Grâce à la liberté dans les communications, des groupes d’hommes de même nature pourront se réunir et fonder des communautés. Les nations seront dépassées.
Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

07 - AOÛ 10/19 - Interviews PT

Don't forget about me - clip de campagne09.08.2007

Gerald MC : Well in terms of the abduction of a foreign child in a foreign country is really very rare. (1) The only case like this is certainly in British children, the only one we know of is Ben Needham, which was in 1991. So, thats sixteen years ago. So, that aspect is incredibly rare and speaking to people in Portugal and Spain, there not aware of any other EU Nationals having children abducted on the Iberian Peninsula. And you think about the tens and millions of tourists that come to Spain and Portugal every year. So, this really was a bolt out of the blue. Um in terms of whats happened to us, I think also the circumstances of a child being abducted from a bedroom are pretty rare as well. I think what we definitely want to do is continue awareness in Europe you know Southern Europe Iberian Peninsula.
(1) Tellement rare qu'il n'y en a aucun ! Selon le Foreign Office, qui précise qu'il n'existe pas de preuve matérielle d'enlèvement, deux enfants seulement ont été portés disparus à l'étranger, Ben et Madeleine.
Kate MC : There are a few people who have said to us you know, too much publicity might not be good because somebody, whoever's got her might keep her hidden and obviously everything we are doing at the minute has a slight risk to it...which is a horrible situation to be in when you are dealing with your daughter, but over all we felt rather that than sit back and do nothing, this was the way to go.

GMC : We've done a lot of things on our own and clearly there are mixed signals from what could be done in terms of the North American experience.

KMC : Certainly, what Gerry learnt from (inaudible) Washington was by having an image out there was definitely the right thing to do. One in six children that are recovered is because somebody recognised them from a poster and the laws in the States are very different to here and again well ahead of the game...they've got their Amber know within two hours of a child being taken a police report has to be know and um obviously the response time in Europe has to be quicker. it has to be quicker.

GMC : But the problem is that and this applies to the child pornography laws as well, is that if you make regulation tight in one country, the perpetrators don't know any boundaries and they move to a country where legislation is less tight. So, you might be exporting your problem and hum why it has to happen , international dimension and that's why the laws need tightening up not just in the UK and U.S. or anywhere else it's where children can be abused or likely to be abused.

Interview PT - Sandra Felgueiras
RTP 1 - 10.08
Transcrit par Nigel Moore

Sandra Felgueiras: Concerning this blood trace that was found inside the apartment; there is any possibility of that belonging to Madeleine? Did her, errr... did anytime she had any accident inside the apartment that time, errr... to make it happen?
Kate MC : First of all we don't actually know there was blood inside the apartment, you know, and I think at the minute there's a lot of speculation going on and, I mean, I think speculation is quite damaging; we realised that early on, and I think until somebody comes up to us and says there's definite evidence that Madeleine has been seriously harmed, you know, we're just gonna ignore the speculation and we'll just hold onto that hope, that's all we can do. (1)

SF : But nothing happened to Madeleine during those days you were in the Ocean Club?
Gerald MC : You know, as parents if there is... if... as parents, if there is evidence that Madeleine has seriously been harmed, we need to know about it because we are s... you know, we have got eternal hope until we know evidence to the contrary. (2)

SF : You feel you are being treated as a suspect, Kate?
GMC : It's not that they've...
KMC : I haven't been made to feel like that, no, but it's not that... you know, it's not... we know that everybody has to be looked at; I mean, that's part of any investigation and, you know, if... if... if it means that, you know... we've... we've... all along we've cooperated and I think, you know, the police have to do their job properly.

SF : In that evening, did you give to your kids something like Calpol to help them sleep?
GMC : You know, we're not going to comment on anything but, you know, there is absolutely no way we used any sedative drugs or anything like that and, you know, we'll... we have cooperated fully with the police, we'll answer any queries, errm... any tests that they want to do, at any... (video cuts).

