Grâce à la liberté dans les communications, des groupes d’hommes de même nature pourront se réunir et fonder des communautés. Les nations seront dépassées.
Friedrich Nietzsche (Fragments posthumes XIII-883)

08 - MAI 01 - Interviews "1 an" (3)

Kate et Gerry McCann chez Sarah Montague
BBC Radio 4 Today - 01.05.2008 (diffusion)
transcrit par Nigel Moore

Sarah Montague : It'll be a year on Saturday since Madeleine McCann disappeared. In that time her parents have kept up a very high profile campaign in the hope that some new piece of information comes forward that might lead them to establish what happened to their daughter. She's probably now the most famous child in the world and yet, despite the acres of coverage, we seem no closer to establishing what happened to her than on the very first night she disappeared. Kate and Gerry McCann came into the studio yesterday with their media adviser, Clarence Mitchell. (1) They'd been doing interviews all week and I asked them whether, although they wanted the publicity, they were dreading seeing their faces and various headlines all over the front pages again.
Gerald MC : I think the problem we have, errm... with being in the papers every day is that there just is not the facts to sustain coverage every day. (2) We have not tried to, errm... have a campaign that has bombarded people on a daily basis and, errm... the problem with that is that, errr... column inches get filled with, quite frankly, you know, a lot of rubbish.

SM : But you want this, don't you? You want the... the media coverage to get publicity.
GMC : We only want responsible media coverage, we don't want irresponsible media coverage that's caused untold damage already. (3)
Kate MC : I mean, certainly in the early days it was vital, errm... (4)  to let people know that Madeleine was missing and to get her picture out there, really, and there's very good evidence, years and years of evidence, to show that that actually helps recover missing children and that's what we wanted. (5) I mean, I... I can remember though after, it was probably a week or something, it wasn't long, when Gerry said 'we don't actually need Madeleine's picture on the front of a newspaper every day' because there wasn't a story to tell, and yet, a picture was there every day, with nothing, or worse than nothing, written.

SM : But you are driving this, let's be clear. This is a year on, the campaign, you are driving this, there's a... a documentary, you're doing interviews, you're doing interviews with all the papers, with all the media outlets.
GMC : I think that's a bit simplistic to say we're driving this. Errr... Clarence has had over 400 bids, errr.. for interviews with us and we anticipated that if we got to this terrible date, essentially a year on, that the media attention on us would be huge. We decided to make the documentary, so that we were making a statement and we want to build on what we said and not continue to go over old ground. It's a very difficult situation for us. Clearly, we need the public, who have vital information, to come forward and help us find our daughter but we do not need unscrupulous commercial decisions running stories that simply don't merit it.(6)

SM : What are your hopes that the public can come forward with?
GMC : Well, today we... first of all, errm... we are launching a new hotline number for people who have information that may be relevant. I'd like to give that, it's 0845 8384699 and essentially we're asking anyone who may have been in and around Praia da Luz, this time last year, who may have had something similar to... to them that possibly has, or has not, been reported, to come forward if they have information. There are... suspect, who was seen walking away from the apartment shortly before Madeleine, errr... was discovered missing and we'd like to remind people about that sketch, that's there, and they may have seen someone. We think that this is not a problem specific to Portugal, it's an international problem, and we want people to rack their brains and help us, this is...

SM : What do... there are a lot of theories, of course, about what might have happened to her, I mean, so many theories. What do you both think happened to her?
KMC : I know Madeleine was abducted from her bed on the 3rd of May.

SM : You know that?
KMC : Yes.

SM : How can you know that?
KMC : I can't give you all the facts, errm... but, you know, as we say, there was a man seen carrying a child, wearing the same pyjamas that Madeleine was wearing, errm... on that night. (7)

SM : Could she have walked out of the apartment?
KMC : I know she couldn't have walked out of the apartment. (8)
GMC : Again, it's very difficult because we are still under judicial secrecy and therefore we cannot, and we should not, give too much investigative detail - there's too much detail been out there already. There's an awful lot of incorrect detail as well and in some ways separating the wheat from the chaff is very, very important. I want to make it clear we will not be giving additional investigative detail and people who come forward with information to us, can do so anonymously. (9)

