Grâce à la liberté dans les communications, des groupes d’hommes de même nature pourront se réunir et fonder des communautés. Les nations seront dépassées.
Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

07 - 16>30 JUN - La Presse (4)

16>30 JUIN 2007

Saturday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pagess - 16-06-07
Pictures - Exposay websiteincludes "wider agenda" pics.
Madeleine: Police Look For ‘Body’ - Portugal News 16-06-07
Police And Prosecutors Clash Over Torture Claims - Portugal News 16-06-07
McCanns feared the worst - The Sun 16-06-07
'Maddy Tests Our Beliefs' - Daily Mirror 16-06-07
Madeleine: We Believe She's Alive - Daily Express 16-06-07
New torment for Maddie's mum and dad - Daily Star 16-06-07
Madeleine's dad: I'm dreading Father's Day - Daily Mail 16.6.07
Losing Maddy for ever 'would test our faith' - Telegraph 16.6.07
Madeleine 'body' search called off - Independent 16-06-07
A Question Of Faith For Madeleine's Parents - Sky 16-06-07
Video track 'reflects feelings of parents' - Leicester Mercury 16-06-07
Dan’s song of hope for Madeleine - Blackburn Citizen 16-06-07
Madeleine's Parents Talk Of 'Test Of Their Faith' - The Scotsman 16-06-07
Madeleine's family plan global event for 50th day of disappearance - Herald Scotland 16.6.07
McCanns say child's loss would test faith - Irish Independent 16-06-07
The Curse of the Psychic Investigators - Irish Times 16-06-07
Madeleine McCann Mom an Activist, May Fight Child Trafficking Fulltime - National Ledger
Search For Madeleine Continues; Parents Hold onto Faith - Christian Today 16-06-07
[McCann Interview] Hope, Strength, Courage - The Tablet 16-06-07

GMC's Blog :

Day 44 - 16/06/2007 - Saturday
Kate and I dropped Jon at the airport this morning and picked up some more friends/family who have come out to see us, but particularly the twins. They were certainly happy to see our visitors! After lunch we headed off to the local zoo. Relatively quiet on the campaign front today as it is a family day. Tomorrow we will announce one or two planned events to keep Madeleines disappearance high profile.

Sunday Express & Daily Star Sunday inside pages - 17-06-07
Evidence of Maddie abductor destroyed - Diario de Noticias 17-06-07
No interview for now - Algarve Resident 17-06-07
My Father's Day agony over Maddie - News of the World 17-06-07
Father's Day? I Can't Even Bear To Think About It Without Madeleine - The People 17-06-07
Maddie Search 'in DNA Setback' - The Sun 17-06-07
'Father's Day.. but all I think of is finding her' GERRY McCANN - Sunday Mirror 17-06-07
Zoo trip eases McCann distress - Sunday Mirror 17-12-07
Maddie family stay on - Daily Star Sunday 17-06-07
Kate McCann may quit as GP to fight child trafficking - Sunday Times 17-06-07
Missing Maddy still strikes fear in hearts of all mothers - 17-06-07
Madeleine Evidence 'May Be Lost' - BBC 17-06-07
Support For Search For Madeleine - BBC 17-06-07
[Constant focus] Focus on Blair European farewell - BBC 17-06-07
Madeleine Search: Sky Man Returns To Portugal - Sky 17-06-07
Madeleine evidence may be destroyed - Metro 17-06-07
Maddie family ‘wrecked clues’ - Metro 17-06-07
Madeleine family may have destroyed key evidence, claim police - Yorkshire Post 17-06-07
Musicians record song for Madeleine - Redhill, Reigate & Horley Life 07-06-07
Maddy's Mum To Tell Twins Of Abduction - The Scotsman 17-06-07
I Forgot It's Father's Day - Sunday Mail 17-06-07
Portugal: Police say vital evidence destroyed after Madeleine taken - Irish Independent 17-06-07
New Controversy In Madeleine Search - Sunday Business Post 17-06-07
Madeleine McCann Parents Use Faith While Continuing Search for Maddie - Post Chronicle


