Grâce à la liberté dans les communications, des groupes d’hommes de même nature pourront se réunir et fonder des communautés. Les nations seront dépassées.
Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

13 - OCT 10 /14/15 - ITV etc.

07.10.2013 transcrits par Nigel Moore
1) ITV News
Reporter : Obviously, this last week, we had new, errr... movement in that direction. Do you finally have some hope?

Gerald MC : I think we've always had hope, and there's been a number of cases over the last few years of children and young women being found after having been taken and held for very long periods of time. So, we've always had hope and, as parents, we won't accept Madeleine is dead until we see evidence, clear evidence, that that is the case. But we've been very pleased with the work of the Metropolitan Police and the review, and they're now moved into an investigative phase. Errm... We are confident that the appeals will hopefully lead to new information and, errr... bring us a step closer to finding Madeleine and those responsible for taking her.
Autrement dit, sans cette preuve tangible qu'est un cadavre, Madeleine sera toujours vivante quelque part, elle ne mourra jamais. CQFD. Mais le coût est terrifiant. Comme parents, chaque minute est occasion d'angoisse, car aussi bien il n'y a aucune preuve tangible que Madeleine soit bien, heureuse, épanouie, entourée d'amis, pleine de projets, autrement dit n'ayant aucunement l'idée qu'un jour elle fut Madeleine MC.
R : Errm... From what you're saying though, that could all have happened far more speedily if we hadn't had the distractions that came about by press excess in the... in the beginning.

GMC : Yeah, I wouldn't want to mix it up too much. I mean, clearly, my belief is that the damage, errr... for the search for Madeleine occurred, errr... with a lot of, errr... unfounded, errr... stories, errr... whereat [sic: whereas], we have always tried to look forward and not backwards. We are where we are. As parents, we want everything reasonably, errr... that can be done, done, in the search for Madeleine, and I think we're moving in the right direction.
Regarder en arrière, est-ce apercevoir un cadavre ?

R : And how would you describe the movement forward that the British police have managed to make? I know that you're making a formal appeal but do you think it's exciting, the... the new, errm... strands that they're pulling together?

GMC : Well, I think it is clearly... we're encouraged. There... there is new evidence and the appeals will hopefully lead to further new evidence and what Kate and I feel - without talking about any details and that is very much in the hands of the Met - but we're optimistic that new pieces will be uncovered that will fill in parts of the jigsaw.
Quels nouveaux éléments probants ? Smithman ? On serait étonné que Gerald MC trouve prometteur ce personnage-là.

Philippe Geluck - Le Chat

2) Sky News  
GMC : Kate and I have been, errr... very pleased with the work of the Metropolitan Police, both during the review process and now that they've moved into an investigative phase and I think that's all that any parents would want when their child's missing. But clearly they've uncovered new evidence and we hope that the appeals, errr... that go out next week, starting with Monday, errr... will lead to further new evidence that helps fill in pieces of the jigsaw and move at least a step closer to finding Madeleine and those responsible.
GMC : Ordinary people's lives are being, errm... damaged every day of the week by press intrusion and grief and, errm... lies being printed, or exaggeration, you know, the whole thing about the Miliband situation where, errr... people came to, errr... essentially a private gathering, a morial [sic: memorial]. It's just completely unacceptable and what we do want is a system that does protect ordinary people. 

3) The Telegraph (la video omet les questions de l'intervieweur)