(1) Il était facile de répondre négativement. Après tout le sang découvert se limite à quelques gouttes invisibles... On ne peut en vouloir aux médias, jusque-là cajolés ("pour la bonne cause"), de se liver à toutes sortes de spéculations si un chien spécialisé a détecté du sang séché dans l'appartement d'où Madeleine a disparu.
(2) Deux jours plus tôt les MC ont été informellement interrogés dans les locaux de la PJ à Portimão (cf. "Madeleine"). Luis Neves (chef de l'Unité spéciale de combat contre le banditisme) et Guilhermino Encarnação (chef de la PJ pour l'Algarve) ont annoncé d'emblée qu'il y avait eu un virage dans l'enquête et ont demandé à Kate de leur parler de cette nuit-là, de tout ce qui s'était passé le coucher des enfants. Puis Neves déclara sans mâcher ses mots qu'ils ne croyaient pas à sa version des événements...

Hergé - Le secret de la licorne

Entretien Kate MC - Steve Boggan
Guardian Audio - 10.08.2007 
Transcrit par Nigel Moore 

Steve Boggan : Tomorrow, Madeleine McCann will have been missing for a hundred days. The 3-year old went missing from a holiday apartment in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz as her parents, Kate and Gerry, dined with friends nearby. Kate McCann told the Guardian's Steve Boggan about the moment she returned to the flat and discovered that Madeleine wasn't there. 
Kate MC : We were checking on the children several times an hour and, errm... I'd gone back to check them and, you know, it was quiet (1) and, errm.... I went into the room and, errr... Madeleine wasn't there, errm... you know, and I just thought... kind of, kept looking, kept thinking she must be, she must be in her bed and, errr... and that was a horrible, errm... panic and fear, errm... I mean there are other things that I can't... I can't describe to you because it's part of the investigation but, errm... I mean, there was not... there was no shadow of doubt that Madeleine had been taken to me and that's why the panic and the fear was so immediate and real and, errm... it was awful, you know, and, errm... you know, I guess I felt I'd let her down - desperately sorry, really, errm... that we weren't there the minute she was taken... (2) you know, and we went from the kind of the... the panic and the fear to that total feeling of helplessness... you know, not knowing what to do and, errm ... it was just awful really.

SB : This week the Portuguese police were examining spots of blood in the apartment, but the McCanns remain optimistic.
KMC : I mean, in the first few days we really thought that was the worst and it was just awful, it... I mean, it was just the worst experience ever, errm... now I guess it's... it's... you see, there's probably a lot more hope now than we... than we did in those first few days and, errm... don't get me wrong, we're not blinkered and, errr... obviously you... we still have those dark thoughts but they're not helpful, you know, they're not helping us, they're not helping Madeleine.... and sometimes you've just gotta... blank them out. I guess, if we're honest, you know, if Madeleine wasn't alive now then we'd rather know that... but then, you know, we don't know that, you know and we're very... hopeful, in fact we're probably, as I say, more hopeful than we were at the beginning. And what we don't want to do is look back and regret not having done absolutely everything we can. (3)

SB : Some people in Praia da Luz want the McCanns to leave. They say their continued presence there is bad for the town's image, but Kate McCann told the Guardian, they're staying put. 
KMC : I mean, it's a difficult one and I think you'll just know when the time's right, I mean, it's... I mean, it's not right for me at the moment, erm... but I do feel closer to Madeleine here, here close to the investigation. We don't know where Madeleine is, you know, and there's no reason to... to say that she's close to here than she is to the UK but it's just... it's just... it's just a feeling I have at the moment. There are days when you think to yourself, how am I managing to function here and I can assure people from outside looking in, cos I know I've done it myself in the past when there's been sort of similar cases or things that have happened to children, you think how does anybody cope with that. And you can't understand how anyone can function, and certainly like the first four days we didn't, you know... didn't eat, didn't sleep and errr... you know... eventually your body comes back to normal a little bit... but you have to, you have to keep going, so... I mean, errr... as soon as I wake up I'm aware Madeleine isn't there, you know, and I usually... and I always say a very quick prayer to myself before I get up and... obviously we've got Sean and Amelie so, errm... they get up fairly early and it's a case you've gotta make things as normal as possible for them, you know, and they need love and protective parents as well.