KMC's diary
Cherie Blair phoned to find out how we were.
We talked about everything in general, including about them leaving Number 10. She agreed as well to make a 20-second video clip for our broadcast on YouTube about Madeleine and children who have disappeared.
I also had the chance to speak to Tony who told me that we weren't to hesitate to ask him if there was something he could do to help.
On Sky News tonight they suddenly said the Portuguese police had stated that the crime scene had been contaminated—because of us—and that fundamental evidence had been lost. How dare they insinuate that our daughter's life could be put in danger because of us. Very angry. Very upset.
On voit bien ici qui est Kate MC. Il est absolument exact que la scène de crime a été polluée en premier lieu par Gerald MC qui a voulu expérimenter la possibilité d'ouvrir le volet de l'extérieur. Personne n'a dit que cette corruption de la scène de crime avait été intentionnelle, mais Kate MC monte sur ses grands chevaux : comment ose-t-on la critiquer?
I want to speak to someone now, but it's too late.
I changed my mind and I sent a text message to Ricardo. I don't know if it was a sensible idea but I feel really annoyed.
My darling little Madeleine, you know that we wouldn't do anything to put you in danger.
I love you very much and I am in agony right now.
I only have to hope that God helps us all now and that he brings you back to us, safe and sound, very soon.
I need you to come back Madeleine. You are the best thing in my life that has ever happened to me. XXXXX
I ended up feeling very upset. Everything overflowed. Terrified that we might not get Madeleine back. I simply cannot face that. Tears, despair, rage, helplessness. I spoke to Gerry, recited prayers. Please God, bring her back XX
I fell asleep after 1am.
GMC's Blog 
Day 45 - 17/06/2007 - Sunday
Kate and I managed an early morning run before church.
The first event of our longer term campaign will be on Friday 22nd June- this will mark the 50th day Madeleine will be missing. We will be launching green and yellow balloons from at least 50 centres worldwide to mark the fact that we are still searching as are other parents of missing children. Countries that are participating so far are Argentina, El Salvador, USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Portugal (Kate and I in Praia da Luz), Spain, South Africa, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. . Any other countries that wish to participate can download information from the website.

Monday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 18-06-07
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Sick Thief Admits Maddie Scam - The Sun 18-06-07
McCanns Made Errors, Says Cop - The Sun 18-06-07
McCanns 'Wrecked Evidence' - Daily Mirror 18-06-07
Madeleine: Parents lost vital clues claim police - Daily Express 18-06-07
Cops: Maddie parents have ruined clues - Daily Star 18-06-07
Little to report, but at least it's real life - Guardian 18-06-07
Maddy Police Attacked for Crime Scene Claim - Telegraph 18-06-07
Parents of missing girl to target child trafficking - Independent 18-06-07
Pupils send message to Madeleine - BBC 18-06-07
Woman Admits Madeleine Cash Theft - BBC 18-06-07
'Vital Evidence Destroyed By Madeleine's Family' - Sky 18-06-07
Woman Remanded Over Madeleine Scam - Sky 18-06-07
Day 46: Pupils Spell Out Madeleine Message - Sky 18-06-07
School In Madeleine Tribute - Channel 4 18-06-07
Madeleine: crime scene was contaminated - ITN 18-06-07
School in Madeleine tribute - ITN 18-06-07
McCanns 'blamed' for failed search for Madeleine - London Evening Standard 18-06-07
Family's horror at search - Leicester Mercury 18-06-07
Police rap for Maddie family - Liverpool Echo 18-06-07
100 messages for Madeleine - Liverpool Daily Post 18-06-07
McCanns' Search May Have Destroyed Clues - The Scotsman 18-06-07
Maddie clues may have been destroyed - Evening Times (Scotland) 18-06-07
'Maddie's family could have destroyed clues' - Aberdeen Evening Express 18-06-07
Parents Of Missing Girl To Target Child-Trafficking - Belfast Telegraph 18-06-07
Find Maddy call - Larne Times 18-06-07
Key Maddy clues destroyed - Irish Independent 18-06-07
British police smash global pedophile ring - NY Daily News 18-06-07
Madeleine parents angry about accusation - Calcutta News 18-06-07
McCanns may have unwittingly destroyed crucial evidence - police - NZ Herald

KMC's diary

I spent a few lovely hours with Sean and Amelie building a sandcastle with a moat, getting big hugs from Sean, ice creams.
Shower, lovely meal and a little playtime with the kids.
I can't stand living like this. It's so painful and distressing. Dear Lord, PLEASE answer our prayers. PLEASE send Madeleine back to us. PLEASE.
I love you so, so much Madeleine, more than anything XXXXX.

