Grâce à la liberté dans les communications, des groupes d’hommes de même nature pourront se réunir et fonder des communautés. Les nations seront dépassées.
Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

07 - 16>31 OCT - La Presse (12)


Tuesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 16-10-07
Homicide brigade reinforces Maddie team. PJ going strong in the Algarve - 24Horas
Apprehended computer. Request: Judge will decide if analysis is possible - CdM
Maddie cops: Body WAS in car - The Sun 16.10.2007
No joy in Maddie perv hunt - The Sun 16-10-07
Madeleine Blow - Daily Mirror 16-10-07
Kate McCann: I'm Persecuted Because I Don't Look Maternal - Daily Mirror 16-10-07
Raids on internet paedophiles draw another blank - Daily Express 16-10-07
Maddy: Mafia fear - Daily Express 16.10.2007
Maddie Was Not Taken by Paedo - Daily Star 16-10-07
Child-porn police draw a blank in hunt for missing Madeleine  - Daily Mail 16-10-07
Fury at Rory Bremner's TV sketch about missing Madeleine - Daily Mail 16-10-07
Fury at Bremner's McCann sketch - Guardian 16-10-07
Madeleine's parents 'made a terrible mistake' - Telegraph 16-10-07
Branson criticises Madeleine detectives - Telegraph 16-10-07
McCanns Discuss Death Possibility - BBC 16-10-07
Madeleine: Computer Search For Clues - Sky 16-10-07
Kate: 'I'm Being Attacked For Way I Look' - Sky 16-10-07
McCanns face new claims over Maddie body - Metro 16-10-07
Bigger breasts would get me more sympathy, says Maddie's mother - Metro 16-10-07
Traces of corpse WERE found in McCanns' hire car' - London Evening Standard 16-10-07
‘If I weighed another two stone.., people would be more sympathetic’ - Liverpool Echo
KMC's parents hit out at "scurrilous rubbish" being printed - Liverpool Daily Post 16-10-07
'Tapas Seven' win payout and apology - Bucks Free Press 16-10-07
Maddie Porn Raids Fail To Find Any Evidence - Daily Record 16-10-07
Gail Walker: Shameful Finger-Pointing At Likely Innocent Man - Belfast Telegraph 16-10-07
Kate McCann feels 'persecuted' because of her looks - NY Daily News 16-10-07
Praia da Luz is a beautiful seaside village in Portugal, but, as most of us... - The Star (SA)

