Grâce à la liberté dans les communications, des groupes d’hommes de même nature pourront se réunir et fonder des communautés. Les nations seront dépassées.
Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

08 - 16>31 JUL - La Presse (30)

Murat reaches a deal of thousands with the papers - Correio da Manhã 16-07-08
British Police Ask For Secrecy To Remain In Madeleine Case - Algarve Resident 16-07-08
Give Amber Green Light - Irish Daily Mirror 16-07-08
D-Day Looms in Madeleine Case - Daily Express 16-07-08
D-Day Looms In Madeleine Case - Daily Star 16-07-08
Portugal's law chief says he will announce 'solution' to MMC case next week - Daily Mail
McCann case: Madeleine suspect wins libel damages - Guardian 16-07-08
Portuguese Promise 'Solution' in Madeleine McCann investigation -
News: In Brief: Murat settles libel claims - Telegraph 16-07-08
Madeleine McCann: Kate and Gerry could be cleared on Monday - Telegraph 16-07-08
£550,000 Libel Win For McCann Suspect - Independent 16-07-08
A ‘solution’ promised in Maddie case - Metro 16-07-08
Comment: The safe choice, but a thoroughly satisfying read - London Evening Standard
'Media in large payout to Madeleine suspect' - Leicester Mercury 16-07-08
Claims of £500,000 payout for libelled Maddie suspect - Yorkshire Post 16-07-08
Murat settles £550,000 libel actions over Madeleine case - Herald Scotland 16-07-08
Maddy suspect in libel win - Irish Independent 16-07-08
McCann suspect wins libel award - Reuters 16-07-08
Britain: Settlement In Libel Suit - New York Times 16-07-08 

Thursday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 17-07-08
Reuters Photos (8): Robert Murat wins libel case in McCann probe - 17-07-08
Robert Murat wins claim for defamation - Algarve Resident 17-07-08
'Solution' in Maddie Case - The Sun 17-07-08
Das Bill - The Sun 17-07-08
Madeleine McCann case decision time by cops on Monday - Daily Mirror 17-07-08
Murat Wins £600,000 Libel Damages - Daily Express 17-07-08
Murat Trio Win £800,000 in Damages - Daily Express 17-07-08
Murat Wins £600,000 Libel Damages - Daily Star 17-07-08
Murat Trio Win £800,000 In Damages - Daily Star 17-07-08
D-Day Coming For The McCanns - Daily Star 17-07-08
D-Day Close in McCann Investigation - Guardian 17-07-08
Madeleine McCann: Newspapers pay out £600,000 to Robert Murat -
Madeleine McCann: Suspect Robert Murat settles libel claim - Telegraph 17-07-08
Robert Murat accepts £600,000 after Madeleine McCann allegations - Times Online
Murat receives £600,000 libel damages - Independent 17-07-08
Court 'Vindicates' McCann Suspect - BBC 17-07-08
Robert Murat: In His Own Words - BBC 17-07-08
VIDEO: McCann suspect's libel victory - BBC 17-07-08
VIDEO: Libel deal 'vindicates' Murat - BBC 17-07-08
VIDEO: Madeleine suspect on court win - BBC 17-07-08
Murat Accepts £600,000 Damages - Sky 17-07-08
Murat accepts £600k damages - ITN 17-07-08
'Solution' to case is promised - Leicester Mercury 17-07-08
Madeleine suspect settles libel claims - Evening Times (Scotland) 17-07-08
'Solution' is promised in Maddie case - Evening 17-07-08
Robert Murat accepts £600,000 libel settlement - Evening 17-07-08
Robert Murat accepts £600,000 libel settlement - Irish Independent 17-07-08
Robert Murat wins libel case in McCann probe - Reuters 17-07-08
Robert Murat libel payout hits £600,000 - Press Gazette 17-07-08
Front Page: Murat In Adviser Confusion - PR Week 17-07-08
Man named as suspect wins $1.2 million libel award - USA Today 17-07-08 17-07-08 