SM : You... you obviously find it incredibly difficult because there must be things... I mean, I can see just from the way you're talking now, that there are things that you want to say but that you feel that you can't say.
KMC : Do you know what though, Sarah, you'd be exhausted if you tried to knock back every bit that's been written in the paper. You'd be absolutely exhausted. There's so few facts and yet there's been so much written and it takes your energy and we wanna focus on finding Madeleine and that's the most important thing. So, it... I mean, it's difficult, but I think we have to also, kind of, just let it go by, really, and... (10)

SM : Do you... tell us about the role of the Portuguese police here because do you still feel that you're working with them or against them?
GMC : Well, we have very little contact with them, errm... so, I think that, errm... tells you, errm... a story in itself and that's not unusual in Portugal.

SM : It... it didn't, of course, start out like that. To begin with, in... in the weeks you had, you appeared to have a very good relationship with them and there was a certain point at which you became, you still are, official suspects. When did you realise that they thought you might have been involved?                     
GMC : I mean, that's all been documented already, clearly we were declared, errm... arguido when we went in for interviews at the end of September...
KMC : Start of September.
GMC : Sorry, start of September. Errm... obviously the files are still secret, so, errm... when the files become public then everyone can see what, errm... information is in the files and what is not in the files, errm... and in the interim all we are going to do is continue to look for our daughter.

SM : It was presumably though, at that moment, that you realised that they weren't looking for your daughter.
KMC : Well, certainly that was the... the biggest realisation to me and probably the most upsetting thing, yeah. (11)

SM : Was that the most difficult point in the year?
KMC : Well, I think the first night was probably the most difficult, errm... but that was probably a close second, for sure, yeah. (12)
GMC : I think we have to say here that we don't know what has been done and what hasn't been done.

SM : By the police?
GMC : Yeah. The files are secret. We don't know if they were still looking for Madeleine but clearly there was a major focus on, errr... looking at us. As I said early in August, there's no problem with that, we'd nothing to hide, we cooperated fully and we've given, since day one, all the information that we thought that might be relevant and any specific information, we've been asked for, we've given it to the police. (13)

SM : And then, of course, you... we have, errr... a situation where, in a sense, I suppose, there must be a feeling that the British media turned against you because so much was written and that was, what, through August, September. At certain points did you think then, 'look this media campaign has to carry on if only to protect us'.
GMC : I think, again, uhhh... you're putting two things together in terms of a media campaign. We had, errr... an awareness campaign about, errr... keeping Madeleine's image out there and then we had, errr... a second aspect where, errr... clearly there was a lot of damage done to us reputationally and we felt that those things could not go unchallenged, errr... there was so much, errr... rubbish written, and that is why we ultimately took action, errr... against the Express Group newspapers for the sustained and completely ridiculous assertions that were published there in, over a hundred articles. We are not characters in a book or a soap opera, we are real people, with real feelings, we have got a real family and we've got other children to protect while we're searching for our other daughter. (14)

SM : Tell us about that, tell us about how... to what extent life can return to normal because you're back at work now, aren't you?
GMC : I am, yeah.

SM : Could you consider going back to work, Kate?
KMC : Errr... not at the moment, it just doesn't... doesn't feel right, to be honest. I mean, I'm very busy at the moment, there's a lot going on, even Gerry'll say when he gets home from work, we're very busy and, errm... I mean, you can't.... you know, you can't completely switch off from... for looking for Madeleine and that's important for us, it's important for Sean and Amelie.

SM : So, what now? What now can you do, in searching for Madeleine, continuing the search realistically?
GMC : Again, we're hoping for a... a very strong response from the public, errr... when we appeal, we'll be launching new posters. We strongly believe somebody knows something that will lead us to who took Madeleine and we want, really, people to rack their brain and help us. It is the most horrific crime.

SM : And you don't, for a second, doubt that she's not still alive?
KMC : I mean, we both believe there's a very good chance she's alive and I think it'd be totally irresponsible and I think it would be a disservice to Madeleine to think otherwise.

SM : Kate and Gerry McCann, thank you, very much.