GMC : I am quite frustrated because it's almost a year since we had the recommendations of the Leveson Inquiry and it's almost 7 months since we had, errr... agreement of the Royal Charter, errr... agreed by all, errr... political parties and still it hasn't been implemented and as a victim of the press, you know, we really want to get this moving forwards.
GMC : Clearly, errr... the media barons... press barons are putting a lot of pressure on our politicians, errr... to try and go back to what we... we have in place currently, which is the PCC, or Son of PCC, which is totally unacceptable to those of us who gave evidence at the Inquiry.
GMC : I feel it has been drifting. I'm still optimistic that they will deliver and really I'm here today to give them a reminder of what ordinary victims of the press want and need, and this really should be done and dusted.
GMC : I'm no expert on the actual process of which it goes through but certainly from the information I've seen, errr... of the Press Charter, it is not acceptable to us, it is not Leveson compliant and it nowhere near meets Leveson's recommendations and on that basis it should be, errr... discounted.
GMC : I wouldn't like to get sidetracked on that whole, errm... Miliband issue but at the very least I thought it was distasteful and something really that come out of it, which many of us as victims of the press, including the Mail Group, have found extremely difficult, is trying to get an apology out of them when they've clearly done something wrong, and that is something that I would hope, for ordinary people - not for politicians - but for ordinary people who suffer. That's what they want. It's very quick redress and, for most people, an apology.
GMC : The damage that was caused, and the widespread international pick-up of, errm... UK media has damaged us and damaged the search for Madeleine, which is more important. Now, I hope we've reversed it but we shouldn't have to have gone through it and despite, and I want to make this clear, and it's something we have talked about, you know, we had letters from the chief constable of Leicestershire asking the media to show some restraint and telling them that many of the stories were simply not true. We had our own legal representatives going to see editors with our media representative and it still carried on, months and months later. And we need a much quicker, errr... form of redress and a system that really rewards newspapers and editors who stay within the code and actually punishes, and has a proper deterrent, for those who are repeat offenders. Currently the PCC slaps people on the wrist and that's it.
GMC : There were widespread headlines, errr... not only suggesting that we were involved but suggesting that there was strong evidence that Madeleine was dead, and no such evidence exists. If people believe a missing child is dead they're not going to look for her, or they're not going to come forward with information which might be important.

Interview de Wendy Murphy
Fox News - 10.10.2013
Investigators are hoping that new information will help solve the mystery of what happened to Madeleine McCann.
She, of course, is the 3-year-old British girl who disappeared while mon vacation more than six years ago.
Now Scotland Yard is planning to release a new, computerised sketch that shows a possible suspect.
Wendy Murphy is a former prosecutor and child advocate and she joins us now.
Hi Wendy!
WM : Good to be with you.

P: Finally, finally, six years later, investigators are releasing a computerised sketch of a – who – we – they call possibly a suspect – er, or a ‘person of interest – a suspect that people saw around the vacation complex that night.
What took them so long?
WM : Er, er, I hope you don’t mind if I duck the – that question, because I’m not buying it.
I mean, er, I think this is more PR than anything.
There, er, in my opinion is no new suspect and there never will be a new suspect unless and until the parents answer questions.
Remember – Kate McCann, poor Madeleine’s Mum, refused to answer 48 questions –

P: Er, Wendy…
WM : Now they hired a team of lawyers right away

P: Wendy
WM : Ah, but this is important, she refused to anser – she hired lawyers straightaway. She refuses to answer 48 questions, things like: ‘What did you see when you walked into the room where your child was supposed to be sleeping?’ I mean, I’m so not interested in being dragged down a rabbit hole about a fake suspect. I think this is all related to a civil suit now under way in Portugal. The McCanns sued the former police chief for defamation,

P: Because he wrote his book…
WM : And now... Kate wants…

P: Wait. This alleged,
WM : Kate wants

P: Wait, Wendy, hold on, let me tell you the other side of this – er, because there’s a lot of evidence on the side of the parents being completely innocent as well. They say that the Portuguese police never took the case seriously. They never did the kind of investigation that we would certainly have done here in the U.S, - which is…talking to other people at the vacation complex where, where they were vacating in Portugal.
Further, Kate and Gerry, the parents, have appealed to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, for help on this investigation. Is that something you would do if you’re trying to stay under the radar? - and you feel guilty?
WM : Do you hire the nation’s biggest defence attorneys, PR firms and refuse to answer questions? The Portuguese police did a very good job – and the PR misinformation, especially in this country, is doing a disservice to this poor little girl who is dead, I believe – and has no voice.
The libel suit currently under way in Portugal is important because the McCanns sued that police chief, claiming he lied about them in his book.
Now Kate McCann wants to testify in writing – because she doesn’t want to submit to cross-examination.
I think this is all related to that - and this whole ‘new suspect thing’ is again part of them trying to distract attention from the fact that, as parents of a missing, probably dead child, what are you doing?! – not answering questions?!

