three today. We hope and pray that they will never have another birthday without Madeleine here. Despite the circumstances they really enjoyed their birthday ?tea party? today. The twins love seeing all their extended family. There is no doubt that Sean and Amelie have made life for all of us a little more bearable over the last 9 months.
New Web Site Launched
Date Released: 01/02/2008 13:00:00
The newly designed web site for the Help to Find Madeleine Campaign has been launched today.

The purpose of the new site is to focus attention on the primary goal which remains to Find Madeleine McCann.
The fund have been working hard to design the site to make it more user friendly and easier to keep up to date.
It is hoped that the new site will allow people to find what they are looking for quickly. The new site still allows
Gerry to update his blog, but it also has the additional facility to allow authorised persons to issue News Items without the need for the Web team to write the code for the pages. Attachments No files

Message from Gerry and Kate

Our daughter Madeleine was abducted on 3rd May 2007 in Praia da Luz, Portugal, 9 days before her 4th birthday. She was taken from our holiday apartment where she was sleeping with her younger brother and sister whilst we were dining 50 yards away. Despite a massive investigation led by the Portuguese police and supported by the British police, we still do not know who has taken her, why she was taken or where she is. In addition, private investigators based in Spain are now following up any leads regarding Madeleine's disappearance. (Investigation page)
Since Madeleine's abduction, we have learned a lot about missing children and child exploitation. The scale of the problem is massive and worldwide. Although finding Madeleine will always remain our priority, we feel it is our duty to highlight these problems as well as areas where legislation can be improved, in order to make the world a little safer for all children. To achieve these aims we are working closely with the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Centre for Child Exploitation and Online Protection and other non-governmental agencies throughout Europe (Investigation page). The Find Madeleine Campaign launched a new YouTube channel for missing children in August 2007 called 'Don't You Forget About Me' in conjunction with ICMEC and Google.
The support we have had from around the world has been amazing. We have no doubt that without all the good wishes, prayers and efforts of so many people, our ordeal would have been so much harder. It has helped maintain our strength and hope, and this together with support for the campaign, has helped the search for our precious Madeleine. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their unconditional support and solidarity.
Madeleine is a beautiful little person. She was a very happy and much loved little girl. We believe there is a very good chance that Madeleine is still alive. She deserves the love and security of her family. She needs to be back homewith her mummy and daddy, brother and sister.
Please keep Madeleine in your thoughts and prayers. And please ' remain vigilant.
We will NEVER give up looking for Madeleine.
Thank you again for your ongoing support and kindness.

02 : 8 Titres
Maddie Cops: We Were Hasty - The Sun
PJ Chief say decision to make McCanns suspects was too 'hasty' - Daily Mail
Travel: Hotel childcare fear - Daily Telegraph
McCann Suspect Move 'Too Hasty' - BBC
Top cop: police 'hasty' in McCann case - ITN
Admission being 'hasty' in naming MCs as formal suspects - Herald Scotland
MCs Suspects Too Soon, Says Portuguese Policeman - Belfast Telegraph
Suspects  too soon, says portuguese policeman - Irish Independent

03 : 13 Titres
We got it wrong on McCanns, admits cop - News of the World
Maddie U-Turn - The People
Suspect move 'too hasty' says police chief - Sunday Mirror
Missing the joke lets politicians off the hook - Sunday Express
We were too quick to make Gerry and Kate 'arguidos' - Mail on Sunday
Police chief says 'we were too hasty' in naming MCs as suspects - Observer
Police 'Haste' In Making McCanns Suspects - Sunday Telegraph
Cops 'Too Hasty' Over Madeleine's Parents - Sky
Top cop: police 'hasty' in McCann case - ITN
Naming parents as suspects was 'too hasty' - Liverpool Daily Post
Police: We Were Too Quick To Suspect McCanns - The Scotsman
Portugal police "hasty" to make McCanns suspects - Reuters
Portugal police “hasty” to make McCanns suspects - Euronews