 (1) Est-ce à dire que les questions doivent faire l'objet d'un consensus antérieur ? On est ici sur une chaîne de radio publique ? Quel sorte d'abus peuvent craindre les MC ? 
 (2) Il doit vouloir dire qu'il n'y a pas assez de faits pour justifier une couverture journalistique quotidienne. Mais si l'affaire MC est quotidiennement à la une, c'est en raison d'un contrat avec Bell Pottinger  (coût : 500 mille livres, payés par Madeleine's Fund).
(3) Qu'ont donc fait leurs spin doctors et autres chargés de com ? Combien aurait coûté une présence sélective à la une ?
(4) Le temps a révélé que ce n'était pas vital, pas mortel non plus.
(5) Des années de preuve ? On pense au petit Etan Patz, disparu en 1979 à l'âge de 6 ans,  un des premiers enfants dont la photo fut imprimée sur les briques de lait, sans résultat. L'idée se répandit rapidement aux EU dans les années 80, où fleurirent les campagnes pour les enfants disparus, leurs visages apparaissant sur les cartons de pizza, les sacs des épiciers et les boîtes de conserve. C'était l'époque où les Berenstain Bears mettaient les petits enfants en garde contre toute personne inconnue. En vain. Jusqu'au jour, à la fin de cette décennie, où les pédiatres Benjamin Spock et T. Berry Brazelton firent savoir que ces campagnes effrayaient les enfants sans nécessité.
(6) Difficile, en fait de médias, de trier le bon grain de l'ivraie. Le documentaire, filmé par Emma Loach, met de l'ordre dans le chaos médiatique où s'abîment images et réputations. Curieusement ce documentaire n'est plus en ligne, il n'en reste que 3 trailers diffusés par la chaîne portugaise qui acheta les droits et quelques extraits transcrits.
(7) Étant notoire que la PJ n'est sur aucune piste tant et si bien que le parquet a demandé une reconstitution (rejetée par les protagonistes au moment de cette interview), il n'est pas outrecuidant que Sarah Montague pose cette question. La réponse tranchée et tranchante sur le "quoi" appelait une question sur le "comment" à laquelle Kate MC réplique de manière décevante. Il est vrai que l'enquête est sous secret de justice, mais on sait qu'elle piétine et que la reconstitution est une sorte d'opération de dernière chance. Tannerman, l'homme aperçu par Jane TB, reste à identifier, mais il est entré dans le domaine public. Quant à hypothético-déduire de la synecdoque pyjama pour enfant que Madeleine a été enlevée de son lit, même Sherlock Holmes ne s'y serait pas aventuré.
(8) Il y a pourtant des histoires d'enfants très entreprenants et assez jeunes pour n'avoir aucune notion du danger qui sortent de chez eux sans avertir personne.
(9) La vérité est que Gerald MC ne peut donner de détails, parce qu'il n'en sait rien. À Huw Edwards (BBC), qui lui pose la question le 2 mai , il admet n'avoir aucune relation avec la PJ et à Sarah Montague, deux réponses plus loin, il suggérera que c'est une pratique normale au Portugal.  
(10) Il est sûrement éreintant d'avoir à surveiller les médias, même si on a sous la main un puissant spin doctor. Mais pourquoi ne pas revoir à la baisse le contrat avec Bell Pottinger dans les termes duquel l'affaire devait être à la une quotidiennement pendant un an ? Gerald MC a raison de dire que les faits concernant la disparition de Madeleine sont très maigres, mais il y a pléthore de faits postérieurs qui n'ont pas grand chose à voir avec la disparition.
(11) Non seulement le parquet a requis maintes diligences, mises en œuvre en septembre 2007, mais le procureur général de la république et le directeur de la PJ ont clairement déclaré que, bien que les victimes soient devenues des témoins assistés, toutes les pistes étaient ouvertes.
(12) Madeleine, une Madeleine vivante, a été cherchée intensément jusqu'à l'arrivée de Mark Harrison, fin juillet 2007, donc pendant presque trois mois. 
(13) Quid des 48 questions auxquelles Kate MC n'a pas répondu ? Et surtout quid de la reconstitution dont les négociations sont en cours mais qu'ils ont tant décriée que personne ne peut imaginer que les MC y tiennent ? Personne ne voulant être plus royaliste que le roi, la requête du Ministère public restera lettre morte.
(14) Comment cherchent-ils ? On observe surtout qu'ils disent qu'ils cherchent. 

