Grâce à la liberté dans les communications, des groupes d’hommes de même nature pourront se réunir et fonder des communautés. Les nations seront dépassées.
Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

07 - 16>30 NOV - La Presse (14)

Première mention dans la presse de ce que Jane TB a vu ?
Friday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 16-11-07
PJ is running against time. Deadlines: Little more than one and a half months left - CdM
McCann pal saw man with child - The Sun 16-11-07
Cops Didn't Check Her Bed - The Sun 16-11-07
'Tapas 9' Pal: I'm Sure I Saw Madeleine Being Abducted - 16-11-07
Madeleine Clues Lost - 16-11-07
Police let crucial clues from Madeleine kidnap room be washed away - Daily Express
McCanns to face neglect charges - Daily Express 16.11.2007
TP9 'told police that Murat was man who fled apartment with child in his arms' - Daily Mail
Madeleine: How the police ruined the forensic evidence in her bedroom - Daily Mail
Tapas nine friend 'saw man take Madeleine' - 16-11-07
McCann friends 'pointed Murat out to police' - Telegraph 16-11-07
Madeleine's parents face fresh legal action - Telegraph 16-11-07
Madeleine McCann: Friend breaks silence - Telegraph 16-11-07
McCann friend tells of abduction. JT says she saw an unknown man carrying a child - BBC
McCanns Pin Hopes On Abduction Claims - Sky 16-11-07
'Tapas Nine' friend breaks Maddie silence - Metro 16-11-07
Silence from the McCanns - Leicester Mercury 16-11-07
Madeleine McCann: Friend tells of abduction - Liverpool Echo 16-11-07
Maddie toys to go - Galloway Gazette 16-11-07
Solicitor tries to prosecute McCanns for ‘child neglect’ - Irish Independent 16-11-07
McCann friend speaks out about Maddie claim - IOL 16-11-07
Radio: Pro patria mori - Church Times 16-11-07

Saturday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 17-11-07
"We don't have the solution yet" - interview with Alipio Ribeiro - Expresso 17-11-07
UK politician Labels Maddie Police ‘Corrupt’ - Portugal News 17-11-07
One of the Tapas Nine breaks her silence - Algarve Resident 17-11-07
Tapas Jane: My Guilt for Maddie - The Sun 17-11-07
It Was A Paedo Says Tec - The Sun 17-11-07
McCann Witness Speaks Out - Daily Mirror 17-11-07
I wish I'd stopped him.. I wish I'd seen his face - Daily Mirror 17-11-07
Who Are The Tapas 7? - 17-11-07
Maddie - I Saw Who Took Her - Daily Star 17-11-07
Madeleine: Suspect Robert Murat hires publicist Max Clifford 'to clear his name' - Daily Mail
'I DID see Madeleine being abducted,' insists Tapas Nine friend - Daily Mail 17-11-07
McCanns' friend says she saw Madeleine being abducted - Guardian 17-11-07
The Guide: pick of the day: The Mystery Of MMC: A Panorama Special - Guardian 17-11-07
McCann friend 'saw Madeleine's abductor' - Telegraph 17-11-07

A spokesman for the PJ said: "To speak out like this while an investigation is ongoing is illegal."It is a breach of the secrecy of justice laws and as such is punishable by up two years in prison. These laws are in place to protect evidence and for anyone connected with an investigation - be it a witness, arguido or police officer - to discuss the case publicly is not permitted. "We are unaware exactly what has been said so are unable to comment about whether any action will be taken, but we will be monitoring any statements made in public by those who have already given evidence to the PJ."
McCann's friend goes on television to insist: I saw abduction of Madeleine - Times 17-11-07
Monday - Liverpool Echo 17-11-07
Friend of McCanns breaks silence - Yorkshire Post 17-11-07
McCann Friend Insists She Saw Madeleine's Abduction - The Scotsman 17-11-07
Maddy witness breaks silence - Irish Independent 17-11-07