GMC's Blog 

Day 46 - 18/06/2007 - Monday
Kate and I got the response we wanted after speaking to the Portuguese ploice today. We are assured that no criticism of our actions on the night Madeline disappeared was intended.
There has been a good response to our planned balloon release for Madeleine and other missing children on Friday and we are confident that over 50 countries will be represented.
The twins have really enjoyed seeing family who have been visiting us for the last 3 days- it has passed very quickly. Hopefully the next time we see them it will be with Madeleine.
Tuesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 19-06-07
Portuguese Police has no report about Lisbon Airport incident with family members of Madeleine McCann - Gazeta Digital
Schoolkids send heartfelt plea - The Sun 19-06-07
Parents Make Emotional Plea - The Sun 19-06-07
Maddie Flat Sold on the Cheap - The Sun 19-06-07
Kids Plea For Maddy - Daily Mirror 19-06-07
320 Kids in Maddie Hunt Plea - Daily Mirror 19-06-07
Maddy Mum's Irish Plea - Irish Daily Mirror 19-06-07
I'd never let my kids go into a public toilet on their own - Irish Daily Mirror 19-06-07
Bungling Madeleine Police to Search the Flat...Seven Weeks On - Daily Express 19-06-07
Inspector Clueless - Daily Star 19-06-07
McCanns In Plea To Irish Tourists - BBC 19-06-07
Plea For Missing Girl Holiday Snap Clues - Sky 19-06-07
Complaints about EastEnders - ITN 19-06-07
High hopes for Madeleine - Leicester Mercury 19-06-07
Pupils spell out Madeleine appeal message as supporters urge holidaymakers to be vigilant - Yorkshire Post
Balloons Keep Madeline [sic] Flying High - Bradford Telegraph & Argus 19-06-07
Holiday terror - Teesside Gazette 19-06-07
Parents of Maddy in Irish appeal - Irish Independent 19-06-07
Missing Maddy's parents appeal to Irish tourists - Irish Independent 19-06-07
McCann's Parents To Appeal To Irish Tourists - Irish Examiner 19-06-07
Madeleine McCann - Campaign Meetings In England - TV Appeal In Ireland - Post Chronicle

KMC's diary
Last night I didn't manage to get to sleep until around 1am because I was so upset again. It's so painful to be without Madeleine and I can't stand to think that it could be like this forever. This simply cannot happen.
Good night, good night Madeleine, I'm longing to read you a bedtime story again. I love you my little darling X.
GMC's Blog 
Day 47 - 19/06/2007 - Tuesday

Flew in to London to for a series of meetings. Helped a passenger on the flight who collapsed. He was ill enough to require a full assessment on arrival and went off to hospital in an ambulance.
Unfortunately shortly after arriving in London I had my wallet stolen which meant I was running late. I did manage to get to all my meetings which ran late into the evening. We had very good discussions regarding sustaining the search for Madeleine long term. The role for Kate and I in the campaign will not be nearly be so
public. We have to balance any campaigning in the search for Madeleine with protecting Sean and Amelie and making sure their privacy is protected.
We are exploring the use of new media and using local advertising, particularly in Europe. There will of course be event driven media exposure such as the balloon launch on Friday 22nd. There are several other very good ideas being developed and a few large companies are willing to help us.

Wednesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 20-06-07
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Dodd Returns To Search For Maddie - PR Week 20-06-07
Madeleine's father has wallet stolen - In the 20-06-07
Gerry McCann, Father of Missing Girl Madeleine, Robbed of Wallet, Photos in London - Fox

KMC's diary
There is still no sign of Madeleine. I didn't feel like it so I decided not to go running.
Went to pick up Gerry from the airport. It was so good to see him. Just before we reached the apartment we saw a man lying in the middle of the street, so we stopped the car and got out. It was no surprise to see that he was drunk (we've all been there!) but he recognised Gerry and me immediately. Gerry walked him round to his apartment.
GMC's Blog 
Day 48 - 20/06/2007 - Wednesday
Another busy day of meetings this time in Leicester. No mishaps thankfully.The main meeting was that of Madeleine's fund where we discussed implementing a strategy to maintain our campaign to find Madeleine. It was agreed in principle to appoint a family spokesperson who will act, not just for Kate and I, but also on behalf of the extended family who have been liaising with the media. This appointment will take a lot of strain off family members who have been putting in such massive efforts to help find Madeleine.
We are delighted with the response to the 50th day balloon launch which will truly be a global event. There will be a few variations to the release of balloons however. In Ventura, Southern California, 50 white doves will be released and in Afghanistan kite racing, an activity banned under the Taliban, will be the order of the day. Arrived back in Praia da Luz this evening and it was great to see Kate and the Kids, even though I was only away for a day and a half.