The search for Madeleine  - Nicky Campbell
Radio 5 Live Breakfast - 01.05.2008

transcrit par Nigel Moore

Nicky Campbell : It's almost a year since, errr... Madeleine McCann disappeared. Her parents Kate and Gerry McCann are renewing their appeal for information about what happened to their little girl and they're here with us now. Right, good morning to you.
Gerald MC : Morning.
Kate MC : Good morning.
NC : The number, or the webs... tell us about the website, tell us about the telephone number; this is the most important thing, right?
GMC : Yes, very much so, errm... we have a new hotline number... got a slightly more sophisticated system for call-handling. We want anyone who, errm... has come forward with information previously to come forward again; no matter who they gave that to. We want to appeal to anyone who hasn't come forward, errr... previously, for whatever reason; whether it's their own activities; whether they've been scared previously. We will guarantee, errr... anonymity if people want that and we will guarantee confidentiality. But we truly believe somebody knows something that can help us find Madeleine.

NC : Right... and, who knows, they may even be listening now. So what are the numbers, Kate, I mean, how... what... have you got it handy?
KMC : I have, yes. The number is, errm... 0845 8384699, errm... and the website address is

NC : Right, errm... that sounds like an email address.
GMC : That... that's an email address and...
KMC : Sorry.
NC :: '' is the... yeah? Is the... 
GMC : '', and then we also have an anonymous, errr... as well, if anyone wants. So, errr... you know, we will guarantee that and there is a system set up to make sure that any information that people who want to withhold their name, number, anything like that, we will guarantee that.

NC : Right, and we'll put all those details on our... on our blog as well and put a link, errr... to the website. And... and you still have this, errm... this dark... never mind the other devastation in your life, never mind the fact you don't know where Madeleine is... this... this... this nightmare... this vortex of hell you've been through, you still have this arguido thing hanging over you, don't you? What's... you know, it's the... it's the devastation of the 'n'th degree, isn't it? What's that like, Kate? 
KMC : Well, I guess it's a bit like torture-on-top-of-torture, you know, errm... we just have to get on with that for now really and just hope that status will be lifted soon. I mean, you know, we just have to do everything really to find Madeleine; that's our main priority really. Madeleine's still missing and we need to get that key bit of information from somebody, errm... which will lead to us finding her. (1)

NC : What about the prosp... poss... 
GMC : [makes noise as though about to speak] 
NC : Sorry, Gerry. What about the possibility of this... this reconstruction; the police were talking about you doing it on the 15th of May. Will you go to Portugal and do that?
GMC : I mean, the reconstruction's still under, errr... consideration. We're not the only people who have been invited back; clearly there are other witnesses. Errm... we have some concerns, I think the fact that a date is out there publicly in that process where there's meant to be judicial secrecy, errr... where the investigation process is meant to be conducted in secrecy, errm... raises some concerns. Errr... clearly, with the amount of media attention on us, I don't think that will be very easy to... to do, errr... with huge media attention and we've got concerns about what additional information will be gained from it a year on, errr... you know, we've given all of the information we know to the police; our friends, errr... have assured us they've done the same; they've recently, errr... had repeat interviews to go over lots of additional information. So, there are many things to be considered, Nicky, and, errr... you know, it's not, errr... (2) 

NC : And also, the fact is, we were tak... hearing from our... Steve Kingstone, our correspondent, earlier on who was saying there is also... because there are elements clearly within the Portuguese police, errm... who are... are... are less than, you know, sympathetic to... to... to the two of you and maybe even think you had something to do with it and there's a possibility of... of this lesser charge: 'abandonment', errm... is that a... a concern that they might slap something on that... on you, like that, if you were to go? 
GMC : Nicky, you know, our focus is completely on finding Madeleine; anything else is a distraction and, you have to ask yourself, why is that being discussed a year down the line when Madeleine is still missing and we're seemingly no closer. They don't have any additional information, errr... to be talking about such a charge now, than they had on the 4th of May. We want to remind everyone that this is about Madeleine; it's about finding Madeleine. There's been a heinous crime committed and that abductor is still at large and, for Kate and I, our daughter is still missing and we believe she can still be found. We know it's difficult but we've really are appealing to people to remember that and it may not be something directly relevant; they may have thought: 'has something similar happened'; have they seen... (3)  