SB : Relations between the McCanns and the Portuguese media have deteriorated in recent days, with hostile lines of speculation about the couple.
KMC : I mean, the criticism's very hard, you know and... and... you know, it's very hurtful. It's totally unhelpful. Errm... uhhh, I mean, it's, you know, I mean, considering what we're going through already and how awful it is... it... it does seem very cruel but, I mean, when I'm kind of thinking logically, I think, you know, I know that this is a small group of people, you know. A huge majority of the public are behind us and they've been fantastic and... I'm so, so grateful for, you know, everyone that's come up and wished us well. You know, I've had thousands of letters from, you know, other mums and stuff and, errr... every line of every letter they've written has helped us, it's helped us get through another day. You know, you've got to remember who's committing the crime here, it's the... person that was watching us and broke in and took Madeleine out of the bed. (4)

(1) Kate MC, au moment de l'interview, n'avait fait qu'une déposition dans laquelle elle dit tout le contraire : elle voit immédiatement que tout est ouvert, porte, persiennes, fenêtre et rideaux, que les jumeaux dorment, mais que Madeleine n'est pas dans son lit. Cette narration, confirmée par la première déposition de Gerald MC, n'a eu cours que jusqu'au 10 mai, lorsque la chronologie collective, signée par les neuf, a été produite. Dans celle-ci, Kate voit que tout est calme...
(2) Ce n'est que l'une des occurences de la remarque bizarre Nous sommes terriblement désolés de ne pas avoir été là à la minute où Madeleine a été prise.
(3) Méthode "résolution de crise" ? Les idées sombres n'aident pas et n'aident pas Madeleine, il faut donc les rejeter. Si Madeleine n'était plus vivante, nous le saurions, comme nous ne le savons pas, nous avons de l'espoir, beaucoup d'espoir, plus d'espoir qu'au début. Et nous ne voulons pas regarder en arrière et regretter de ne pas avoir fait absolument tout ce que nous pouvions faire.
(4) Malgré l'absence d'indices de ciblage, d'effraction et d'enlèvement, il faut se souvenir que le criminel est celui qui les a observés, est entré par effraction et a pris Madeleine qui dormait dans son lit.


Madeleine Had "Sense Of Danger" CBS News

British Girl's Parents In Last Interview Before Being Named Suspects In Her Disappearance

Published: Oct. 5, 2007

CBS - "Every day, it's very hard without Madeleine, and we all miss her so much. It certainly feels like there's a big void in our life without her."
Little Madeleine McCann's mother, Kate McCann, summed up the feelings of her and her husband, Gerry McCann, Madeleine's father, in an interview in late August. It was done in Lisbon, Portugal, with reporter Mirna Schindler of Chile's Television Nacional, for "Informe Especial" -- their 60 Minutes.
Madeleine vanished from her parents' vacation villa in Portugal five months ago, and Kate and Gerry, who live in England, have been named suspects in the disappearance by Portuguese authorities. They adamantly deny any involvement.
The Television Nacional interview was the last they gave before being named suspects. British and Portuguese law bars them from granting interviews, now that they're officially under suspicion. But they did give an interview to a local British newspaper recently.
The Early Show has exclusive United States rights to the Chilean network's interview, and is showing it in two parts. One aired Friday, and the other will be broadcast Monday.
Gerry McCann told Schindler, "I'm sure most people can imagine how bad it was that first night ... how terrifying it was and, as most parents would say, the parents' worst nightmare.
"The key thing that we're trying to do is trying to channel all of our emotions and energy into influencing a search for Madeleine, and that's what drives us forward."
Madeleine is "pretty," Kate said. " ... She's very sociable, very engaging. She's bright and funny. She does have a sense of danger there."
"Mm-hmm," Gerry agreed.
"Even though she's very young," Kate continued. "She does have a sense of danger."
"We're clearly biased," Gerry admitted, "but Madeleine is as close to the perfect child as you could get, you know, for someone who is so young, less than four when she was taken. She really is amazing. Nothing like this has ever happened -- and I mean, going with anyone she didn't know, for example."
The McCanns say they had left Madeleine and her younger, twin siblings asleep in the rented villa while they had dinner nearby. Despite an extensive search and international publicity effort led by Kate and Gerry, no confirmed trace Madeleine has turned up.
What, Schindler asked, was the first thing that crossed their minds when they came back to the room from dinner and realized that Madeleine wasn't there?
"I knew straight away she'd been taken," Kate replied.
"At the first moment?" Schindler asked.
"Well," Kate responded, "put it this way: I mean, she hadn't walked out of the apartment."
"When I got there," Gerry said, "and Kate told me, and when I looked at the scene as well, I had absolutely no doubt. But, you know, our immediate reaction was to double and triple check, and we did do that, both in the apartment and in the vicinity. And then we said, 'Call the police.' And one of our friends alerted both the resort manager and the police."
Are they relying on the expertise of Portuguese police?
"Well, we have to rely on them," Gerry answered. "They are the investigating police force. Of course, the investigation, we've stated all along, has the most likely chance of us finding her.
"There's still no evidence of serious harm to Madeleine that we know of, and that gives us hope and gives us hope that she could still be alive."
Kate said, "It really isn't easy," coping. "Some days are better than others. ... There's days when you think, 'I can't do this anymore,' and you just want to press a button, and we're all gone, and it's all finished, and we're all together and gone. Wherever. But you can't, you know. Just occasionally you'll have a -- if you're having a really bad day, which we do. And you can't help but think that."
Kate constantly carries around a stuffed animal she said "was Madeleine's favorite cuddly toy, and, you know, she took it to bed with her every night, or if she was tired or not feeling very well, she always had it as a comfort. And, I suppose, it was special to Madeleine, so it's special to me, really, and I just feel a bit closer to her" holding it.

