Grâce à la liberté dans les communications, des groupes d’hommes de même nature pourront se réunir et fonder des communautés. Les nations seront dépassées.
Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

07 - 01>15 OCT - La Presse (11)


Monday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 01-10-07
Hair behind couch decisive for PJ - Jornal de Noticias 01-10-07
Girl in Morocco is not Madeleine - Algarve Resident 01-10-07
'Steps Plunge Slur' - The Sun 01-10-07
150 Days....We Pray for Maddie - The Sun 01-10-07
Maddy Slurs Fury - Daily Mirror 01-10-07
McCanns Pray For Help On Hunt Day 150 - Daily Mirror 01-10-07
Papers Print Poison, by Tony Parsons - Daily Mirror 01-10-07
She's dead. . .She's alive - Daily Express 01-10-07
Charles gets a tip-off. - Daily Express 01-10-07
Madeleine: She is in Morocco - Daily Express 01-10-07
Now police say she fell down the steps - Daily Express 01-10-07
Killer Steps - Daily Star 01-10-07
TV psychic offers help - Daily Star 01-10-07
Madeleine IS in Morocco, says British tourist - Daily Mail 01-10-07
McCanns 'treating seriously' psychics' claims of what happened to Madeleine - Daily Mail 01-10-07
The readers' editor on ... a decision to cut threads - Guardian 01-10-07
Madeleine McCann drugged, says grandmother [Eileen McCann] - Telegraph 01-10-07
Madeleine died after fall down steps, say detectives - Telegraph
A sacked maid seeking revenge is latest suspect over missing Madeleine McCann - Times 01-10-07
Relative Says Madeleine 'Drugged' - BBC 01-10-07
McCanns Could Turn To Psychics For Help - Sky 01-10-07
McCanns To Launch New Madeleine Campaign - Sky 01-10-07
Fury as McCanns Accused Of Burying Body - Sky 01-10-07
Madeleine's Parents Spooked - Channel 4 01-10-07
McCanns to use psychics in Maddie hunt - Metro 01-10-07
McCann abduction theory slammed - Metro 01-10-07
Madeleine police probe grudge-kidnap claims - Leicester Mercury 01-10-07
Madeleine McCann: Parents take advice from psychics - Liverpool Daily Post 01-10-07
Psychic Barber: I Will Help McCanns - Daily Record 01-10-07
Madeleine McCann coverage: Did we get it right? - Press Gazette 01-10-07
Madeleine McCann’s parents are preparing for a long legal fight and have hired a top Portuguese legal team, reports The Press Association. - Law Fuel 01-10-07
Catherine Meyer, Founder of PACT in Hello! Magazine [Exact date unknown - October Issue] - Hello! Magazine 01-10-07
The Madeleine McCann Mystery: Keeping a Brave Face - People Magazine (US) 01-10-07
McCanns face grilling over unanswered questions - The Star (SA) 01-10-07
Royal tip in search for Maddie - Courier Mail (Aus) 01-10-07

GMC's Blog :
Day 151 - 01/10/2007 -Monday
Yesterday marked 150 days since Madeleine was taken. For our family it was just another painful day without our beautiful daughter. The questions we ask are pretty much the same as those we asked in the first few days. Who took her, why did they take her and where is she? Without wanting to be boringly repetitive we believe that someone out there knows something that could answer these questions.
I am still amazed at the irresponsible reporting going on in the press with unsubstantiated reports from unreliable sources being repeated in the UK and Portuguese press unquestioningly. It is simply untrue that the twins think that Madeleine has gone on a ‘little trip’. They clearly miss their big sister and have asked on numerous occasions where is Madeleine?’. Kate I and have told them that we don’t know where she is but lots of people are looking for her and we hope that we will find her. They are not traumatised by her continued absence, simply being too young to comprehend the situation but we are well aware that their insight will change as they continue to develop rapidly.
