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Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

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Saturday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 16-02-08

Madeleine – Case Not Affected By Police Chief’s Comments - Portugal News 16-02-08

Cops' Final Bid to Solve Maddie - The Sun 16-02-08

Kate and Gerry McCann's pals face new quiz from police - Daily Mirror 16-02-08

Police Last Chance to Find Madeleine - Daily Express 16-02-08

Maddie cops ouiz [sic] hubby of Murat lover - Daily Star 16-02-08

Police Question Resort Staff Again Over Madeleine McCann Disappearance - Daily Record 16-02-08

Clear us now say McCanns - News of the World 17-02-08

Kate Quits As GP To Work For Charities - The People 17-02-08

McCanns Feel Crucified - The Sun 17-02-08

Parents of missing Mari Luz are against her image being used in a Madeleine McCann poster campaign - Typically Spanish 17-02-08 

Monday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 18-02-08

Police Fear Over 'Maddie' Gang - The Sun 18-02-08

Madeleine McCann: Police investigate five child abductions scares in Portugal - Daily Mirror 18-02-08

Five attempted kidnaps link to Madeleine case - Daily Express 18-02-08

Abductor in Maddie area - Daily Star 18-02-08

McCanns slammed by father of missing Spanish girl for putting Madeleine on poster with his daughter - Daily Mail 18-02-08

Madeleine McCann's disappearance is 'linked to a string of child abductions' - Daily Mail 18-02-08

Madeleine Family 'Being Crucified' - Sky 18-02-08

McCanns in row over girl's picture - Metro 18-02-08

Madeleine torment like 'being crucified daily' - Leicester Mercury 18-02-08

Grandmother: Kate McCann has suffered enough - Liverpool Echo 18-02-08

Madeleine McCann: Gran pleads for critics to stop 'crucifying' Kate - Liverpool Daily Post 18-02-08

Madeleine relative tells of torment - Yorkshire Post 18-02-08

Torment of Madeleine’s family ‘is like being crucified’ - The Scotsman 18-02-08

Forget Neighbours going to Five – 'McCanns are the real soap' - HoldtheFrontPage 18-02-08

Tuesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 19-02-08

Fury at McCann 'crucifixion' - The Sun 19-02-08

Exclusive: My Maddie fears after baby snatch - Sun 19-02-08

Fury over Kate and Gerry McCann using photograph of missing Mari Luz Cortes - Daily Mirror 19-02-08

McCanns 'crucified' - Daily Mirror 19-02-08

McCanns rapped over poster of missing girl - Daily Star 19-02-08

McCanns dismiss job revelations - Leicester Mercury 19-02-08

Nursery installs hi-tech fingerprint security system - Wales Online 19-02-08

£550,000 damages for Maddie death 'lies' - Evening Times (Scotland) 19-03-08

Missing Maddie 'Seen' in France - The Sun 20-02-08

Hopes Dashed Over 'Sighting' - The Sun 20-02-08

Madeleine McCann 'sighting' reported in south of France - Daily Mirror 20-02-08

Parents Unite in Support - Daily Mirror 20-02-08

Madeleine McCann: New Sighting Investigated - Telegraph 20-02-08

Hopes Dashed As 'Sighting' Dismissed - Sky 20-02-08

Reported sighting of Madeleine in France - ITN 20-02-08

Youngsters targeted by kidnappers - Leicester Mercury 20-02-08

Madeleine McCann's gran offers support to family of Rhys Jones - Liverpool Daily Post 20-02-08

Take extra care of them, for Maddie - Burnley Citizen 20-02-08

Donegal Trip 'Too Painful' For McCanns - Belfast Telegraph 20-02-08

Madeleine McCann Possibly Spotted In France - CNN 20-02-08

Student claims to have sighted Madeleine McCann in France - NY Daily News 20-02-08

Thursday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 21-02-08

PJ director supported by the government - Algarve Resident 21-02-08

Maddie 'seen' in France: McCanns' new hope - The Sun 21-02-08

Student says she spotted Madeleine McCann in French cafe - Daily Mirror 21-02-08

British red tape is delaying investigation, say Portuguese - Daily Express 21-02-08

Madeleine in New 'Sighting' at Restaurant - Daily Express 21-02-08

I spotted Maddie in France - Daily Star 21-02-08

'I sympathise with the McCanns' says father of British student murdered in France 18 years ago - Daily Mail 21-02-08

Madeleine 'spotted at cafe in France' - Telegraph 21-02-08

New Madeleine McCann Sighting 'Not Her' - Telegraph 21-02-08

Rhys case breakthrough as police find gun used in 11-year-old's murder [Susan Healy comments] - Telegraph 21-02-08

News in Brief: McCanns Wary Over Madeleine 'Sighting' - Times 21-02-08

McCanns Wary Over Madeleine 'Sighting' - Times Online 21-02-08

How Common Is Madeleine's Eye Defect? - BBC 21-02-08

Reported sighting of Madeleine in France - ITN 21-02-08

Police dismiss 'sighting' of Madeleine in France - Leicester Mercury 21-02-08

Madeleine McCann Spotted At French Service Station Claim - Daily Record 21-02-08

Student: 'I Saw Madeleine At French Cafe' - Belfast Telegraph 21-02-08

French police dismiss Madeleine sighting - Reuters 21-02-08

McCanns seek footage of Maddie 'sighting' - CNN 21-02-08

Teen says she saw missing Madeleine McCann - NY Daily News 21-02-08

Maddie 'sighting' dismissed - IOL 21-02-08 

Maddie parents' plea over CCTV - The Sun 22-02-08

Sketch of man student convinced she saw with Madeleine McCann - Daily Mirror 22-02-08