Sunday Express & Daily Star Sunday inside pages - 18-11-07
English search for evidence. Interview: Alipio Ribeiro says he doesn't know whether there will be arrests - Correio da Manhã 18-11-07
'We know who's got Maddie' - News of the World 18-11-07
Maddie Snatched By Couple - The People 18-11-07
'Predator' Took Maddie - The Sun 18-11-07
Madeleine Alive? We're 100% Certain, by Lori Campbell - Sunday Mirror 18-11-07
McCanns: 'Predator' was watching us - Sunday Express 18.11.2007
Private eyes name Murat girlfriend in a new twist to the dram - Sunday Express 18-11-07
Madeleine mystery: Kate refuses lie test - Sunday Express 18.11.2007
Private eye closes in on Madeleine - Sunday Express 18.11.2007
A parent's pain cannot alter course of justice - Sunday Express 18-11-07
Maddie is Alive - Daily Star 18-11-07
First picture of three-year-old Bosnian girl mistaken for MMC - Mail on Sunday 18-11-07
Gerry McCann: 'Predator' was watching Madeleine before she vanished - Mail on Sunday
BBC1 Panorama Special - Observer 18-11-07
McCann detective 'certain' Madeleine is alive - Sunday Telegraph 18-11-07
Kate McCann: I was a responsible parent - Sunday Telegraph 18-11-07
News in brief: Madeleine kidnapper arrest ‘soon’ - Sunday Times
MMC was seized by predator who watched me leave flat, says father - Times Online 18-11-07
Missing Madeleine 'Seen In Car' - BBC 18-11-07
McCann tells of 'predator' belief - BBC 18-11-07
Private Detective 'Certain' Missing Madeleine McCann Is Alive - Sky 18-11-07
Reported Madeleine sighting in Portugal - ITN 18-11-07
Murat's Mother Hits Out At 'Lying' Tapas 3 - Metro 18-11-07
Private eye closes in on Madeleine - Metro 18-11-07
McCanns say kidnapper was watching family before snatching Maddie - Irish Independent
Fresh hope in search for Maddie - Irish Independent 18-11-07
Detective: '100 Percent Certain Madeleine Is Alive' - Fox 18-11-07
Missing Girl Alive: Probers - New York Post 18-11-07

RM's mother guarantees that her son has an alibi that clears him from suspicions - LUSA
PJ hears priest again and makes searches in the church - Diario de Noticias 19-11-07
Witness saw her hand over child - The Sun 19-11-07
McCanns Not Killers...Child Was Abducted - Daily Mirror 19-11-07
Murat's girl and the child in a blanket - Daily Mirror 19-11-07
Madeleine: Why we know she is alive - Daily Express 19-11-07
Murat's mother speaks out - Daily Express 19-11-07
Maddie Parents 'We Lied' - Daily Star 19-11-07
Now Kate McCann refuses to take a lie detector test to clear her name - Daily Mail 19-11-07
Murat's girlfriend 'spotted with Madeleine' two days after she vanished - Daily Mail 19-11-07
Madeleine: Kate McCann's fury at police offer of a 'deal' [ref. Panorama] - Daily Mail
My daughter is being framed says mother of Kate McCann - Daily Mail 19-11-07
Murat's girlfriend: I didn't take Madeleine - Daily Mail 19-11-07
Detective 'certain' Madeleine still alive - 19-11-07
Madeleine police 'not ruling out abduction' - Telegraph 19-11-07
Detectives 'very close' to finding kidnapper - Telegraph 19-11-07
Madeleine McCann 'given to child trafficker' - Telegraph 19-11-07
Madeleine McCann: Police search church - Telegraph 19-11-07
The Mystery of Madeleine McCann: A Panorama Special, BBC One, 9pm - Times 19-11-07
The Mystery of Madeleine McCann – interview with Robert Murat's mother - BBC 19-11-07
Gerry McCann Speaks Of Madeleine 'Predator' On Panorama - Sky 19-11-07
Madeleine: Murat girlfriend denial - ITN 19-11-07
Murat's mother speaks out - Metro 19-11-07
Murat's girlfriend 'seen with Maddie' - Metro 19-11-07
Mother of suspect Murat denies claims - Leicester Mercury 19-11-07
Private detectives 'on abductor's trail' - Leicester Mercury 19-11-07
McCanns video shown on documentary - Liverpool Echo 19-11-07
Predator watched, waited - and then took his chance - Liverpool Daily Post 19-11-07
'I know my son must be innocent over Madeleine' - Yorkshire Post 19-11-07
ESSEX: Ex-Lubbock solicitor looks to take action against McCanns - Bucks Free Press
Gerry McCann Tells Of 'Predator' Fears - The Scotsman 19-11-07
Investigators focus on Maddy sighting with woman in car - The Scotsman 19-11-07
Stands Up For Son In Maddie Probe - Daily Record 19-11-07
Maddie 'Stalked By Sick Predator' - Daily Record 19-11-07
Investigators probe Madeleine 'sighting' - Evening Times (Scotland) 19-11-07
Madeleine 'seen two days after' - Aberdeen Evening Express 19-11-07
Investigators examine new Madeleine sighting - Irish Independent 19-11-07
Maddy is alive and we'll find her, say detectives - Irish Independent 19-11-07
Murat's girlfriend 'spotted with Madeleine McCann' - Marie Claire 19-11-07