18 ‘CM’ reveals – 15 of the 19 genetic markers found - Correio de Manhã 18.7.08
Sun Editorial: Mercy At Last - The Sun 18-07-08
An apology to Robert Murat and Michaela Walczuch - The Sun 18-07-08
McCanns Are No Longer Suspects - The Sun 18-07-08
Victims of the Cops by John O'Connor - The Sun 18-07-08
Robert Murat, Michaela Walczuch and Sergey Malinka - Daily Mirror 18-07-08
MCs 'to be cleared' as suspects in daughter Madeleine's disappearance - Daily Mirror
Robert Murat, Michaela Walczuch and Sergey Malinka - Daily Express 18-07-08
Robert Murat wins in Madeleine McCann court action - Daily Mail 18-07-08
Murat settlement: Papers pay £600,000 to Murat for libels in Madeleine case - Guardian
Madeleine McCann: police case set to be dropped - Telegraph 18-07-08
£800,000 awarded to Madeleine three - Times 18-07-08
Madeleine McCann: Police discuss what evidence will be made public - Times Online
'The newspapers destroyed my life': Murat accepts libel damages - Independent 18-07-08
McCanns 'cleared' and want Maddie files - Metro 18-07-08
McCanns will be cleared and want all Maddy files - London Evening Standard 18-07-08
Murat accepts £600,000 libel damages - Leicester Mercury 18-07-08
Madeleine libel trio win £800,000 damages - Yorkshire Post 18-07-08
Robert Murat and Michaela Walczuch - Daily Record 18-07-08
Scots charity firm boss quits over after sick Madeleine McCann joke - Daily Record 18-07-08
£600,000 damages accepted by Murat - Herald Scotland 18-07-08
British Police In Portugal As Madeleine Inquiry 'Closes' - Irish Examiner 18-07-08
Clifford 'not happy' with Robert Murat, no longer advising 'arguido' suspect - PR Week

19 Depositions – Doctor friends of the McCanns spoke to the English police - Correio da Manhã
Robert Murat ‘Vindicated’ - Portugal News 19-07-08
EU Sounds Alarm On 116 child Hotline Delays - Portugal News 19-07-08
Robert Murat is vindicated and compensated - Algarve Resident 19-07-08
UK cops in McCann talks - The Sun 19-07-08
UK police failed to stop DNA evidence in McCann case from being made public - Daily Mail
Madeleine McCann abduction leaves family holidays haunted by fear - Telegraph 19-07-08
UK Police In Portugal To Discuss McCann Evidence - Herald Scotland 19-07-08
Such tricky subjects need sensitivity - Evening 19-07-08

Sunday Express & Daily Star Sunday Inside Pages - 20-07-08
English defended the use of the dogs - Correio da Manhã 20-07-08
Robert Murat: Correction - News of the World 20-07-08
I'll Never Have My Life Back - Murat - The People 20-07-08
We'll Savage Bungling Cops On Oprah Show - The People 20-07-08
Madeleine Investigation Shelved - Sunday Express 20-07-08
Robert Murat and Michaela Walczuch - Sunday Express 20-07-08
Madeleine McCann's parents see shelving of case as 'positive step' - Sunday Telegraph
Free Rein For M'learned Friends - The Observer 20-07-08
Madeleine Police Chief to Launch 'Explosive' Book - Observer 20-07-08
Madeleine's Parents To Be Cleared - Sky 20-07-08
McCanns expected to be cleared - ITN 20-07-08
Madeleine book to expose 'revelations' - Metro 20-07-08
After 445 days of missing Maddie, cloud of suspicion over parents lifts - The Scotsman
McCanns expected to be cleared - Irish Independent 20-07-08
McCanns expected to be cleared - 20-07-08 

