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Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

08 - 16>31 MAI - La Presse (26)

What is it with the McCanns? by Jon Gaunt - The Sun 16-05-08
Scotsman apologises to RM for defamatory Madeline McCann story - The Scotsman 1

Madeleine - Reconstruction Postponed - Portugal News 17-05-08
Missing girl film set to air - Leicester Mercury 17-05-08

I pray for Maddie - News of the World (Eire) 18-05-08 Plea for Maddie - Sunday Mirror 18-05-08 Costa Pair Tried to Steal Our Children - Sunday Mirror 18-05-08
Ireland boss Trapattoni adds weight to appeals for info - Mail on Sunday 18-05-08
Lady Meyer in pursuit of abducted children like Madeleine McCann - Sunday Telegraph

19 'Kiddies in care' pair libel war - The Sun (Eire) 19-05-08
Trap in Maddie Appeal - Daily Mirror 19-05-08
Talks over re-enact bid - Leicester Mercury 19-05-08
Trapattoni makes Madeleine appeal from Portugal base - Irish Independent 19-05-08
Madeleine McCann - one year on - Welt Online 19-05-08

Madeleine McCann Family: Thank You To Everyone For Your Support - Liverpool Echo
Trap Snaps: FAI eloquent on Madeleine - Irish Independent 20-05-08 


[What is it with the McCanns?] Jon Gaunt Column - The Sun 22-05-08
Madeleine File Leaked On Web. Life Of Crime, by Martin Brunt - Sky 22-05-08
PCC rebukes Davies book claims over resolved complaints - Press Gazette 22-05-08
PCC receives record complaints fuelled by Madeleine McCann - PR Week 22-05-08
Madeleine secrecy order extended - Euro Weekly News 22-05-08 

Newspaper apologises to Robert Murat - Algarve Resident 23-05-08
Change at PCC - Press Gazette 23-05-08

24 Irish Coach Makes Madeleine Appeal In Luz - Portugal News 24-05-08
We'll Charge McCanns - Daily Mirror 24-05-08
McCanns Back Web Child Initiative - BBC 24-05-08
McCanns back Facebook scheme - ITN 25-05-08 McCanns may get 10 years in jail for neglect - Evening 24-05-08

(International Missing Children's Day)
Maddie web joy - News of the World 25-05-08
Fix a Family...Find a Child - The People 25-05-08
McCanns back Facebook - The Sun 25-05-08
McCanns back net appeals - Sunday Mirror 25-05-08
Hollywood movie star's heartbreak for missing Maddie - Sunday Express 25-05-08
Facing up for Maddie - Daily Star Sunday 25-05-08
Can Facebook Help Find Missing Kids? - Sky 25-05-08
McCanns back Facebook scheme - Metro 25-05-08


McCann boost for lost kids - The Sun 26-05-08
McCanns back web hunt - Leicester Mercury 26-05-08
Madeleine McCann's family back web plans to find lost children - Liverpool Echo 26-05-08 

Judge does not allow McCanns' text messages to be read - 24Horas 27-05-08
Madeleine Reconstruction Called Off - Daily Express 27-05-08
Madeleine Reconstruction Called Off - Daily Star 27-05-08
Kate and Gerry McCann will not return to Portugal for Madeleine reconstruction - Telegraph
McCann Reconstruction Called Off - BBC 27-05-08
Madeleine Reconstruction Called Off - Sky 27-05-08
Madeleine reconstruction cancelled - ITN 27-05-08
Maddie reconstruction called off - Metro 27-05-08
Madeleine reconstruction called off - Metro 27-05-08
Maddy events are re-enacted - Leicester Mercury 27-05-08
Politicians blasted for failure to act on missing children - Yorkshire Post 27-05-08
Trust in journalists plummets - but estate agents come last in new survey - Press Gazette

28 Tapas Seven would have been arrested, if they were Portuguese - 24Horas 28-05-08
No re-run for Maddie cops - The Sun 28-05-08
Madeleine McCann reconstruction called off by Portuguese police - Daily Mirror 28-05-08
Animal Magic - Daily Express 28-05-08
Reconstruction scrapped after 'suspicious' McCanns refuse to return to Portugal- Daily Mail
McCanns could face neglect charges - ITN 28-05-08
McCanns and pals refuse to return to Portugal - Leicester Mercury 28-05-08
Seeing film it's hard not to think of Madeleine - Leicester Mercury 28-05-08
Madeleine disappearance reconstruction called off - Yorkshire Post 28-05-08
McCanns Say 'No' To Reconstruction - The Scotsman 28-05-08
McCann pals reject role in Madeleine disappearance reconstruction - Daily Record 28-05-08
Madeleine reconstruction called off - Evening Times (Scotland) 28-05-08
'Tapas Seven' say no to Maddie reconstruction - 28-05-08

McCann Friends Refused to Return to Portugal - 24Horas 29-05-08
Reconstruction of Madeleine’s disappearance - Algarve Resident 29-05-08
McCann re-make is vital, by Kelvin Mackensie - The Sun 29-05-08
'Maddie Parents Neglect Rap' Fear - The Sun 29-05-08
Gerry & Kate McCann's Fury After 14 Texts Slur - Daily Mirror 29-05-08

Clarence M a beau qualifier ces textos de "utter rubbish", les journalistes, au vu du document de la Cour d'Appel, comprennent que la PJ investigue les MC pour les chefs de homicide, mise en danger d'enfant et recel de cadavre.
McCanns Could Face Neglect Charge - Daily Express 29-05-08
McCanns Could Face Neglect Charge - Daily Star 29-05-08
They face child neglect charges for leaving M%C alone on night she disappeared - Daily Mail
Madeleine McCann police consider parental neglect charges - 15-05-08]
Police investigate McCanns 'neglect' - Telegraph 29-05-08
Edited version of the judgment from the Tribunal da Relação de Évora] - Times 29-05-08
Motifs du refus du juge d'autoriser le MP à accéder au contenu des SMS et MMS des protagonistes entre le 3 et le 4 mai. Gerry Denies Receiving Mystery Texts - Sky 29-05-08
UK Release Of Toddler Abduction Film - Sky 29-05-08
McCanns could face neglect charge - Metro 29-05-08
Madeleine McCann: Parents deny neglect - Liverpool Echo 29-05-08
'They will search for MMC to the end of their lives, if that's what it takes' - Yorkshire Post
McCann's facing neglect inquiry - Evening 29-05-08
Report: Parents of Madeleine McCann Investigated for Neglect - Fox 29-05-08
La presse semble craindre que le refus de reconstituer risque de valoir aux MC, en  guise de riposte sinon de représailles, une accusation d'abandon d'enfant.

30 Friday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 30-05-08
Open letter to McCanns, by Jon Gaunt - The Sun 30-05-08
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McCanns may face neglect charges - Daily Star 30-05-08
[Opening of McCann-Delayed Film, Gone Baby Gone] - Daily Mail 30-05-08
McCanns could face neglect charges over disappearance - Yorkshire Post 30-05-08
Should the McCanns face neglect charges? Web vote result - Shields Gazette 30-05-08 


Madeleine Reconstruction Ruled Out As Friends Refuse To Participate - Portugal News
Breaking News Broke My Movie - Guardian 31-05-08