Monday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 20-11-07
Madeleine is alive, says private detective - Algarve Resident 20-11-07
Kate's mother: It's all a fit-up - The Sun 20-11-07
I DID see man abduct Maddie - The Sun 20-11-07
McCann Pal's Guilt - Daily Mirror 20-11-07
Maddy: Three Accused - Daily Mirror 20-11-07
Maddy Gran: I Can't Understand Why They Left Kids - 20-11-07
Madeleine witness speaks of 'guilt' - Daily Express 20.11.2007
I’m haunted by Maddy's kidnapper - Daily Express 20.11.2007
What Parents Must Explain - Daily Star 20-11-07
Police Quiz Priest Again - Daily Express 20-11-07
No DNA on the holiday hire car - Daily Express 20-11-07
Snatching haunts me every day - Daily Star 20-11-07
Maddie Cops Dig Up Graves - Daily Star 20-11-07
Hire car tests 'negative' for traces of MMC, independent scientists reveal - Daily Mail
Tapas Nine witness says 'Mediterranean man took Madeleine' - Daily Mail 20-11-07
Madeleine police: We may never charge the McCanns - Daily Mail 20-11-07
Kate McCann's mother: 'I can't understand why the children were left alone' - Daily Mail
McCanns will not face a private prosecution for 'neglecting Madeleine' - Daily Mail 20-11-07
McCann special boosts Panorama ratings - 20-11-07
Madeleine: McCanns' friend 'haunted' by night - Telegraph 20-11-07
Police warn McCann detectives not to interfere - Telegraph 20-11-07
Coming soon: fab females in distress - Times 20-11-07
McCanns' friend haunted by glimpse of mystery man - Times 20-11-07
Madeleine McCann Parents Escape Neglect Charges - Sky 20-11-07
Maddie witness describes feeling guilty - Metro 20-11-07
Police 'didn't believe' McCann family story - Leicester Mercury 20-11-07
Questions debated in a clear, unbiased way - Leicester Mercury 20-11-07
Madeleine McCann: Friend did not identify kidnapper - Liverpool Echo 20-11-07
Madeleine McCann witness's sorrow at not stopping abduction - Liverpool Daily Post
Solicitor's bid to prosecute McCanns fails - Harlow Star 20-11-07
Parents Feeling Pressure Of The McCann Factor - The Scotsman 20-11-07
Girlfriend Of Suspect Denies Madeleine Link - The Scotsman 20-11-07
Mccann Suspect May Face New Quiz - Daily Record 20-11-07
Woman's 'guilt' over Madeleine - Aberdeen Evening Express 20-11-07
Madeleine witness is haunted by memories - Irish Independent 20-11-07
McCanns blame 'predator' for disappearance - IOL 20-11-07
Suspect’s girlfriend spotted with Maddie - The Star (SA) 20-11-07

GMC(s Blog :
Day 201 - 20/11/2007

Yesterday marked 200 days that Madeleine has been missing. Last night saw the screening on the BBC of one of three documentaries about what happened to Madeleine, the others having already been shown in North America and Portugal over the weekend. These programmes have been useful in going over many of the facts and, I believe, emphasising that Madeleine was abducted and is still out there somewhere. Whilst the police and private investigators are following a number of leads, we would like appeal to anyone who was in and around Praia da Luz to come forward with any information that might be relevant on +34 902 300 213 or
We have had a busy ten days with visitors from both Canada and the USA. Whilst it has been really good to see them, it has also been emotionally very difficult for all of us without Madeleine.They are leaving tomorrow and we hope and pray that the next time we get together we will finally be reunited with our lovely Madeleine

Wednesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 21-11-07
Truck driver saw woman with child in Silves - Diario de Noticias 21-11-07
PJ watches detectives. 'We know when they come and what they do here' - CdM
PJ prepared to pack their suitcases. There is no concrete evidence - 24Horas 21-11-07
Company [Metodo3] denies informations - 24Horas 21-11-07
'Predator' was watching, says Gerry McCann - Algarve Resident 21-11-07
Maddie Silves Sighting Probed - The Sun 21-11-07
The MC case continues to keep the world gripped with its twists and turns - The Sun
McCanns Praise Beeb - Daily Mirror 21-11-07
Murat's Girlfriend 'Was At A Jehovah's Witness Meeting' - 21-11-07
'I saw Maddy and Murat's girl in Morocco' - Daily Mirror 21-11-07
I saw Madeleine with Murat’s girl in Morocco - Daily Express 21.11.2007
Gang smuggled Madeleine - Daily Express 21.11.2007
Child neglect prosecution fails - Daily Express 21-11-07
Maddiee [sic] - Charge the Parents - Daily Star 21-11-07
McCann friends 'face new police quiz' - Daily Mail 21-11-07
The tawdry love tangle of Robert Murat, his blonde girlfriend and her husband - Daily Mail
Investigation to be shelved as police 'pack their bags' and prepare to go home - Daily Mail
Madeleine 'taken to Morocco by child trafficker' - Telegraph 21-11-07
Alibi for 'Madeleine abduction' mother - Times 21-11-07
Madeleine Detectives Examine Morocco Sightings Claim - Sky 21-11-07
Madeleine Films 'Emphasise She May Be Alive' - Sky 21-11-07
Murat's Lover In Morocco - Daily Record 21-11-07
Where did Madeleine go, mammy? - Derry Journal 21-11-07
Hanover Calls Time On McCanns - PR Week 21-11-07
MCs Will Not Face Private Prosecution: Should They Have Been Charged? - PR News

Thursday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 22-11-07
Rogatory letters are not ready yet. Date for PJ's trip to England is not known yet - DN
Judiciaria places bets on new diligences. Investigation: Maddie case may advance - CdM
Spotlight on witness - Algarve Resident 22-11-07
Maddie Law Man's Cruel Blow - The Sun 22-11-07
Maddie Case is Set to Close - The Sun 22-11-07
Maddie 'truth' is a guess - The Sun (Scotland) 22-11-07
I Have An Alibi, Says Murat's Girlfriend - Daily Mirror 22-11-07
McCanns Reject Claim Madeleine Is Probably Dead - 22-11-07
Leader: Real tragedy of Madeleine - Daily Express 22-11-07
Leader: Portuguese police must not abandon inquiries - Daily Express 22-11-07
McCanns Are Still The Main Suspects - Daily Express 22-11-07
Lover denies abduction - Daily Express 22.11.2007
Police: Family likely culprits - Daily Star 22-11-07
Maddie: Cops Tell Private Eyes to Back Off - Daily Star 22-11-07
Murat lover 'was at Jehovah's meeting as Maddie vanished' - Daily Mail 22-11-07
Madeleine: Portuguese police tell McCanns' private detectives to back off - Daily Mail
Portuguese detectives 'ready to abandon Madeleine inquiry' - Telegraph 22-11-07
Portugal: Madeleine McCann Police Detectives 'Set To End Hunt' - Sky 22-11-07
Case of neglect is thrown out - Leicester Mercury 22-11-07
ESSEX: Harlow solicitor fails in McCann prosecution bid - Epping Forest Guardian 22-11-07
Maddy Spotted 'At Same Time As Suspect' - Irish Independent 22-11-07