GMC's Blog  :
Day 166 - 16/10/2007

Life in Rothley is definitely quietening down although daily photographs of us leaving the house still seem ‘newsworthy’ which I find incredible. We are slowly trying to return to normal and it is heartening meeting ordinary people who are very supportive and sympathetic. We have managed to catch up with quite a few friends in the last week, which we have actually had to build up to because of the emotions involved in talking about what has happened. We also had our first visitor from Praia da Luz who spent a few days with us. It was touching to hear about our friends there, who continue to hold weekly vigils praying for Madeleine and her safe return.
The media frenzy is gradually subsiding with just occasional unsubstantiated reports of ‘evidence’ appearing. It is very encouraging that Mr Rebelo’s officers will be seemingly reviewing all the material in the inquiry, which will hopefully identify areas for further investigation. Contrary to some other reports Kate and I do NOT accept that Madeleine is ‘probably’ dead. We know it is a possibility, however the fact there is no evidence Madeleine has been seriously harmed gives us ongoing hope that she will be found alive.
Finally, thank you once again to evryone who has written to us or sent messages of support. Calum has been away for a week on holiday and we will be updating the messages of support very soon. We would love to reply to everyone personally but the huge numbers simply make it impossible.
Wednesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 17-10-07
Judge attends analysis of Gerry's computer. Correio da Manhã 17-10-07
Editorial: Decision Time - The Sun 17-10-07
Gran: Kate feels persecuted - The Sun 17.10.2007
Gerry McCann's 'ongoing' hope - The Sun 17.10.2007
'Madeleine's probably dead' - Daily Mirror 17.10.2007
Persecution Of Kate McCann - Daily Mirror 17-10-07
Parents' car hid a corpse - Daily Express 17-10-07
New hunt for body of Madeleine in massive wilderness reservoir - Daily Express 17.10.2007
Parents: Madeleine is probably dead - Daily Express 17.10.2007
She probably is dead, say parents - Daily Express 17.10.2007
Maddie: A Body Was in McCann Car Boot - Daily Star 17-10-07
McCanns reject claim Madeleine is probably dead - 17-10-07
Madeleine: Police 'allowed to seize Kate's diary' - Telegraph 17-10-07
McCanns accept Madeleine is probably dead - Telegraph 17-10-07
McCanns 'didn't say Madeleine probably dead' - Telegraph 17-10-07
Madeleine police seize father's rented laptop - Telegraph 17-10-07
Why I'm being persecuted, by Kate McCann - Times 17-10-07
McCanns deny they think Madeleine is dead - Times Online 17-10-07
Madeleine's Father Speaks Of Hope - BBC 17-10-07
McCanns Accept Madeleine May Be Dead - Sky 17-10-07
Police 'Welcome' To McCann's Computer - Channel 4 17-10-07
McCanns cling to 'ongoing hope' - ITN 17-10-07
Maddie police get go-ahead to seize Kate's diary - Metro 17-10-07
Parents: Madeleine is probably dead - Metro 17-10-07
Police to trace Kate McCann's moves - Metro 17-10-07
'We do not accept Madeleine is dead' - Leicester Mercury 17-10-07
Father tells of "ongoing hope" over Madeleine - Liverpool Echo 17-10-07
Madeleine McCann's father: "We still have hope" - Liverpool Echo 17-10-07
Kate McCann : I'm Hated For Not Looking Maternal - The Scotsman 17-10-07
Gerry McCann: We Still Hope Maddie Is Alive - Daily Record 17-10-07
She's probably dead - Evening Times (Scotland) 17-10-07
Parents think Maddie 'probably dead' - Aberdeen Evening Express 17-10-07
McCanns Accept Missing Madeleine Is Probably Dead - Belfast Telegraph 17-10-07
McCanns accept missing Madeleine is probably dead - Irish Independent 17-10-07
They hate me 'cause I'm not 'maternal enough': Kate McCann - 17-10-07
Parents still hoping Maddie is alive - Sydney Morning Herald 17-10-07

Thursday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 18-10-07
Smell can get out of the car. Putrefying cadaver always leaks fluids - 24Horas 18-10-07
PJ back at the Ocean Club - 24Horas 18-10-07
New posters - Algarve Resident 18-10-07
Angry Branson - Algarve Resident 18-10-07
Madeleine police trawl through paedophilia websites 18-10-07 - Algarve Resident 18-10-07
Leaders to discuss Maddie - The Sun 18.10.2007
Tecs to recreate Kate’s 'steps' - The Sun 18.10.2007
Probe Too Big for Portugal Cops - The Sun 18-10-07
Television: Top cop team in new maddie hunt - The Sun (Eire) 18-10-07
McCanns Evidence Doesn't Add Up - Daily Mirror 18-10-07
Kate McCann's 'Missing' 90 Minutes - Daily Mirror 18-10-07
Searching For Madeleine: A Dispatches Special 9pm, C4 We love IT! - Daily Mirror 18-10-07
Westminster's Just A Load Of Old Politics - Daily Mirror 18-10-07
Priest: I was deceived - Daily Express 18.10.2007
'Madeleine WAS taken' - Daily Express 18-10-07
Police trying to make Kate crack - Daily Express 18.10.2007
Maddie Parents Hid Truth - Daily Star 18-10-07
Kate McCann: 'I'm being persecuted because of my looks' - Daily Mail 18.10.2007
We Don't believe Madeleine is dead, Gerry McCann insists - Daily Mail 18-10-07
'I was deceived' says the Portuguese priest who comforted the MCs - Daily Mail 18-10-07
New Booker Prize winner Anne Enright's amazing attack onthe MCs - Daily Mail 18-10-07
Five experts explain how the police missed vital chances to find her  -Daily Mail 18-10-07
Portuguese police admit: 'We've got NO evidence against the McCanns' - Daily Mail
KMC is right - just because she's slim and pretty doesn't mean she's a killer - Daily Mail
Brown to talk to premier about Madeleine hunt - Telegraph 18-10-07
Booker winner attacks McCanns - Telegraph 18-10-07
McCann family hits back at Enright attack - Telegraph 18-10-07
‘It is time to discard the myths and half-truths, Madeleine McCann was taken' - Times
[TV: A Preview and a Review] - Times 18-10-07
Booker prize-winner tells of anger at McCanns’ behaviour - Times 18-10-07
Why Prize-Winning Author 'Dislikes The McCanns' - Sky 18-10-07
Brown In Madeleine Talks With Portuguese - Channel 4 18-10-07
Brown in Madeleine talks with Portuguese - ITN 18-10-07
'Not enough evidence' to try McCanns - Metro 18-10-07
Criminal experts probe Maddy case for TV show - Leicester Mercury 18-10-07
Police To Reconstruct Maddie Mum's Movements - Daily Record 18-10-07
Today's Picks - Herald Scotland 18-10-07
Enright reveals 'dislike' of the McCanns - Irish Independent 18-10-07
New chief in Madeleine investigation - Euro Weekly News 18-10-07
'Gone Baby Gone' echoes furor over missing English child - NY Daily News 18-10-07
SA man's hunt for Maddie - IOL 18-10-07
SA investigator says Maddie may be dead - The Star (SA) 18-10-07