Thursday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 21-06-07
Kate not abandoning medicine - Algarve Resident 21-06-07
New Civil Governor backs police on Madeleine case - Algarve Resident 21-06-07
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Apartment is not for sale - Algarve Resident 21-06-07
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Balloon release will keep Madeleine in the headlines - Bolton Telegraph & Argus 21-06-0
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Madeleine: Police probe reported sighting - IOL 21-06-07
Madeleine's father loses her pics - Times of India 21-07-07

KMC's diary
I went to the church around 9.20pm to pray a bit by myself, in peace. I got a bit annoyed, I don't understand why God doesn't answer my prayers. I think I need a sign of some sort. I miss her so much. It is so painful and I don't feel my life is complete and I won't ever feel it is complete, if she doesn't come home. Gerry came down later on to be with me.
Apart from a glass of wine, chocolate and this diary, there's nothing much else to tell.
GMC's Blog 
Day 49 - 21/06/2007 - Thursday

Met with the Portuguese police today for an update. Their commitment to find Madeleine matches ours and we all hope for that vital breakthrough every day.
We have literally received thousands of letters, cards and messages of support here in Portugal which have helped give us strength during this terrible time. Yesterday we received a particularly touching gift which is entitled Madeleine's Book of Hope made up with comments from children of all ages from 3 different schools including a pre-school. The messages in different coloured pages with green and yellow ribbons had both the power to us cry and laugh!
The response to the balloon launch to mark 50 days that Madeleine has been missing has been incredible. There are close to 300 centres, and countries all over the world, participating. There has been a lot of local media interest but remember to take digital photographs and videos if possible which will be able to be uploaded to the website so we can display them. The message of Madeleines disappearance will reach many more people tomorrow.
A pleasing aspect of the launch will be the highlighting of other missing or abducted children, many of whom will have received little public attention. I know that 7 year old Yeremi Vargas will be remembered in Madrid and his family will be releasing balloons from Gran Canaria where he disappeared in March of this year.
Our campaign to find Madeleine will be associated with other child welfare issues in the future. We are very keen to see more debate on issues that we and other families in similar situations have to face.
Child abuse is a taboo subject still in many countries and we must encourage responsible debate around how child abuse can be prevented.
Expiation ?

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KMC's diary 
I miss Madeleine loads and that's a real understatement. Sometimes I think I must have done something so bad. It was so difficult and painful 'trying' to have Madeleine and now this!!!
Why??? Bad luck??? A sick joke??? And then I think I don't want to think about me—I'm an adult, but Madeleine, dear, sweet, vulnerable, beautiful Madeleine... and I just feel like screaming. WHY?
Dear Lord, I continue to ask, continue to hope, continue to try to have faith in You. Please help us. Put an end to this nightmare. Please help Madeleine. PLEASE LORD.
Madeleine, I love you with all my heart. You are part of my being and I will never feel whole without you. I hope and pray for the day, hopefully soon, when we will be reunited and together again FOREVER. I miss you so much. I need you. I love you. XXXXXXXXXXX

GMC's Blog 
Day 50 - 22/06/2007 - Friday

We never thought it would happen: 50 days without Madeleine. Solidarity the world over has been expressed today with the launch of balloons in every continent to remember Madeleine and other missing children. The event in Praia da Luz had considerable media interest as did many other releases the world over. Sean and Amelie released their balloons shortly after kate and I let go our 50 and we were pleased the media respected our wish for the twins not to be photographed any longer. Please send digital images and video of your local event to
We were not planning to say anything at the launch but there was such a large turnout from Portuguese TV who we have not spoken to for some time that we decided to answer their questions. The beauty of the launch was the local and international dimension with media coverage spreading Madeleines image far and wide.
We have seen the video of the Ullapool (home of the website and my sister Phil) launch, Glasgow and extensive pictures from Amsterdam. We very much look forward to seeing pictures from all the other venues. One of these balloons may just be found by someone who recognises Madeleine and alerts the authorities. 