At the weekend we again had lots of visitors with kids, which was great for Sean and Amelie. After attending mass yesterday morning we had a family lunch and then spent a couple of hours in the garden playing. There are still a few photographers hanging around at the end of our street taking daily pictures of Kate and I. We are managing to get out and about in the village and we have lots of support from the local community. On Saturday we decided to go for a run but drove nearby and parked the car but we were ‘snapped’ at the end, when I was certainly looking wearier than Kate!


Tuesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 02-10-07
British police say they continue to support PJ, in spite of criticism - Lusa 02-10-07
PJ accuses English police of favouring the McCann couple - Diário de Notícias 02.10.2007
PJ searches in Huelva. Policemen want to find cadaver - Correio da Manhã 02-10-07
Madeleine: Lawyer 'breaks' silence - Observatorio do Algarve 02-10-07
Justice minister says police relationship is still strong - Algarve Resident 02-10-07
Police chief: Gerry McCann "negligent" over abductor claim - Algarve Resident 02-10-07
'Kidnapper Drugged Maddie' [says Eileen McCann] -The Sun 02-10-07
Ask Psychic to Find Madeleine - The Sun 02-10-07
Madeleine cop launches attack on British police - Daily Mirror 02.10.2007
McCanns call on psychic - Daily Mirror 02.10.2007
Madeleine must have been drugged, says Gran - Daily Mirror 02.10.2007
Mccann abduction theory slammed - Daily Express 02.10.2007
Madeleine's family: She was drugged . . . but not by her parents - Daily Express 02-10-07
Madeleine: Now psychics used in hunt - Daily Express 02.10.2007
Maddie's Parents Call for Psychic Barber - Daily Star 02-10-07
Officer leading hunt for Madeleine 'enjoys boozy lunches and half days' - Daily Mail
Scientist says 'no evidence' against Madeleine's parents - Daily Mail 02-10-07
Portuguese police following up 150 tip-offs from psychics in hunt for Madeleine - Daily Mail
Madeleine was drugged by her abductor, says her grandmother - Daily Mail 02-10-07
Police chief accuses Madeleine McCann's parents of hindering inquiry - Telegraph 02-10-07
Madeleine McCann detective attacks UK police - Telegraph 02-10-07
Madeleine McCann chief detective sacked - Telegraph 02-10-07
Kate and Gerry McCann ‘considering psychic help’ - Times 02-10-07
Madeleine McCann police in Portugal 'now at war' with British detectives - Times Online
Top Madeleine Cop Sacked After Outburst - Sky 02-10-07
Psychic Barber: 'I've Had No Contact.' - Sky 02-10-07
Maddie detective off the case - ITN 02-10-07
Portuguese policeman slams McCanns - Metro 02-10-07
Madeleine McCann: Parents to stay suspects for long-term - Liverpool Echo 02-10-07
McCanns 'could still be suspects next year' - Yorkshire Post 02-10-07
Officer slams McCann room abduction theory - Evening Times (Scotland) 02-10-07
Portuguese police hit out over dad's claims - Aberdeen Evening Express 02-10-07
Gail Walker: Morocco 'Sighting' A New Low - Belfast Telegraph 02-10-07
Chief investigator in missing Madeleine case dismissed - 02-10-07
Portuguese and Spanish Police are meeting in Huelva - Typically Spanish 02-10-07
Spanish Government denies that any meeting with the PT Police - Typically Spanish
McCanns seek to get suspect status lifted - Peninsula Qatar 02-10-07
Top cop booted from Madeleine McCann probe - NY Daily News 02-10-07
Portuguese Detective Ordered Off Madeleine Case - ABC 02-10-07
Top cop removed from Madeleine case - IOL 02-10-07

Wednesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 03-10-07
Successor of Gonçalo Amaral will be known next week - Lusa 03-10-07
The whole truth about Madeleine - Opinion article by Mario Lino - Observatorio do Algarve