McCanns beg to see French CCTV film of man and girl - Daily Mirror 22-02-08

Madeleine's parents ask to see video - Daily Express 22-02-08

French child was not Maddie - Daily Star 22-02-08

McCanns beg to see CCTV footage of 'sighting' of Madeleine in France - Daily Mail 22-02-08

Portuguese detective who led the hunt for Madeleine faces trial over his conduct in another missing child case - Daily Mail 22-02-08

McCanns Want Montpellier Sighting Video - Sky 22-02-08

Let us see video, say McCanns - Leicester Mercury 22-02-08

McCanns ask to see French video footage - Yorkshire Post 22-02-08

Police Dismiss Madeleine Sighting - Belfast Telegraph 22-02-08

Maddy 'sighting' is dismissed - Irish Independent 22-02-08

McCann probe: police review video footage - IOL 22-02-08

G. McCanns blog
With many thanks to Pamalam gerrymccannsblogs - Days 251-300

Day 295: 22/02/2008

There has been a lot of media attention focussed on a possible sighting of Madeleine in Montpellier one week ago. We only heard of this two days ago and this was from a report sent into the website. Clarence has been inundated with media requests from all over the world for further information. Despite this, Kate and I have had no official notification of the potential sighting nor, more importantly, of whether this sighting has been eliminated by the authorities despite what has been reported in the press.

The continued disappearance of nine-year-old Shannon Matthews is deeply concerning and our thoughts and prayers are with her family. No matter what has happened to Shannon, there can be no

doubt she must extremely vulnerable having spent three nights and four days away from home. We hope that she is found safe and well very soon and returned to her family. 

McCanns Slur Cop to Face Trial - The Sun 23-02-08

Madeleine detective in torture trial - Daily Express 23-02-08

Madeleine: Detective linked to McCanns' private investigators in £25m cocaine probe - Daily Mail 23-02-08

Ex-Chief of Maddy McCann Case ' in Cover-Up' - Telegraph 23-02-08

UK release date for film - Leicester Mercury 23-02-08  

'Maddie' cop held - News of the World 24-02-08

Cocaine Rap For 'Tec With Maddie Firm - The People 24-02-08

Missing Maddie 'Seen' in Dorset - The Sun 24-02-08

I've Seen Maddy In Britain - Sunday Express 24-02-08

Hogan International: an apology - Sunday Express 24-02-08

Is Madeleine in Britain? Dorset councillor claims: 'She came to my house with a Portuguese couple' - Daily Mail 24-02-08

Latest Madeleine McCann Sighting is in Dorset - Telegraph 24-02-08

Sniffer Dog Hunts For Bodies in Jersey Care Home - Telegraph 24-02-08

Madeleine McCann: Detective Agency Link Held. [Metodo3 PI arrested on suspicion of helping criminals to smuggle £25m cocaine] - Telegraph 24-02-08

McCanns are praying for missing Shannon - Metro 24-02-08

Booed but unbowed - Sunday Sun 24-02-08

Police Play Down Madeleine Sighting - Bournemouth Echo 24-02-08

Monday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 25-02-08

French police says Montpellier girl is not Madeleine - Algarve Resident 25-02-08

Kate and Gerry: we pray for Shannon - The Sun 25-02-08

Spaniel used in the hunt for Madeleine McCann unearths child's remains - Daily Mirror 25-02-08

The torment of missing girl's mother - Daily Express 25-02-08

Madeleine sniffer dog helps in hunt - Daily Express 25-02-08

Maddie's 'spotted' in Britain - Daily Star 25-02-08

'Up to 7 bodies in kids' home' - Daily Star 25-02-08

Kate and Gerry McCann pray for missing Shannon's safe return - Daily Mail 25-02-08

Eddie the Sniffer Leads Care Home Search - Telegraph 25-02-08

McCanns' prayers for Shannon - Leicester Mercury 25-02-08

Canine experts at centre of Jersey body search - Yorkshire Post 25-02-08

McCanns offer their support - Dewsbury Reporter 25-02-08

Sniffer dog worked on McCann case - Jersey Evening Post 25-02-08

Jersey facing up to tough question..who knew what? - The Sun 26-02-08

Poor Shannon was already a lost child - Daily Mail 26-02-08

Lost to Us All - Daily Mirror 27-02-08

'I picked up Madeleine with a couple who looked like Kate McCann and Robert Murat the night she disappeared,' claims Portuguese taxi driver - Daily Mail 27-02-08

Girl's Case 'May Solve McCann Mystery' [Incl. Mark Williams-Thomas] - Sky 27-02-08

Are Madeleine McCann Detectives Worth The Money? - Sky 27-02-08

Thursday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 28-02-08

Taxi-driver is sure that he took Maddie in his car on the night of the girl's disappearance - 24Horas 28-02-08

Madeleine sighted in Dorset, England - Algarve Resident 28-02-08

Cabbie: The night I picked up 'Maddie' - Daily Star 28-02-08

Madeleine police to come to Britain to re-interview Tapas Nine - Daily Mail 28-02-08

Madeleine McCann Was In My Taxi, Man Claims - Telegraph 28-02-08

'I had Madeleine McCann in my cab' - Metro 28-02-08 

Friday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 29-02-08

Taxi driver: "I carried Madeleine on night she disappeared" - Algarve Resident 29-02-08

McCann pals to face cop quiz - The Sun 29-02-08

Kate and Gerry McCann set for second police quiz over Madeleine's disappearance - Daily Mirror 29-02-08

Ben Affleck's film in the shadaw [sic] of Madeleine McCann - Daily Mail 29-02-08

Speaker gets new spin doctor - Guardian 29-02-08

Madeleine McCann Parents Face New Interview - Telegraph 29-02-08

Where’s media cry for poor Shannon? - Liverpool Echo 29-02-08