NC : They might even... not even know that they have vital information, that's the thing, isn't it ? (4)
GMC : That's right. 
KMC : Yeah. 
NC : What about your... Kate, can I ask you this. That you... you... you refer to the torture of this and, you know, we can't imagine what it's like. Errm... is there... you've got... you've got your two beautiful children: Sean and Amelie. Is there a... is there a... a time still for joy in... in your lives, with them, for light and for laughter, errr... given what's happened?
KMC : I mean, there is, Nicky. I mean, Sean and Amelie are amazing and I... I... to be honest, I don't know how we'd have got through this without them there, errm... and you can't help... you can't help but laugh at them and stuff. I mean, they're so lovely and funny and never stop chatting, you know, errm... and... and they're great and it's important, really, it's important that they have like a... a normal and happy life and I, I mean, I believe they have that.

 NC : Have you had to work and really try hard sometimes to... to provide that for them with this horrible dark cloud going on? 
GMC : I think that's hardest particularly in the... in the early days..
.KMC : Early days.
GMC : ...and I think we have spoken about previously, particularly when we stayed in Portugal, in the first few weeks, on Saturday we... we was family day and we forced ourselves to spend it with Sean and Amelie and take them swimming and things and... and there was this terrible guilt that if... you know, normally I'm... I would say I'm quite carefree, particularly with the kids and... and one week I suddenly thought, 'I actually really enjoyed that' and then this guilt set in...
NC : Yeah. God, I know it.
GMC : ...that how... how can you en... have enjoyment in life when Madeleine is missing and we don't know what she's going through. But...

NC :: It's a powerful thing to think about; the way you put that. Errm... and also when... when you wake up in the mornings you have that thing... and ev... anyone would appreciate, if they've lost somebody or if there's something terrible happening in their lives - can't be anything more terrible than what's happening in your lives - but, you know, you wake up in the morning and you think, 'Oh, where am I? What is it?' and then you remembered [clicks fingers]. Do you have that moment as well? And it all kind of comes back to you? 
KMC : I think with the length of time now, I suppose it's... it's kind of reality, you know, it's... it's... 
NC : It's moved to a different level. Yeah, yeah. 
KMC : Yeah, you know, we're a year on, I mean, I have to say it doesn't feel like it's a year since I've seen Madeleine, errm... but, we're... you know, we're still focused, we're still very focused and... 
NC : Mmm... 
GMC : Nicky, you know, today we've set another objective; it's to get information in. We want to make sure every stone has been overturned in the search and we have to know that. 
NC : Do you think it has? Do you... do you feel let down? 
GMC : Well, the... the worst thing is, we don't know. 

NC : You haven't see the file, have you? 
GMC : We don't know what's been done, what hasn't been done, who's been eliminated, who hasn't, what grounds they have been eliminated on. 
NC : When will you be able to see that file? 
GMC : Well, errr... that's one of the things that's slightly more optimistic, that the change to the Penal Code in Portugal, which came into effect on the 15th of September, errm... says that previously the investigation phase stayed until the case was closed or until charges was brought and that could last years. Now, clearly, we don't have influence on when we'll be able to see it but, you know, it's meant to be eight months and that law was brought in because... in recognition that many arguido are never charged and the sim... the thing is, it would be similar to being interviewed under caution in the UK. So the Portuguese have realised that and have changed the law to stop the stigma of the arguido. So, you know... (5)  

NC : So there's hope there, there's some... there's some light there. I mean every little... every little advance is... is important in this, isn't it? But there is that, as you so rightly and so articulately said, there's that main... main focus that you've got to have at the end of it; the most important thing. But all the stuff in... in some of the papers and I know you got a lot of money for the cause from the Express Group. But, you know, give us an idea of... of how that hit... hit... you know, put a... the chill in your heart, you know, when you read about, you know, the 100% DNA link in the cars to Maddie, the... the... you know, the... the dogs picking up the scent of death and all that. What was that like to read?
KMC : I mean, to be honest with you, we didn't read a lot of it but obviously our family and friends did and made us aware of it. Errm... I mean, for a start, we knew it was inaccurate, if not a lie. 