Opinion article by Moita Flores: Rubbish - Correio da Manhã 03-10-07
Maddie rant cop gets the sack - The Sun 03-10-07
The Madeleine McCann "investigation" so far - The Sun 03-10-07
Cop demoted after McCanns outburst - Daily Mirror 03.10.2007
Madeleine detective kicked off case after blasting British police - Daily Express 03-10-07
Hair-raising truth about the psychic barber - Daily Express 03-10-07
Boozy lunches and unchecked leads - Daily Express 03-10-07
Inspector Clueless Gets Boot - Daily Star 03-10-07
The twins know Madeleine is missing and lots of people are looking for her - Daily Mail
Madeleine police chief sacked after attack on British detectives - Daily Mail 03-10-07
Madeleine search in chaos after police chief is axed by fax - Daily Mail 03-10-07
Detective leading hunt for Madeleine sacked after blast at UK police - Guardian 03-10-07
Madeleine inquiry chief sacked after attack on British police - Telegraph
Madeleine: Delay in naming new police chief - Telegraph 03-10-07
Time to refocus on Madeleine, McCanns say - Telegraph 03-10-07
Madeleine McCann detective sacked after outburst - Times 03-10-07
Parents hope sacking of MMC police chief is turning point in probe - Times Online 03-10-07
Detective leading Madeleine hunt dropped from case after outburst - Independent 03-10-07
Madeleine Police Chief Removed - BBC 03-10-07
'Let's Get Out There And Find Madeleine' - Sky 03-10-07
McCann Detective Removed From Case - Channel 4 03-10-07
New McCann chief should refocus inquiry' - ITN 03-10-07
Top Maddie detective sacked after a tirade - Metro 03-10-07
Maddy toys sent to orphanages - Metro 03-10-07
Madeleine detective is taken off the case - Leicester Mercury 03-10-07
Madeleine McCann: Family’s plea after new twist - Liverpool Echo 03-10-07
Madeleine McCann: Family appeal for police to 'refocus' - Liverpool Daily Post 03-10-07
Police chief removed from missing Madeleine inquiry - Yorkshire Post 03-10-07
Madeleine: Detective In Charge Is Taken Off the Case - The Scotsman 03-10-07
Madeleine Cop Kicked Off The Case - Daily Record 03-10-07
Madeleine police chief is 'removed' - Evening Times (Scotland) 03-10-09
'Focus on finding our Madeleine' - Aberdeen Evening Express 03-10-07
Lindy McDowell: Is Spy-In-The-Sky A Maddy Case? - Belfast Telegraph 03-10-07
Detective leading Madeleine hunt dropped from case after outburst - Belfast Telegraph
Police officer removed from Madeleine McCann case - Irish Independent 03-10-07
Spain Papers Review - Wednesday October 3 2007 - Typically Spanish 03-10-07
It's 'ludicrous nonsense' say McCanns - IOL 03-10-07

Thursday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 04-10-07
The McCanns were constituted arguidos with the approval of English police - Publico
Police chief removed from Madeleine case - Algarve Resident 04-10-07
Maddie cop, good riddance - The Sun 04-10-07
Cops in muddle without leader - The Sun 04-10-07
Snub Portugal till brains are put on Maddie case, by Kelvin Mackenzie - The Sun 04-10-07
New Cop Gives McCanns Renewed Hope - Daily Mirror 04-10-07
Madeleine McCann Cop Asks To Leave Investigation - 04-10-07
Kate and Gerry: We’ll fly back to Portugal - Daily Express 04.10.2007
Madeleine: Nobody in charge for a week. - Daily Express 04-10-07
Get Sarah Cop to Find Maddie - Daily Star 04-10-07
Fresh setback in Madeleine investigation - 04-10-07
Madeleine case in disarray after sacking - Telegraph 04-10-07
McCanns: we must now refocus attention to finding Madeleine - Telegraph 04.10.2007
Kate McCann: I cry about Madeleine every day - Telegraph 04-10-07
News in Brief: Madeleine inquiry stalls over new chief - Times 04-10-07
Kate Tells Of Tears For Missing Madeleine - Sky 04-10-07