Friday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 23-11-07
PJ inspectors will go to England. Questionings: They can watch the diligences - CdM
The apartment where the McCanns stayed in the Algarve belongs to a... McCann - 24Horas
'Maddie is dead' - The Sun 23-11-07
Kate and twins in drug tests - The Sun 23.11.2007
Madeleine McCann Is Dead: Law Chief's Cruel Outburst - Daily Mirror 23-11-07
Kate McCann 'agreed to drug tests - Daily Express 23.11.2007
Why Madeleine is probably dead by top law officer - Daily Express 23.11.2007
She's Dead. - Daily Star 23-11-07
Kidnapper probably killed Madeleine because of publicity - Daily Mail 23-11-07
McCanns' private detectives 'lack the skill to find Madeleine' - Daily Mail 23-11-07
I know Robert Murat would never take Madeleine, says his ex-wife - Daily Mail 23-11-07
Kate takes drug tests to prove she wasn't on anti-depressants - Daily Mail 23-11-07
'Madeleine McCann is probably dead' - Telegraph 23-11-07
Madeleine McCann's mother takes drug test - Telegraph 23-11-07
Mick Hume Column (No Title) - Times 23-11-07
Kate McCann 'agreed to drug tests' - Metro 23-11-07
Kate McCann takes drug test to prove point - Metro 23-11-07
Death claim is 'unhelpful' - Leicester Mercury 23-11-07
Madeleine McCann ‘will be found’ - Liverpool Echo 23-11-07
Girls' symbolic silence for Madeleine McCann - Burnley Express 23-11-07
CSI pioneer Bernard calls time - Chester Chronicle 23-11-07
Riddle of detective agency's claims over Madeleine - The Scotsman 23-11-07
Maddie Is Dead And We May Never Find Out Who Killed Her - Daily Record 23-11-07
Law chief says Madeleine is probably dead - Aberdeen Evening Express 23-11-07

Saturday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 24-11-07
PJ goes to Birmingham. Tests: fundamental evidence for the Judiciaria - Correio da Manhã
PJ investigated the McCann couple's financial situation - 24Horas 24-11-07
Exclusive: Introducing The New British Ambassador - Portugal News 24-11-07
Kate: I Did Drug Test - Daily Mirror 24-11-07
No Alibi - Daily Mirror 24-11-07
Maddy: Mum faces ten years in jail - Daily Express 24.11.2007
Now Murat lover's alibi is trashed by church - Daily Express 24.11.2007
Agency shock - Daily Star 24-11-07
Maddie Drug Test Shock - Daily Star 24-11-07
Madeleine: Now alibi of Murat's girlfriend falls apart - Daily Mail 24-11-07
Madeleine's mother 'passes drugs test' - Telegraph 24-11-07
Comment: No peace for McCanns - Telegraph 24-11-07
Without a trace - Telegraph 24-11-07
Madeleine McCann: Murat Girlfriend 'Not In Frame' - Sky 24-11-07
Kate McCann had herself drug tested - Leicester Mercury 24-11-07
Kate McCann asks for drugs tests - Liverpool Echo 24-11-07
Kate McCann takes drugs test to prove she wasn't on medication - Liverpool Daily Post
Madeleine McCann: Family say they will never give up hope - Liverpool Daily Post 24-11-07
Kate McCann in clear after volunteering for drug test - The Scotsman 24-11-07
Murat Lover's Alibi Doubts - Daily Record 24-11-07
Maddie's mother 'did not use drugs' - Aberdeen Evening Express 24-11-07
Accessory after the facts - 24-11-07

Sunday Express & Daily Star Sunday inside pages - 25-11-07
We Pray She Will Be Home For Xmas - The People 25-11-07
No Quiz For Murat Love - The People 25-11-07
Murat Fear: Why I Told Cops, by Lori Campbell - Sunday Mirror 25-11-07
Did they want my girl? - Sunday Mirror 25-11-07
Madeleine: Nanny names Murat as 'prowler' - Sunday Express 25.11.2007
Maddie Ten New Suspects - Daily Star Sunday 25-11-07
'Man tried to break into McCanns' apartment six months before  - Mail on Sunday 25-11-07
Pictured in handcuffs, the McCann detective once held over phone tapping - Mail on Sunday
'We pray that she will be back with us for Christmas' - Mail on Sunday 25-11-07
Panorama walk-out over McCann film - Observer 25-11-07
Murat urges Madeleine McCann's family to stop smears - Sunday Telegraph 25-11-07
Madeleine McCann: is there no hope left? - Sunday Telegraph 25-11-07
Quiet town untouched by tourism - Sunday Mercury 25-11-07
Exclusive: Maddie Spoke to Me: Police psychic - Sunday Mercury 25-11-07
East Lancs Solicitor Leads Madeleine Hunt - Lancashire Telegraph 25-11-07