21 Zimbio Photos: McCanns React To Madeleine Case Closure - 21-07-08
Monday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 21-07-08
PJ Wanted To Hear The McCanns Again - Correio da Manhã 21-07-08
'We'll never give up on Maddie' - The Sun 21-07-08
Book By Ex-Cop In Maddy McCann Case 'To Tell All' - Daily Mirror 21-07-08
Madeleine McCann's parents officially cleared as police shelve investigation -
McCanns Cleared Over Madeleine Disappearance - Daily Express 21-07-08
McCanns May Sue Over Suspect Status - Daily Express 21-07-08 Madeleine Investigation Shelved - Daily Star 21-07-08
Now Please Help Us Find Our Maddie - Daily Star 21-07-08
McCanns Cleared Over Madeleine's Disappearance - Daily Star 21-07-08
As police close Maddie case, MCs face new agony over book - Daily Mail 21-07-08
DNA error by British experts led to MCs being accused, leaked report claims - Daily Mail
Murat's £800,000 - a minor marketing expense - Guardian 21-07-08
McCanns to hear police inquiry decision today - Guardian 21-07-08
McCanns and Murat formally cleared in case of missing Madeleine -
Key developments in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann - 21-07-08
Madeleine McCann: Kate and Gerry McCann officially cleared of 'arguido' status - Telegraph
Kate and Gerry McCann set to be cleared over Madeleine disappearance - Times Online
Kate and Gerry McCann cleared over Madeleine disappearance - Times Online 21-07-08
Murat's victory should serve as a warning to the entire British press - Independent 21-07-08
Madeleine police investigation shelved - Independent 21-07-08
Madeleine inquiry could be closed - BBC 21-07-08
Madeleine Case Timeline - BBC 21-07-08
Disappointing Move in Madeleine Case - BBC 21-07-08
McCanns Vow to Continue Search. [Includes Video of McCanns & Audio of Murat] -BBC
[Includes Video - Gonçalo Amaral] Madeleine Police Inquiry Shelved - BBC 21-07-08
Sympathy and support in home village - BBC 21-07-08
Profile: Robert Murat - BBC 21-07-08
Madeleine's Parents Not Suspects - CBBC (Children's BBC) 21-07-08
McCanns Continue Madeleine Search - Sky 21-07-08
McCanns Expected To Be Cleared - Sky 21-07-08
Videos - Portuguese Police To Announce Madeleine McCann Case Closed - Channel 4
Portuguese shelve Madeleine case - ITN 21-07-08
Portuguese Shelve Madeleine Case - ITV 21-07-08 McCann timeline - ITV 21-07-08
'Solution' due in Madeleine probe - Metro 21-07-08
McCanns expect to be cleared - Metro 21-07-08
McCanns cleared as Maddie case is closed - Metro 21-07-08
Madeleine investigation shelved - Metro 21-07-08
McCanns: 'We will never give up' - Metro 21-07-08
McCanns May Sue Police Over Suspect Status - Metro 21-07-08
'DNA blunder turned Kate McCann into suspect - London Evening Standard 21-07-08
McCanns set to be cleared as suspects - Leicester Mercury 21-07-08
Breaking news: Kate and gerry McCann cleared - Leicester Mercury 21-07-08
Madeleine McCann search shelved by Portuguese police - Liverpool Echo 21-07-08
McCanns due to be cleared by Maddie inquiry - Yorkshire Post 21-07-08
Madeleine McCann - A detailed look behind the case - STV 21-07-08
McCanns Set To Be Cleared By Portuguese Authorities - The Scotsman 21-07-08
Madeleine Search Shelved By Portuguese Police - The Scotsman 21-07-08
Kate and Gerry McCann set to appear on Oprah Winfrey show - Daily Record 21-07-08
McCanns no longer suspects as Portuguese police drop Madeleine probe - Daily Record
'Solution' to Madeleine case set to be announced today Herald Scotland 21-07-08
Madeliene [sic] McCann: Search shelved by police - Herald Scotland 21-07-08
McCanns to be cleared over Maddie - Evening Times (Scotland) 21-07-08
McCanns' arguido drama to end today - Evening 21-07-08
McCanns due be cleared over Madeleine's dissappearance [sic] - Evening 21-07-08
McCanns cleared of involvement in daughter's disappearance - Evening 21-07-08
McCanns due be cleared over Madeleine's dissapearance [sic] - Irish Independent 21-07-08
McCanns cleared of involvement in daughter's disappearance - Irish Independent 21-07-08
Police inquiry shelved - Reuters 21-07-08
Portugal clears Madeleine's parents - Reuters 21-07-08
Madeleine McCann investigation halted - CNN 21-07-08
Maddie McCann Case Shelved; Parents No Longer Suspects - ABC 21-07-08
Portugal closes case of missing British girl Madeleine McCann - NY Daily News 21-07-08
McCann Case Closed - Time Magazine 21-07-08
Madeleine McCann Case Investigation Officially Shelved - People Magazine 21-07-08
Portugal Drops Madeleine Case, Clears Parents - ABC 21-07-08
CBS News video:McCann parents to be cleared - CBS 21-07-08
GMC's Blog : Day 445: 21/07/2008 Monday
Today we learned that our arguido status and that of the other arguido, Robert Murat, has been lifted. The case will be filed unless other important new evidence is uncovered. Kate delivered the statement below to the media earlier this evening. Our search for Madeleine, which has never ceased, continues.
Lifting of Arguido status
'We welcome the announcement from the Portuguese Attorney General today, although it is no cause for celebration. It is hard to describe how utterly despairing it was to be named 'arguidos' and subsequently portrayed in the media as suspects in our own daughter's abduction- and worse. It has been equally devastating to witness the detrimental effect this status has had on the search for Madeleine.
We look forward to scrutinising the police files to see what has ACTUALLY been done and, more importantly, what can still be done, as we leave no stone unturned in the search for Madeleine. We would once again urge anyone with relevant information to come forward and call our helpline on +44 845 838 4699 or send information to
Finally we would like to thank everyone who has supported us and stayed with us during this particularly difficult period. We assure you we will NEVER give up on Madeleine.

Tuesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 22-07-08
"Madeleine died in the apartment” - Correio da Manhã 22-07-08
Maddie report 'leaked' online - The Sun 22-07-08
Voice of the Daily Mirror: Misery of McCanns - Daily Mirror 22-07-08
Opinion: Fiona Phillips - Let's hope the McCanns find peace one day - Daily Mirror
McCanns cleared: despair over police hunt  but vow to continue search - Daily Mirror
McCanns threaten to sue Portuguese police over bungled Maddy probe - Daily Mirror
Let's hope that they find peace one day, by Fiona Phillips - Daily Mirror 22-07-08
McCanns: We'll leave no stone unturned to find our little girl - Daily Express 22-07-08
Madeleine Inquiry Report Leaked - Daily Star 22-07-08
A huge relief - Daily Star 22-07-08
Murat: I'm free to rebuild my life - Daily Mail 22-07-08
Former police chief: I still believe she's dead - Daily Mail 22-07-08
Police report leaked online as MCs threaten to sue police over bungled probe - Daily Mail
The dodgy DNA evidence that lead to the McCanns being made suspects - Daily Mail
Timeline: Madeleine's Disappearance - Guardian 22-07-08
Case closed: no leads, no suspects but the hunt for Madeleine goes on - Guardian 22-07-08
My utter despair at being named a suspect - Telegraph 22-07-08
Kate and Gerry McCann cleared over Madeleine disappearance - Times 22-07-08
Madeleine Police Report 'Leaked On Internet' - Independent 22-07-08
McCanns finally cleared of blame over daughter's disappearance - Independent 22-07-08
Pandora: 'You can imagine how I felt' Max Clifford - Independent 22-07-08
Dogs Prompted McCanns Police Move - BBC 22-07-08
Clarence Mitchell Live Debate: McCanns: Your Questions Answered - Sky 22-07-08
Madeleine Cops File Leaked On Web - Sky 22-07-08
McCann Lawyers See Police Files - Sky 22-07-08
McCanns vow to continue hunt for Maddie - ITN 22-07-08
Send In The Dogs - ITV 22-07-08
Madeleine inquiry report leaked - Metro 22-07-08
Cleared McCanns shift focus to accessing files - London Evening Standard 22-07-08
This is no cause for celebration - Leicester Mercury 22-07-08
Breaking news: Madeleine police report leaked on the internet - Leicester Mercury 22-07-08
Now a great wrong has been righted - Leicester Mercury 22-07-08
Kate McCann: My despair at being named - Liverpool Echo 22-07-08
Madeleine McCann - Family are victims of bungling and incompetence - Liverpool Echo
The hunt goes on: McCanns' vow as Madeleine probe is shelved - Yorkshire Post 22-07-08
Comment: Cleared, but their search will still go on - Hereford Times 22-07-08
Send In The Dogs ITV1, 8pm - The Sentinel 22-07-08
McCanns Vow To Keep Up Their Search For Madeleine - The Scotsman 22-07-08
Cleared......But Madeleine Still Missing - The Scotsman 22-07-08
McCanns set to face 'explosive revelations' of ex-police chief - The Scotsman 22-07-08
Kate's Fury - Daily Record 22-07-08
14 Months - And Still No Sign Of Maddie - Daily Record 22-07-08
Murat tells of relief at being cleared by Portuguese authorities - Herald Scotland 22-07-08
No Longer Arguidos But McCanns' Fight Far From Over - Herald Scotland 22-07-07
McCanns will never give up on Madeleine - Herald Scotland 22-07-08
McCanns' Anguish: Police Should Be In The Dock - Herald Scotland 22-07-08
McCanns' legal threat over 'arguidos' status - Evening Times (Scotland) 22-07-08
Are you hearing the 'real' truth? - Banff Journal 22-07-08
McCanns finally in clear as Maddy case is closed - Irish Independent 22-07-08
Private detectives may be only hope now - Evening 22-07-08
MADELEINE: Back to square one - Evening 22-07-08
McCanns need to focus on the twins - Evening 22-07-08
Nightmare that has lasted for 14 months - Evening 22-07-08
Maddie's docket officially closed - IOL 22-07-08 