Second Senior Madeleine Cop Off The Case - Sky 04-10-07
Kate: 'I cry nearly every day over Maddie' - Metro 04.10.07
Your help carried us through the worst times - Leicester Mercury 04-10-07
Madeleine McCann's parents: Support has kept us going - Liverpool Daily Post 04-10-07
Lay Off Maddie's Parents And Find Her Instead - Daily Record 04-10-07
'Every time I close my eyes I see Maddy's face' - Belfast Telegraph 04-10-07
Diary. Anne Enright - London Review of Books 4.10.07
McCanns give exclusive interview to Leics Mercury - HoldTheFrontPage 04-10-07
Portuguese lawyer for the McCann family speaks in Palma - Typically Spanish 04-10-07
Desperate Days: The Madeleine McCann Mystery - People Magazine (US) 04-10-07
McCanns Moved By Public Support - IOL 04-10-07
Friday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 05-10-07
Maddie: English police also believes in death. Sensor looked for body - CdM 05-10-07
Now Maddie Cop Number 3 Quits - The Sun 05-10-07
Anguished mum opens heart - The Sun 05-10-07
Kate McCann's Most Emotional Interview - Daily Mirror 05-10-07
Any day we [CEOP] intervene to stop a child being abused is a good day - Daily Mirror
I cry every day says Kate - Daily Express 05-10-07
Daily Star Says: Just call our cops - Daily Star 05-10-07
Finding Maddie had gone was far worse than being named suspect in killing - Daily Star
Madeleine probe in chaos as second police chief quits - Daily Mail 05-10-07
Kate McCann: Some days I just can't stop the tears - Daily Mail 05-10-07
Child hunt expert called in by the McCanns said Madeleine was still in Portugal - Daily Mail
McCanns' anger at Portuguese police's 'Madeleine is dead' dirty trick - Daily Mail 05-10-07
'Discovering she was gone was worse than being named suspects' - Daily Mail 05-10-07
Piers Morgan: The Insider - Daily Mail 05-10-07
Sacked Madeleine detective's deputy seeks leave - Guardian 05-10-07
Madeleine police chief tells of 'daily crises' -Telegraph 05.10.2007
Madeleine police team shrinks from 200 to 3 -Telegraph 05.10.2007
The twins are the only part of our lives that is normal, say Kate and Gerry McCann - Times
Second Officer Steps Down From Madeleine Inquiry - Independent 05-10-07
'Nothing Worse Than Night Madeleine Disappeared' - Sky 05-10-07
Madeleine's Father Fears For The Twins - Sky 05-10-07
Madeleine mother: My daily torment - Metro 05-10-07
KMC was only hours from being locked up in a police cell - London Evening Standard
Detective to leave his post - Leicester Mercury 05-10-07
Kindness Of Strangers A Big Help Says Kate McCann - Liverpool Echo 05-10-07
Kate McCann relives moment she was name a suspect - Liverpool Daily Post 05-10-07
Support keeps us strong – McCanns - Yorkshire Post 05-10-07
Kate: Nothing Worse Than Night Maddie Disappeared - Daily Record 05-10-07
Super-Cop To Probe Search For Madeleine - Daily Record 05-10-07
Maddie's mum tells of daily torment - Evening Times (Scotland) 05-10-07
McCanns: Our Twins Help Bring Us Back To Normality - Irish Independent 05-10-07
Mom: Madeleine Had "Sense Of Danger" - CBS 05-10-07
McCanns give exclusive interview to Leicester Mercury - HoldtheFrontPage 05-10-07

GMC's Blog :  
Day 155 - 05/10/2007 -Friday
It has been a quieter week for Kate and I. We did go into the Leicester Mercury on Wednesday to pick up a cheque for Madeleine’s Fund from donations for green and yellow wristbands. We did our first interview since returning from Portugal to say a huge thank you to everyone, especially here in Leicestershire, for supporting us during these last few dark weeks and months. Click here to read the interview. We have talked a little of life returning to ‘normal’ in Rothley. Several photographers are still in the village but otherwise it has been very quiet.
