Grâce à la liberté dans les communications, des groupes d’hommes de même nature pourront se réunir et fonder des communautés. Les nations seront dépassées.
Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

07 - 16>31 DÉC - La Presse (16)

Sunday Express & Daily Star Sunday inside pages - 16-12-07
PJ questioned Ocean Club staff member again - Diário de Notícias 16-12-07
Twins ask Santa to bring Maddie back- News of the World 16-12-07
Queen's Maddie 'tribute' - The People 16-12-07
Boastful Tec Boss Rapped - The People 16-12-07
McCanns Tell Of Twins' Tearful Plea, by Lori Campbell - Sunday Mirror 16-12-07
Fury at claims by tecs - Sunday Mirror 16-12-07
Pray He's Right - Sunday Mirror 16-12-07
New evidence on Maddie - Sunday Express 16.12.2007
Madeleine detectives call in FBI to review CCTV of three men - Sunday Express 16-12-07
McCanns face 'difficult' Christmas - Sunday Express 16.12.2007
Christmas plea to 24 witnesses - Daily Star Sunday 16-12-07
Madeleine: McCanns tell private detectives to put an end to 'wild' claims - Mail on Sunday
'Sweaty Murat was breathless and excited during Maddie police quiz' - Mail on Sunday
Key witness casts doubt over KMC's account of Madeleine's disappearance - Mail on Sunday
Dear Santa, please bring our sister Madeleine home for Xmas' - Mail on Sunday 16-12-07
Murat's girlfriend says she's being 'maliciously accused to protect MCs' - Mail on Sunday
Madeleine's parents thank supporters - The Observer 16-12-07
A homecoming too far for the McCanns - Sunday Telegraph 16-12-07
McCanns: it will be a tough Christmas - Sunday Telegraph 16-12-07
[Rod Liddle - McCanns] - Sunday Times 16-12-07
Beyond the Smears - Times Online 16.12.2007
'Difficult' Christmas For McCanns - BBC 16-12-07
McCanns Prepare For Christmas Without Madeleine - Sky 16-12-07
McCanns face difficult Christmas - ITN 16-12-07
McCanns face 'difficult' Christmas - Metro 16-12-07
Lynda Gilby: Time To Sack These Idiots - Belfast Telegraph 16-12-07
Missing without a trace - Irish Independent 16-12-07
'Bring our sister home for Christmas' - IOL 16-12-07

GMC's Blog :
Day 227 - 16/12/ 2007 - Sunday

We have had many enquiries as to our plans for the festive period. Christmas 2007 will be an incredibly difficult time for us if Madeleine is not found before then. We plan to have a very quiet, private Christmas with family in the UK. Celebrating is the last thing we feel like doing; however we want Christmas to be as normal for Sean and Amelie as possible. They have already enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree with their ?granny? and great aunt. Despite not yet being 3, they both seem to understand they will be getting presents from Santa. They have also asked if Santa will be bringing Madeleine home, which just about broke our hearts. Madeleine's return would obviously be the ultimate present for all of us and would bring tremendous joy to people all over the world.
As the end of the year approaches we would like to thank everyone who has offered support over the last seven months and we ask you to stay with us as the search for our daughter continues. The police and private investigations continue.
and we have not given up hope of a breakthrough. We again appeal to anyone who may have any information that might be relevant to contact your local police or our private investigators on +34. 902. 300 213 if they have any information which might be relevant.

