Grâce à la liberté dans les communications, des groupes d’hommes de même nature pourront se réunir et fonder des communautés. Les nations seront dépassées.
Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

07 - 01>15 DÉC - La Presse (15)

Saturday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 01-12-07
Madeleine – Portuguese Police In Britain - Portugal News 01-12-07
Tapas 7 Face New Murat Quiz - The Sun 01-12-07
Murat's 'Exeter Connection' - The Sun 01-12-07
McCanns Have 'Nothing to Hide' - The Sun 01-12-07
New Police Blow For McCanns - Daily Mirror 01-12-07
MCs ..AND all their friends.. have nothing to hide - McCanns' Spokesman - Daily Mirror
Madeleine: Gerry and Kate ‘still prime suspects’ - Daily Express 01.12.2007
Inside the secretive world of Madeleine's 'mercenary... - Daily Express 01-12-07
Maddie's Parents Face New Grilling - Daily Star 01-12-07
McCann police to question 'Tapas Nine' - Telegraph 01-12-07
Madeleine McCann case 'mission impossible' - Telegraph 01-12-07
Police 'need permission' to quiz McCanns - ITN 01-12-07
'Police aim to re-interview McCann pals' - ITN 01-12-07
Permission needed to quiz McCanns - Metro 01-12-07
Gerry 'confident' over forensic tests - Leicester Mercury 01-12-07
McCanns 'Face Further Grilling.' - The Scotsman 01-12-07
Portuguese Bid To Quiz Friends Over Madeleine - The Scotsman 01-12-07
McCann Pals May Be Made Suspects - Daily Record 01-12-07
Breach between two historical allie - El Pais, exact date unknown, december 2007

Sunday Express & Daily Star Sunday inside pages - 02-12-07
McCann clan face new quiz - News of the World 02-12-07
New Maddy Witnesses Come Forward, by Lori Campbell - Sunday Mirror 02-12-07
McCanns' Fury at TV Freeze - Sunday Mirror 02-12-07
Maddie, by Anna Smith - Sunday Mirror 02-12-07
Case 'Will Close In Four Weeks' - 02-12-07
DNA clue at deserted farmhouse / Now hunt centres on disused barn - Sunday Express
McCanns' friend quiz over "mystery" phone call - Sunday Express 02-12-07
Blood on towel may be from Madeleine - Sunday Express 02-12-07
Madeleine: British police to question the McCanns 'in days' - Mail on Sunday 02-12-07
Have the MCs really chosen the best private detectives to find Madeleine? - Mail on Sunday
Home Office can bar access to McCanns - Sunday Telegraph 02-12-07
Portuguese Police May Reinterview Madeleine McCann's Parents - Sky 02-12-07
Home secretary to decide if MMC's parents can be quizzed - Liverpool Daily Post 02-12-07
Permission Needed To Quiz McCanns - The Scotsman 02-12-07
Maddie's Uncle In Fund Fury - Sunday Mail 02-12-07

Monday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 03-12-07
McCanns restless about interrogation of friends - Diario de Noticias 03-12-07
Special team created to try to solve a very complicated "puzzle" - 24Horas 03-12-07
Border fury of Maddie parents - The Sun 03-12-07
I saw Murat at Maddie flat - The Sun 03-12-07
I Saw Murat At The Resort That Night - 03-12-07
Madeleine: British diplomat in Portugal had doubts about McCanns - Daily Express
Quiz on 10 'fingers of suspicion' - Daily Express 03-12-07
British diplomat warned Foreign Office of concerns over McCanns - Daily Mail 03-12-07
Police to carry out new DNA tests on Madeleine McCann evidence - Times 03-12-07
Six cracks in Murat's alibi as witnesses cast doubt - London Evening Standard 03-12-07
Bury solicitor leading probe into case of missing Madeleine - Bury Times 03-12-07
Putting families first as we strive to be sensitive to people's grief - The Scotsman 03-12-07
Murat 'At Scene Night Maddie Vanished' - Daily Record 03-12-07
Mobile Phones Could Be Vital Madeleine McCann Investigation - Product Reviews 03-12-07

Tuesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 04-12-07
PJ admits asking the couple to come to Portugal. McCanns might return - CdM 04-12-07
Only 17 Cells of DNA in Hol Car - The Sun 04-12-07
'Smidgen' Of DNA Could Be McCann Key - Daily Mirror 04-12-07
New DNA tests could unlock the mystery of lost Madeleine - Daily Express 04-12-07
Maddie Cloned - Daily Star 04-12-07
Maddie: It's All Down to 17 Cells - Daily Star 04-12-07
Top cop in blast at private eyes - Daily Star 04-12-07
Police have only 17 cells of DNA as they admit: 'It's mission impossible' - Daily Mail
McCanns may face identity parade in Portugal as police weigh up next steps - Daily Mail
McCann parents 'may return to Portugal' - Telegraph 04-12-07
British DNA experts still hope to crack Madeleine case - Leicester Mercury 04-12-07
Nanny reopens Murat link to Madeleine - Eastern Daily Press (Norfolk) 04-12-07
Maddie Cops Working On 'Smidgen' Of DNA - Daily Record 04-12-07

Wednesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 05-12-07
Showdown for 'Tapas 7' - The Sun 05-12-07
Hunt for copy-cat snatcher - The Sun 05-12-07
McCann's vow to return for cops - Daily Mirror 05-12-07
Madeleine: Police To Call McCanns Back - Daily Express 05-12-07
Maddie's Parents Face an ID Parade - Daily Star 05-12-07
PT police's fury as British DNA experts attack their 'unprofessional' work - Daily Mail
Police 'rushed Madeleine McCann case - Telegraph 05-12-07
McCanns 'could be forced back to Portugal' - Telegraph 05-12-07
Madeleine McCann: Could Mobile Phones Hold Vital Clue? by Mark Williams-Thomas - Sky
McCanns wait and see over re-interview claims - Leicester Mercury 05-12-07
McCanns Could Be Summoned To Portugal - Daily Record 05-12-07

GMC's Blog :
Day 216 - 05/12/2007
Yesterday evening Kate, Sean, Amelie and myself attended a mass for Madeleine. It was organised by ex-colleagues of Kate's aunt who work in the East Midlands and took place in a small intimate chapel and was attended by 20 people including two local priests. Sean and Amelie were very vocal, demonstrating how much they know about Christmas and ?baby Jesus? which brought a smile to everyone's face! The little presents and chocolates they were given certainly made them very happy!
Tomorrow my mum and aunt are coming to visit for a few days. Sean and Amelie are very excited, as they have not seen their 'granny' for over a month. They do of course miss Madeleine very much and all of our family are still praying and hoping for her safe return.

Thursday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 06-12-07
New adverts in Spain to find Madeleine - Algarve Resident 06-12-07
Maddie cops row over DNA - The Sun 06-12-07
McCanns Blamed in Book - The Sun 06-12-07
Bodyfinder Draws a Blank - The Sun 06-12-07
McCanns Won't Be In Clear By Christmas - Daily Mirror 06-12-07
Madeleine: Now ministers may block new police quiz - Daily Express 06-12-07
Maddie parents in D-day - Daily Star 06-12-07
Come back now - Daily Star 06-12-07
Portuguese police 'rushed to make McCanns suspects to avoid new law' - Daily Mail
Madeleine police 'angry at DNA blunder claim' - Telegraph 06-12-07
'Fresh' Madeleine information is received every day - Leicester Mercury 06-12-07
Police called after Vicky cards taken - The Scotsman 06-12-07
McCanns Won't Be Cleared By Christmas - Daily Record 06-12-07

GMC's Blog :
Day 217 - 06/12/2007

In the summer it was agreed that the UK police would interview all British residents who were staying at the Ocean Club on May 3rd. There are a number of guests who have still not been interviewed. We would ask any British residents who were in or around Praia da Luz (not just at the Ocean Club) when Madeleine was abducted, and have not been interviewed, to contact their local police.
We would like to thank everyone who has come forward with information. The smallest detail may provide a clue that leads us to find Madeleine.
We would like to appeal again for anyone with information to contact our private investigators on +34. 902.300.213, or their local police. Someone, somewhere knows something and Madeleine needs his or her help.

Friday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 07-12-07
There's no proof Maddie is dead - The Sun 07-12-07
Maddie Case Could End Soon - The Sun 07-12-07
Madeleine McCann Cops In Suspect 'Smear - Daily Mirror 07-12-07
Madeleine: Detectives probe father's phone call to friend - Daily Express 07-12-07
Mobile Link to Maddie - Daily Star 07-12-07
Maddie: Shock New Mobile Clue - Daily Star 07-12-07
Father of Madeleine McCann 'to be quizzed over new mobile phone data' - Daily Mail
Now Portuguese author claims kids were NEVER in holiday apartment - Daily Mail 07-12-07
Now Portuguese police admit: 'There is no proof that Madeleine is dead' - Daily Mail
McCanns appeal for holidaymakers to help in hunt for missing Madeleine - Daily Mail
Gerry McCann nominated for Scot of the Year - Telegraph 07-12-07
McCanns Make New Madeleine Appeal - BBC 07-12-07
What Has Happened To The Madeleine Page? - Sky 07-12-07
Madeleine Book Blasted By McCann Family Spokesman - Sky 07-12-07
Maddie Suspects Could Be Charged In New Year - Lawyer - Metro 07-12-07
McCanns launch new appeal over Maddie - Metro 07-12-07
'Case was rushed to beat law' - Leicester Mercury 07-12-07
Portuguese book says McCanns guilty of daughter's disappearance - Ria Novosti 07-12-07