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KMC's diary

I woke up after 7am hesitating (again!) about going running but eventually I built up enough enthusiasm to convince Gerry that we should go. He ran quite well and without a doubt it was worth us going.
Will we see her again one day? How can this end well now? She’s so precious. God I need you to do something soon. I’m so desperate and suffering so much.
This evening I felt quite low again. It's the awful uncertainty, helplessness and worry. It’s really unbearable. I only want to be able to hide or hibernate until this is all over and Madeleine is back. Please make sure she’s OK.
The usual—dinner, a few drinks and emails. Good night. Good night my darling, longing to lie down.

GMC's Blog  
Day 51 - 23/06/2007 - Saturday

Relatively quiet day today although we did spend some time planning campaign strategy this morning. This afternoon friends of ours from Leicester who are holidaying in the Algarve came over to Praia da Luz with their 2 year old son. It was good to see them and the twins certainly enjoyed having an extra play mate round the pool

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KMC's diary  
Oh, Madeleine, I find the nights so difficult and only God knows how things are going to find you. I just want to say, once again, that you have been the most special and amazing thing that ever happened to me.
I've never felt such love for another person. I hope and I trust that God and Mary are protecting you and I only know that Dad and I and all your wonderful family and friends will continue to search for you, and we all long for the day when you will be back with us again— FOREVER! XX
Good night. Good night darling. I love you XXXXXXXX
GMC's Blog  

Day 52 - 24/06/2007 - Sunday

We attended the local church service this morning as usual. After mass we bumped into an old colleague of my brothers who also happens to be from Liverpool and had a good chat with her.
There are very little media left in Praia da Luz although there was still one cameraman and photographer outside the church. Our requests to respect our privacy have been followed, with one or two minor exceptions during the last 52 days. Most of the campaigning will be done behind closed doors from now on and it is essential that Amelie and Sean are allowed to grow up without continually being photographed.
We picked the twins up early from the kids club and had a really nice afternoon with them, playing with some new toys and then down at the pool.
If Madeleine is not found in the next couple of weeks we need to move out of the apartment we have been staying in as the family is coming out for a holiday. I have to say the owners have been extremely understanding, as they came to Praia da Luz for a holiday and relocated to another apartment to save us moving again. This degree of flexibility does not exist in the resort in high season. We have managed to look at a few properties to rent in the last couple of days and I think we have found somewhere suitable to live until we return back to the UK with Madeleine.

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GMC's Blog    
Day 53 - 25/06/2007 - Monday

Today was largely spent doing some behind the scenes campaigning. We had a meeting about an interesting idea that would help keep Madeleines profile high here in Portugal. Although I hope it comes to fruition, like many of the ideas it requires a lot of planning and cooperation. I will be having another admin day tomorrow working on implementing our campaign events. We were invited round to some friends for dinner which was great, especially for Sean and Amelie. Finished the night off answering e-mails. Lots of photographs are coming through for Madeleines 50 day balloon launch. Keep them coming and we will get them posted soon.

A.Toscano says MMC was kidnapped by a paedophile TSF Radio Noticias
McCann Flat Switch - Daily Mirror 26-06-07
Police in Malta probe eight more sightings of Madeleine - Daily Express
Missing girl's parents move to a new villa in the Algarve - Daily Express
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Attention aux quêteurs pour associations caritatives, etc.
Rugbeians show their support for missing Madeleine - Rugby Advertiser
Knock vigil for Madeleine - Mayo News 26-06-07
Five possible sightings of Madeleine McCann - MaltaMedia 26-06-07
KMC's diary   
I went for a short walk to the shops nearby. I had heard that there was a paedophile there. Nice, isn't it?
If people informed us about these criminals of course we’d be more cautious and we'd feel safer!
Unfortunately I read two books of messages that had been delivered... There were three horrible ones. One from a former Met Police officer—very insensitive/ cruel and far from constructive! Another said "R.I.P. Maddie"—how appalling!
Well, not surprisingly I was very upset and I went out to the rocks on the beach. I cried a lot and spoke to Madeleine and to God. I was still not ready to go but Gerry was calling me. The police had arrived, as planned, at the apartment. I calmed down and went to the meeting with the police. Everything seems to be so slow. We finished at around 7pm so I went to be with the kids and tell them bedtime stories. I had dinner, had a few drinks despite having said I wanted it without alcohol!! We talked some more.
My darling Madeleine, I feel such fear and dread when I think of you. Every day and every night, it is TOO MUCH. I can only have hope and trust in God and Mary to look after you and bring you back to us soon.
I’m so sorry if I/we let you down. I hope you know how fond of you we are and that we would NEVER do anything intentionally that would put you in danger—of any kind. You are so precious to me. You make me so happy and I miss you so much. Please God, please Mary, keep watch over our sweet Madeleine. Keep her safe and sound and bring her back to us soon! X X