Monday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 26-11-07
"PJ reacted late" - An interview with Carlos Pinto Abreu - Diario de Noticias 26-11-07
PJ admits innocence of the McCann couple - Publico 26-11-07
Murat's fury - The Sun 26-11-07
BBC Maddie Producer Quits - The Sun 26-11-07
McCanns 'To Be Ruled Out' - The Sun 26-11-07
Maddy's In Perfect Hiding Place..Alive - Daily Mirror 26-11-07
Police may conclude Madeleine killed by paedo who panicked - 26-11-07
'Madeleine's gone!' shrieked Kate - Daily Express 26-11-07
I saw man like Murat try to kidnap a child - Daily Express 26-11-07
Maddie Mum Sold Her - Daily Star 26-11-07
Madeleine: 'There'll be presents for her this Christmas' - Daily Mail 26-11-07
Producer quits 'dishonest' BBC programme about Madeleine McCann - Daily Mail 26-11-07
Team McCann are smearing Murat, say friends - Daily Mail 26-11-07
Madeleine detectives probe links to disappearance of eight-year-old girl - Daily Mail
Madeleine 'killed in moment of thwarted desire' - Telegraph 26-11-07
Madeleine suspect wants 'smear campaign' to end - Telegraph 26-11-07
'Madeleine Is Most Likely In Morocco' - Sky 26-11-07
'Just Another Day Without Madeleine' - Sky 26-11-07
Maddie police thought McCanns sold her - Metro 26-11-07
McCanns 'to be cleared' over missing Maddie - Metro 26-11-07
McCanns not buying Maddy gifts - Leicester Mercury 26-11-07
Maddie spoke to me: Police psychic - Sunday Mercury (Midlands) 26-11-07
Use of Madeleine McCann's image raises wider issue of expert opinion - The Scotsman
Suspect's girl 'not contacted' - Irish Independent 26-11-07
McCanns give exclusive interview to Leicester Mercury

Tuesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 27-11-07
Found in the vehicle - Proof held in safe - Correio da Manhã 27-11-07
Murat persecuted by the McCanns' detectives - 24Horas 27-11-07
Media Key to Finding Maddie - The Sun 27-11-07
Paedophile 'killed Maddie' - The Sun 27.11.2007
'Perv Killer Of Maddy' - Daily Mirror 27-11-07
McCanns Should Be Cursed, Says Murat's Lawyer - 27-11-07
Madeleine DNA clues locked up - Daily Express 27.11.2007
'My girl was taken as well' - Daily Express 27-11-07
How inept police let Madeleine's kidnapper get away - Daily Express 27-11-07
Madeleine 'was killed as she screamed at pervert prowler', police to conclude - Daily Mail,
Robert Murat's lawyer criticises the McCanns - Telegraph 27-11-07
Lawyer Lays Into 'Cursed' Maddie Parents - Metro 27-11-07
Morocco 'perfect' for kidnap say detectives - Leicester Mercury 27-11-07
The McCanns' other tragedy - The Scotsman 27-11-07
Paedo Killed Maddie By Accident, Say Cops - Daily Record 27-11-07
McCanns ‘not allowed’ access to key evidence - Gulf Times 27-11-07

Wednesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 28-11-07
Algarve Cops in Surprise Visit - The Sun 28-11-07
Expat's Quiz. George Burke - The Sun 28-11-07
Maddie's Body 'Never in Car' by Antonella Lazzeri - The Sun 28-11-07
McCanns Pay Detective Agency £300,000 - Daily Mirror 28-11-07
'I Think I Saw Maddy' - Daily Mirror 28-11-07
I Saw Maddy Dragged Away By Vicious Man - Daily Mirror 28-11-07
McCanns 'Should Be Cursed' - Daily Mirror 28-11-07
Portuguese Cops In UK Visit - Daily Mirror 28-11-07
Madeleine: McCanns should be 'cursed' - Daily Express 28.11.2007
Madeleine 'seen at marina' - Daily Express 28-11-07
How the Pope and Beckham kept their hopes alive - Daily Express 28-11-07
Cops search 'hideaways' for clues - Daily Star 28-11-07
I'm Being Frammed [sic] by the McCanns - Daily Star 28-11-07
Murat: 'Parents trying to frame me' - Daily Star 28-11-07
Maddie Hunt Cops Flying to Britain - Daily Star 28-11-07
'I saw Madeleine being dragged towards the marina,' says new witness - Daily Mail
Murat's lawyer: 'McCanns should be cursed for leaving Madeleine alone' - Daily Mail
Forensic experts find 'no blood, hair or body fluid' in McCanns hire car - Daily Mail 28-11-07
McCanns pay 'irrelevant' detective team £50,000 a month in Madeleine hunt - Daily Mail
Scientists To Discuss DNA In Madeleine Case - Telegraph 28-11-07
McCanns 'should be cursed for leaving Madeleine' - Telegraph 28-11-07
[Madeleine sighting] Labour donor row dominates papers - BBC 28-11-07
Portuguese Police To Visit UK Over Madeleine McCann - Sky 28-11-07
Madeleine Police Flying To Britain For First Time - Sky 28-11-07]
New ad campaign in hunt for Maddie - ITN 28-11-07
Maddie police fly in for DNA discussions - Metro 28-11-07
Madeleine police meeting over DNA - Metro 28-11-07
McCanns slammed by lawyer - Leicester Mercury 28-11-07
Posters in place for new £80k push to find Madeleine McCann - Liverpool Echo 28-11-07
Murat's Lawyer In Blast At McCanns - Daily Record 28-11-07
Lawyer claims McCanns 'deserve to be cursed' - Aberdeen Evening Express 28-11-07
Madeleine advertising campaign launched in southern Spain - Irish Independent 28-11-07
Fresh Madeleine adverts launched in Spain - 28-11-07
Profile: Clarence Mitchell, Spokesman For The McCann Family - PR Week UK 28-11-07
Investigators Plan Sit-Down On McCann DNA - Post Chronicle 28-11-07