Saturday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 08-12-07
Cops Bungle on Witnesses - The Sun 08-12-07
Police 'No Longer Sure' Madeleine's Dead - Daily Mirror 08-12-07
Madeleine parents make fresh plea for witnesses - Daily Express 08.12.2007
Maddie is Still Alive - Daily Star 08-12-07
Cavorting half-naked as a pole-dancing nurse, the nanny  - Daily Mail 08-12-07
Madeleine police case 'could close on January 3', says Murat Lawyer - Daily Mail 08-12-07
Madeleine suspect's mother attacks McCanns - Telegraph 08-12-07
Madeleine McCann: Tapas 9's secret meeting - Telegraph 08-12-07
Madeleine McCann: British police doubted - Telegraph 08-12-07
McCanns in plea to potential witnesses - Telegraph 08-12-07
Madeleine McCann 'forgotten in Portugal' - Telegraph 08-12-07
Decision due on Gerry and Kate McCann - Times 08-12-07
Maddy charges 'due in new year' - Independent 08-12-07
Verdict on Madeleine charges early in new year - Yorkshire Post 08-12-07
Stephen Winyard attacks 'scurrilous allegations' as secret funder - The Scotsman 08-12-07
McCanns In Plea To Missing Witnesses - Daily Record 08-12-07
Tycoon blasts Brown over missing Madeleine - Herald Scotland 08-12-07
Police set to resolve Madeleine mystery - Irish Independent 08-12-07

Sunday Express & Daily Star Sunday inside pages - 09-12-07
McCanns face a long wait for police quiz - News of the World 09-12-07
Madeline [sic] McCann Probe Hit By Delays - The People 09-12-07
Maddie: new quiz is put off - Sunday Mirror 09-12-07
Don't turn your back on Maddy parents tell PM - Sunday Express 09-12-07
McCann Quismas - Daily Star Sunday 09-12-07
We're top of reader pops - Daily Star Sunday 09-12-07
Red tape could delay questioning of McCanns until after Christmas - Mail on Sunday
British detectives will 'go too easy' on the MCs, claim Portuguese police - Mail on Sunday
Brown ‘ignores’ plea by McCanns - Sunday Times 09-12-07
Tycoon's Secretly Funding Madeleine's Parents - Sunday Mail 09-12-07
Top 10 Everything of 2007: Top 10 Crime Stories - Time Magazine 09-12-07

Mondassy: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 10-12-07
Cops To 'Go Easy on McCanns' - The Sun 10-12-07
McCann quiz fear - Daily Mirror 10-12-07
Madeleine: British police should turn screws on parents say the Portuguese - Daily Express
Crack Maddie's Parents - Daily Star 10-12-07
'Madeleine would be better served by UK justice,' says Britain's top barrister - Daily Mail
'MCs should be arrested for abandoning MMC,' missing children's boss says - Daily Mail
Madeleine: Gordon Brown 'snubs request for No 10 meeting with McCanns' - Daily Mail
Madeleine McCann's Parents At Meeting Of Tapas Nine - Sky 10-12-07
McCanns Meet Holiday Dining Friends - Metro 10-12-07
McCanns hold 'Tapas Nine' reunion - Metro 10-12-07
Police 'will be too soft on parents' - Leicester Mercury 10-12-07
Madeleine McCann's parents appeal to Brit holidaymakers - Liverpool Daily Post 10-12-07

Tursday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 11-12-07
Tapas 9 in Secret Meeting - The Sun 11-12-07
Don't Forget About Maddie - The Sun 11-12-07
'Tapas 9' in secret McCann meeting - Daily Mirror 11-12-07
'Suspicions' over the Tapas Nine summit - Daily Express 11-12-07
McCanns 'guilty of neglect' - Daily Express 11-12-07
Jail the parents' - Daily Star 11-12-07
Cops Probe Tapas Seven Secret Chat - Daily Star 11-12-07
Kate and Gerry McCann deny the Tapas Nine met ‘to get story straight’ - Times 11-12-07
McCanns meet with tapas pals - Leicester Mercury 11-12-07
McCanns say hotel meeting of 'Tapas 9' was mere get-together - The Scotsman 11-12-07
Maddie Parents' And Pals Hold Secret Meeting - Daily Record 11-12-07
Former Rathfriland man provides helping hand to MMC's parents - Banbridge Leader