Friday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 19-10-07
Socrates and Gordon Brown talked about the case. Governments discuss Maddie - CdM
PJ let McCanns "clear" apartment- 24Horas 19-10-07
McCanns tell cops: 'Clear us' - The Sun 19.10.2007
Gerry Asked Pal to Check on Kate - Daily Mirror 19-10-07
Maddy Visited Me In My Sleep - Daily Mirror 19-10-07
Cop: No Proof On McCanns - Daily Mirror 19-10-07
Oh, up yours, señor - Daily Mirror 19-10-07
Madeleine visits me at night, says 'hysterical' Kate - Daily Express 19-10-07
Gerry’s fears for Kate hours before disappearance - Daily Express 19.10.2007
Suspects for the Rest of their Lives - Daily Star 19-10-07
Maddie Ghost Visits Mum - Daily Star 19-10-07
Gerry's fears for Kate on the day Madeleine disappeared - Daily Mail 19-10-07
Madeleine: Brown quizzes Portuguese PM about bungled police inquiry - Daily Mail
Madeleine's mother 'in hysterics every day' - Telegraph 19-10-07
'Proof' McCanns did not sedate Madeleine - Telegraph 19-10-07
Brown Discusses Missing Madeleine - BBC 19-10-07
Brown Discusses Madeleine With Portuguese PM - Sky 19-10-07
Brown in talks about Madeleine - Leicester Mercury 19-10-07
Still no nearer the truth about Maddy - Leicester Mercury 19-10-07
Kate is just trying to cope in her own way - Liverpool Echo 19-10-07
Brown 'fighting for Britain' as calls increase for EU treaty referendum - The Scotsman
McCanns Demand To Be Cleared By Police - Daily Record 19-10-07
Brown Talks On Missing Maddie - Evening Times (Scotland) 19-10-07
Gerry McCann asked friend 'to check on Kate and children' - Belfast Telegraph 19-10-07
Lindy McDowell: But What About Madeleine? - Belfast Telegraph 19-09-07
Channel 4's Madeleine Documentary Watched By 3.3m - PR Week 19-10-07
Police take McCann diary, laptop - 19-10-07

