Grâce à la liberté dans les communications, des groupes d’hommes de même nature pourront se réunir et fonder des communautés. Les nations seront dépassées.
Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

07 - SEP 07 - Brian H./Jon C.

Brian Healy (père de Kate), c'est une farce

Sky News – 07.09.2007

Transcrit par Nigel Moore

Sky News : What do you know about what Kate is thinking, feeling about the kind of direction that this inquiry's taking?
Brian Healy : She... well, Sue said, I think, in a couple of interviews today, that... if Kate and Gerry were... are not involved how did the stuff... must have been planted there, whatever DNA is there. It's just unbelievable.

SN : What you think... you think that someone may have deliberately...
BH : And the perpetrator or somebody else has put it there. I know Kate and Gerry wouldn't harm Madeleine at all.

SN : And you think someone may have planted DNA to try and implicate them?
BH : I... yeah, I think so.

SN : Is it possible that Kate, with her medical background, might have wanted to help Madeleine to go to sleep that night?
BH : No. Not at all.

SN : Even out of kindness, she certainly wouldn't have given... ?
BH : Not even out of kindness. I think... they may have used Calpol... like most mothers have... nothing... it's just outrageous to even think about it. First and foremost was their kids. They wouldn't have done that. I mean...

SN : What impact is it having, errr... Mr Healy, on... on the family generally, particularly the way things are going in Portugal.
BH : My sister-in-law had a... collapsed the other day; it might have been pressure, it might have been tension, I don't know. It's affected... my sister from Canada's rang today, she's so upset she hasn't been to bed all night.

SN : How about you because you've not been well, have you?
BH : Well, I think, it's errr... I'm just horrified... anyone could even think that my daughter would do such a thing. I know she hasn't done it... anything to harm Madeleine. Gerry the same. It's just devastating to think that people could even think it.
SN : What's your view of the Portuguese police now and the way that the investigation has been conducted.
BH : Well, for... for weeks and months we've been su... been very supportive of the Portuguese police. I don't know, I just don't know. I'm not all that happy. 

SN : You say for weeks you've been supportive...
BH : Well, since... since the...

SN : ...suggesting that you don't feel that way anymore.
BH : No, I'm beginning to doubt. We've... when people have tried to badmouth the Portuguese police we've always shyed away from it. But I don't care now, you know.

SN : So, what are your views now of the Portuguese police?
BH : Well, I don't want to say too much. I'm not that happy with them, let's... let's put it that way.

SN : You're clearly concerned about the way that...
BH : Yeah.

SN : Do you feel that they will not now get the level of support that they've had from the family thus far?
BH : Well, they've already taken 11 hours of support away by interviewing Kate for that time. Why weren't they out looking for Madeleine or doing something? This is just a waste of time; a farce. It would be a joke if it wasn't so disgusting.

SN : Why do you think they've taken this course?
BH : I don't know. I'll just say one thing; In Faro airport, I never saw one poster of Madeleine. They're concerned about the tourist industry. You know, they're... Philly McCann and a... a friend of hers were bodily escorted out of the airport one time when they went to put p... They're terrified about the... you know, more than the little kid... terrified their tourist industry is going to be hit. 

 SN : You think that they fear that all of this will affect their tourism industry?
BH : I think they just want Kate and Gerry out their country and close it all down.

SN : Now, Kate and Gerry were planning to return this weekend, were they not?
BH : Yeah.

SN : What's the latest on that?
BH : Well, I don't know... with the police investigation, I don't know. I don't know. We'll just have to wait and see.

SN : What do you think will be going through Kate's mind now because she's been very supportive too, publicly at least, towards the Portuguese police?
BH : Well, I don't know. I think she'll be bewildered and I think horrified that anyone can even think that of her, you know.

SN : What would you say to her if she were with you now?
BH : I'd just hug her to death... (breaks down)

SN : Do you want a break?
BH : I'm alright, I'm alright.

SN : Are you okay?
BH : Yeah. I just want to hug her to death. She looks so unprotected over there, you know.

SN : How do you get through that?
BH : Well, funny enough, I sleep well of a night as I'm usually... I don't spend, errr... a hour when I don't think about Madeleine. Sometimes you go down dark roads, other times you... you know, you tend to forget about it, it gets easier. But then something hits you and 'phummm'... like something digging in your stomach, you know.

SN : Do you believe that Madeleine will be found?
BH : Well, according to Gerry - he's seen stuff that we haven't seen - and there's nothing, as yet, to suggest that she's dead, so you've got to believe that she's alive. Just hope so.

SN : What is it like for you, as the father of this woman, to hear accusations that she may have played a part in Madeleine's disappearance?
BH : Just so unbelievable. So disgusting and obscene, it's horrible. My... my daughter's not like that. I... I know her. I know her.
Le fait que les MC appartiennent à la classe moyenne éduquée n'est pas une raison suffisante pour leur épargner tout soupçon. Seul un élément probant est susceptible de les libérer de tout soupçon.

Interview de Jon Corner (ami des MC)

BBC News 24 – 07.09.2007

Transcrit par Nigel Moore

Interviewer : Thanks very much for joining us this morning. I just wondered if you'd had a chance to speak, errr... to Kate McCann, since, errr... last nights questioning or speak to any members of the family directly?

Jon Corner : Yeah, I spoke to Kate about, errm... four o'clock this morning, errm... she's obviously very stunned and... it was a long session with the police, errm... but I think what came across, errm... clearly over the phone, when I was talking to her was, errm... how exasperated she is, that the mindset of the Portuguese police is now not out there looking for a live little girl, as... as Kate absolutely believes, but the mindset is that Madeliene is dead and, errr... and that's where the inquiry seems to be turning. So that... that is truly frustrating and exasperating for both Kate and Gerry.