Thursday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 29-11-07
PJ checks on English lab's tests - Jornal de Noticias 29-11-07
PJ arrives in England to obtain decisive report for the McCanns - Diario de Noticias
PJ and scientists analyse tests under the magnifying glass - Correio da Manhã 29-11-07
PJ focus on forensic tests again - Algarve Resident 29-11-07
It's D-Day for Gerry and Kate - The Sun 29-11-07
Smeato: McCanns need Mulder and Scully - The Sun (Scotland) 29-11-07
Cops Fly In For Maddy Talks - Daily Mirror 29-11-07
Madeleine: Police in make or break summit - Daily Express 29.11.2007
Madeleine: 'Someone's holding back the truth' - Daily Express 29-11-07
£1million fund running out of cash - Daily Express 29-11-07
Just what evidence against the McCanns do the police really have? - Daily Express 29-11-07
Maddie: D-Day for Parents - Daily Star 29-11-07
Portuguese police told to wind up inquiry by January - Daily Mail 29-11-07
Madeleine forensic team meet British DNA experts - 29-11-07
DNA evidence 'will clear the McCanns' - Telegraph 29-11-07
Madeleine McCann police meet to discuss evidence - Times 29-11-07
Madeleine police meet in Britain - BBC 29-11-07
UK Police Meet Portuguese Cops Over Madeleine McCann DNA - Sky 29-11-07
Police discuss Maddie DNA evidence - ITN 29-11-07
McCanns demand to be cleared - Metro 29-11-07
New advert campaign is launched - Leicester Mercury 29-11-07
Madeleine McCann: Experts probe DNA samples today - Liverpool Echo 29-11-07
Madeleine experts in DNA talks - Aberdeen Evening Express 29-11-07
LEADER: The Worst, And Best, Of The UK Tabloids - PR Week 29-11-07
McCann Spokesman Questions UK Press Practices - PR Week 29-11-07
Madeleine McCann: A Mystery In Many Parts by Paul Sorene - Global Comment 29-11-07

GMC's Bog :
Day 210 - 29/11/2007

Today there was a meeting between the UK and Portuguese police and forensic specialists from both countries. We have been told that all the forensic test results are now available. Kate and I are very hopeful now that any doubt what these important tests show will be removed. As we have stated all along, we are confident that the results will no way incriminate us and hopefully everyone can concentrate on finding Madeleine and her abductor.
Given some of the unhelpful comments recently about the media's role in helping find missing children I would like to quote Ernie Allen. Ernie has been president of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children for the last 25 years. ?We just have to continue to do everything possible to find that one, key piece of evidence, and then follow it to Madeleine. There is no more likely source of that information than some average, caring, alert citizen, somewhere in the world, informed and motivated by a photo or intense media coverage of a missing child.?
With this in mind, Madeleine's fund has started the ?80,000 advertising campaign in Southern Spain which will also target North Africa and Portugal. The fund is also contributing ?50,000 per month to support the private investigation. We appeal to anyone who may have information to call confidentially our hotline number +34.902.300.213, e-mail or contact the police.

Friday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 30-11-07
Most of the analyses from biological residues are inconclusive - Jornal de Noticias 30-11-07
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