Saturday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 20-10-07
(no title) re: conversation between Gordon Brown and José Sócrates - Correio da Manhã
Paulo Rebelo calls in biggest homicide expert - Expresso 20-10-07
McCann Mystery Laptop In PJ Hands - Portugal News 20-10-07
Fiend Had 8 Minutes To Grab Her - The Sun 20-10-07
Maddie's final gift for gran - Sun 20.10.2007
Computer Model's Clues - Daily Mirror 20-10-07
3 minutes to dump her body - Daily Express 20-10-07
McCanns 'victims of a witch-hunt' - Daily Express 20.10.2007
We can prove we didn't sedate our children - Daily Express 20-10-07
180 secs to dump Maddie in sea & return to resort' - Daily Star 20-10-07
'Madeleine visits me during the night,' says 'hysterical' Kate McCann - Daily Mail 20-10-07
Madeleine's final gift for grandma before she disappeared - Daily Mail 20-10-07
Madeleine: Kidnap theories 'inconsistent' with evidence - Daily Mail 20-10-07
Why PT is a haven for paedophiles - the disturbing backcloth to the MC case - Daily Mail
McCanns: We can prove that we didn't sedate our children - Daily Mail 20-10-07
McCanns 'have proof they did not sedate Madeleine' - Telegraph 20-10-07
‘Tests show Madeleine McCann's brother and sister were not drugged’ - Times Online
Tests show McCanns 'did not sedate Madeleine siblings' - Independent 20-10-07
McCanns: No Comment On Hair Test Claim - Sky 20-10-07
Portuguese police slammed over McCann probe - ITN 20-10-07
McCanns 'victims of a witch-hunt' - Metro 20-10-07
McCanns 'Didn't Sedate Maddy.' - The Scotsman 20-10-07
Madeleine Was Never Sedated - Daily Record 20-10-07
Anne, you made apologies, now you make amends - Irish Independent 20-10-07

Sunday Express & Daily Star Sunday inside pages - 21-10-07
Ill-feelings at the PJ. Investigation: Perplexity over news - Correio da Manhã 21-10-07
Commission to interrogate the McCanns’ friends is ready - TSF Online 21-10-07
ALIPIO RIBEIRO  "The hypothesis that Madeleine died is the strongest" - El Pais 21-10-07
Gerry to go back to work - News of the World 21-10-07
Cops in bungle rumpus - News of the World 21-10-07
Innocent. I don't think they did it. It doesn't make sense: The chief - News of the World
Inept.. Incompetent.. I'm Incandescent - The People 21-10-07
New Team Fury Over Files Mess - Sunday Mirror 21-10-07
Kate's storm in a D-Cup, by Carole Malone - Sunday Mirror 21-10-07
Cops Ruin Madeleine DNA Clues - 21-10-07
Guard as Gerry returns to work - Sunday Express 21.10.2007
Madeline: Cops call 'Columbo' - Daily Star Sunday 21-10-07
Maddie - I Know the Killer - Daily Star Sunday 22-10-07
Guard as Gerry McCann returns to work - Mail on Sunday 21-10-07
We DID leak stories to the press about Madeleine, top PT cop confesses - Mail on Sunday
Madeleine Mccann: The right response - Observer 21-10-07
It's time to play the crying game, Kate - Observer 21-10-07
Booker winner who misread the McCanns - Sunday Telegraph 21-10-07
Madeleine: McCann friends to be interviewed - Sunday Telegraph 21-10-07
Too Serene for Sympathy by Margarette Driscoll - Sunday Times 21-10-07
Editor-At-Large: The shameful trial of Kate McCann - Independent on Sunday 21-10-07
More Questions For McCann Friends - BBC 21-10-07
Former Met Boss Slams McCann Investigation - Sky 21-10-07
McCann friends to 'be re-interviewed' - ITN 21-10-07
Maddie's Parents 'Victims Of Witch-Hunt' - The Scotsman 21-10-07
Time to start accepting the callousness of human nature - Irish Independent on Sunday
McCanns: victims of a 'witch-hunt' - Irish Independent on Sunday 21-10-07
Booker winner 'lost for words' - Irish Independent on Sunday 21-10-07