NC : But was it anger? Was that the first thing? Just rage?
KMC : I'll tell you what... what was really angry, it was the fact that they were insinuating that Madeleine was dead and you think, 'how dare they?'. There's absolutely no evidence to say Madeleine's been harmed and by saying she's dead you are hampering or potentially trying to stop the search for Madeleine. She's four-years-old, I mean, I just think, you know, people should really look at themselves, particularly the... you know, the newspapers and say, 'hang on a minute', you know, 'what... why are we doing this?', you know... (6) 

NC : Rather... rather than... rather than a story... rather than another angle, you know... rather... 
KMC : This is a missing child, you know. There's a missing child out there. 
GMC : I think that's the point, isn't it? There's been far too much myth, rumour, innuendo, speculation, downright lies, the things... many things that have been written about us with no regard to accuracy, truth, veriba... errrr... whether they're verifiable or not and... 

NC : Who... who would have thought, I mean, a year ago, there you are, and then this... this year, what happened to you is... is terrible, this... but this year that you've had, this... the media attention, what... what happened to your little girl and then all the things that have been written about you. It is, you know... Kafka couldn't have make this up, you know. It's extraordinary, isn't it? 
GMC : I think, you know, particularly with the documentary last night, we..
NC : Which was very good, I... I watched it. 
GMC : We do want to remind people that, obviously, the key thing here is Madeleine. We're a real family, we're real people, we're not caricatures or fictional characters and, I think, some of the sections of the media have treated it like that and there's clearly been commercial decision making and it has been a sorry day, I think, for print journalism, in particular, if you can call it that. Errm... and we're in a... we're here, we're appealing, errr... we know we've been criticised for doing media. This is only the second appeal Kate and I have done in seven months, errr... so it's not like we're in... out there on a regular basis but we are in a very difficult situation because we believe someone - a member of the public - holds the key. 

NC : So, why do... those... those people who say, 'Oh, ITV documentary, you know, maybe talk of a book and Hello! magazine, and all that stuff - it's... it's too showbiz'. They're losing... they're... they're... they don't get it, they don't get the fact that if you're not here talking about it, if you're not on television talking about it, you know, the information isn't getting out there - you might just get to that one person, Kate. 
KMC : Well, absolutely, you know, we're her parents and if, you know, we're not there for Madeleine, who is, really? Errm... 
NC : Mmm... And I'm... I'm struck by the fact that, you know, you... you think she's still alive. You believe... you absolutely believe she's still alive. 
KMC : You know, there... there's... I mean, we said, there's absolutely no evidence to say that she isn't, you know, and... and all we can look at really is the, you know, the evidence that has come from particularly in the States where they're kind of quite years ahead, really, and the statistics show that children are recovered even years down the line. I mean, we can reel off a whole load of names if you want... 
NC : Yeah, yeah... 
KMC : ...and the younger the child, the more likely that is.

NC : You've spent a lot of money, errr... the fund has spent a lot of money on... on... on private detectives. I remember reading in... I don't know whether it was yet another exaggeration or lie but I remember reading in one of the newspapers, one of the private detectives saying, 'Oh, we could find her by Christmas' or something, I seem to remember... 
KMC : Well, again that... I'll just say that was a misquote, it was... 
NC : It was a misquote, was it, yeah? 
KMC : ...'We hope to find her for Christmas' or 'We hope she'll be home for Christmas'...
NC : Okay... 
KMC : ...and that became 'home for Christmas'. (7)  

NC : ...which was 'home for...' What... have they... have they... It's a lot of money, maybe quarter of a million, £300,000, a... a source tells me. Errr... Have they come up with anything; these private detectives?
 GMC : From our perspective we are in a better position now than where we were in September... (8)

NC : In terms of information? 
GMC : Yeah. I mean, clearly, we haven't got the key bit of information that will lead us to finding Madeleine but, I think, the way we try to, errr... think about it is, it's like a jigsaw. 
NC : Do you have... do you have theories that you're working on?
GMC : You know, clearly, the investigators are looking at all options and scenarios and that... that's the key thing; there are a host of scenarios here, errr... and there... in very many of those scenarios, Madeleine is alive in them. Errr... The information we are going on, in terms of stat... statistics and other things are based predominantly in the US because of the data collection but we need to join the jigsaw up; and that's the key thing. Errr... and it's to get as much information as possible. (9) 

NC : And that's what this... you know, media appearances like this will hopefully help. And what about contact with, errr... the great and the good? I know Gordon Brown was in close contact with you at the beginning, are you still in contact with him? Or is... or did the arguido stuff change that? 
GMC : I'm sure there was a shift in terms of, errm... the situation and, errr... when one sovereign state, errr... gives you a status then other people, and, I think, particularly government, errr... were clearly cautious. Errm... 