Monday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 17-12-07
Family Xmas Vigil at Church by Antonella Lazzeri - The Sun 17-12-07
Exclusive: Cop fury as drug Brit flees - The Sun 17-12-07
Murat Helped Cops Quiz Tapas - Daily Mirror 17-12-07
No Christmas Cheer For McCann Neighbours - Daily Mirror 17-12-07
Madeleine: Police quiz waiter for third time - Daily Express 17.12.2007
'Waiter's evidence will be trump card in police case against McCanns' - Daily Express
Waiter Can Prove Parents Lied Say Maddie Police - Daily Star 17-12-07
Maddie: We Find Missing Witness - Daily Star 17-12-07
Madeleine: Gerry's fury at 'bungling' dog handlers - Daily Mail 17-12-07
Madeleine: Suspect Murat translated as police questioned Tapas Nine - Daily Mail 17-12-07
Murat present at questioning of McCann friends, reports say - 17-12-07
Media: Review of the year: PR: Moments of truth - Guardian 17-12-07
Madeleine McCann Suspect Robert Murat Helped Police Interviewers - Sky 17-12-07
McCanns in Christmas privacy plea - Leicester Mercury 17-12-07
Madeleine McCann: Family Face Christmas Torment - Liverpool Echo 17-12-07
Madeleine McCann: Family hope for Christmas miracle - Liverpool Daily Post 17-12-07
Suspect 'at Maddy witness interviews' - Yorkshire Post 17-12-07
Maddie Suspect 'Helped Cops Quiz McCann Pals' - Daily Record 17-12-07
McCanns plan for 'incredibly difficult Christmas' - Herald Scotland 17-12-07
Murat was at Maddie interviews - Aberdeen Evening Express 17-12-07
Blame Game: The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann - Marie Claire 17-12-07

Tuesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 18-12-07
Maddie sniffer dog 'was rigged' - The Sun 18-12-07
Tests for Maddie House - The Sun 18-12-07
No one Will Ever Stand Trial - The Sun 18-12-07
McCann DNA Clue 'Useless' - Daily Mirror 18-12-07
Madeleine: Witness goes on the run ‘to protect his evidence’ - Daily Express 18.12.2007
Scots teenagers behind the internet campaign - Daily Express 18-12-07
Maddie Cops Hide Witnesses - Daily Star 18-12-07
Forensics expert says inquiry is 'complete waste' - Daily Mail 18-12-07
Maddie police to test new forensic evidence - Metro 18-12-07
'No suspect will ever face trial' - Leicester Mercury 18-12-07
Thoughts of village with McCann family - Leicester Mercury 18-12-07
Madeleine McCann: New forensic tests ordered - Liverpool Daiiy Post 18-12-07
Maddie DNA Evidence Useless Says Expert - Daily Record 18-12-07
Parents of Yeremi Vargas accuse webpages of asking for money - Typically Spanish 18-12-07
What made headlines in 2007 - IOL 18-12-07

Wednesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 19-12-07
Family lobby is powerful. English say that Jose Manuel Anes attacked the PJ - CdM
Toy heartbreak of Maddie's gran - The Sun 19-12-07
No Christmas Quiz For McCanns - Daily Mirror 19-12-07
Police send new forensic evidence from McCann apartment after 230 days - Daily Express
Teddy tribute - Daily Express 19-12-07
Cops Find New DNA Clue in Maddie Flat - Daily Star 19-12-07
Kate and Gerry McCann are spared police questioning 'until after Christmas' - Daily Mail
Madeleine McCann's Family Cancel Christmas - Telegraph 19-12-07
Christmas Gift: Gran's Teddy For Madeleine McCann - Sky 19-12-07
McCanns' holiday flat DNA sent to Britain - Leicester Mercury 19-12-07
Madeleine McCann's family cancel Christmas - Liverpool Daily Post 19-12-07
Questions it is best not to ask- Oxford Mail 19-12-07
McCanns Face Fresh Grilling In New Year - Daily Record 19-12-07

Thursday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages 20-12-07
Quiet period before new enquiries - Algarve Resident 20-12-07
Maddie cops seize phone bills - The Sun 20-12-07
Phone Probe For McCann Cops - Daily Mirror 20-12-07
Now Maddy police seize all phone records - Daily Express 20.12.2007
Madeleine police trace EVERY phone call made on day she vanished - Daily Mail 20-12-07
Top 20 Searches of 2007 - Times Online 20-12-07
Plush New HQ For McCann Private Eyes - Sky 20-12-07
Video - In support of the McCanns - Channel 4 20-12-07
Maddie police seize phone records - Metro 20-12-07
Madeleine's relatives 'dread' Christmas - Leicester Mercury 20-12-07
Charity cash will not go to Maddy fund - Hemel Hempstead Gazette 20-12-07
Maddie Cops Seize Phone Records - Daily Record 20-12-07

Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 21-12-07
We Hope Maddie Sees Her Prezzies - The Sun 21-12-07
McCanns Receive Hundreds Of Presents For Maddy - Daily Mirror 21-12-07
Maddie Dad Back Treating Patients - Daily Star 21-12-07
After 223 days, Portugal finally turns its back on missing Madeleine - Daily Mail 21-12-07
Madeleine: Gerry McCann WILL treat patients on return to work in January - Daily Mail
McCanns inundated with Christmas presents for missing Madeleine - Daily Mail 21-12-07
McCanns' team fears they will be 'arguidos' forever - Daily Mail 21-12-07
The MCs poised to sack detective agency following false boast - Daily Mail 21-12-07
McCanns' Christmas Message To Madeleine - Telegraph 21-12-07
MMC Parents Kate And Gerry Receive Hundreds Of Presents For Daughter - Sky 21-12-07
Christmas presents sent to Maddie - Metro 21-12-07
Presents pour in for missing Madeleine McCann - Liverpool Echo 21-12-07
McCanns Swamped With Maddie Xmas Cards - Daily Record 21-12-07
Kirsty Young On Her New Role As Crimewatch Presenter - Daily Record 21-12-07
In Omagh, justice is more important than revenge - Irish Independent 21-12-07
Christmas Message to Maddie: 'Be Brave' - ABC 21-12-07

Saturday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 22-12-07
Heartbreaking Maddie plea - The Sun 22-12-07
Anger Over Tec Agency Gaffes - The Sun 22-12-07
DNA test is halted - The Sun 22-12-07
Voice of the Daily Mirror: May they find peace - Daily Mirror 22-12-07
Kate Sends Madeleine Christmas Message - Daily Mirror 22-12-07
McCanns may go to europe court - Daily Express 22.12.2007
Maddie Back For Christmas - Daily Star 22-12-07
All We Want for Christmas is . . .Maddie - Daily Star 22-12-07
Eight months on and still no answers - Daily Mail 22-12-07
McCanns make Christmas appeal for Madeleine - Guardian 22-12-07
End this ordeal and let Madeleine go, parents beg in Christmas - Times 22-12-07
Police halt use of low-copy DNA evidence after Omagh judgment - Times 22-12-07
Madeleine Returns To Front Pages - BBC 22-12-07
Christmas message for Madeleine - BBC 22-12-07
Madeleine McCann: Parents Send Christmas Message - Sky 22-12-07
McCanns issue Christmas appeal - ITN 22-12-07
McCanns' Xmas message to Madeleine - Metro 22-12-07
Our only wish for Christmas - Leicester Mercury 22-12-07
Noble ideal in state of chaos - Leicester Mercury 22-12-07
Family appeal for Madeleine McCann - Liverpool Echo 22-12-07
Madeleine McCann: Parents make anguished Christmas appeal - Liverpool Daily Post
Scotland hopes to avoid flood of appeals after Omagh ruling - The Scotsman 22-12-07
Madeleine's Last Christmas Used In TV Appeal - Daily Record 22-12-07
Britain's disappeared - Herald Scotland 22-12-07
How the McCanns lost a child and the tabloids gained one - Irish Independent 22-12-07
Maddy only present we want plead sad parents - Irish Independent 22-12-07
Missing Madeleine's Parents Issue Christmas Plea - Reuters 22-12-07
McCanns Send Video Plea For Missing Daughter - USA Today 22-12-07
'Be Brave Sweetheart,' Parents Of Missing Madeleine say in video - CBC News 22-12-07
Missing Madeleine's parents issue Christmas plea - Vancouver Sun 22-12-07
Madeleine's Parents Issue Christmas Plea - IOL 22-12-07