Kate and I will be going through the judicial process in Portugal to try and clear our name as quickly as possible. Obviously it is encouraging that the prosecutor has stated that all lines of enquiry are open. It is likely that we will be ‘arguidos’ for some time since this status remains until charges are brought or up to 8 months if no charges are made. The investigation will have a new coordinator appointed to replace chief inspector Amaral. We are happy to continue cooperating with the Portuguese authorities and in fact as arguidos, we can request that certain investigations are carried out.

Saturday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 06-10-07
English stall PJ. Portuguese authorities still wait - and despair - for forensics - 24Horas
Top Madeleine Officer Demoted - Portugal News 06-10-07
Madeleine Hunt: Case Meltdown - The Sun 06-10-07
Copper meant to find Maddie hunted down parents instead, by Lorraine Kelly - The Sun
Set Us Free - Daily Mirror 06-10-07
Tired McCann cops need hols - Daily Mirror 06.10.2007
McCanns plea to talk as cop case collapses - Daily Mirror 06.10.2007
Former PR adviser backs McCanns - Daily Express 06.10.2007
Truth about the Madeleine police - Daily Express 06-10-07
Madeleine hunt: We have a crisis every day - Daily Express 06-10-07
Maddie Died in Hol Apartment - Daily Star 06-10-07
Revealed: Police wanted Kate McCann jailed over Madeleine questions - Daily Mail
"I saw the McCanns' despair and if they were acting they deserved an Oscar" - Times Online
McCanns' Composure 'Hid Their Turmoil' - Sky 06-10-07
Former PR adviser backs McCanns - Metro 06-10-07
An 'opportunity' in search for Madeleine - Leicester Mercury 06-10-07
Maddie's Parents Want Legal Gag Lifted - Daily Record 06-10-07

Sunday Express & Daily Star Sunday inside pages - 07-10-07
3D video dismisses abduction theory. Study: Data reveals that parents lied - CdM
Madeleine case PJ officer takes extended leave - Algarve Resident 07-10-07
Cops and ministers to hold UK crisis summit - News of the World 07-10-07
Exclusive: Maddie was alive on beach - News of the World 07-10-07
I Traced Maddie DNA To The Sea - News Of The World 07-10-07
£51k For 89 Days Work..Gerry Hit The Roof - The People 07-10-07
Pair's 'Cool' Hiding Agony - The People 07-10-07
I Have Traced Her To Beach - The People 07-10-07
Man Uses Device in Maddie Hunt - The Sun 07-10-07
I know where body is - Sunday Mirror 07-10-07
Warning over cop shambles - Sunday Mirror 07-10-07
PT police fly in supercop to solve the mystery of missing Madeleine - Sunday Express
'I know where Madeleine is buried' says body finder hired by McCanns - Mail on Sunday
Forensic DNA tests 'reveal traces of Madeleine's body on resort beach' - The Observer
Police have open minds, insists Kate McCann - Sunday Telegraph 07.10.2007
Detective who suspected Kate and Gerry McCann may lead hunt - Sunday Times 07-10-07
Search Uncovers 'Forensic Trail' - Sky 07-10-07
Mr Locator joins hunt for Maddie - Metro 07-10-07
Madeleine McCann's DNA Found on Beach - 07-10-07
Madeleine: Former adviser rejects suspicion over McCanns - 07-10-07

Monday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 08-10-07
Krugel - I know where the body is - Correio da Manhã 08-0-07
Madeleine's parents already have two million euros to spend. Savings plan - 24Horas
Kidnapping is "not very consistent" - Academical study about MMC's disappearance - SIC
New DNA Puts Spotlight Back on McCanns - The Sun 08-10-07
McCanns fear years of suspicion - Daily Mirror 08.10.2007
Don't Trust The Bodyfinder - Daily Mirror 08-10-07
A Time to Let Di Die, by Tony Parsons - Daily Mirror 08-10-07