Monday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 22-10-07
Image worries McCanns - Correio de Manha 22.10.2007
Murat may have hidden Maddie's body - 24Horas 22-10-07
Maddie cops' ash on clues - The Sun 22-10-07
Kate McCann 'wants career in child welfare' - Daily Mirror 22.10.2007
Top cop: We'll crack Madeleine case - Daily Mirror 22.10.2007
Gerry McCann 'To Go Back To Work' - Daily Mirror 22-10-07
It's a witch-hunt says top policeman - Daily Express 22-10-07
Kate and ‘the lost 5 minutes’ - Daily Express 22.10.2007
McCann friends face new probe - Daily Express 20-10-07
I Will Crack Maddie Case - Daily Star 22-10-07
New police chief's fury over the mess he inherited from his predecessor - Daily Mail
MC's phone tapping fears rise as top PT admits practice is widespread - Daily Mail 22-10-07
Vile slurs: Hating Kate McCann is now a 'sport' - Daily Mail 22-10-07
The MCs are victims of a 'witch-hunt', says Britain's former top police officer - Daily Mail
Police poised to reinterview McCann friends - Guardian 22-10-07
Anne Enright was spot on about McCann mania - Telegraph 22-10-07
McCanns' friends to be re-interviewed by police - Telegraph 22-10-07
Kate McCann considers child welfare career - Telegraph 22-10-07
Police speak to Kate and Gerry McCann's friends - Times 22-10-07
Madeleine Investigation Heads To UK - Sky 22-10-07
Madeleine Dad May Return To Work - Sky 22-10-07
Friends Of McCann's To Be Quizzed Again - Channel 4 22-10-07
Gerry McCann Ponders Work Return - Channel 4 22-10-07
Police to re-interview McCann's friends - ITN 22-10-07
Maddie's mum wants job in childcare - Metro 22-10-07
McCann friends to be re-interviewed - Metro 22-10-07
Maddie police to question friends again - Metro 22-10-07
Top law officer's rant at McCann case probe - Metro 22-10-07
McCann tapas group to face further police quiz - Leicester Mercury 22-10-07
Madeleine police to re-question friends of McCanns - Yorkshire Post 22-10-07
Maddie's Dad May Go Back To Work - Daily Record 22-10-07
McCanns' friends to face new police quiz - Evening News (Scotland) 22-10-07
'Friends of McCanns face fresh questions' - Aberdeen Evening Express 22-10-07
Police chief confident Maddy case will be solved - Irish Independent 22-10-07
My Week [in Praia da Luz]: Yvonne Radley - Press Gazette 22-10-07

GMC's blog
Day 172 - 22/10/2007
This last weekend we went to visit friends and Kate’s parents. It is the first time we have been to Liverpool since we went to Portugal on holiday in April. Sean and Amelie had a great time playing with other young children and it was good for Kate and I to catch up with very close friends. We attended the ‘children’s mass’ in the church where we were married and I met the local priest who also happens to come from Glasgow.
We welcome the announcement from Mr Ribeiro, the National director of the Judicial Police in Portugal, that our friends who were on holiday with us in Portugal are to be re-interviewed. We do not know how many other ‘witnesses’ will be interviewed but obviously we want to be eliminated from the inquiry as soon as possible. We constantly hope that one of the other lines of investigation leads to Madeleine being found safe and well.

Tuesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 23-10-07
Maddie's residues in the house of Robert Murat - 24Horas 23-10-07
Kate Left Kids 3 Hours a Night - The Sun 23-10-07
Kate's Job Plans Still on Hold - The Sun 23-10-07
Gerry welcomes cops UK probe - The Sun 23-10-07
McCanns or a friend must be to blame - Daily Express 23.10.2007
Kate may be a child carer after ruling out GP work - Daily Express 23.10.2007
Kate McCann 'wants a job in child welfare' - Daily Mail 23-10-07
Kate and Gerry 'left Madeleine alone for three hours for four nights in a row' - Daily Mail
Madeleine 'may have been abducted after all', admits top Portuguese law official - Daily Mail
McCanns launch 24-hour hotline manned by private detectives - Daily Mail 23-10-07
McCann waiter says night 'became madness' - Telegraph 23-10-07
Madeleine's mother 'to quit as GP for a child welfare job' - Telegraph 23-10-07
Original Madeleine McCann theory may be right, says Portuguese chief - Times 23-10-07
'They Were Running, Shouting For Maddy' - Channel 4 23-10-07
New inquiry is welcomed - Leicester Mercury 23-10-07
Steve's bid to help find missing Madeleine - Northampton Evening Telegraph 23-10-07
Song for Madeleine - Sunderland Echo 23-10-07
Opinion: Author with all the wrong words - Wales Online 23-10-07
Top Lawman In Madeleine Police Row - Daily Record 23-10-07
McCanns' waiter 'tells of madness' - Evening Times (Scotland) 23-10-07
Praia da Luz Waiter Decribes 'Night Of Madness' - Irish Examiner 23-10-07
Jeff Edwards: ‘For every story, there are nine I don’t write’ - Press Gazette 23-10-07

Wednesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 24-10-07
Three Portuguese policemen are going to Leicester - 24Horas 24-10-07
McCanns Launch Maddie Hotline - The Sun 24-10-07
Waiter storms: Kate is so cold - The Sun 24-10-07
Gran heartache over Maddie - The Sun 24-10-07
Law Change Helps McCanns - Daily Mirror 24-10-07
Kate McCann In Tears During Madeleine TV Appeal - Daily Mirror 24-10-07
It will take a miracle to find her - Daily Express 24.10.2007
Tearful Kate: Maddy's still alive - Daily Express 24.10.2007
Maddy: Father played tennis after she vanished - Daily Express 24.10.2007
Gerry McCann 'played tennis days after Madeleine disappeared' - Daily Mail 24-10-07
Madeleine's DNA was found in Murat's house, police claim - Daily Mail 24-10-07
Tapas Nine: The 14 key questions British detectives want answered - Daily Mail 24-10-07
Reported excerpt from Clarence Mitchell Speech - Guardian 24-10-07
'Our life is not as happy without Madeleine' - 24-10-07
Kate McCann's hope for missing Madeleine as search hotline is announced - Times Online
McCann Mum Feels 'Sad And Lonely' - BBC 24-10-07
Hotline In New Push For Madeleine Clues - Sky 24-10-07
Madeleine McCann's Father Welcomes New Probe - Sky 24-10-07
McCann's emotional TV appeal - ITN 24-10-07
Kate in fresh appeal over Madeleine - Metro 24-10-07
Kate in tears as she talks about Maddie heartache - Metro 24-10-07
Hotline set up in hunt for Maddy - Leicester Mercury 24-10-07
McCanns Launch 24 Hour Helpline - Liverpool Echo 24-10-07
Kate McCann in tears as she begs for help to find Madeleine - Liverpool Echo 24-10-07
Madeleine McCann's grandparents reveal their torment - Liverpool Daily Post 24-10-07
McCanns set up phone line - The Scotsman 24-10-07
McCanns Launch 24-Hour Line To Find Maddie - Daily Record 24-10-07
Kate McCann's First Frantic Phone Call - Daily Record 24-10-07
McCanns launch 24-hour line to find Maddie - Evening Times (Scotland) 24-10-07
McCanns to launch phoneline - Aberdeen Evening Express 24-10-07
McCanns launch confidential Madeleine phoneline - Irish Independent 24-10-07
McCanns asked: Was Maddie drugged? - IOL 24-10-07
McCanns launch phoneline to find Madeleine - IOL 24-10-07
PT waiter claims the McCann children were left alone every night - Sydney Daily Telegraph
Madeleine McCann hotline manned 24 hours - Sydney Daily Telegraph 24-10-07