P: It’s such a tough one, I – er – I - as you know, this has gripped our country, and Europe – to try to find this little girl – and when things like Elizabeth Smart’s parents…put out a book – and then she is found – she came home, you still have hope that maybe Madeleine McCann is alive and can come home – against all odds.
Good to see you. Wendy, thanks so much for your, er, theory.
Good to talk.
(Wendy Murphy smiles)

Channel 4 News
transcrit par Wonderfulspam

John Snow : Officers predict a long hard slog in their efforts to solve the mystery of Madeleine McCanns disappearance.They've released 2 e-fit images of a man, compiled in 2008, a year after she disappeared but never seen in public until today, based on information from 2 witnesses who were staying in the resort of Praia da Luz at the time. Our home affairs correspondent Simon Israel has more.
Simon Israel : These are 2 e-fits of the same man. A man who may hold the key to Madeleine McCanns disappearance.They've been shut away in a private investigation file for 5 years. They were compiled from 2 witness accounts on the night Madeleine disappeared, but never handed over to the Portuguese investigation. Now British police are treating them with the utmost importance.
DCI Redwood : In our analysis of the timeline 10pm when this man was seen walking towards the ocean with a child in his arms, has now become an important focus of interest for us. The man was a white man with dark hair & he had in his arms a child that was described as being 3 to 4 years of age with blonde hair wearing pyjamas.

SI : This sighting took place markedly later than the polices previous analysis of when the 3 year old was abducted from apartment G5A in may 2007.
It forms part of a well worn story that's slowly being rewritten. A BBC Crimewatch programme tonight will contain what police describe as revelatory material & Kate & Gerry will be interviewed once again about that fateful evening.
Kate MC : We're not the ones that's done something wrong here, it's the person who's gone into that apartment & taken a little girl away from her family.

SI : I've just come from a preview of that Crimewatch reconstruction but I can't reveal any of the details because it's under embargo until the programme is broadcast tonight. Needless to say though there is no flash of inspiration and the prospect of conclusion to this investigation is not just around the corner. Yet again the hunt for Madeleines abductors is generating enormous publicity 6 years on.
The 5 million pound police inquiry may also raise expectation for answers to her disappearance.
DCI R : We need the public's help so I would ask the public to pause with us, to hear our appeal & if you can help please make contact with us.

SI : Do you anticipate this being a long hard slog?
DCI R : We're working extremely hard on this case. We're absolutely commited to the work we're doing & we're fighting hard for Madeleine McCann. But yes it is a hard slog and we still have got some way to go.

SI : Do you think we'll be here in a years time discussing this?"
DCI R : I wouldn't want to speculate about time.

SI : It's been a long journey from the beaches of Portugal to yet another round of TV appeals, not just here but in Germany & Holland too, that's where many of the holiday makers at the time came from.

Interview de Gonçalo Amaral 

- ITV News - 15.10.2013

Transcrit par Nigel Moore
Julie Etchingham : [ITV News Presenter, not on this video] The detective who first led the investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance says the Scotland Yard review has made no more progress than he did. Gonçalo Amaral told ITV News this evening the sightings, that the newly publicised e-fits were based on, were a key part of his investigation too. 
Our Europe Correspondent Emma Murphy reports now from Portugal

Emma Murphy : They've been without their eldest daughter for six years, maintaining a hope they will be reunited. It's a hope Kate and Gerry McCann say has been reinforced by the unprecedented response to the new investigation into Madeleine's disappearance. Both now say they're genuinely hopeful of a major breakthrough.
Kate MC : [on Crimewatch] Well, the general pubic have been fantastic but please stay with us and come forward.

EM : [voice over] The appeal and reconstruction of Madeleine's disappearance broadcast last night generated around a thousand phone calls. Crucially, a number of those calls gave the same name for this man, who was seen by a British family carrying a child, just like Madeleine, through the streets of Praia da Luz the night she vanished.

Chief inspector Gonçalo Amaral was in charge of the investigation at the time. He was taken off the case after accusing the McCanns of involvement in Madeleine's disappearance. He's now being sued by them for libel. However, he told me the sighting was one of the best leads and was missed. He says the child may well have been Madeleine. 
Gonçalo Amaral : [through translator] Every one of us on the investigation found that lead important - as we see now that it is.  
EM : But if everyone thought it was so important, why was the sighting not properly pursued? 
GA : When I left the investigation in Portimão there was a gap and the man who came to replace me discarded that hypothesis. He didn't want to follow that lead. 
 EM : What do you feel about the British Inquiry?
GA : There are in the same place that we were back in 2007. That is, they have a man we see carrying a child in his arms. We got there in 6 months - British police took 2 years.
EM : [voice over] For those to whom Madeleine matters the most, acknowledgment of unfollowed leads is unlikely to generate surprise but will surely add to the frustration which has dogged the past six years.