NC : So that's changed somewhat, yeah. 
GMC : We have contact with the Foreign Office, errm... from predominantly a consular basis. We do put requests in, that we do want to get as much information as possible and, I think, what we've asked, and will ask repeatedly, is: 'what evidence does anyone have to suggest that Madeleine is dead?' because we know of no evidence to suggest otherwise and we would like a public acknowledgment of that. In... in some ways, when we get official statements from Portugal, its fine: 'all lines of inquiry are open'; so they can't have an abduction line of inquiry open if they've got evidence that Madeleine... is dead. Or, if they do, then they should inform us.

NC : Well, listen, thank you for coming in and, errm... errr... we... we... so many people pray that this... you've had a lot of... I mean, so many people pray that this... this... this comes good but just a reaction finally to some of the ha... there was a... seen you last night... I seen you last night opening some hate mail, you know. What do you think of people who've... can you understand why people have reacted like that? Those blogs and stuff like that, can you get your head round that, Kate? 
KMC : I can't, I mean, you know, it's been a... it's been pretty astounding to me really that there are... and they are the minority, I have to say that, you know, the great silent majority are really supportive and kind people but there is a tiny element of si... society who obviously need to be hateful and cruel and... and you have to ask why people are like that, I really don't know, but it's important that we don't get too derailed by them really. (10)  
NC : Well, we watched, errr... the... errr... we have a little girl - Madeleine's age - and we watched it last night in, you know, in floods of tears identifying and just thinking, 'Oh, my God, what... what they... what those people are going through' and, errr... we wish you well and the number is, errm... 0845 8384699, 0845 8384699. Just remind me of the website again, Gerry, if you would. 
GMCSo, it's, errr... '' and there's two emails: '' and '' 
NC : Thank you for your time, errm... and, errr... it's Kate and Gerry McCann.

(1) Une torture le fait d'être témoin assisté, certes parce que suspect, mais non mis en examen ?
(2) Le moins que l'on puisse dire est que la question embarrasse Gerald MC. Il sait déjà que ses compagnons de voyage ont ou vont refuser de participer à la reconstitution et il ne semble pas le regretter le moins du monde, la crainte affectée étant les médias qu'une reconstitution attirerait comme des mouches. Par ailleurs comme tout le monde a dit tout ce qu'il y avait à dire, à quoi bon ? Que la requête vienne du Ministère public ne semble susciter aucun état d'âme ! Et quand le rapport de classement du procureur de la république indiquera expressément pourquoi la reconstitution était incontournable, qui s'en souciera dans les médias ?
(3) On ne saurait dire plus éloquemment que la police, c'est bon pour les plaisantins, mais que les MC ne peuvent pas s'offrir le luxe de se laisser distraire par le cirque policier, car ils doivent retrouver leur fille. Gerald MC a raison de dire que la PJ n'en sait pas plus qu'il y a un an. À qui la faute ?
(4) Que suggère ici Nicky Campbell ? Que les gens sont idiots ?
(5) Gerald ne répond pas à la question. Pourtant il doit savoir que l'enquête ayant épuisé les recours de prolongation doit se terminer sous peu et qu'ensuite à la requête des arguidos ou du procureur, la phase d'instruction peut commencer. Par ailleurs il doit savoir qu'une fois l'affaire classée, le dossier de la police est consultable.
(6) L'hypothèse de mort, qui relève du bon sens, est l'offense maximum,  car elle s'oppose au terrible effort des MC pour maintenir vivante, même virtuellement, leur enfant.
(7) Kate MC a raison, le directeur de Metodo 3 a déclaré espérer que Madeleine passerait Noël en famille, mais il s'est aussi vanté de connaître l'identité du ravisseur..
(8) Dire cela semble être tout dire.
(9) Où l'on comprend que la "meilleure position" à laquelle se réfère Gerald MC se doit à des informations statistiques états-uniennes.
(10) La vision du monde de Kate MC est bipartite : d'un côté, la majorité, l'ensemble des croyants en l'enlèvement et de l'autre, une infime minorité, l'ensemble des non croyants, uniformément mus par un désir de haine et de cruauté.