Thursday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 25-10-07
McCanns set up new hotline for Madeleine information - Algarve Resident 25-10-07
Key Questions - The Sun 25-10-07
Maddie Needs Our Help - The Sun 25-10-07
Portugal having a bad year - The Sun (Scotland) 25-10-07
Kate McCann: I Feel Madeleine's Still Alive - Daily Mirror 25-10-07
Kate breaks down during TV grilling - Daily Express 25.10.2007
Madeleine: Police Want Answers to 14 Questions - Daily Express 25.10.2007
Madeleine 'abductor' image released - Daily Express 25.10.2007
Maddie: Mum Finally Cracks - Daily Star 25-10-07
McCanns plan vigil to mark six month Madeleine anniversary - Daily Mail 25-10-07
McCanns: 'Important clues suggest Madeleine will be found in Spain' - Daily Mail
'Don't say anything until they've turned off microphone',on Spanish TV - Daily Mail
70 per cent of callers to Spanish TV show think McCanns were lying - Daily Mail 25-10-07
Portuguese police failed to record any of their interviews with McCanns - Daily Mail
McCanns set up phone line to seek Madeleine - Guardian 25-10-07
Madeleine Mother speaks (The Wrap) - 25-10-07
'Sad, lonely' Kate weeps in TV interview - Telegraph 25-10-07
Madeleine McCann: First drawing of 'abductor' - Telegraph 25-10-07
Sobbing Kate McCann insists that Madeleine is alive and being held - Times 25-10-07
Madeleine Sketch Shows 'Abductor' - BBC 25-10-07
Tears: McCanns Give Emotional TV Interview - Sky 25-10-07
Kate McCann's TV Tears Hint At Madeleine Grief - Sky 25-10-07
Kate McCann: 'Maddy is out there' - Channel 4 25-10-07
Madeleine 'abductor' image released - Metro 25-10-07
Maddie parents release picture of 'abductor' - Metro 25-10-07
Kate breaks down during TV appeal - Metro 25-10-07
Sad and lonely - Leicester Mercury 25-10-07
Kate McCann: 'I Feel in My Heart She is There' - Liverpool Echo 25-10-07
Madeleine's mother breaks down on TV - Yorkshire Post 25-10-07
CHARLES GRAHAM: Look beyond stereotypes - Wigan Today 25-10-07
ARGUS COMMENT...Madeleine McCann - Gloucestershire Gazette 25-10-07
14 Police Questions For McCann's Friends - Daily Record 25-10-07
Kate McCann Breaks Down In TV Interview - Daily Record 25-10-07
Kate breaks down in Madeleine TV appeal - Evening Times (Scotland) 25-10-07
McCann family reverse story over break-in 'evidence' - Irish Independent 25-10-07
Kate McCann makes another tearful appeal on Spanish TV - Irish Independent 25-10-07
McCanns Give Interview To Spanish TV - RTE 25-10-07
A local paedophile, not the McCanns killed Maddie - Olive Press 25-10-07
Spain Papers Review - Thursday October 25 2007 - Typically Spanish 25-10-07
Spanish Television Interview Parents Of Missing Madeleine McCann - Typically Spanish
McCanns dismiss 'ludicrous' claims - CNN 25-10-07
McCanns Give First TV Interview Since Being Declared Suspects - ABC 25-10-07
Quotes of the Day: Kate McCann - Time Magazine 25-10-07
McCanns deny drugging claims - IOL 25-10-07
Father Of Missing UK Girl Rejects Drugging Reports - The Star (Malaysia) 25-10-07
Mother weeps over missing Madeleine McCann - ninemsn 25-10-07