New chief heads Madeleine inquiry - Daily Express 08.10.2007
Police rely on new program - Daily Express 08-10-07
Maddie Cops Get Hi-Tech 'Cracker' - Daily Star 08-10-07
Madeleine: New DNA evidence 'provides fresh link to parents' - Daily Mail 08-10-07
Madeleine McCann: Parents could visit Portugal - Telegraph 08.10.2007
McCanns fear suspicion will never end - Telegraph 08-10-07
Head of Madeleine McCann inquiry faces trial - Telegraph 08-10-07
[Madeleine questions] Papers consider PM's credibility - BBC 08-10-07
New evidence 'links parents' in Maddie case - Metro 08.10.07
Inventor joins hunt for Maddy - Leicester Mercury 08-10-07
'Missing people machine' used to hunt Madeleine McCann - Liverpool Daily Post 08-10-07
McCanns Fear Madeleine Will Never Be Found - Daily Record 08-10-07
Maddy dad 'put off job return' when named as suspect - Irish Independent 08-10-07
Spain Papers Review - Monday October 8 2007 - Typically Spanish 08-10-07
Maddie: SA group asked to help - News 24 (S. Africa) 08-10-07
Investigator taken off McCann case - CNN 08-10-07


Tuesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 09-10-07
Paulo Rebelo was nominated coordinator in Portimao - Jornal de Noticias 09-10-07
Alipio Ribeiro chooses Paulo Rebelo, his Right arm  - Diario de Noticias 09-10-07
Judiciaria is certain that Maddie was not only with her siblings - 24Horas 09-10-07
New detective for Maddie - The Sun 09-10-07
McCanns 'live in twilight world' - The Sun 09-10-07
New police chief for Madeleine inquiry - Daily Mirror 09.10.2007
McCanns Deny New DNA Link - Daily Mirror 09-10-07
Cops Gave up Search Three Months Ago - Daily Mirror 09-10-07
DNA puts parents in frame - Daily Express 09-10-07
How the hunt was called off 3 months ago - Daily Express 09-10-07
New police chief is accused of torture - Daily Express 09-10-07
Maddie: Shock New DNA Clue - Daily Star 09-10-07
Madeleine: Kate and Gerry fear 'cloud of suspicion' will never leave them - Daily Mail
Madeleine detective to be tried over alleged beating of man in police interview - Daily Mail
Madeleine 'was left in room with six other younsters' [sic] - Daily Mail 09-10-07
McCanns call in own forensic team to fight DNA linking them to Madeleine - Daily Mail
Top officer takes over in McCann case - Guardian 09-10-07
New DNA findings put focus on McCanns (The Wrap) - 09-10-07
Portuguese police 'right to focus on McCanns' - Telegraph 09-10-07
Madeleine McCann police 'ask for British tourists' DNA' - Telegraph 09-10-07
New Search At Madeleine McCann Apartment - Telegraph 09-10-07
Madeleine McCann's parents hire DNA experts - Telegraph 09-10-07
Madeleine McCann evidence inconclusive - Times 09-10-07
McCann children 'were not alone in apartment' - Times Online 09-10-07
Reconstruction 'casts doubt on Madeleine McCann kidnapping' - Times Online 09-10-07
New Police Chief For McCann Case - BBC 09-10-07
[DNA tests] Papers ponder troop number cuts - BBC 09-10-07
[MWT] Doubts Raised Over Madeleine 'Locator' - Sky 09-10-07
Parents Thank Affleck Over Film - Sky 09-10-07
Affleck attends US film premiere - ITN 09-10-07
New chief heads Madeleine inquiry - Metro 09-10-07
Top Portuguese detective to join Maddie hunt - Metro 09-10-07
McCann lawyers travel to Portugal to clear couple - Leicester Mercury 09-10-07
Madeleine McCann; Bid To Get Parents' Suspect Status Lifted - Liverpool Echo 09-10-07
McCanns try to get suspect status lifted - Yorkshire Post 09-10-07
McCanns In Legal Move To End Suspicion - The Scotsman 09-10-07
New police officer assigned to Madeleine McCann case - Irish Independent 09-10-07
Maddie Web Link Unlocks Doors For Mercury - The Newspaper Society 09-10-07
PT Detectives Launch New Search At Madeleine McCann Apartment - Product Reviews