Sunday Express & Daily Star Sunday inside pages - 23-12-07
Let them have peace: Leading Article: Opinion - News of the World 23-12-07
Parents' gift for Maddie - News of the World 23-12-07
Real life: 10 shocking stories of 2007 - News of the World 23-12-07
They'd Cancel Christmas If The Could.. - The People 23-12-07
Maddy Detective Takes On New Case - Sunday Mirror 23-12-07
McCanns to spend last £1m in final bid to find Madeleine - Sunday Express 23-12-07
Heartbreaking Christmas message to Madeleine: 'Be brave sweetheart' - Mail on Sunday
Police hunt for Gerry's missing tennis bag - Mail on Sunday
Madeleine McCann vanishes - Observer 23-12-07
News in Brief: McCanns may ask media to pay - Sunday Times 23-12-07
Madeleine McCann: The face that's haunted us all for eight months - Independent 23-12-07
Madeleine McCann parents' video plea - New York Daily News 23-12-07
GMC's Blog : Day 234 - 23/12/ 2007 Sunday
As most of you will know by now Kate and I did an appeal for broadcast on TV yesterday. This was a desperate attempt to get someone who knows what happened to Madeleine to come forward and end our misery and the dreadful situation for everyone. Madeleine should not be spending Christmas away from her loving family. The person who took Madeleine has it in their power to end our suffering and will be able to appease their conscience that they have done the right thing- especially at this time of year
As I have stated Christmas will be a very quiet affair for our family without Madeleine present. Kate and I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time at this busy time of year to write to us and let us know Madeleine and our family are still in their thoughts and prayers. We still have at least one hundred cards to open! As always, every single one will be opened and read and the support expressed helps renew our determination to find Madeleine.

Monday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 24-12-07
Maddie: Mystery of 'Lost' Bag - The Sun 24-12-07
Toys for Orphans - The Sun 24-12-07
We want Madeleine's toys to go to the little boys and girls- Daily Mirror 24-12-07
Presents From Madeleine With Love - Daily Mirror 24-12-07
A time for believing with all your heart, by Tony Parsons - Daily Mirror 24-12-07
DNA Doubt May Free Peter Falconio Murderer - Daily Mirror 24-12-07
Madeleine: Mystery of dad’s missing gym bag - Daily Express 24.12.2007
Case against the McCanns hit by DNA test doubts - Daily Express 24.12.2007
Maddie Taken in Dad's Tennis Bag - Daily Star 24-12-07
British paedo in the frame - Daily Star 24-12-07
British paedophile 'with links to Portugal' suspected of abducting Madeleine - Daily Mail
Kate and Gerry McCann: We can't face giving each other Christmas presents - Daily Mail
Gerry McCann's tennis bag 'is focus of inquiry' - Telegraph 24-12-07
Sex offender 'a suspect' in hunt for Madeleine - Telegraph 24-12-07
Paedophile Briton linked to Madeleine - Times 24-12-07
New Twists, Turns And Theories - Sky 24-12-07
Maddie: Sex offender 'a suspect' - Metro 24-12-07
Search for Madeleine's possible abductor 'narrows' - Yorkshire Post 24-12-07
Maddie Toys Are Sent Abroad - Daily Record 24-12-07
TV show in Maddie hunt claim - Aberdeen Evening Express 24-12-07
Calling the Christmas angel in the season of miracles - Canada Free Press 24-12-07
Christmas means more than just the gifts - NZ Herald 24-12-07

25 We'll never give up hope - McCanns - Daily Express 25.12.2007
Madeleine McCann's Parents Will Never Give Up Hope - Sky 25-12-07
McCanns' first Christmas without Maddie - ITN 25-12-07
Archbishop of York's hard-hitting message - ITN 25-12-07
We'll never give up hope - McCanns - Metro 25-12-07
Crime stories of 2007 - IOL 25-12-07

Wednesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 26-12-07
Judiciaria investigates phonecalls from inhabitants in Praia da Luz - Diario de Noticias
Xmas prayers for Maddie - The Sun 26-12-07
Maddie TV Plea: 347 Calls Taken - The Sun 26-12-07
Voice of the Daily Mirror: New hope for Maddy - Daily Mirror 26-12-07
Hundreds Call Hotline After Madeleine TV Appeal - Daily Mirror 26-12-07
347 new leads give hunt a huge boost - Daily Express 26-12-07
My life is runed says Murat - Daily Express 26-12-07
Maddy: the saddest day. The hunt goes on for Madeleine McCann - Daily Express
Abduction 'is a blasphemy' - Daily Express 26-12-07
Maddie's Mum Sees Shrinks - Daily Star 26-12-07
Hotline blitzed after TV appeal - Daily Star 26-12-07
Letter blitz on remote Moroccan mountain villages - Daily Mail 26-12-07
'We'll NEVER give up looking for Maddie,' Christmas Day prayers for her - Daily Mail
Detectives follow new Maddie leads after hundreds of calls following TV appeal - Daily Mail
'New leads' in Madeleine case - 26-12-07
Madeleine McCann: 347 new calls - Telegraph 26-12-0
We still have hope, say the McCanns - Times 26-12-07
Hundreds Of Calls Over Madeleine - BBC 26-12-07
Hundreds respond to Madeleine appeal - Metro 26-12-07
Madeleine McCann: TV plea sparks hope - Liverpool Echo 26-12-07
Madeleine McCann: Hundreds offer new evidence after TV appeal - Liverpool Daily Post
Keeping a look-out for little Maddie - Burnley Citizen 26-12-07
McCanns Hide Grief With Christmas Toys - Daily Record 26-12-07
Hundreds phone after Madeleine TV appeal - Evening Times (Scotland) 26-12-07
Calls flood in after appeal to find Maddie - Aberdeen Evening Express 26-12-07
350 calls respond to McCann appeal - Irish Independent 26-12-07
Hundreds of phone calls after MMC Christmas message - Typically Spanish 26-12-07
2007's biggest headlines - Marie-Claire 26-12-07

Thursday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 27-12-07
Maddie process may drag on for six months - Diario de Noticias 27-12-07
Kate Pins on Badge of Hope - The Sun 27-12-07
Many Still Don't Recognise Her - The Sun 27-12-07
347 new Maddie calls combed - The Sun 27-12-07
Madeleine's Poster Blitz - Daily Mirror 27-12-07
Madeleine: New poster blitz - Daily Express 27.12.2007
Search targets Morocco - Daily Express 27-12-07
Tecs: Maddie Being Held in Morocco - Daily Star 27-12-07
Madeleine: Kate McCann wears badge of hope for missing daughter - Daily Mail 27-12-07
Private detectives hunt for British barman - Daily Mail 27-12-07
Hundreds ring hotline after Madeleine plea - Times 27-12-07
Madeleine McCann Detectives Receive 347 New Clues - Sky 27-12-07
McCanns encouraged by appeal response - Leicester Mercury 27-12-07
How a little girl who went missing on her holiday tugged at our hearts - Liverpool Echo
Appeal in Madeleine inquiry prompts calls rush - Yorkshire Post 27-12-07
Dr Sentamu: ‘Every person needs to be treated with dignity’ - York Press 27-12-07
Review of the year 2007 - The Scotsman 27-12-07
Maddie Poster Blitz In Morocco - Daily Record 27-12-07
New chief in Madeleine investigation - Euro Weekly News 27-12-07
Madeleine’s fund tops a million pounds - Euro Weekly News 27-12-07

Friday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 28-12-07
Metodo 3 persecutes a false suspect. Defamation: Christian Ridout can sue them - CdM
Maddie Brit is in the Clear - The Sun 28-12-07
Murat alibi blown apart - The Sun 28-12-07
McCanns Battle For Secret File - Daily Mirror 28-12-07
Madeleine: New blow for the parents as suspect is cleared - Daily Express 28-12-07
Maddie Cops Clear 52 Brit Paedophiles - Daily Star 28-12-07
McCanns in six-month wait to find out why they are suspects - Daily Mail 28-12-07
Madeleine McCann parents 'left in the dark' - Telegraph 28-12-07
Robert Murat 'near Madeleine McCann's flat' - Telegraph 28-12-07
Robert Murat denies new Madeleine claims - Telegraph 28-12-07
2007 The year of that sinking feeling - Telegraph 28-12-07
A cruel saga, fuelled by slur and suspicion - Independent 28-12-07
Last Paedophile On Madeleine McCann List Ruled Out - Sky 28-12-07
The disappearance of Madeleine - Leicester Mercury 28-12-07
Madeleine team blitz Morocco - Leicester Mercury 28-12-07
Relatives provide Christmas comfort for Maddy’s Parents - Craven Herald 28-12-07
My heroes and villains... - Bournemouth Echo 28-12-07