"Madeleine died in the apartment" - Correio da Manhã
Wednesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 23-07-08
Maddie died in the bedroom and the abduction was staged - Jornal de Notícias 23-07-08
Sun Editorial: Unfair Cop - The Sun 23-07-08
£2.4m for probe - The Sun 23-07-08
McCanns' Weak Link to Maddie - The Sun 23-07-08
Dossier reveals MCs made suspects on flimsiest of evidence - Daily Mirror 23-07-08
Back EU missing alert for Amy - Irish Daily Mirror 23-07-08
McCann Agony Over Leaked File - Daily Express 23-07-08
Maddie: Agony Of Cop 'Leak' - Daily Star 23-07-08
Presumed Guilty - Guardian 23-07-08
Police: We had no evidence on McCanns - Telegraph 23-07-08
Madeleine McCann: Portuguese police vow to search "to the ends of the Earth" - Telegraph
Madeleine McCann's parents may never be able to move on - Telegraph 23-07-08
Kate and Gerry McCann threaten legal action over Madeleine book - Telegraph 23-07-08
McCanns may sue former police chief - Metro 23-07-08
McCanns criticise the leaking of police files - Leicester Mercury 23-07-08
Madeleine McCann: Portugese [sic] detectives report leaked on internet - Liverpool Echo
Madeleine McCann's parents consult lawyers over detective's book - Liverpool Echo
When we moved, I left a note for my missing son so he could find us - Liverpool Echo
Madeleine police report leaked - Yorkshire Post 23-07-08
Evidence On McCanns Was 'Slight' - The Scotsman 23-07-08
Madeleine report leaked on website 23-07-08 - Evening Times (Scotland)
A huge sigh of relief for McCann family - says family friend - Derry Journal 23-07-08
Madeleine's Irish Relatives Express Relief - Irish Independent 23-07-08
Leaked report reveals police suspicions about McCanns - Irish Independent 23-07-08 