MMC : 100 Days Of Voyeurism And Entertainment
Anorak 10.08.2007

L’affaire contre Robert Murat progresse lentement, voire pas du tout. Madeleine McCann continue de regarder fixement les lecteurs de la première page des tabloïds, effrayant les parents et les enfants via des tracts dans les banques et des publicités pour le cinéma.
Mais maintenant, il y a un nouveau méchant homme. C'est Francisco Pagarete. Il est l'avocat du suspect numéro un, Robert Murat.
"Les avocats n'en peuvent plus", dit la première page de Mirror. «Ces maudits McCann devraient simplement partir et quitter cette ville», dit-il. "Ils lui donnent une mauvaise réputation."
L’express explique également les paroles de l’avocat, bien qu’elles soient abrégées en Pourquoi ces maudits McCann ne rentrent-ils pas chez eux ? Les mots pendent sous le mot «MADELEINE», la déclaration audacieuse de l’Express jouant sur les faits audacieux.
Et il y a plus de Pagarete. «En tant que Portugais, je trouve étrange que quelqu'un laisse ses enfants seuls. Puis, après la première chose qui s’est produite, ils ont quitté leurs jumeaux et sont allés voir le pape. C'était comme les McCann en tournée.
Les McCann ont rencontré le pape. Ou, comme le souligne Mick Hume dans le Times, "comme le dit un titre de la BBC, dans un moment que Lloyd-George a connu mon père, le pape rencontre les parents de Madeleine.
C'était le moment privé joué devant des millions. Les McCann faisaient leur part, obtenant un secours spirituel. Mais pourquoi avons-nous tous été invités à regarder? Les médias faisaient-ils tout leur possible pour aider une famille ou donnaient-ils simplement au public ce qu'il voulait: le chagrin.
Mais il n'y avait pas de nouvelles. Il n'y a pas de nouvelles. Tout est un spectacle public. Et maintenant, l'avocat du seul suspect est le méchant homme qui dit de méchantes choses.
«On ne les laisserait jamais seuls dans un pays étranger pour aller boire un verre. Ce n'est pas une chose normale », dit-il.
Beaucoup peuvent être consternés. D'autres seront d'accord avec Pagarete. Mais ces mots et leurs reportages n’ajoutent rien à l’affaire, n’éclairent pas la disparition de la jeune fille.
En tout cas, les McCann ne partent pas. «Je ne serai pas chassé par des brutes», déclare Kate McCann à la une du Mail. C'est l'interview de Kate McCann.
Elle dit: «Bâtons et pierres… nous ne connaîtrons rien de pire que de nous séparer de Madeleine. Nous ne partirons pas ou ne serons pas forcés de sortir. Je ne suis pas prêt à être victime d'intimidation pour quelque chose que je ne veux pas. "
Elle ne partira donc pas. Et demain, dans cent jours après la disparition de Madeleine, les McCann seront à Praia da Luz. Il en sera de même pour les caméras de télévision et les journalistes.
Ils voudront une histoire. Et ils auront des ballons, des colombes et devront rendre compte d'une enquête devenue une quintessence de voyeurisme et de divertissement…