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Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

09 - SEP 23 - Conf. de presse MC

Retour éclair des MC à Lisbonne
transcrit par Nigel Moore

Clarence Mitchell annonce  (UK - Sky News)
CM : Kate and Gerry have gone to Lisbon for a series of meetings with their lawyers, in Portugal, and some of the other Portuguese advisers that they have. Errr... they're planning to only be there for the one day, they're not going to go to Praia da Luz or anywhere like that, errr... this is, if you like, a... a working trip. Errm... of course, the inquiry, errr... into Madeleine's abduction remains suspended in Portugal, there is no active, errm... police work being down over there unless there is any major breakthrough. My understanding is that they are just meeting their lawyers, errr... and, errr... some other advisers they have there.

Dermot Murnaghan : Okay, are we going to hear anymore about, errm... your own private investigation? Of course, there was that flurry of activity in a press conference in, errr... Barcelona after, errr... errr... thought to be...
CM : Indeed, well...

DM : ...a significant sighting there. Has anything come of that? Are we going to hear anything more?
CM : Well, we've had over a thousand pieces of information come into the investigative side since that news conference; we're very grateful for everybody whose contacted either the website, via email, or phonecalls, errm... and, indeed, to the media for their continuing attention on it. Errm... there is no substantive, errm... detail that I can go into at this stage. All that information is still being processed and the detectives involved will follow the evidence where it takes them. Errm... they've been working in Europe over the last couple of weeks and if anything of any note, errr... comes out of that, we will, of course, announce that in due course.

Conférence de presse
Chris Brown : (Daily Mail) Errm... obviously, errm... Kate if I'm right, this is your first time back in Portugal, errm... since you returned back to England; this must be very emotional for you. How... how are you feeling right now and what do you hope to achieve for this particular visit?
Kate MC : Errm... I mean, I did... I did feel quite apprehensive and nervous but, errm... for me it... it's a good thing to do and I've wanted to come back to Portugal for a long time. Errm... I think it's positive and it's... I think it's an important day for us and particularly important day for Madeleine, and the search for Madeleine, because we want to... we've come here really to try and further the search for her... I mean, we just want to find Madeleine, and I believe this is a good place to be to try and help the search and I think this might be... might be a turning point, in the search, so... errm... I guess emotionally it... it probably doesn't have quite the same impact as going to Praia da Luz, errm... but I believe it's a... a good thing to do.

Sandra Felgueiras : Hello, Kate and Gerry. I hoped I would have plenty of questions to put you but I really don't have time to do it. I would like to ask you Kate, errr... particularly Kate, if you and Gerry... do you want, and do you have any hope, to reopen the files here in Portugal?
KMC : I mean, really, we just want to improve the search to find Madeleine, we just want to find Madeleine, and whether that involves reopening the case or not, it doesn't matter because we just want to improve the search, and we want to ask as many people as possible, really, to help us. We want people to believe that Madeleine's alive because there is a very good chance she's alive, errm... I'm sure you'll be familiar with the recent case of Jaycee Dugard, errm... in America being found, after 18 years, and I just think it's so vital and so fair for Madeleine that we don't give up on her, that we... we look for her and we try and find her and I guess I'd like to encourage people to help us and to help Madeleine, you know, and give her a chance 'cause she can't find her way back to us and she deserves to be home.

SF : We haven't talked since you've read the files because [indecipherable]. I would like to ask you if there was anything that surprised you most, even concerning the, errr... Birmingham results. I am... I'm aware that you've already read what is in the files. What do you have to say concerning that? All the evidence that the PJ, the Portuguese PJ, said they had? What did you (inaudible) ? 
Gerald MC : Well, I think the most important thing to say is that the... the evidence that's been presented, errr... by the PJ and the prosecutor to the judiciary, and the judiciary, errr... having reviewed all of the evidence have said that there is no evidence that Madeleine is dead and there's no evidence to implicate us in her death and that's the message, really, which we fully expected to come out after the files were published, errm... and from our perspective the most important thing is that Madeleine, errr... probably still is alive and is out there and, you know, we're asking people to help us continue the search and, errr... help us look for her.
Portuguese journalist : Do you have any investigators searching for Madeleine?
GMC : We have, errm... we have a... a small team of, errr... investigators, errr... lead by a senior ex-policeman, errr... a British ex-policeman and they have been going through all information and, errr... any information that's been sent through to us either on our website, or indeed through the findmadeleine website, or indeed through the helpline number, and obviously there's been hundreds and thousands of pieces of information which continue to be worked through, and I'd like to emphasise, errr... I'm not the investigator, David Edgar's our senior investigator, but when it comes to the point where there is information that needs acted on by the police, that information is passed to the authorities and we want to work with the authorities and continue the search and, I think, probably in relation to the file, you know, we would love to discover evidence that would open the file; that would be great, but the search is continuing, whether the file's open, or not, and we're continuing to look for Madeleine and, as I said, we want people to help us. Errm... you know, she's a... Madeleine's an innocent little girl who's still missing.
Portuguese journalist : (inaudible)
GMC : Errm... they're based in England; they'll follow up, errr... information wherever we can, errm... and that information will be passed on to the appropriate authorities if and when jurisdiction is needed.