Cadaver was frozen or kept in the cold - Correio da Manhã 24-07-08 Lawyers to scan files for clues to Madeleine's whereabouts - Algarve Resident 24-07-08 How Could He? - The Sun 24-07-08 Wish I was this ruined, by Kelvin MacKenzie - The Sun 24-07-08
Police boss in Madeleine McCann case makes outlandish claims in book - Daily Mirror
Madeleine Detective's Book Launched - Daily Express 24-07-08
Madeleine Detective's Book Launched - Daily Star 24-07-08
Madeleine hunt will be taken 'to the ends of the earth'  - Daily Mail 24-07-08
We failed, says Maddie police chief... but he refuses to apologise to her parents - Daily Mail
Detective's book claims Madeleine McCann died in apartment - 24-07-08
Lawyer of the Week: Lucy Moorman - Times 24-07-08
Ex-Cop's Madeleine Book Published - Sky 24-07-08
Detective Publishes Madeleine Book - Channel 4 24-07-08
Detective publishes Madeleine book - ITN 24-07-08
Madeleine detective's book launched - Metro 24-07-08
Anger At Policeman's Maddie 'Truth' Book - Metro 24-07-08
McCanns in legal threat over book - Leicester Mercury 24-07-08
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Blunder McCanns must live with - Birmingham Mail 24-07-08
McCanns consult lawyers over latest book claim - Yorkshire Post 24-07-08
Charles Graham: Hunted ... now haunted by lost time - Wigan Today 24-07-08
McCanns' Lawyers On Standby As Book On Case Published - Herald Scotland 24-07-08
Madeleine detective's book storm - Evening Times (Scotland) 24-07-08
McCann case detective's book to get English translation - Irish Independent 24-07-08
McCann case detective's book to get English translation - Evening 24-07-08
Madeleine case closed - Euro Weekly News 24-07-08 


McCanns' detectives investigated - Correio da Manhã 25-07-08
The search for Madeleine continues - Algarve Resident 25-07-08
McCanns to Sue Cop Over Book - The Sun 25-07-08
Fury Over Book On The McCanns By Disgraced Police Detective - Daily Mirror 25-07-08
Maddy parents anger at book - Daily Star 25-07-08
Maddie's top detective blames everyone but himself for the lack of answers - Daily mail
Platell's People: Is this the best way to help Maddie? - Daily Mail 25-07-08
Madeleine Team Hope To See Files - Sky 25-07-08
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What's in a name, Clarence? - Bucks Free Press 25-07-08
Self-regulation: abuse it and lose it - Press Gazette 25-07-08
McCanns Threaten Action Over Book - 25-07-08 


Robert Murat Sues McCann Friends - SOL 26-07-08
Kate McCann forces political pressure - Correio da Manhã 26.07.2008
Clarence Mitchell. Correio da Manhã - Correio da Manhã 26-07-08
Madeleine McCann: Reversed Investigation - Jornal de Noticias 26-07-08
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Madeleine McCann: Parents await access police dossier - Liverpool Echo 26-07-08
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27 Kate managed the news and controlled the English - Correio de Manhã 27.07.2008
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As Tardes da Júlia: Gonçalo Amaral, Paulo Reis and Duarte Levy, by Júlia Pinheiro - TVI
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Lawyer attacks tabloid 'pack-dog' mentality over stories - Press Gazette 28-07-08
Madeleine needs to be centre stage – not this legal circus - Press Gazette 28-07-08 

Kate tried everything to accuse Murat - Correio da Manhã 29-07-08
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