Friday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 26-10-07
Kate cries like a poker player - Correio da Manha 26-10-07
Company hired by the McCanns placed dozens of men in the terrain - 24Horas 26-10-07
Gerry McCann to return to work - The Sun 26-10-07
Maddie in Arms of Her Kidnapper - The Sun 26-10-07
Madeleine McCann: New Sketch 'Shows Her Abductor' - Daily Mirror 26-10-07
Why I can't keep silent about Kate - Daily Mirror 26-10-07
70% don’t believe McCanns - Daily Express 26.10.2007
Maddy: Police draft in lip readers - Daily Express 26.10.2007
Police: Parents are hampering probe - Daily Express 26-10-07
Did this man take Maddie? - Daily Star 26-10-07
'Mum Would Be Very Good Poker Player' - Daily Star 26-10-07
McCanns 'Hiding Truth' - Daily Star 26-10-07
After six months, is Madeleine's mother finally beginning to crack? - Daily Mail 26-10-07
Is This the Man Who Snatched Madeleine? McCanns release artist's impression - Daily Mail
Police tried to secretly film McCanns in interviews - but forgot to turn sound on - Daily Mail
Madeleine: Foreign press shows no mercy to Kate and Gerry McCann - Daily Mail 26-10-07
McCanns release sketch of man seen near apartment - Guardian 26-10-07
Spin is not the answer - Guardian 26-10-07
Is this Madeleine McCann's abductor? - 26-10-07
McCanns face backlash over TV interview - Telegraph 26-10-07
Madeleine's 'abductor' - Telegraph 26-10-07
'This is the man who took Madeleine McCann away' - Times 26-10-07
[Artist's impression] Papers cautious over PM's reforms - BBC 26-10-07
McCanns Release Sketch Of Possible Abductor - Sky 26-10-07
News Videos - Interactive: McCann Timeline - Channel 4 26-10-07
McCanns release image of 'suspect' - ITN 26-10-07
Is Madeleine's mother finally beginning to crack? - London Evening Standard
Is this the man who kidnapped Madeleine? - Leicester Mercury 26-10-07
Is this Madeleine McCann's abductor? - Liverpool Echo 26-10-07
Is this the man who seized Madeleine? - Yorkshire Post 26-10-07
McCanns Upbeat Over Phone-Line Launch - The Scotsman 26-10-07
Parents pin hopes on new sketches - Herald Scotland 26-10-07
First image of Maddie suspect released - Evening Times (Scotland) 26-10-07
Is this the man who took Maddie? - Aberdeen Evening Express 26-10-07
McCann Family Reverse Story Over Break-In 'Evidence' - Belfast Telegraph 26-10-07
Did This Man Snatch Madeleine? - CNN 26-10-07
McCanns release image of potential abductor - IOL 26-10-07
Maddy's Parents Release Sketch Of 'Kidnapper.' - IOL 26-10-07
Is this Maddie's abductor? - Sydney Morning Herald 26-10-07
Sketch of Maddie 'abductor' released - ninemsn 26-10-07

GMC's Blog :
Day 176 - 26/10/2007
It has been a busy few days for Kate and I. We did our first interview since being made arguidos, for Spanish TV. This was very difficult for us but had one important purpose. We announced that private investigators are looking for Madeleine and that there is a dedicated ANONYMOUS telephone line for anyone who has information, which may help us to find Madeleine. The number is +34.902.300.213. We urge anyone who may have information to please call this number.
The investigators are based in Spain because we believe Madeleine is most likely to be in the Iberian Peninsula or North Africa. They have also released a sketch of an eyewitness who saw a man carrying a small child away from near the apartment on the night Madeleine disappeared. We believe this child was Madeleine. The Portuguese police have released the description of the man previously: he is 35-40 years old, approximately 5’8”-5’10” (1.72-1.78m), Caucasian with southern European/Mediterranean appearance, slim build with dark hair. We hope that this picture may jog someone’s memory who may have seen this man in the Praia da Luz area on the night or days before Madeleine was abducted. Someone else may be aware of a man matching this description who has behaved suspiciously at any time since the beginning of May.

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GMC's Blog :
Day 178 - 28/10/2007 Sunday
The last couple of days have been hard for Kate and I. We have had a lot of ‘family time’ and despite the pleasure of seeing Sean and Amelie having fun, Madeleine’s absence was very much tangible. We were, however, bucked up somewhat after opening lots of mail, which was incredibly supportive and uplifting. We would like to pass on our sincere thanks once more to everyone who is supporting us. My mum and sister have also arrived for a few days and this is the first time we have seen each other for 5 weeks. My nephew and a close family friend also came to visit last night.
Today we all attended mass in the local church. Next Saturday will mark six months since Madeleine was abducted. We will be marking this milestone very quietly with an ecumenical prayer service for Madeleine and other missing children in the local Anglican church.
Despite sadness and despair at our own situation, it is heart wrenching to hear of tragedies affecting other families close to home this week. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

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