UK sisters blow Murat's alibi - The Sun 29-12-07
Sisters Saw Murat At McCann Flat - Daily Mirror 29-12-07
Sisters tell police: We saw Murat near the apartment - Daily Express 29.12.2007
Back in Frame - Daily Star 29-12-07
The year of indecision - Guardian 29-12-07
News in brief: Holidaymakers ‘saw Murat by apartment’ - Times 29-12-07
Faces of the year - the women - BBC 29-12-07
Madeleine McCann Suspect Murat Denies Fresh Claims - Sky 29-12-07
Madeleine suspect denies new claims - Metro 29-12-07
Kate And Gerry McCann, by Ian Bell - Herald Scotland 29-12-07
2007: the news in review - Herald Scotland 29-12-07

Sunday Express & Daily Star Sunday inside pages - 30-12-07 Abduction, deadly accident or perfect crime? - Jornal de Noticias 30-12-07
The events of 2007 that stood out for me - News of the World 30-12-07
Murat's mum in sis plea - News of the World 30-12-07
Charlene: Child role is like Maddie - News of the World 30-12-07
Murat: I Was Not There - The People 30-12-07
'Lies' of Maddie accusers - Sunday Mirror 30-12-07
My 2007 Daftas - Sunday Mirror 30-12-07
Murat 'won't have to prove alibi' - Sunday Express 30-12-07
McCanns 'to return to Portugal to re-ignite public interest in MMC's plight' - Mail onSunday
Murat denies sighting - Observer 30-12-07
Suddenly, last summer - Irish Independent 30-12-07

Monday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 31-29-07
McCanns' last-ditch return to Portugal - The Sun 31-12-07
McCanns Deny Portugal Return - The Sun 31-12-07
Shades of Maddie - The Sun (Eire) 31-12-07
McCanns: Don't Forget Madeleine - Daily Mirror 31-12-07
Portugal trip ‘to boost Madeleine hunt’ - Daily Express 31.12.2007
'We saw two blond men on balcony next to Madeleine apartment' - Daily Mail 31-12-07
Madeleine: SIX key witnesses cast doubt over Robert Murat's alibi - Daily Mail 31-12-07
Madeleine witnesses cast doubt on Murat's alibi - Telegraph 31-12-07
[Not forgotten] Papers cover Pakistan's turmoil - BBC 31-12-07
McCanns To Return To Portugal For Madeleine Campaign - Sky 31-12-07
McCanns planning return to Portugal - Metro 31-12-07
Claimed sighting of Murat is 'a mistake' - Leicester Mercury 31-12-07
Editorial: Lessons from 2007 - Liverpool Echo 31-12-07
Madeleine McCann:Parents want to return to Portugal - Liverpool Echo 31-12-07
Psychic's Maddy prediction for 2008 - Northamptonshire Telegraph 31-12-07
Woman's evidence heightens Madeleine McCann mystery - Kent Messenger 31-12-07
McCanns deny Portugal trip - The Scotsman 31-12-07
McCanns Set To Return To Portugal - Daily Record 31-12-07
McCanns plan return to Portugal - Aberdeen Evening Express 31-12-07
McCanns to return to Portugal to search for Madeleine - Irish Independent 31-12-07
Spanish Oddities: 2007 in Spain - The year in twenty photos - Typically Spanish 31-12-07
Gripping News Stories. Newsmakers - People Magazine 31-12-07
Inside Camp David - People Magazine 31-12-07