I : And from what she said to you, errr... did you... what... what impression did you get as to how she saw the significance of being named as a formal suspect?

JC : The si... well, she didn't actually say she was named as a formal suspect, she just actually talked about the process of the, errm... the... the police and how they were questioning her and clearly the... the... the... the questioning is... is inward and it's not outward. It's not out looking for Madeleine in the Iberian peninsula and I think she was hoping - or clinging to the hope - that there would be some new evidence; that there would be a fresh lead; that we'd have some idea as to who's taken Madeleine because we firmly believe she's still alive and she's still out there and we can find her.
Kate MC a manifestement minimisé l'importance des questions de la police pour refocaliser sur le fait que la police ne cherche pas MMC.

I : So, having spoken to her and you obviously have followed the case very closely, I mean, what are your sentiments on this... this turn today? I... I know it has yet to be officially confirmed that she is being treated as a suspect but if we assume that these reports are true, what are your sentiments on that?

JC : Well, it's absurd, isn't it? I mean, anybody who knows Kate, knows that she's, errr... an amazing mother... an amazing mother and a... to the twins but the bond... a special bond with Madeleine, errm... it... it's just truly amazing and, you know, she said to me, errr... last time I was in Portugal: 'I will look for Madeleine for the rest of my life' and, errm... she's prepared to... to... she... she misses Madeleine so much and she's prepared to search for her on every level, that, to think of her as a suspect, in any way, is just truly appalling.
Lors d'une interview en mai 1997, John Ramsey déclara avoir la seule mission pour le reste de sa vie de chercher le meurtrier de sa fille, JonBenét. 3 ans plus tard, Patricia Ramsey affirma qu'on ne trouverait pas le meurtrier avant leur mort : Jusqu'au jour où nous mourrons, nous chercherons la personne qui a tué notre fille. Comment savaient-ils que cela prendrait autant de temps ? Et si le meurtrier était attrapé le lendemain ?  Ce genre de déclaration indique clairement qu'ils savaient qui avait tué JonBenét et qu'ils ne le révéleraient pas. 

I : Errr... Can I just clarify, when you say that, errr... the police being in... inward facing, do you think they're... they're now... do you think they have been treated as suspects; they are being treated as suspects.

JC : I would think so, yeah.

I : You are... you... tell us a little more about that, I mean, in... in what way? How has... how has that become plain to her? How has the questioning, if you like, given her that impression?

JC : Well, the questioning is about Kate and the questioning is about Gerry. The questioning is not about or the... the, errm... the focus is not about the wider investigation and the search for Madeleine; the ques... the questioning is about, errm... Kate and Gerry themselves and about their movements.

I : Do you mean they're now having...

JC : I think that's about as much as I can say.

I : Okay, they're now having to account very specifically for what they were doing; when; over a long period of time.

JC : Yeah, yeah, yeah... it's... it's going over a lot of the ground that they've gone over before.

I : Can you give us a sense... I mean, I know you're... you're godfather of their twins, aren't you?

JC : Yes... yes.

I : Prior to this, sort of, last 24 hours, they... they were talking, errr... to a degree, about whether they might try and leave Portugal; about what the next step would be. Did she talk to you about, you know, how this is affecting what their plans in the long term are?

JC : Ahhh, well, that's... that's where the exasperation and frustration comes in because we need to get over this, errm... this appalling phase of... of... of Kate being a suspect so that we can not derail the campaign for looking for finding Madeleine. We need to look forward; keep looking for Madeleine. We've been working very closely with the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, in America, and they're world leaders in this field and they're... they're placing six months as a standard time for... for a missing child in... in Madeleine's circumstances, errr... which means we're still in Phase One of our search for Madeleine, so it's deeply, errm... depressing and frustrating for both Kate and Gerry that... that the Portuguese police seem to be looking inward, at the parents as suspects, instead of looking outwards to find where Madeleine is.

I : And... and Jon, when you spoke to Kate, was it her... the impression she's getting from... because she obviously has legal advice with her, during this questioning, errm... is... is the impression she's getting from her lawyers... because one of the suggestions is that this step, of making her a formal suspect, under Portuguese law, is to some degree a protection for her too. I mean, is that... does she see that, in any shape or form, as the case?

JC : Do you know, I didn't... I didn't discuss that with her, I... I... I'm not sure about that.

I : And what about Gerry McCann, I mean, he... he is due, we understand, to arrive this afternoon for questioning himself. Have you had a chance to... to speak to him?

JC : Yeah, I spoke to Gerry. He's equally, errr... as frustrated. You see Kate and Gerry are relying on the Portuguese police; they're really their only hope to find Madeleine and there's a... there's a... an uncomfortable feeling that the police are not neccessarily looking outward for Madeleine, that they're... they're... they're turning their attention into the parents and they know that that's a dead end and that's deeply frustrating for them.

I : And I just w... thought, Jon, as a final thought, I mean, we've seen the images this morning; Kate McCann arriving back at the police station... this is the... this is the 11... we understand, almost 11 hours of questioning last night... as... I don't know if you've had a chance to see these images yet but I... I just wondered, you know, what your thoughts were, knowing that she's... she's, errm... in that situation again... once again, and now almost certainly being made a formal suspect.

JC : Nothing can be worse than... than that... that... that first 48 hours when Madeleine went missing and Kate and Gerry are very, very tough, resilient people; they're determined to find their daughter. They don't want this... this current, errr... activity to actually derail that... that search and, errr... Kate is... is... is determined, really, that she's going to keep looking for Madeleine and... and so is Gerry.