GMC's Blog     
Day 54 - 26/06/2007 - Tuesday

Met with the Portuguese and British police for an update on the investigation. We raised the question of what someone should do if they think they see Madeleine. The clear advice is to call the local police as soon as possible or someone working in an official capacity such as hotel staff or tour representative. Please note that the emergency police numbers are variable in each country. The number in Portugal and Spain is 112 but in Germany it is 110 . The number for most countries can be found at ... ber#Europe and for those going on holiday it might be a good idea to enter the number in your mobile phone.
If there is a sighting the police would need as much information as possible. If there is a car involved please remember to record the registration number if possible. We have met so many well-wishers from Ireland over the last 54 days and have recieived hundreds of letters. On Friday of this week there is a mini-vigil specially for Madeleine at Knock, Irelands holiest shrine, which will be attended by family and friends. The vigil will take place from 8pm-midnight

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GMC's Blog     
Day 55 - 27/06/2007 - Wednesday

Kate and I would like to emphasise that if anyone who thinks they
have information relevant to Madeleine’s abduction, then please pass this on to your local police.
It does not help us to receive such Information directly- we will only pass it on to the police for it to be considered in context of the overall investigation.
If people are unhappy to speak to the police directly information can be given to the international crime stoppers anonymously.

Robert Murat cornered by witnesses 24Horas 28-06-07
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Police Quiz Man Over Kidnap Claim [scroll down a bit] - Daily Express 
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Two held over Madeleine disappearance, reports say - 

Un Italien arrêté en Espagne pour une autre raison, qui aurait tenté d'escroquer les MC avec de fausses infos. Un journaliste espagnol,
Antonio Toscano, a prétendu à la PJ que MMC était avec un individu surnommé The Frenchman dans un réseau pédophile. 
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GMC's Blog       
Day 56 - 28/06/2007 - Thursday

Busy day- some very good phone calls with important child welfare organisations who we will be working closely with in the future. I have no doubt we will be able to sustain a high profile for Madeleine's disappearance in the long term. There has been a lot of media publicity over arrests in Spain tonight following information related to the investigation to find Madeleine. This appears to be a clear signal from European police forces that they are treating all information relating to Madeleine's disappearance very seriously

Couple arrested in Spain wanted to extort 4 million Euros - LUSA 29.6.07
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Fraud Arrests in Case of Lost Girl - New York Times 29-06-07
2 Arrested in Kidnap - New York Post 29-06-07
Madeleine: Extortion claim in latest arrest - IOL 29-06-07

GMC's Blog  :      

Day 57 - 29/06/2007 - Friday

Early rise this morning dropping off and picking up good friends from the airport. One of our friends from Amsterdam, who has been actively campaigning to publicise Madeleines disappearance, dropped in to see us for a couple of hours since he is on a golfing trip in the Algarve.Our friends brought back my wallet which had been returned, needless to say minus the Sterling, although all my cards and €30 were still in it! It is good to have my driving license back and one or two other important things.

Pact of Silence - SOL 30.6.07
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Madeleine McCann allegedly seen in Gzira - MaltaMedia 30-06-07
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GMC's Blog         
Day 58 - 30/06/2007 - Saturday

Family day spent with Sean, Amelie, our friends and their kids. Attended mass this evening which was conducted in English with prayers for Madeleine.
We have confirmed our new accommodation and will be moving in the next few days. We seem to have acquired a lot more stuff, particularly the twins with lots of well wishers sending them toys. We will be staying on Portugal for the immediate future and are determined to come home with Madeleine.
Staying in the Algarve also makes it easier to stay in touch with the Portuguese police, this is particularly important with the investigation being so active. We have regular meetings and calls to keep abreast of developments.