04 : 21 Titres
PJ 'hasty' in making MCs arguidos says top policeman - Algarve Resident
McCann detectives in Praia da Luz - Algarve Resident
McCanns WILL Remain Suspects - The Sun
Maddie Divers in Lake Tip-Off - The Sun
'No Maddie bungle' - The Sun
Jeremy Vargas's disappearance in Spain linked to MMC - Daily Mirror
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Lake is Searched After Underworld Tip-Off (Scroll Down) - Daily Express 
'Maddie's body is in this lake' - Daily Star
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The Death of News -
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Hope For Madeleine As Frogmen Search - Sky
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Liverpool grandad hoping for a miracle - Liverpool Daily Post
McCanns were suspects too quickly says police chief - Yorkshire Post
Spanish Cops Link Missing Boy To Madeleine McCann - Daily Record
Police Chief Admits Madeleine McCann Blunders - Daily Record
Yeremi Vargas disappearance in Canarias linked to MMC - Typically Spanish

05 : 10 Titres
Murat’s lawyer : police chief’s comments “very strange" - Algarve Resident
Lawyer pays for search in waters of Arade Dam - Algarve Resident
Madeleine case is "most significant story of my lifetime" - Algarve Resident
Shut up: Judge told Maddie cop - The Sun
MMC probe team in row over letting Kate and Gerry off hook - Daily Mirror
For the Record - Daily Mirror
Apologetic police chief says right to make the MCs 'arguidos' - Daily Mail
Divers search for M's body in remote reservoir  - Daily Mail
'We are all hoping for a miracle' - Leicester Mercury
Legal Setback For Gerry & Kate McCann - Daily Record

01 : 6 Titres
Chief says sorry to Maddie cops - The Sun
Maddie Case 'Won't Be Solved - The Sun
Top Portugal cop Alipio Ribeiro 'sorry' for McCann comment - Daily Mirror
Maddie search to be 'shelved' - Metro
Police apology - Leicester Mercury
Making The McCanns Suspects Was Not Too Hasty, Says Cop - Daily Record

07 : 14 Titres
McCanns react to PJ statement - Algarve Resident
Grandfather believes Madeleine is still alive - Algarve Resident
McCanns Slam Maddie Website - The Sun
Kate and Gerry ‘in the clear’ - The Sun
MCs could be cleared over M's disappearance - Daily Mirror
Madeleine detectives 'set to clear McCanns' - Daily Express
Maddie probe:Case bungled - Daily Star
Maddie case closed - Daily Star
PJ 'to clear McCanns but admit case will be never be solved' - Daily Mail
Police 'ready to shelve' Madeleine case - Telegraph
Police: ‘Maddie is not a big problem' - Metro
Madeleine case 'to be shelved' - Leicester Mercury
Getting our priorities right - Euro Weekly News
Gerry & Kate McCann Are Still Guilty - Philadelphia Bulletin

08 : 9 Titres
Maddie cop's probe snub - The Sun
'Maddy's 'not our priority' - Daily Mirror
Find Maddie? We've better things to do - Daily Star
"More important problems than finding M"; top PT policeman - Daily Mail
Plan To Halt Madeleine McCann Case 'Unhelpful' - Telegraph
Top Cop May Go Over Madeleine Views - Sky
Hunt for Madeleine 'is still top priority' - Leicester Mercury
Don't give up hunt for Madeleine McCann - Liverpool Echo
Madeleine McCann artwork completed - Express & Star (W. Midlands)

09 : 8 Titres dont 1 PT
It was a misunderstanding that will be clarified - Correio da Manhã
Madeleine – MPs Look To Quiz Minister - Portugal News
Maddie resort 'perv' snaps Brit - The Sun
Sun Travel: Maddie fears on hols - The Sun
MCs plan appeal to get their names cleared - Daily Mirror
Madeleine: Parents in legal bid to clear name - Daily Express
Portuguese police 'to clear McCanns' - ITN
Madeleine McCann: Family's anger at latest police slur - Liverpool Daily Post

10 : 7 Titres
Maddie parents 'in clear' - News of the World
Kate And Gerry 'In Clear' - The People
We don't have any evidence against parents - Sunday Mirror
Maddy: New Call for Scotland Yard Probe - Sunday Express
'Death threats forced me to flee Portugal' - Sunday Express
McCanns to be cleared - Daily Star Sunday
Metodo 3: Private Eyes, Public Lies - Sunday Times

11 : 7 Titres
Child Prevents Tot Grab - The Sun
Bizarre new e-fits of Maddy suspect - Daily Mirror
£50,000 detective bills drain Madeleine fund - Daily Express
Artist's portrait in stamps - Daily Express
Stamping home Maddie message - Daily Star
Madeleine McCann Appeal Picture In Stamps - Sky
£50,000 a month in expenses - Leicester Mercury