New Leader For Missing Madeleine Case - CNN 09-10-07
Quotes of the Day: Clarence Mitchell - Time Magazine 09-10-07
New Portuguese Officer Heads McCann Probe - IOL 09-10-07

Wednesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 10-10-07
ASFIC accuses UK press of "incoherence" and of creating news to "sell" MMC product - SOL
Paulo Rebelo takes over the direction of the MMC case investigation - Jornal de Noticias
PJ returned to MMC's bedroom for 5 hours. Inspectors reconstitute the night of May 3 - DN
The children were given tranquilizers. Conclusion from the laboratories - 24Horas 10-10-07
New police chief for Madeleine investigation - Algarve Resident 10-10-07
Missing kids TV launched - The Sun 10-10-07
Maddie cops call for more tests - The Sun 10-10-07
7 kids were left in McCann flat - The Sun 10-10-07
McCanns flat searched for five hours - Daily Mirror 10.10.2007
McCanns Welcome New Police Chief - Daily Mirror 10-10-07
Kate vigil goes on - Daily Mirror 10-10-07
Madeleine sedative claims 'hurtful' - Daily Express 10.10.2007
Detectives seek DNA from British tourists at resort - Daily Express 10-10-07
Daily Star Says: Solve this for Maddie - Daily Star 10-10-07
New Maddie Cop: Bring Them Back to Portugal - Daily Star 10-10-07
Police launch new search of McCann's holiday apartment - Daily Mail 10-10-07
KMC 'rejected husband's pleas to leave Portugal before becoming suspect' - Daily Mail
Fresh fears for Kate McCann as pictures show her looking thinner than ever - Daily Mail
McCanns praise Ben Affleck for shelving 'Madeleine' film - Daily Mail 10-10-07
McCanns deny reports that Gerry is not Madeleine's father - Telegraph 10-10-07
Police in fresh search of McCanns' apartment - Telegraph 10-10-07
Madeleine McCann detectives ask for British tourists’ DNA - Times 10-10-07
Centres show missing child images - BBC 10-10-07
Madeleine's Parents Call In 'The Locator' - Sky 10-10-07
Top Cop Takes Over Madeleine Investigation - Sky 10-10-07
McCanns Threaten Legal Action Over Drug Claims - Sky 10-10-07
Madeleine: Police Appeal For Tourists' Prints - Sky 10-10-07
McCann: 'Tourists asked for DNA samples' - ITN 10-10-07
Madeleine: Tourists asked for DNA - Metro 10-10-07
Madeleine sedative claims 'hurtful' - Metro 10-10-07
McCanns may sue over sedatives claim - Metro 10-10-07
Tourists 'asked provide DNA' - Leicester Mercury 10-10-07
Top detective takes charge of Madeleine investigation - Yorkshire Post 10-10-07
Time for McCanns to face facts. Burnley Citizen - Burnley Citizen 10-10-07
Top Detective To Lead Maddie Case - The Scotsman 10-10-07
McCann Police Ask Tourists For DNA Samples - The Scotsman 10-10-07
New Madeleine Cop Orders Flat Search - Daily Record 10-10-07
DNA appeal in hunt for Madeleine - Evening Times (Scotland) 10-10-07
Tourists asked for DNA samples in Maddie probe - Aberdeen Evening Express 10-10-07
Madeleine police seek DNA from British tourists - Irish Independent 10-10-07
British tourists at Maddie resort asked for DNA: report - AFP 10-10-07
Madeleine McCann case evidence inconsistent with kidnapping theory - TransWorldNews
Search for Madeleine intensifies - IOL 10-10-07
'No breakthroughs' in search for Maddie - Sydney Morning Herald 10-10-07

GMC's Blog :
Day 160 - 10/10/2007 -Wednesday
After a few days of ridiculous newspaper coverage in the UK and Portugal it was heartening to hear of the statement this evening from Mr Ripeiro, the National Director of the Judicial Police in Portugal. He has again emphasised that all lines of the investigation, not only Madeleine’s death, are open and that much of what has been written is pure speculation and in some cases misinformation.
