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Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

OCT 01>31 - Moy. 2,90 (54)

09 - 01>31  OCT : 90 articles dont 13 portugais (14,4%) 
Moyenne/jour : 2,90

01 : 2 Titres
McCanns’ return to Portugal was “a positive move” - Algarve Resident

02,03,04 : Rien

05 : 1 Titre
Aragão Correia Disrupted GA's Party -

06 : 1 Titre
MCs may return to Praia da Luz before the end of the year - El Confidencial 

07 : 4 Titres
Kate and Gerry set to return to Praia - The Sun 
Kate Back To Snatch Town - Daily Mirror
MCs plan first trip back to PT resort where Madeleine vanished - Daily Mail
Update on the Search for Madeleine McCann - Oprah Winfrey Website

08 : 2 Titres
McCanns plan return - Algarve Resident
McCanns plan emotional return to Praia da Luz this year - Leicester Mercury

08 : 9 Titres
Irish tot Aisling, 2 'snatched' by perv - The Sun (Eire)
Return Aisling safe and sound - Daily Mirror
Irish child snatch fear - Irish Daily Mirror
McCanns Pray For Missing Kiwi Girl - Daily Express
McCanns Pray For Parents Of Missing Girl - Sky
McCanns backing parents of missing girl - Yorkshire Post
Case mirrors the disappearance of children here -
Echoes of M as Irish Aisling S, 2, abducted in New Zealand - Irish Central
Madeleine McCann Sighting In Sweden -

10 : 13 Titres dont 1 PT
Sofia Leal: Our daughters suffered emotional damage - Maria
Kate and Gerry set for Luz return - Portugal News
McCanns: Find girl in Swedish photo - The Sun
McCanns' Plea After Aisling, 2 Vanishes - The Sun
Our Thought and Prayers Are With You - Daily Mirror
McCanns Back Hunt - Daily Star
McCanns In Prayers For Family Of Aisling - Leicester Mercury
Madeleine McCann detectives hunt girl in Sweden - Click Liverpool
MCs send message of hope to parents of missing Aisling - Irish Independent
[Aisling Symes] Police release video as search intensifies -
MCs offer support to family of missing Aisling Symes -
Investigators search for Swedish girl may be M (photo link) -
McCanns' message of sympathy about missing girl - NZ Herald

11 : 5 Titres
Now Scotland Yard must step in - Sunday Express
Madeleine EXCLUSIVE: All Three Children Drugged - Sunday Express
'Drugs Used On Maddie' - Daily Star Sunday
McCanns offer thoughts and prayers - Irish Independent on Sunday
The Algarve after Maddie -

12 : 4 Titres
More High-Profile Disappearances - Daily Express
Police looking for missing toddler find body - ITN
Missing girl is found dead - Herald Scotland
Hunt begins for missing toddler - IOL

13 : 2 Titres
Carter-Ruck aims to 'nip in the bud' hostile press coverage -
Maddeleine (sic) Look-Alike Spotted In Sweden - Euro Weekly News

14 : Rien

15 : 1 Titre
Madeleine and twins drugged? - Algarve Resident

16 : 3 Titres
UK Sunday paper apologises in High Court to MCs' PR - Algarve Resident
People in payout over Madeleine Fund libel - Press Gazette
Payout over fund claim - Teletext

17 : 3 Titres
Jaycee's Story Gives Hope, by Richard & Judy - Daily Express
Madeleine McCann PR Expert In Libel Win - Leicester Mercury
Satellite photos may provide answers in MC case -

18 : 2 Titres
Justine McGuinness: An Apology - The People
Satellite Clue to Maddie Kidnap - Sunday Express

19 : 2 Titres PT
Satellites may unveil crime - Correio da Manhã, 19.10.2009
Changing Seasons -

20 : 9 Titres
Satellites Deviated On The Night Of The Crime - Correio da Manhã
Madeleine Search Gets Everton Boost - Daily Star
Everton Kicks Off Madeleine T-Shirt Campaign - Sky
Everton help in search for Madeleine McCann - ITN
Everton Fans In Madeleine McCann T-Shirt Campaign - Metro
Blues Launch Madeleine Awareness Campaign -
Everton football fans ‘re-energise’ hunt for Madeleine - Herald Scotland
Everton Football launches campaign to attention on search -
Everton Backs Maddie Hunt - The Sun

21 : 10 Titres
Comunicado de Imprensa de Gonçalo Amaral - Press release
Profits from Gonçalo Amaral's book apprehended - Expresso
Maddie T-shirts for fans - The Sun
Everton Football Club in Madeleine McCann T-shirt campaign - Daily Mirror
Footie 'Giants' New Bid To Find Maddie - Daily Star
Madeleine Shirts for Everton Fans - BBC
Everton football fans wear MMC T-shirts for appeal - Leicester Mercury
Everton call on fans to help in search for MMC - Liverpool Echo
Everton FC launch T-shirt campaign to refocus search - Liverpool Daily Post
Captain Backs Campaign -

22 : 7 Titres
MCs ask for 1,2 million euros in damages - Correio da Manhã
Campaign By Everton Restricted - Correio da Manhã
Everton FC boost Madeleine search - Algarve Resident
Everton FC join the hunt for Madeleine - ITN
Madeleine Awareness -
Everton, Benfica fans given Madeleine McCann T-shirts - AFP
Lisbon court seizes all profits from Goncalo Amaral's book -

23 : 5 Titres
Leonor Cipriano Case: Jurors waiting for 16 thousand euro - i Gonçalo Amaral to lose book profits - Algarve Resident
Maddie On Our Minds - The Sun
Fans teaming up for Maddy - Daily Mirror
Everton FC fans help hunt for Madeleine McCann - Liverpool Daily Post
24 : 2 Titres
 London Denies Portugal Satellite Search - Portugal News Online
UK Home Office denies search using satellite photos -

25 : 2 Titres
Mail Order Maddie 'Was Snatched By Crime Lord' - Daily Star
The latest Maddy McCann theory -

26 : 1 Titre PT
 Gonçalo Amaral asks for legal aid assistance - Jornal de Noticias

27 : Rien

28 : 2 Titres dont 1 PT
Court gets Gonçalo Amaral's Jaguar - Expresso
Friends plan to pot around the clock for charity - Leicester Mercury

29 : 4 Titres
 American book about disappearance defends Gonçalo Amaral's theory - SIC
How The McCanns Made His Life A Living Hell - O Crime
Everton T-shirt campaign - Algarve Resident
New claims involve Algerian crime lord. - Algarve Resident

30 : 2 Titres dont 1 PT
 Endangered Children Sell Many Newspapers - Jornal de Noticias
'Imagine If She Was Your Child' - The Sun

31 : 2 Titres
McCanns thank Everton, despite Benfica - Portugal News
Amaral seeks state aid in fighting McCanns - Portugal News
Le professeur Dave Barclay, ancien chef des preuves matérielles pour la National Crime and Operations Faculty du Royaume-Uni, donnera une conférence, intitulée Scientist or Psychopath, à l'Université Robert Gordon (RGU).