12 : 5 Titres
MMC case “no longer priority” says police union chief - Algarve Resident
McCann Cop in 'Mum Cover-Up' - The Sun
Maddie top copper facing torture rap - Daily Star
News of the World sales not so Fabulous - Guardian
Artist leaves his stamp on hunt for girl - Leicester Mercury

13 : 14 Titres
Minister grilled on Maddie case - The Sun
Cops to Quit Maddie Search - The Sun
Missing Madeleine Probe Nearly Over - Daily Express
MC detectives charging MF £50,000 per month in expenses - Daily Mail
Investigation is nearing its end, admits Portuguese minister - Daily Mail
Madeleine inquiry nearing end, says Portuguese minister -
Madeleine McCann Investigation 'Nearly Over' - Telegraph
Madeleine Inquiry 'Nearly Over' - BBC
Missing Madeleine probe nearly over - Metro
Maddie McCann case 'approaching conclusion' - Metro
Breaking news: 'Maddy investigation nearing end' - Leicester Mercury
Axed Madeleine detective is accused of cover-up - Leicester Mercury
Madeleine McCann Probe Near 'Conclusion', Say Authorities - Daily Record
Madeleine case seen nearly over - Reuters

14 : 23 Titres dont 1 PT
On-site investigation stopped for over a month - Diário de Notícias
Madeleine case may be dropped - Algarve Resident
Cops to Shelve Maddie Case - The Sun
MC case 'is near end' says Portugal's justice minister - Daily Mirror
Police Ready to Abandon the Search for Madeleine - Daily Express
Don't you forget us - Daily Express
End of Maddie probe - Daily Star
Don't You Forget Valentine's Day' poster campaign launched - Daily Mail
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MMC inquiry almost over, says Portuguese minister - Independent
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Valentine's Day Hunt For Madeleine - Sky
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New Maddie poster campaign launched - Metro
Investigation not over until Maddy found - McCanns - Leicester Mercury
Madeleine McCann poster campaign in Spain - Liverpool Echo
Madeleine Police Inquiry Nearing A Conclusion - The Scotsman
New Poster Campaign Launched In Madeleine Hunt - Daily Record
Maddie poster appeal launched across Spain - Evening Times (Scotland)
MMC Inquiry Almost Over, Says Portuguese Minister - Belfast Telegraph
McCanns wait for confirmation of Madeleine sightings - Irish Examiner
Answers elude McCanns - IOL

G. McCanns blog 

Day 287: 14/02/2008
Yesterday was a busy day on several fronts. Kate and I met with representatives of Missing Children Europe. This is an umbrella organisation that has 21 member non-governmental organisations that are involved in supporting families of missing and exploited children, from 15 EU countries. Missing Children Europe aims to share best practice, ensures a European presence at ICMEC and liases with various European Institutions. They have played a major role in securing the EU commission supporting a dedicated hotline for missing children: 116 000. The commission is also supportive of the introduction of a child alert system throughout the EU similar to the Amber alert system in the USA. However only a few countries run such a system and there is a lot of work to be done before the system is implemented in many countries, never mind an integrated throughout the EU.
The Portuguese justice minister also spoke to parliament yesterday regarding Mr Ribeiro's comments about the haste with which we were made arguidos. As I stated at the time, no one can doubt how we have been scrutinised.
We hope that, if as reported, the justice minister said the investigation is nearing a close that our arguido status will be lifted in the near future so that everyone can concentrate on searching for Madeleine. We will not give up looking for her until she is found and we hope that the police are similarly determined.

14 : 9 Titres dont 1 PT
Judiciaria returned to the Ocean Club - 24Horas
MCs refuse to lose hope as investigation comes to an end - Daily Mirror
Your Life: Real Stories - Missing ..Just Like Madeleine - Daily Mirror
Police to quiz Tapas Seven - Daily Star
PJ quiz ex-husband of suspect Robert Murat's girlfriend - Daily Mail
Madeleine McCann: Luis Antonio 'questioned' - Telegraph
McCanns await news of further police quiz - Leicester Mercury
Remember Madeleine poster plea - Leicester Mercury
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