Scientific reports that we drugged our children clearly fall in to the latter category.
In the coming days and weeks we hope that only factual material is reported, allowing everyone to focus on finding Madeleine and who took her.

Thursday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 11-10-07
Gerry is not Maddie’s father - 24Horas 11-10-07
McCanns’ daily switching from victims to suspects - Algarve Resident 11-10-07
Gerry's Anger at 'Dad' Lies - The Sun 11-10-07
Maddie: Cop raid on pervs - The Sun 11-10-07
Too poor to get help like Maddie - The Sun 11-10-07
'I am Madeleine's father', says Gerry McCann - Daily Mirror 11.10.2007
McCann 'refused to leave' - Daily Mirror 11.10.2007
Ben,,, 16 years on - Daily Mirror 11-10-07
Police scour sick images as child-porn ring is smashed - Daily Express 11-10-07
If as much effort had gone into looking for my Ben - Daily Express 11-10-07
Anger of lost Ben's mum - Daily Star 11-10-07
Maddie Cops Raid Paedos - Daily Star 11-10-07
McCanns threaten to sue over PT claims Madeleine and twins were sedated - Daily Mail 1
Madeleine: Portuguese police finally target local paedophiles - Daily Mail 11-10-07
Madeleine police turn spotlight back on to paedophiles - Telegraph
Missing children TV hopes to jog patients' memories - Telegraph 11-10-07
Madeleine McCann police return to kidnap theory - Times 11-10-07
Gerry: 'I'm Madeleine's Real Father - Sky 11-10-07
Police Raid Homes Of 80 Paedophiles - Sky 11-10-07
Paedophile raids 'encourage' McCanns - ITN 11-10-07
I am Maddie's father, insists Gerry McCann - Metro 11-10-07
McCanns heartened by paedophile ring bust - Metro 11-10-07
Madeleine police on alert after porn raids - Leicester Mercury 11-10-07
Kate and Gerry McCann Hail Raids on Paedophiles - Liverpool Echo 11-10-07
McCanns may sue over Madeleine sedation claims - Liverpool Daily Post 11-10-07
Madeleine police team is cut to six - Yorkshire Post 11-10-07
GP surgeries to show images of lost children - Yorkshire Post 11-10-07
McCanns deny giving sedatives to Madeleine and twins - The Scotsman 11-10-07
Maddie Cop Team Cut Back - Daily Record 11-10-07
McCanns Encouraged By New Madeleine Push - Daily Record 11-10-07
Perv ring swoop boosts McCanns - Evening Times (Scotland) 11-10-07
Gerry McCann denies report he's not Madeleine's father - Irish Independent 11-10-07
Paedophile ring smashed after Portuguese raids - Irish Independent 11-10-07
Police return to theory paedophile took Maddy - Irish Independent 11-10-07
Police hope for breakthrough in McCann case - IOL 11-10-07
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Friday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 12-10-07
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Sunday Express & Daily Star Sunday inside pages - 14-10-07
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Monday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 15-10-07
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