Wednesday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 12-12-07
Murat's Mum Slams McCanns - The Sun 12-12-07
McCanns erased in Praia da Luz - The Sun 12-12-07
Gordon cops it - Daily Mirror 12-12-07
Missing Maddy wiped out by resort - Daily Mirror 12-12-07
Priest 'bans' Madeleine - Daily Express 12.12.2007
Priest Gets Rid of Maddie - Daily Star 12-12-07
Madeleine: British diplomats 'were told to avoid offering support to Murat' - Daily Mail
Missing Madeleine McCann Posters Removed In Portugal - Sky 12-12-07
Murat's Mother Attacks Maddie's Parents - Metro 12-12-07
Madeleine 'home by Christmas' - Metro 14-12-07
Madeleine reminders taken down - Leicester Mercury 12-12-07
Madeleine Pictures Taken Down By Villagers - Daily Record 12-12-07

Thursday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 13-12-07
Praia da Luz priest denies reports in UK newspaper - Algarve Resident 13-12-07
'McCanns Are Guilty of Neglect' - The Sun 13-12-07
Madeleine 'home by Christmas' says optimistic detective - Daily Mirror 13-12-07
Mayor: I blame McCanns for Madeleine's fate - Daily Mirror 13-12-07
We've done no wrong [Jenny Murat] - Daily Express 13-12-07
Britain's diplomats 'were told not to support Murat' - Daily Express 13-12-07
McCanns Guilty Of Extreme Negligence - Daily Express 13-12-07
How could they leave a child? - Daily Express 13-12-07
Maddie's Guilty Parents Rapped - Daily Star 13-12-07
Stop punishing us, Murat's mother tells the McCanns - Daily Mail 13-12-07
Madeleine will be home for Christmas, says PI - Telegraph 13-12-07
Diplomats abandoned me, says Madeleine McCann case suspect - Times 13-12-07
[Matthew Parris in Praia da Luz] - Times 13-12-07
Portuguese Mayor Says Kate and Gerry McCann Guilty Of Abandoning Madeleine - Sky
Murat mum hits out at McCanns - Leicester Mercury 13-12-07
Madeleine Suspect's Mother Says Parents 'Did Wrong' - The Scotsman 13-12-07
A question of lineage: A stitch in time… - Euro Weekly News 13-12-07

Friday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 14-12-07
Maddie 'Home by Christmas' - The Sun 14-12-07
Anger at Maddie art shame - The Sun 14-12-07
Cop: I'll get Madeleine back by Christmas - Daily Mirror 14-12-07
'Madeleine will be back home with parents by Christmas' - Daily Express 14-12-07
Maddie Will be Home by Christmas - Daily Star 14-12-07
MCS' private detectives: 'We know who took her- and she'll be home by Xmas' - Daily Mail
Bridget O'Donnell: My months with Madeleine - Guardian 14-12-07
Madeleine McCann witness breaks her silence - Telegraph 14-12-07
Madeleine witness describes abduction night - Telegraph 14-12-07
Investigator 'knows who took Madeleine McCann' - Times 14-12-07
Private Detective: Madeleine McCann Could Be Home By Christmas - Sky 14-12-07
Madeleine McCann "Could Be Home By Christmas" - Liverpool Echo 14-12-07
Madeleine could be home by Christmas, says detective - Yorkshire Post 14-12-07
Maddie Home By Christmas Says Detective - Daily Record 14-12-07
Hopes Maddie 'will be home by Christmas' - Aberdeen Evening Express 14-12-07
Private detective claims to know who has Madeleine - Irish Independent 14-12-07
Spanish detective agency say they know who took Madeleine McCann - Typically Spanish

Saturday: Daily Express & Daily Star inside pages - 15-12-07
Holiday Hell Of Praia da Luz - Daily Mirror 15-12-07
Madeleine:‘Plan to keep Kate in custody’ - Daily Express 15-12-07
'McCanns would be in jail if they were Portuguese' - Daily Express 15-12-07
Platell's People [McCanns & Algarve] - Daily Mail 15-12-07
Maddie: Portuguese police 'came within an inch of jailing Kate McCann' - Daily Mail
'I'm relaxed about leaving the children alone': What GMC said that night - Daily Mail
Witness tells of Madeleine's disappearance - Telegraph 15-12-07
Christmas 'as normal as possible for twins' sake' - Leicester Mercury 15-12-07
MMC's parents prepare for 'incredibly difficult' Christmas - Liverpool Daily Post 15-12-07
Producer tells why McCanns left their children - Yorkshire Post 15-12-07
McCanns issue Christmas plea - The Scotsman 15-12-07
Maddie Cop 'Didn't Know What She Looked Like' - Daily Record 15-12-07